CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 10 Episode 17


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • The CSI's get close to Dr Jekyll.

    This was probably the build up to the season finale with Dr Jekyll escalating even more when he causes a man to kill a family when puts implants in his brain to change his mood and make him act in a bad manner Langston gets frustrated in the episode with the fact that Dr Jekyll has been able to elude the police all season and the case starts to take a turn on him but Langston finds that they are closing in on Dr Jekyll when they find they are in the same building as him when they track his ID In the best part of the episode with the chase scene with Nick and Langston chasing Dr Jekyll through the hospital but after a long chase Dr Jekyll knocks Langston to the floor and takes his ID Now Dr Jekyll has that things aren't looking good but we know the CSI's are closing in.
  • Old School CSI.

    This episode of CSI was fantastic - it reminded me of early CSI the way the drama and action built up and up towards a big ending. If I have to be critical it would be I would of liked to see more Catherine and Greg, they only appeared a little bit each - however I did like Sara being central for the first half of the episode. She seemed very hands on and I think she may of been running the case but of course I'm just guessing.

    This episode also saw the return and possible first glance at Dr. Jekyll - I am suspicious of the man they believed was Dr. Jekyll, he could easily be just working for Jekyll. I am still hoping the Langston is involved and can no longer be a CSI so Grissom can make a return ... but maybe that's just me wishful thinking.

    Great episode ... keep it up!
  • i really enjoyed this episode **contains spoilers**

    well this episode was....thrilling mostly towards the end though when nick and langston found out that dr. jekyll was in the hospital they were in so nick and langston started searching all over the hospital and langston saw him and so he started to run really fast knocking things over and then a cuople minutes later langstons in the basement and next thing langston was hit over the head and by dr. jekyll and dr. jekyll takes langston key card to the csi headquarters and then he takes off and they dont catch him. i really thought that this would be the episode where they catch him but maybe there saving that for the season final. but who knows anyways this was a really good episode.