CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 4

It Was a Very Good Year

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on CBS

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  • It was a very good year, 9.0

    loved the show and was quite fascinated with the Note Seek App used in this episode. Tried to get app for my iPhone and could not find. Does it exist? Surely, you all wouldn't feature it if it didn't.
  • Back to the 60s

    This was a really good episode when things get personal for Greg and the CSI's have to look back into the 60s to solve the murder of a woman found in a piano in the desert who had a past with Greg.Greg showed how much he wanted to find the killer when he got in a little argument with Russell about how Greg was questioning a suspect.The CSI's kept looking back into the 60s of a murder that happened then that they thought the victim figured out and was killed for it but when they found the killer who was a Sinatra impersonator called Jeff Leavit who stabbed the victim because he thought she was going to give him a record but he said it was for someone called Greg.When Greg heard that he realised she never forgot about him like he thought she had and regretted not talking to her after the last time he saw her.
  • This... Was a Very Good Episode

    What can I say about this episode other than captivating, absorbing, gripping. As the fan of anything Greg-centric I was enjoying this episode from the start. I loved the storytelling of Las Vegas in the 60's all the twist and turns of the case. The moments between Greg and D.B./Morgan: from D.B.'s "you weren't even born!" quip, to Morgan's Sinatra quote: "the best is yet to come" there was a LOT to love with this one but OH MY GOSH!! That Startling realization at the end had me covering my mouth with my palm as I whispered "oh .. .no! no! no!" in complete disbelief. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why I watch this show because it (unlike most of TV) can still make me gasp! Excellent!

  • Liked it

    I liked this episode. Story was cool, I kind of like Greg and somehow I hope he and Morgan end up together. Also the 60's stuff is done cool, although it is not my kind of music.

    Only thing that bothers me, as the beginning. How on earth would a police agent play a piano if there is a body in it. It WAS the crime scene. Every time he hit a key he could change the evidence. I mean, there where fibers between keys. What if they got out and on the ground, or maybe even lost. And what if he chanced the evidence in the piano. That was just a dumb move.

    However, still a great episode.