CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2003 on CBS
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A severed head is shipped to Dr. Robbins from Jackpot, Nevada. Grissom goes to Jackpot to find the rest of the body and gets very little cooperation from the locals. Catherine gets an unexpected gift from her father.

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  • Loved this episode. It was really interesting and had good fluff!!

    This is one of my favorite episodes, but I think it's because of the conversation between Grissom and Catherine, when they're pretending to be married. It was soo awesome.

    The case was really interesting, too. I thought -- though gory -- that the whole "half a body" thing was cool, and also when Grissom had to create a makeshift CSI kit was pretty cool, too.

    Very good episode, I watch it all the time!moreless
  • A different kind of episode...that I LOVED!

    So, Grissom goes to this "out there" town...Jackpot, Nevada. While there, he investigates a murder. Doc Robbins in the beginning of the episode, received a severed head. Interestingly enough, Grissom of course, wants to investigate. So, after having a warm welcome by the local police (Ha HA Ha...not even close), they head up the mountains (Insert Rest of Episode Filler Here). After finding the rest of the body, buried in the ground (all but about his shoulders and 'would-be' head sticking out), they dig it up and so on...

    I don't want to give it all away for the people that haven't seen it yet, but I would like to say a few other things:

    In this episode, I loved how it was away from the 'main scene' of the strip. It hardly involved any 'office time.' Grissom was on his own for the most part, but kept in contact with Catherine back at the office. There were several funny parts in here *Thinks of Grissoms "Wife"* LOL. The ending definitely surprised me. I thought for sure it was someone else, but I was clearly wrong. Great Plot. It was nice to see an "Only Grissom" episode. =)

    Several other good parts, but I won't spoil it =)

    Definitely one of my top 10 episodes =) Bravo! I wish they'd do more episodes like this...

  • Grissom travels to Jackpot, NV in search of a headless body. Once there, he finds that the locals seem to be hiding many secrets, including the police lieutenant. He is shot at, has his SUV broken into and his forensic field kit stolen all along the way.moreless

    This is my favorite CSI episode by a mile. The scenery is truly breathtaking and the acting is exceptional throughout. Filmed in Big Bear, California, but portrayed as a sleepy, high desert town in northern Nevada, the setting is so stunning that it really becomes another character in the story. The underrated Henry Cznery, who is tremendous in everything he does, is again perfect with his portrayal of local cop with something to hide. I'm not sure there has ever been anyone who can play an assh*le better than Cznery, and his portrayal of Lieutenant Alan Brooks certainly supports that belief. The great character actor Jeffery Combs is positively hilarious as Dr. Dale Sterling, the quirky local Veterinarian/Coroner. But Jackpot is without a doubt Grissom's episode and WIlliam Peterson's is a true tour de force here as he carries each scene with ease.

    Wonderful writing, good direction and a final scene that will have you smiling along with Grissom, Jackpot delivers... in spades.moreless
  • I liked this one.

    This episode was really good. I liked how really it was just a solo Grissom episode. Gris was left to go to a small town where a murder took place. Upon arival he stumbles onto the remander of the body which he was looking for. Slowly Gris puts the pieces of the puzzle together but this becomes difficult when it seems like even the police are working against him! When his lab equipment is stolen he realises that he is onto something. Anyway meanwhile Catherine goes through a mountain of Gris' paper work. I thought this episode was pretty good overall.moreless
  • Grissom goes off on his own...

    This episode was a great episode, focusing for the most part on Grissom as he attempts to solve a case in the isolated town of Jackpot, Nevada.

    The episode starts off with Dr. Robbins opening up a package containing a severed head. Grissom then heads to Jackpot, where he meets the unhelpful Sheriff. It seems that the people of Jackpot do not trust him, and are unwilling to help him in his investigation. His field kit is even stolen from his car, in an attempt to stop him from analysing a crime scene. We later find out that this was the Sheriff, who believed that his brother was the killer and was only trying to protect him - which it turns out was unnecessary as his brother was innocent. Elsewhere, Catherine receives a large sum of money from her father, which she is hesitant, at first, to take.

    Overall, a very good episode of CSI. A little different, focusing on one scene, and one CSI working that scene, but very good.moreless
Nathan Wetherington

Nathan Wetherington

Eric Brooks

Guest Star

Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny

Lieutenant Alan Brooks

Guest Star

Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs

Dr. Dale Sterling

Guest Star

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Sam Braun

Recurring Role

Wallace Langham

Wallace Langham

David Hodges

Recurring Role

Victoria Prescott

Victoria Prescott

Judy Tremont

Recurring Role

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    • Catherine: Why didn't you go the distance? Why didn't you finish him off yourself?
      Eric Brooks: Because I wanted him to suffer.
      Catherine: Because he was in love with your father? Or because he wasn't in love with you?

    • Catherine (holding her check): What's this?
      Sam: A way to get you to talk to me.
      Catherine: Well, I didn't come here to talk. I came here to give it back.
      Sam: Not enough?
      Catherine: You're a murderer.
      Sam: Not in the eyes of the law. You look good, Mugs. How's Lindsey? She likes horses, right?
      Catherine: Lindsey's none of your business. You keep her out of this.
      Sam: I'm her grandfather.
      Catherine: Yeah, well, nothin' I can do about that.
      Sam: Catherine, it's just a gift. You need the money.
      Catherine: And the next time you stab one of your showgirls and you need CSI to cover it, I'm supposed to help you out, right?
      Sam: Take a good look at me. Plenty of fresh air, sun on my face. You think I need your help?
      Catherine: I don't need your charity.
      Sam: You know what your problem is? You enjoy making life hard. You're lucky Lindsey's too young to understand that. Cash it, or tear it up. Do whatever you want. I have one son in jail ... another in the ground. I never did right by your mother. But I'm damn sure going to try to do right by you.

    • Catherine (on phone): Everybody in Sleepy Hollow still drawing a blank on the victim?
      Grissom: More or less.
      Catherine: Well, then somebody's lying. Ross Jenson was having a relationship with someone in Jackpot. Greg traced a series of romantic I.M.s from your victim's computer.
      Grissom: Greg did?
      Catherine: Yeah, he knows stuff. Pretty hot, too. Sounds like he was in love. Brass is still working on a court order for the name. You ever coming back?
      Grissom: Hopefully.

    • Lt Brooks: Hey Einstein, we going to stand out here all day or what?
      Grissom: You're going to have to be patient, Lieutenant. The scene hasn't been released yet. You know, this may be a variation on an old native American form of punishment. The body was bound and buried up to its neck. Tree sap was poured over the head to attract ants.
      Lt Brooks: Punishment for what?
      Grissom: You see? That's a good question.
      Lt Brooks: (as Dale appears) It's about time, Dale.
      Grissom: You're the coroner, I presume.
      Dale Sterling: Mr. Grissom. Dr. Dale Sterling. I sent you the head. How can I help?
      Grissom: Well, we can't touch the body until you authorize it.
      Dale Sterling: Oh. (looks at the decapitated corpse) He's dead. You're authorized.

    • Lt. Brooks: Are you saying he was alive when he was buried?
      Grissom: I think that the cut we found on his jaw... was a lure to draw predators. This wasn't just murder. It was torture.

    • Grissom (answering his phone): Grissom.
      Catherine: Is the service actually that bad out there or are you just keeping your phone off?
      Grissom: I'm sorry, I should've called.
      Catherine: This trip wouldn't have anything to do with you ducking case reviews, now would it?
      Grissom: How can you think that? You wouldn't mind taking care of those for me, would you?
      Catherine: Oh, your job, my pay. Why would I care?
      Grissom: I'll make it up to you.
      Catherine: Yeah, you had better. (Catherine walks into his office and pulls a face seeing the folders already out) Hodges IDed your leaf litter.
      Grissom: Good thanks. I owe you one. (hangs up with her)
      Lt. Brooks: Trouble with the wife?
      Grissom: Yeah. She hates it when we're apart.

    • Lt. Brooks: Listen, when we found that torso in the hole, on the crest of that hill ... I recognized the kid's shirt, and I knew he'd been with Leland, so ...
      Grissom: So you assumed your brother was capable of murder.
      Lt. Brooks: Didn't even bother to ask him.
      Grissom: Questions, remember? Not asking them is what got everybody in trouble here in the first place.
      Lt. Brooks: You don't keep any secrets, Mr. Grissom? Not even from your wife?
      Grissom (amused): I used to. I'm trying to change.
      Lt. Brooks: It's a bitch. Have a nice trip.

    • Dale Sterling: Hey, you have a phone call. Line two. I think it's your wife.
      Grissom: Thanks. (to phone) Hello, dear.

    • (Catherine is working at Grissom's desk in his office)
      Warrick: Did I miss a memo or something?
      Catherine: Oh, no. Grissom's on a safari.
      Warrick: He's got you pushin' his paperwork, huh?
      Catherine: Oh, no. I'm trying to avoid that.

    • (Upon finding out where the head came from)
      Catherine: Jackpot, Nevada. Where the hell's that?

    • (After Doc Robbins has received a human head in the mail)
      Grissom (entering the room): I heard you got some head.
      Doc Robbins: Just came in. How'd you know?
      Grissom: I arranged house seats for David to see Celine, so he pages me the minute you get anything perishable.
      Doc Robbins: Sellout.

    • Grissom: I found the victim's car.
      Lt. Brooks: Well, I am impressed. Wh.. Where was it?
      Grissom: It was, uh, ditched in an old barn up in the hills.
      Lt. Brooks: Uh-huh.
      Grissom: I know you don't have any men to spare, so I called the highway patrol. They're sending troopers up there to secure the site.
      Lt. Brooks: Uh hum. The nearest station's in Elko. Should take them a couple of hours to get here.
      Grissom: Well, that should give you enough time to burn down the barn.

    • Lt. Brooks: Well, unless you've managed to improvise yourself a warrant as well, this is an illegal search.
      Grissom: This barn had been broken into, which makes it a crime scene, even without the murder victim's car inside, so I don't need a warrant. Who owns this place?
      Lt. Brooks: Nobody. Owner died a few years ago.
      Grissom: Well, then who's responsible for the property?
      Lt. Brooks: His nephew. Marty Cooperman. Runs the gas station.
      Grissom: Is that who you're protecting? (Lt. Brooks just keeps walking away)

    • Grissom (sarcastically): Oh, good the police. I would like to report a crime.
      Lt. Brooks: No kidding?
      Grissom: Yeah my vehicle was broken into and my field kit was stolen.
      Lt. Brooks: That's gonna cramp your style.
      Grissom (walking away): Not necessarily.

    • (After he takes a picture of Officer Benny)
      Lt. Brooks: What the hell was that for?
      Grissom: Souvenir.
      Lt. Brooks: Is that french for "evidence"?

    • Lt Brooks: Let me guess, you like bugs? Grissom: Yeah, I do. They're perfect. They always do their jobs. (looks at Brooks' officers)

    • Lt Brooks: Afraid you're gonna trip over something?
      Grissom: I'm hoping. Bodies make good fertilizer. You often see fresh, green shoots near a gravesite.
      Lt Brooks: It must be nice to know the answer to every little thing.
      Grissom: I prefer questions actually.

    • Grissom: Ross Jenson was having a romantic relationship with someone in this town.
      Lt. Brooks: And you can prove that?
      Grissom: Yes.
      Lt. Brooks: What the hell are you saying?
      Grissom: Does your brother live alone?
      Lt. Brooks: Yes.
      Grissom: Is he gay?
      Lt. Brooks: That is nobody's business.
      Grissom: I realize that. But it's relevant to this investigation.
      Lt. Brooks: No, he was married. He has a kid.
      Grissom: Was married?
      Lt. Brooks: She left him in the flat, ten years ago. So, what?
      Grissom: Look, whether you like it or not, Leland is a suspect. But you already knew that. I'm giving you an opportunity, Lieutenant. So far, you're only guilty of being a good brother.
      Lt. Brooks: Get in. (he gets into his car, and notices Grissom's hesitation) What are you worried about? You do have a gun, don't you?

    • Grissom (looking at a mountain slope): You know that old expression 'heads will roll'? It's especially true downhill. (starts to walk up the hill)
      Lt. Brooks (into radio): Barry, drop your doughnut! You're gonna earn your pay today.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Catherine: Everybody in Sleepy Hollow still playing dumb?

      Sleepy Hollow is the village setting for the famous "Headless Horseman" story.