CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 21

Justice is Served

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2001 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Grissom, Nick, and Warrick take the case of a jogger who was killed by a wild animal in the park. It gets complicated when they discover that the jogger had his liver removed after he was killed. Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a six year old girl at a shady carnival.moreless

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  • The CSIs investigate a jogger who was murdered on his daily run and a young girl murdered at a traveling carnival.

    The is episode struck a nerve with me. I guess the main reason is its very interesting and well written story lines. Both of which were quite good. Very creepy, but quite good nonetheless. As much as I liked the story concerning the murder of the young girl, it did have its flaws. One big flaw was Catherine being absolutely convinced that one of the carnival workers was the killer. Her insistence on that made it painfully obvious nobody who worked at the carnival was the killer. However the story kept me guessing and had a very clever and plausible conclusion. The story focusing on the murdered jogger was just as eerie if not more. However like it's companion it is very well done. The killer's final remarks were well written. Another of season one's great episodes. It is well worth seeing and I recommend you do so.moreless
  • grissom,nick,warrick investagate a dead jogger. Catherine,Sara investagate a dead girl at the carnaval

    OK so i really liked this episode. The jogger was killed by a dog and then the owner of the dog grinds them up and eats them as a protein smoothy like thing. The reason she does it is because she has a diease that makes her get lesions and stuff on her face so something about eating people makes them go away. The dead girl at the carnaval was killed by her mom because she thought that her daughter was after her boyfriend. Then with no kid she could run off with her boyfriend with no kids. I felt really bad for the little girl because that is just pathetic that she would kill her daughter over that.moreless
  • Intressting...

    I found this episode like most of CSI episodes very interesstng and enjoyable to watch, A really good intense storyline with an easy enough plot to follow! Getting better by he episode, and coming close to the end of Season 1! Which should be excellent as there will probley be a huge cliff hanger! I found this episode like most of CSI episodes very interesstng and enjoyable to watch, A really good intense storyline with an easy enough plot to follow! Getting better by he episode, and coming close to the end of Season 1! Which should be excellent as there will probley be a huge cliff hanger!moreless
  • Grissom, Nick, and Warrick investigate the death of a jogger who was killed by a wild animal in the park.

    Grissom, Nick, and Warrick investigate the death of a jogger who was killed by a wild animal in the park. They discover that the dead jogger had his organs removed, with a scalpel, right after he was killed.

    The guys meet Dr. Hillridge, who is a bit creepy and who, it turns out, suffers from Porphyria aka The Madness of King George. And it turns out that she's been drinking the organs. Gross.

    Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a six year old girl at shady carnival. And because Catherine is a mother of a little girl she gets too emotional in this case.moreless
  • That woman gives me the Willies!!!

    The primary plotline for \"Justice is Served\" surrounds the murder of a marathon runner out in the middle of nowhere, apparently by a dog or a mountain lion. However, this marathon runner had his liver, his spleen and his pancreas removed surgically. What seems to be an allusion to urban legends of people having their kidneys forcibly removed to help some Mafiosa who can\'t go to a hospital because he faces arrest turns out to be something much more sinister.

    At that point, Grissom, Warrick and Nick meet Dr. Hillridge, a very hot, and very disturbing nutrtionist who primarily services professional athletes. Alicia Coppola, formerly of Another World, places Dr. Hillridge as a seething, sexual, and disturbed woman. When the truth comes out--that she suffers from Porphyria, which can be linked to either the madness of King George or the legend of the vampire, it gets really, really creepy.

    What amazes me the most is that once again, we see Grissom in the presence of a hot, hot babe, and once again, he\'s totally focused on science and is ignoring a woman whom most me would be all over after so many unsubtle hints. But then again, that\'s just Grissom.

    The B plot involving the Carney was a waste and didn\'t need to be done. However, once again it fills in the gaps for some of Catherine\'s personal life and her role as a mother. Including the ending with her hooking up with a Building Inspector whom she butted heads with a few weeks earlier was a nice setup at the end though.

    A good episode overall.moreless
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Brad Johnson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Grissom and Warrick investigate a dead jogger, Warrick says, "Look at his wounds." In the next shot, you can briefly see the jogger breathing.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Dr. Hillridge: Mr. Grissom. You're looking grim. I'm afraid I don't have a supplement for that.
      Grissom: We found blood in your kitchen blender. The lab has matched it to the dead jogger.
      Dr. Hillridge: It had to happen eventually.
      Grissom: Why?
      Dr. Hillridge: You're the scientist. I should have thought you'd figured that out.
      Grissom: I haven't.
      Dr. Hillridge: Think of the bugs, Grissom. Cycle of life. Angels versus insects. When we die the fable we tell ourselves is we go toward a white light and angels. But you and I both know the hard reality is that insects arrive immediately and begin turning us back to earth.
      Grissom: Yes. But the insects haven't killed anyone.
      Dr. Hillridge: No. But they'd die if they didn't have bodies to feed off of. And so will I. ... Porphyria.
      Grissom: The madness of King George.
      Dr. Hillridge: Or the Legend of the Vampire. Which makes it a real hard disease to have. But it's real for me.
      Grissom: It's genetic.
      Dr. Hillridge: The only thing my father ever gave me. The first time it presented was after a minor sunburn. My lips receded -- so did my gums. I increased my glucose intake and I was fine ... for a while. I began a drug regimen but they only treated the symptoms. I had my spleen removed because it absorbed my blood. But nothing helped. Lesions started forming on my face. That's when I bought my first dog. Bullets and poison leave residue in the blood. Dogs kill clean. Imagine what I'd look like by now without them.
      Grissom: You could've tried intravenous hematin.
      Dr. Hillridge: Human blood is the richest source of heme.
      Grissom: And so you extracted the organs with the most blood-- the liver, the spleen, the heart.
      Dr. Hillridge: If you lock me up, I'll go mad.
      Grissom: Unfortunately, a symptom of your condition. But you've been killing people, doctor.
      Dr. Hillridge: I'll die in prison.
      Grissom: Yes, but the people you'd be feeding off of will still be alive. Cycle of life.

    • Sara: The only person who could have done it, then is the person that was in the car with her, the mother.
      Catherine: Her eyes were pointing in the wrong direction.
      Sara (shakes her head): I'm sorry. What?
      Catherine: Carla Dantini was looking left when she told me about the accident. When a person is remembering, they look right and when they're creating, they look left.
      Sara: And by creating, you mean fabricating. Neurolinguistics programming, human behavioral science.
      Catherine: Call Brass and tell him to meet us at the mother's house.

    • Catherine: You're going to enter this as a homicide, right?
      Doc Robbins: Technically, it's somewhere between accidental and undetermined.
      Catherine: It's a homicide. I'm going to get your proof. So write down that "accidental" in pencil.

    • Grissom: You said that you were a doctor. May I ask your specialty?
      Dr. Hillridge: Nutrition. My patients are mostly professional athletes.
      Grissom: Do you ever consult with amateur athletes? Like marathoners?
      Dr. Hillridge: You mean like that jogger? What was his name?
      Grissom: Terry Manning.
      Dr. Hillridge: Doesn't ring a bell. And I'm very good with names, Mr. Grissom. You'll let me know when I can pick up Simba.
      Grissom: You're assuming a lot.
      Dr. Hillridge: So are you.

    • Grissom: Catherine. (Catherine looks at Grissom and doesn't say anything. He notices that she walked out of his office) What are you doing?
      Catherine: The carnival case. I'm taking it.
      Grissom: The carnival case?
      Catherine: A six-year-old girl died on a ride at the carnival over on Washington. The paperwork's on your desk.
      Grissom (nods and glances at his office behind her) : Did you straighten up my office while you were in there?
      Catherine: You think I overstepped? ... These people come to town, they commit crimes and they leave. I just want to get there before the carnival moves on.
      Grissom: Okay. Take Sara with you.
      Catherine: She's meeting me there.

    • Dr. Hillridge: You have one more question. How could I consume raw organs? Not morally -- aesthetically. I dried them and ground them into powder.
      Grissom: Protein powder.
      Dr. Hillridge: You want an empirical experience? There's a fresh shake in my fridge. (protein powder shake made from human organs)
      Det. O'Riley: Let's go. Officer? (an officer leads Dr. Hillridge away) She is nuts, right?
      Grissom: She's a cold blooded killer.

    • Catherine: So you did the tox screen on my carny?
      Greg: Roger that. You know, I have seen guys drink, like, five gallons of water to try and dilute their urine. It's the old straight flush. But all bad boy Sanders has to do is just test their specific gravity and-- blammo! -- I can still catch their toxic butts.
      Catherine: Mm-hmm. So?
      Greg: So your guy didn't do that.
      Catherine: Great. What did he do? Try and mask it?
      Greg: No.
      Catherine: Oh, come on. That creep tested clean?
      Greg: Yeah. For someone who's on the pill.

    • Nick: Man, do you turn it on like this at your seminars?
      Grissom: People actually pay to go to my seminars, Nick. We've I.D.'d the dog.
      Nick: Well, if he's got bits of jogger hanging out of his mouth, cuff him.

    • Greg: You know, most dogs have 42 teeth but, as you've discovered, your Cujo only has 41. Woof-woof.
      Grissom: Did you ever hear a dog say "woof-woof," Greg? I mean, what is the origin of that? And what do we sound like to them, I wonder.
      Greg: I don't know. Probably blah, blah, blah.

    • Catherine: Oh, before you came to Nevada you should have looked up the law. Mandatory drug testing wherever there's been an accident. Pee now, and don't tell me you're shy. (to an officer) Stay on him.
      Sara: Mandatory drug testing?
      Catherine: Yeah, well, there should be.

    • (Nick and Warrick are collecting dog scat)
      Warrick: This sucks! But it's evidence, right?
      Nick: No, hair and fiber is evidence, Warrick. This is combat duty.

    • Warrick: Mountain lions are brutal.
      Grissom: And smart... this one evidently knows how to use a scalpel.

    • (Grissom admits to a mistake)
      Grissom: What?
      Nick: Well, it's just that most people don't admit to being wrong.
      Grissom: I'm wrong all the time. That's how eventually I get to "right".

    • (Catherine and Sara have just seized a carnival as evidence and Sara is grinning madly)
      Catherine (annoyed): What?
      Sara: Well, this is fun.
      Catherine: As opposed to...?
      Sara: A more scientific approach.

    • Dr. Hillridge: Tell me, Mr. Grissom, how does a man choose death as his profession?
      Grissom: It chose me, actually.
      Dr. Hillridge: I guess one man's corpse is another man's candy. Care for a sip of folacin?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Randy Gesek (funeral director): I may have recycled a few caskets.

      This was discovered in the earlier season episode "Friends & Lovers."

    • Grissom: I think Running Man was attacked up there, then dragged or slid down here.

      This is a reference to the 1987 film The Running Man based on a Stephen King novel of the same name.

    • Greg: As you know, dogs have 42 teeth, but your Cujo has 41.

      Cujo (1981), is a novel by Stephen King about a mad dog that attacks people.

    • The Madness Of King George

      In this episode the killer has Porphyria a disease that makes the body incapable of producing heme the building block of hemoglobin. Grissom refers to it as the madness Of King George as the speculation that King George III had Porphyria was popularized in the movie by that title.

    • Dr Hillridge: The last act is bloody however fine the rest of the play.
      Grissom: Pascal, I'm impressed. I prefer Buddha though. "Even death is not to be feared by those who lived life wisely."

      As correctly identified by Grissom, Dr. Hillridge is quoting Blaise Pascal a French mathematician. In addition Pascal is credited with designing a "difference engine" a revolutionary but at the time unbuildable early computer.