CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 1

Karma To Burn

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2012 on CBS

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  • CSI is good

    so good
  • 7.5 The thirteenth season begins with DB leading the team on a desparate search for his kidnapped granddaughter.


  • CSI premiere is entertaining

    There wasn't much suspense to the episode since I already figured that DB's granddaughter would be rescued, and George Eads wasn't leaving; so for me the highlights were the character moments I didn't particularly like Finn in this one, her role seemed gratuitous, but DB was good, though I would have preferred less DB and Finn and more of the other characters. Sara was great as she took charge of things when others were scattered about. The best scenes were with Sara and Greg, Sara and Nick, and Sara and Nick and Greg. That final scene with all three was awesome, and worth the full hour wait. . Brass was also great in this one.

    Please, writers, give our original characters more to do. Their interactions and their character moments are really what highlight the show for most of us long time fans.

  • Good and bad

    I will preface these comments by saying I was the BIGGEST CSI fan up until a couple of seasons ago. I thought it had lost its way a bit with the ray langston character but felt that last season it really started to hit its stride again. I was looking forward to the season opener and, for the most part it lived up to expectation. I think there were some really good performances from Ted Danson, jorja fox and Eric szmanda (amongst others), but, I have to say, I feel Nick Stokes has had his day. His character used to be so different. He was a young man with a really tough job who would be affected by the things he saw and that made him stand out from other shows which would always have young men playing the tough guy roles. For the last few seasons, George Eads has been playing the character with almost a John Wayne-ish ness flair....and it just comes off as being ridiculous. I think he swaggers around too much, draws his weapon at the slightest sneeze, and talks as if he is a town sheriff. He has become HIGHLY annoying and I personally think it stems from Eads' own ego at being on a successful show. His performance, I think, detracts from the show and, as someone who was once a huge fan of Nick Stokes, I now cringe when he is on screen. The scenes without Nick in them were gritty but remained solid. I think Ted Danson has been a great addition to an aging show which needed a shot in the arm to rejuvenate it after the loss of some of the major stars. I hope the season improves.
  • The thirteenth season begins with DB leading the team on a desparate search for his kidnapped granddaughter.

    "Karma to Burn" is a very good conclusion to last season's finale. I was hooked all the way from start to finish. Ted Danson once again was just plain terrific. It's too bad he was unable to join the show right after the departure of William Peterson (Sorry Laurence Fishburne. Nothing personal.). Elizabeth Shue also did a very good job in her respective role. Danson and Shue have certainly done their part in keeping this excellent series excellent. I thought that having DB's thoughts play out in his head was a very good idea. I liked in a sense having a look into this very interesting character's mind. Though he is a well meaning intellectual, he can have some dark thoughts like you and me. It just makes the character even more likeable than he already is. My only criticism is the story surrounding Nick Stokes. It was obviousl from the beginning that he would not walk away. That aside this is still a very good episode. Hopefully the rest of the season will live up to expectations.
  • BAM! And we're BACK!

    Rarely-RARELY-do I get so invested in a show (it's JUST tv, afterall, LOL), but the last 10 minutes of, "Karma to Burn" seriously had me wanting to stop and watch it online at a later date instead of right before I was going to bed!

    LOVED Sara, Nick, Hodges and Sanders as a team again. DB has brought everyone back together...*sigh*