CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 15

King Baby

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 17, 2005 on CBS

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  • Yes people this fetish does exist...

    I have to hand it to CSI for doing an episode on nearly every sexual fetish that can probably be allowed on network tv.

    I have been working in psychiatry and I am an admitted lesbian with a few fetishes of my own going back for over twenty and some years now; thus a lot of this stuff doesn't phase me one bit. Actually as a resident of several large urban areas where this stuff is really the norm as opposed to the "deviation" I have pretty much seen and/or heard it all.

    The thing that peeves me off a teeny bit is that CSI has yet as far as I know to broadcast an episode about an "average" Gay or Lesbian person(s). Have we, the G/L/B/T community all become too "normal" for broadcast TV or is the show intentionally avoiding a gay or lesbian themed episode? The show has been criticized by a number of G/L/B/T groups for allegedly avoiding the community. Maybe that's a good thing? I really don't find all it that important anymore. I quit going to the Gay/Lesbian Film Festivals over ten years ago. Yawn.

    Anyway this episode was interesting for the above mentioned and it's delving into the issue of infantilism. It seems like when CSI is in dire need for something to fill their prime time tv spot goes and nothing new is on the platter they toss in a fetish theme.

    Fetish as filler is really an interesting sign of the times if you remember when they never said "damn" on tv.

    As far as the G/L/B/T issues or lack thereof, I'm not really into fervent Rainbow Flag waving anymore because I've just become too old and bored with it. I'm really more fascinated by my own growing intrigue with William Petersen and the fact that after all I did say I'm a lesbian. But I always try to keep my mind open for any possibility. Almost.