CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 13

Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 26, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The CSIs crash an elegant party for the city's crème de la crème to discover who killed a young man. The case gets a little personal for Catherine when her father, Sam Braun, becomes one of the suspects.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • A servant is found shot in a retired dancers room with famous people including Sam Braun in an episode with moments of GSR

    This was actually quite a good episode with a murder of a servant and attempted murder of Lois O'Neil who was related to the mafia.The episode saw the return of Sam Braun who was at the party and is a suspect in the investigation but later cleared.The episode showed a good GSR moment when Grissom and Sara go to Hodges who is trying to get rid of his grey hair and Sara says "Hodges don't you know that grey hair can be very attractive".The case also takes a turn when Lois is killed but the CSI's find out that she killed the servant and her bodyguard killed her as she was dying with cancer.The episode ends with Catherine having dinner with her mum and dad as they are back together.moreless
  • Fantastic episode that reaches back to the glitz and glamour of Old Vegas. That romantic era when the Rat Pack owned the town, and showgirls ruled the night.

    Fantastic episode that reaches back to the glitz and glamour of Old Vegas. That romantic era when the Rat Pack owned the town, and showgirls ruled the night. This episode gave us a look into the world that Sam Braun came from.

    Faye Dunaway played a great old vegas showgirl, and owed every scene that she was in. The songs by Frank Sinatra set the mood for every scene, and the Pan-Am robbery story, Greg's locker room hat tip, and the final shot of the famous "Vegas Vic" helped make this episode a terrific nod to Vegas's gangster roots.moreless
  • I don't like CSI. I did like this episode.

    My parents like CSI. They watch all three...that's pretty much what's on in my household. I, unfortunately don't like CSI.

    Nevertheless I found myself interested in this particular episode. With a guest star like Faye Dunaway, how can one not be interested?

    So, once again stunt casting draws in a viewer. Not for long.

    I've always been annoyed by the twists of the show. How, like an old mystery novel right at the last mmoment...the real villain just appears and the person you thought was doing it the whole time is really innocent.

    With that said, I like the twist. The killer and the reason made sense, they didn't come out of left feild. I actually felt some kind of compassion for the victim and the killer. And I understand the reason for the initial crime.

    I still think all the regular characters are entirely too bland. Could Marge Helgenberger be any less emotional? It's like watching a stone try to act.

    Eric Szmanda (or however it is spelled) was definitely a bright spot. Reading the book and filling in certain things, acting as the true comic releif, picking up the lingo...cute stuff.

    Alright, I admit to watching this episode. I admit to at least enjoying it. They haven't converted me. I still don't like any of the characters, nor do I particularly like the premise of these shows (these type of shows.) If they can finish the entire story in an hour, why is it worth my time?

    Alright...yell if you want. This is what I feel. You are more than welcome to your own opinion.

    I liked this episode. I don't like this show.moreless
  • This is one of my favourite episodes...

    With Great story lines and character appearances, this eipsode of CSI shows why it's the #1 show world wide. The story line was a classic story with a few twist. I liked the flash backs of old Vegas, how they were incorperated with the new Vegas. Faye Dunaway plays her character out perfectly as a classy ex show who know how to go out in style. I also really liked this episode because it showed how Greg has really developed over the years; he's turned into a wonderful CSI and an awesome person- not that he wasn't awesome before- just in a different way. The way he really gets into the case and he interest he shows, pefessional yes, but with a touch of personal. (I esp. like when he's telling Grissom about the "old money"- the look on Grissom's face was absolutely unforgettable.) Yes, this is definitely one of my favourite CSI eipsodes ever.moreless
  • Much better than the last episode. I love this episode.

    This gets the award for the most humorous episode of the season to date. Everything about it was great. The case was good, they explored it in detail but give too much detail and thereby boring the viewer to tears. Sara was certainly not herself and had many witty comments throughout. Her "Hodges, don't you know that grey hair can be very attractive?" was one of the best quotes ever. I love how Grissom was standing right beside her and thinks about what she says for a moment. Again, are they together?

    It was a return to the CSI episodes of long ago. All the characters were witty, the case was great, and I for one didn't even mind the CathDrama! It was added very subtly and didn't take up the entire episode. I hope they do more episodes like this in the future.

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway

Lois O'Neill

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Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks

Bobby Jensen

Guest Star

David DeSantos

David DeSantos

Tim Duke

Guest Star

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Louise Lombard

Louise Lombard

Sofia Curtis

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When Gil and Dr. Robbins are discussing the trajectory of the bullet from the victim, Dr. Robbins describes the path of the bullet as entering the base of the right ventricle, passing through the interventricular septum, then destroying the AV node. The AV node lies on the posterior wall of the right atrium. If the bullet passed from the right side of the heart through the interventricular septum, it would then be in the left side of the heart and would not be anywhere near the AV node. It would pass through the left and right bundle branches, but these are not the same structure at the AV node.

    • During the end montage, Doc Robbins is seen sliding the picture of Lois' corpse into an album. It has been mentioned that he keeps a scrapbook of famous people he has autopsied, but this is the first time we have seen it on the show.

    • Goof: Nick and Warrick are watching surveillance footage when a Trans-Am pulls up on screen. They are able to get the license plate number and when they pull it up, the computer says it is a 1978 Trans Am. When looking at the rear end of the car on screen, it is from a 1979-1982 model where the licence plate was placed on the rear bumper. The 1978 model had the license plate mounted between the taillights.

    • Goof: In the first shot of the body of Lois O'Neill, after the killer shoots her, you can clearly see her breath profoundly. Also when the coroner is examining her body in his office, her eyes blink at least twice.

    • Goof: When entering the crime scene, Grissom asks Brass about the vault to which Brass replies that it hasn't been cleared yet. Brass then retrieves Eve, Lois's assistant, to open up the vault. And then Brass leaves before the vault is opened. He leaves two CSIs who are known to (usually) not carry firearms and lets them enter a room that hasn't been properly cleared. What if the shooter had hidden in there and then tried to take out both CSIs? Shouldn't a police officer have cleared the entire room or at least been in the room when they opened the vault? We could have lost Greg & Grissom.

    • The quote "Vanity, thy name is..." that was used in this episode by Grissom regarding Hodges, was used before by Sara in the episode Forever.

    • The last shot of the episode showed old black and white footage of a famous Las Vegas sign known as "Vegas Vic" found on Fremont St. in downtown Las Vegas.

    • David Phillips used to wait tables when he was younger.

    • Sara Sidle worked at Chuck E. Cheese when she was younger.

    • Inscription in the book Kiss, Kiss by Lois O'Neill reads: To Greg: The best is yet to come. Lois O'Neill.

    • Catherine's mother and father have been dating for a few weeks in this episode.

    • Catherine's mom used to be a showgirl.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Catherine: Mom? What are you doing? Where's Lindsey?
      Lily: She's on a sleep-over. So kill me. And I had dinner at Drai's with the girls. Filet to die for. (she picks up the doggie bag and offers it to Catherine)
      Catherine: Drai's ... The girls like to spend.
      Lily: Red wine always makes me two of the seven dwarfs: Sleepy and Sneezy. (she sniffs, opens her bag and pulls out a handkerchief)
      Catherine: Where did you get that hanky?
      Lily: A friend.
      Catherine: A friend who was at Lois' party?
      Lily: Now don't get mad, Catherine.
      Catherine: You can't be seeing Sam?
      Lily: And why not?
      Catherine: Oh, for one thing, he's a player.
      Lily: I don't expect monogamy from him.
      Catherine: (groans) Oh. I can't believe this.
      Lily: And I am not promising that he'll get it from me, either. (Catherine turns around and gets an envelope from her desk) What are you doing?
      Catherine: Put it in the envelope.
      Lily: Why?! (Lily puts the handkerchief in the envelope)
      Catherine: Because we haven't cleared Sam as a suspect.
      Lily: He can't be! He has been so wonderful to me these past few weeks.
      Catherine: Oh, this has been going on for weeks, huh?
      Lily: We have a history together, Catherine. We were young together. Some day, maybe you'll understand.

    • Greg: Tuna ... and the homeless are dining on shrimp salad. Lucky Clydes.
      Sara: "Lucky Clydes?" Is that lingo from Lois' book?
      Warrick: She say anything in that book about all that dough we found under her floor?
      Greg: Not exactly. But she does say back in '65, Vegas was getting a little bit too hot for Tony C, so he had to take a powder for a while. And dig this: while he was gone, the famous Pan Am heist was pulled off back east.
      Warrick: The famous Pan Am heist?
      Greg: And, compadre, in the next chapter, Tony builds Lois the house. Connect the dots, buddy boy. (Sara laughs)

    • Lois: Having fun with my book, Greg?
      Greg (grins): Oh, yeah. That beach party ... hoo-hoo-hoo. Marilyn Monroe and the president ... Swing-a-ding-ding.

    • Catherine: Sam, when you left this room tonight, where did you go? Upstairs?
      Sam: Just walked around downstairs, saying hello to the old ghosts. You know, I introduced Lois and Tony, back when I was a floor manager. She was in the line with your mother.
      Catherine: Mm. Maybe Mom fell for the wrong gangster.
      Sam: Lily was a sweet girl. But Lois ... she had to be a star. A real Coal Miner's Daughter from Rackville, Pennsylvania. But once she met Tony, she never had to go back.
      Catherine: You always were a sucker for a hot dancer, weren't you, Sam?
      Sam: Me and Lois -- I love her, but I like to be in the driver's seat. Like this dancer I'm seeing now -- she's working tonight; that's why I came stag.
      Catherine: Must be serious. That's the first time you haven't asked me how Mom's doing. She's fine, by the way.

    • (Counting the money found in the victims pocket)
      David: A thousand. When I was a waiter back in college, if I had three 20's in my pocket it was a good night.
      Sara: At Chuck. E. Cheese that was a good week.

    • (After Grissom and Sara catch Hodges coloring his grey hairs with black marker)
      Grissom: Vanity, thy name is Hodges.
      Hodges: This isn't what it looks like I...actually like my grey hair, the few that I have.
      Sara: Hodges, don't you know grey hair can be very attractive. (Grissom and Hodges look stunned and look at her)

    • Sam: You want to see me, Mugs, all you need is a phone.
      Catherine: You lied about being in Lois O'Neill's bedroom.
      Sam: I was in that bedroom once... in 1967. As a gentleman, I would prefer not going into detail.
      Catherine: Your handkerchief puts you there when the waiter was shot.
      Sam (pulls a handkerchief out of his pocket): One of these? Lois and I were going over old times, and she got a little weepy. What she did with it after that I don't know. My house keeper made me a dozen for Christmas I only got about half left.
      Catherine (coolly): So quit giving them away.
      Sam (laughs softly): Oh, your mother and me. (sighs)
      Catherine: You know Sam, this is the second time I thought you might be a killer.
      Sam: Come on, you know better.
      Catherine: Thing is I don't. It never occurred to me for a minute that this is something that you wouldn't have done. And that wouldn't bother me except, you're dating my mother.
      Sam: Look, I'm being good to Lil this time around, give us a chance. Give me a chance. (softly) What do you say?
      Catherine: Making up for stabbing one showgirl by being kind to another.
      Sam: If you weren't my daughter---
      Catherine: What? What would you do Sam? (she leaves)

    • (Looking at Lois' ring)
      Catherine: The canary diamond.
      Sara: Wanna bet the birdie sings in the key of GSR?

    • Greg (looking through Lois' book): Wow! You know Lois had her first sexual experience on her 9th grade field trip to the state capital with the governor?
      Sara (looking at a bullet hole in the carpet): Found a bullet hole. Did you bring the saws-all?
      Greg: Well, you know, this place is a piece of Las Vegas history you just don't wanna go and chop it up.
      Sara: It's a crime scene and there's evidence under the floor.
      Greg: Yeah but we don't know where it is so (picks up a case) I thought we'd let hawkeye here do a little of the exploration for us.
      Sara (sarcastic): Sure. I wouldn't wanna damage priceless forty year old carpeting.

    • Greg: Grissom, you know I was looking into that Pan Am heist in '65?
      Grissom: On your own time, I hope.
      Greg: It's related to our case. I just got off the phone with the FBI Lab at Quantico. Bobby Dawson sent them ballistics on the gun we found on Tim Duke.
      Grissom: And?
      Greg: It's a match to the gun that was used to kill a guard in the Pan Am heist. So I sent them serials on the cash we found.
      Grissom: Also a match to the Pan Am heist?
      Greg: Right-o, daddy-o!

    • Archie: According to the airline global distribution system, she boarded the flight, he didn't.
      Nick: He was busy being dead!

    • Greg: So Mandy wasn't able to lift any prints off the money we found.
      Grissom: Fingerprints are just oil, water and amino acids, Greg. They don't last forever.
      Greg: No kidding. Did you ever hear that expression "old money"? This stuff was ancient. Some of it signed by Eisenhower's treasury secretary. Series date all before 1965. Same with the grand we found on the vic.
      Grissom: Ancient?

    • McKeen: Grissom, do you have any idea who's in this crowd?
      Grissom: I sure do! (reading from the schedule) 'Under Sheriff Jeff McKeen, arrival 6.38 pm, wife Amanda, recent accomplishment: ran marathon for children's hospital, placed 10th in his age group!' (looking up) Good job, Jeff!

    • (Trying to explain where she scraped her knees)
      Li'l Cherry: I'll admit I was outside. But it wasn't only Lois' birthday tonight, it was also my bodyguard's birthday. And I scraped my knees giving him his present.
      Sofia: You're gonna need have to cancel your shows for awhile. We're holding you on possession of paraphernalia and unlawful use.
      Li'l Cherry: What do I have to do to make you believe me?
      Brass: I already had my birthday.

    • Greg (to Sara, in reference to Lois, who always has everything scheduled out): I don't see homicide anywhere on the schedule. (Sara laughs)

    • Lois (to Grissom after she brings him food and he denies it): The boys that want me dead have been at this a lot longer than you. I need you to catch up fast. Remember when your tummy starts to rumble, I tried to help.

    • Greg: Ten grand brick. It looks like Benjamin bit the bullet.
      Sara: 'In God we trust'. If she has a vault, why keep money under the floor?
      Greg: No more room under the mattress?

    • Grissom: Oh, by the way Sam's here. He's one of the guests who was out of the room when the murder occured.
      Catherine: Oh. (looks towards Sam and back at Grissom) Well, I should say "Hi" to dear old Dad.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Greg: Oh yeah! That beach party, Marilyn Monroe and the president, swing-a-ding-ding.

      Marilyn Monroe, was rumored to have dated president John F. Kennedy and his younger brother Robert Kennedy.

    • Sara: I thought he was dead
      Catherine: Dead, like Hoffa.

      Hoffa was an American labor leader with ties to the Mafia. He mysteriously disappeared in 1975 and many have claimed to be his killer and or know where he was buried. The FBI continues the search for his body to this day.

    • Episode Title: Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

      The title of this episode is play on the 2005 film Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang which also investigated a murder mystery.

      It's also how James Bond is referenced in Japan.