CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 14 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 30, 2014 on CBS

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  • Backdoor pilot for CSI:Cyber

    Backdoor pilot for CSI:Cyber. I had to laugh at some of the 'technical' stuff, like when the avatar when into net frame mode and melted when she tapped a few keys to confuse it!! The worst that would happen is it would lock/freeze/crash - and that's very, VERY unlikely to have happened by pressing a few keys. It's a bit like when the 'clear up' footage from old or cheap CCTV, making perfect pixels appear that don't exist, or flipping a photo to see an obscured number plate!

    It was watchable though.
  • A little too fake but very entertaining!

    Being a computer expert for 35 years I cringe when I see the stuff in this episode. How it's done in real life vs how they displayed it in here is massively different.

    With all that being said, it's a tv show. It has to be cut down to fit into 44 min. You can't hack computers or recover drives without hours and hours of work. Decryption can take days, weeks, or months, or forever depending on the level of encryption.

    Despite the over the top fake graphics, hacking hard drives in seconds, and doing the impossible... it WAS a very entertaining episode. Kitty and FBI agent did well, very entertaining.

    The part I actually hated in this episode was the fake ? ? ? ? the FBI agent gave to the website to cause the AI to break down. Cmon... that is so fake, cheesy, it's just too unbelievable. If they had of left it at getting the Kitty AI to repeat itself then I would have been... "Ok, thats more like it" but to treat the FBI agent as some super hacker that can cause a breakdown in the 3d matrix of an avatar by sending a few question marks ... you need to not make it so fake it ruins the show.
  • CSI: Cyber Crimes, count me in!

    After watching this back door pilot, I am really excited for the CSI spin-off next year! Patricia Arquette is simply fantastic and nailed it with confidence, intelligence, compassion and a side of bad ass!! If this episode is any indication of how great the new show will be, then count me in!!
  • A bit hit and miss for me.

    Case: initially looks pretty obvious, but wait we still have 40 odd minutes ! lots of twists/turns and a good setup for cyber crimes spin off.

    BUT: patricia was stiff as a board, apparently for all her talk about being badass and awesome she 'missed' a connection, has no trouble watching a fake sex vid but somehow cringes at a proof of kill ? doesn't seem to bat an eye lid when a guy is brandishing a big ass blade ?

    then there was the 'cyber division' random tech guy 'click' who litterally looked like a card board cut out cos of how little he 'poor ish actor'

    and finally the tech /cgi / over the top, goofy and using a finger print as a password... shark jumping looks to be on the cards pretty soon.
  • The CSI's call in the FBI Cyber Crime Division to help solve the murder of the wife of a prominent casino owner.

    Here "CSI" once again shows all of us why it is probably the greatest crime drama on television today. "Kitty" was a very good episode that kept me hooked all the way from start to finish. The twists and turns the story took were very clever and helped enhance the quality of this episode. Patricia Arquette is very good as Special Agent Ryan. As usual the regulars do a great job in their respective roles. If "Kitty" is in fact an introduction to "CSI" spinoff number four, I am definitely going to tune in when (or if) the series premiers. As season number fourteen draws to a close, "CSI" shows us that it still has a lot of life left in it.
  • This can be interesting

    I've been a fan of CSI series, except for Miami. A big reason for me getting into Las Vegas and NY, was the characters. I couldn't get into the Miami characters, they were just annoying. Especially Horatio. I saw a little bit of him in agent Ryan. But she plays it off much better. And the fact that I'm used to Arquette playing demure, "whiny" sounding, not so tough characters, it was really refreshing to see her in this role. She even loss the whiny sounding voice. Will be interesting to see how they play off catching cyber criminals.

    Btw, anyone know what the name of the tune was that was playing when Ryan and Finley were working on the laptop?
  • I didn't know this was a backdoor pilot!!!!

  • The CSI Franchise reinvents the better for it!

    I read about this episode online (oh the irony) and I gave it a look and wow it blew my mind!

    Patricia Arquette just revels in the role of Special Agent Ryan and I could just not get enough of how cool she was, fearless, gutsy & manipulative too!

    This backdoor pilot really gives the CSI franchise a refreshed feel as it has now become a all classics need to be reinvented the right way when possible, CSI: Cyber will do just that I think and I cannot wait!
  • Clever.

    But really? It was over the top. I was looking for Horatio Caine to appear.
  • I see a spin off series

    Looks like they are setting up a new series from this episode. Could be a nice series.
  • Now, that was...

    something different! Funny in a, hopefully, not intended way. I can't remember an episode of CSI or one of its spin-offs that made me laugh so often because of its ridiculousness.

    OK, you can do a lot of stuff on the internet, with software and so on, but what this episode showed was pure magic. Knowing the weirdos location by just a "few stars", impressive! Realising that the fake woman was actually a real one because she was "massaging her jaw", even more impressive.

    But, hey, it's not the perfect crime, "it's cyber crime", ha!