CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 20

Lab Rats

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The area code for the phone that Wendy calls is 702, which is in southeastern Nevada.

    • Goof: Mandy has a disappearing and reappearing necklace during her conversation in the lab with Warrick.

    • During the commentary for Lab Rats they said that Carol Mendelsohn heard that on the CSI message boards fans were thinking that Hodges was the miniature killer so they added that part when Henry and Wendy looked at Hodges in the breakroom thinking that he could be the killer-- "where would I find the time I'm always here." They said they put that in as a response for the fans.

    • Hodges attempts to solve the miniature killer crime as he says that the day is his lucky day. The following "lucky" things happen to him: He finds a dollar bill on his way to work; a pretty girl smiles back at him; the dollar bill gets him three packets of potato chips from the snack machine (which are a brand name "Lucky Chips"); he wins an e-bay auction, and makes a 1 in 600 billion match on some evidence.

    • Part of Hodge's "lucky day" includes winning an auction for a board game based on the 70's sit com "Three's Company" on e-Bay. This type of game is a recurring theme for Hodges, who was seen playing the "Dukes of Hazzard" board game in the Quentin Tarentino episodes.

    • We learn that Doctor Albert Robbins (aka Doc Robbins) has a fear of rodents.

  • Quotes

    • Wendy (to Hodges): Look, this entire thing has turned into a three-ring circus, 'cause every time we get something, something else just comes along and proves us wrong. And, honestly, I think you've lost your damn mind. I mean, what makes you think if the CSIs can't solve this, that we can? Seriously. I'm a little tired of your delusions of grandeur. And I'm way behind in work, and I'm sick of sneaking around. So that's it. I'm out.

    • Henry: Well the victims don't have much in common so I say we got metaphoric, hypocrisy.
      Wendy: Yeah I get it, there's Izzy the vegan eating bacon, Penny the cigarette smoking cancer patient, Raymundo the church going adulterer and Barbara the over medicated shrink.

    • (A pellet is pulled from the rat's stomach)
      Grissom: What is that?
      Doc Robbins: Black Tar Heroin.
      Grissom: So the rat ate the mule.

    • Wendy: Well, we're working under the assumption that the killer was a foster kid, right? With probably an abusive childhood. So, to a bloody doll - I mean it's really not that much of a stretch to say that the doll represents the killer.
      Hodges: Grissom had something on that. (reads from the file) "Freud's theory of the Uncanny raises the point that as children we want the doll to come to life, but as adults, we are terrified by the idea. Doll could represent the uncanny that is feared - the Sandman."
      Wendy: Great, or exactly what I just said.

    • (Archie is about to sit on Grissom's chair)
      Hodges: Ah... ah, ah, ah...
      Archie: What?
      Hodges: What are you doing?
      Archie: Sitting.
      Hodges: No No, you're tempting fate! You know how you should never try on someone else's engagement ring, hold the Oscar, or use the excuse your grandmother died when she didn't?
      Mandy: I tried on Suzie Quinceworthy's diamond ring last year. It looked really good on her, and looked terrible on me. I don't think an emerald cut flatters my little ten-ies. Will I never marry?
      Henry: I'll marry you. Although, you know, my grandmother's still alive. She lives down in Boca. I don't know if you know this, but I am the shuffleboard champion of the Boca Surf and Sand. Mm. Ladykiller of the senior set.
      Mandy: Rock on. I can do an open marriage.
      Hodges: Why do you guys keep doing that?
      Mandy: Do what?
      Archie: Hodges, relax, man. I don't want to run the lab.
      Hodges: We are guests in the man's office. If there was one person who was more respectful of space and boundaries, it's Grissom. You could at least offer him the same courtesy.

    • (David wheels in a headless body on a stretcher)
      Grissom: Where's his head, David?
      David: They haven't found it yet.
      Grissom (shakes his head slightly): Day shift.
      Robbins: Ha!

    • Grissom: Can you smell that?
      Robbins: Yes.
      Grissom: You shouldn't be able to smell that through your suit.
      Robbins: Good to know.

    • Hodges: Four people are dead, the killer is still out there, and you're mocking?
      Mandy: We're mocking you.
      Hodges: Ah. You in or out?
      Henry: I don't really know anything about these cases...
      Hodges: We'll review.
      Henry: Yeah, I don't know, I have a lot of work to do.
      Hodges: And by work you mean IM'ing your Icelandic penpal who thinks that you look like Warrick Brown because that's the picture you posted?
      Henry: How...?
      Hodges: I just know.

    • Grissom: An angry clown got pissed at some heckler with clogged arteries. It caused a heart attack.
      Catherine: So... Greggo gets a hit at a mob restaurant and I get a clown who can't take a joke?
      Grissom: Trust me, you don't want Greg's 419.

    • Grissom: Fellas, another incident at Lolita's.
      Warrick: What now?
      Grissom: Erotic athlete claiming a 420-Z. Paramedics have her on a stretcher.
      Nick: What the hell's an erotic athlete?
      Warrick: Well, I hope it's a tight end in a G-String.
      Nick: Nice.

    • Hodges: Is that condensation?
      Nick: Oh no, no it's lube. I think. Yeah, these bikinis are from the erotic athletes at Lolita's bar. This woman, uh Lucy Pavarotti broke her neck flipping around out there, well now she's suing everybody.
      Hodges: Okay, I'm on it.
      Nick (looking confused): Nothing?
      Hodges: What?
      Nick: Nothing at all? I mean I'm ready for Luscious Lucy likey Lolita's Lubey, or something.
      Hodges: Every man is not an end, but a beginning. Today I rise above and step up. Have a nice day.

    • Hodges: This is exactly why I didn't invite you to join us, you take over everything.
      Wendy: Uh!
      Hodges: Grissom asked me to gather some techs to review the miniature cases, like a think-tank.
      Wendy: Yeah, I know they told me. So, kudos to you.
      Hodges: I hand selected them with careful consideration to group dynamics.
      Wendy: Well, I can see that I mean it's you and your backup singers. You're Davy Hodges and the Lemmings. You should take your act out on the road.
      Henry (off screen): We can hear you.
      Wendy: Look, the only reason you don't like me is because I actually stand up to you, which by the way is exactly what you need. I mean, come on, you know I'd be good at all this miniature stuff.
      Hodges: That's not the only reason.
      Wendy: Really? Okay, what is it?
      Hodges: You think you're too cool.
      Wendy: Oh my God, what are we, twelve?
      Hodges: I don't know, are we?
      Wendy: I don't know, are we? (Hodges doesn't answer)

    • Archie (knocks on window): Later betties.
      Hodges: Quitter.
      Archie: Glory whore.

    • Wendy: But is it still considered food if it's alive and clucking?
      Henry: You've never lived in Pennsylvania.
      Hodges: I think if the killer is trying to make some sort of anti-food statement, there are much better places in Vegas to do it.
      Henry: Like blowing up a buffet.
      Wendy: Yeah. Gluttons eating crab legs. That's exactly where I'd start.

    • Henry: I can't even do it in front of my cat. (Mandy snorts)

    • Hodges: We're lab techs. We think differently than field guys. They deal with people, we deal with things. Maybe we can't find the killer, but I think we can find the thing that links all four murders. This is an opportunity. We have one shift to show Grissom what we're made of. Tonight, we could be heroes.
      Mandy: All right. I'm in.
      Hodges: It's time to think outside the box.

    • Grissom: It's just a rat fellas, why you wearing the hazmat gear?
      David: He made me do it.
      Doc Robbins: It's a wild animal covered with potentially biohazardous material, with claws. Rabies, scabies, AIDS, hepatitis, I'm thinking of this suit as a giant rubber glove.

    • Henry: So, we're looking for an obsessive, meticulous, dark assed misanthrope who seeks recognition for his efforts. (Wendy and Henry look at Hodges, who's laying out his food in piles of three)
      Hodges: When would I find the time? I'm always here.

    • Grissom: Did you know that rodents have skeletons with flexible joints?
      Doc Robbins: No.
      Grissom: If they can get their head through something, the rest of their body can contort to fit. They can crawl into spaces as small as a quarter.
      Doc Robbins: Lousy varmints. (on seeing the fried rat, Doc laughs) Bastard hit the main line.

    • Hodges (on seeing Greg covered in spaghetti sauce): Some garlic bread, some nice Chianti maybe?
      Greg: Kiss my ass. I'd like to see you crawl around a dumpster, determining the difference between blood and marinara sauce, with six mobster goons giving you the stink eye.

    • Sara: Hey.
      Wendy: Hey.
      Sara: Here you go. I checked under the keys. (she hands Wendy a keyboard) Crusty white stains, pale blue under ALS.
      Wendy: Semen, huh? What made you check under the keys?
      Sara: A butt print on the credenza.
      Wendy: Yeah, okay, that's gross.
      Sara: CDC contacted us because the whole office has a herpes simplex one outbreak, and nobody could figure out why. I guess you never really know what's going on in your office.

    • Wendy: You are a liar and an ass. I mean, if you want to go around like Sir Galahad just yanking swords willy-nilly, that it totally your business. But you put all of us at risk here.
      Hodges: I think we might be onto something with the bleach.
      Wendy: Hey! Stop! Archie and Henry gave up a full days work thinking that they were doing something to help Grissom. And Grissom never even asked you to do this in the first place.
      Hodges: Technically, all I said to them was that Grissom needed our help, which is true. I only lied to you.
      Wendy: Aren't you worried about your own caseload?
      Hodges: I've trained them all to believe that the laser ablator and the mass spec take twice as long as they actually do.
      Wendy: Oh my God. I cannot believe you. I can't believe that for half a second I actually thought that I might...
      Hodges: You what?
      Wendy: Nothing. What on God's green earth possessed you to do this?
      Hodges: It's my lucky day.
      Wendy: What?
      Hodges: It's my lucky day.

    • Grissom: Good job Hodges, really. Now, do you mind. (tilts head toward door, motioning to leave)
      Hodges: Absolutely. (stops at the door) I'm sorry, if I crossed the line, won't happen again.

    • (loud thumps and thuds come from within the ceiling)
      Doc Robbins: Pestilence...alive and well. (electricity crackles as primary power shuts down; auxiliary power activates)
      Grissom: I think he's on to us, Doc.

    • Hodges: When you walked away, it was like my star aligned. My lucky day.
      Wendy: Lucky? You're a scientist.
      Hodges: I was trying to help Grissom.
      Wendy: C'mon. If Gil Grissom were here, he'd slap your face.

    • Grissom: This better be good, Dave.
      Hodges: Bleach.
      Grissom: What?
      Hodges: I-I found a common element in all four miniatures. Bleach. There's a bottle of it in the trash at Izzy's, there's a barrel of it at the chicken plant, there's uh-uh bleach in the water at Barbara's condo, and now... A bleach coupon in Penny's. This-this may sound crazy, but if the killer is a housekeeper, or a janitor they would certainly know the ins and outs of each location. Uh, what goes in what drawer, what book on what bookshelf, hours of operation, habits, schedules. I've thought a lot about the killer's pathology, and there doesn't seem to be any regular interval between murders, which makes me think that they're being triggered by something. Maybe... Maybe the killer is triggered by bleach.
      Grissom: The bellows.
      Hodges: I'm sorry?
      Grissom: James Tilly Mathews. Early 19th century London. Mathews was in Bedlam hospital awaiting trial. Doctors were trying to determine his sanity. Several interviewed him. Half thought he was sane, half insane. Turns out he was perfectly normal, except when someone mentioned politics. At that point, he'd go into a rage about the little men who lived underground and used a bellows to push thoughts into his mind, as well as the minds of Parliament, and the Queen. A specific object or word triggers the urge to kill. That's a form of delusional psychosis. Rare, but it does exist.
      Hodges: If the killer is one of Ernie Dell's foster kids, maybe bleach played a roll in some sort of childhood abuse. He's getting back at the world for what they did to him.
      Grissom: Well, if having bleach in your home is the common element among victims, huh, then anyone could be next.

    • Wendy: Hey Sara, is it true that the miniature cases have been keeping Grissom up at night?
      Sara (defensive): How would I know?
      Wendy: I just thought that maybe you guys all talk about it and Hodges told me that Grissom confided in him and you know what, nevermind just forget I even asked.
      Sara: Well, listen I don't know what Hodges has been telling you but do you really think that Grissom would confide in him, about anything?
      Wendy: No, of course not.

    • Hodges: What?
      Wendy: That was a very good idea.
      Hodges: Well, I have one occasionally.

    • Hodges (after Wendy uses Hodges' phone to call the suspected mini-maker): Nice one Simms, now they have my cell phone number.

    • (referring to the miniatures)
      Hodges: I don't know if any of you have noticed how distracted Grissom's been lately, but it's these, keeping him up at night.

    • Doc Robbins (sarcastically): Nice work.
      Grissom: At least I tried to get him...where were you?
      Doc Robbins: I hate rats.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Laboratorní krysy (Laboratory Rats)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 18, 2007 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: January 22, 2009 on TV Nova

    • All the main characters except for Grissom, Catherine and Dr. Robbins do not have big roles in this episode. Warrick is seen with Mandy, Brass is seen with Catherine, Greg is seen with Hodges and Wendy, Sara is seen with Grissom and Nick is seen with Archie.

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra
      Lollipop- The Chordettes
      Hear Me Cry- DJ Ramon Zerano & Marc Korn
      9 Crimes- Damien Rice

    • In this episode Hodges has the line before the credits, and is the first time a recurring character has the line before the credits. Grissom usually has the line before the opening credits.

  • Allusions

    • (Talking with her shoe as a cellphone)
      Mandy: Oh James, this is Moneypenny, M needs you back at HQ.
      Archie: The shoe was Get Smart.
      Henry: 99 was so hot.

      These are allusions to two spy related stories: James Bond, Moneypenny is the secretary of M, Bond's boss; and Get Smart (1965 to 1970), which had two principal characters Agent 86 and his female partner, Agent 99 (Agent 86 had a phone on his shoe).

    • The scene in which the rat burst from the body in the morgue is a reference the 1979 film Alien.