CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 15

Lady Heather's Box

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2003 on CBS

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  • sarahvma has no clue - BEST CLASSIC CSI EPISODE!

    This is quite simply, the best episode of classic CSI, featuring the most captivating characters on the show - Grissom and Lady Heather, who absolutely sizzle with chemistry and tension.

    Sarahvma, pay attention next time - Lady Heather DID know Grissom was all about work, as her exact words in the episode were, straight to him, "I'm disappointed but not surprised. I know you" when he brings her in as a suspect.

    It's completely understandable that Lady Heather would be disappointed that her new lover considered her capable of murder, and didn't even bother to talk to her about it, or ask her about the evidence first, just had Brass drag her in and question her. Since she didn't keep her personal things locked up and so many shady people went in and out of her house, the explanation is a simple one, that Grissom could have had just by asking politely and not leaping to conclusions. He wasn't being scientific, he was letting his fear of intimacy cloud his judgement, and his manners - and if there's one thing a dominatrix won't stand for, it's poor manners from the men in her life! ;) That is why Lady Heather says hear the end of the episode, "apologies are just words" because the action of having her interrogated and treated as a murder suspect hurt her, and as an empowered woman she's not simply going to let Grissom get away with treating her like some common criminal or one night stand, when he was pursuing and intimate relationship with her.

    There are so many great moments in this episode, from the sizzling sexual tension between Grissom and Heather, with the cat and mouse game they play, to the strange, erotic and mysterious fantasy world of S&M being explored as the background for the murders, to the character humor throughout and incredible performances from the cast. Catherine doing her own water stunts and B-storyline as "supermom" was a bit hard for me to take as it all just seemed so over the top and hysterical, compared to the soft spoken, but powerful performances from the episodes romantic leads. None the less, the episode most certainly deserves a 10, just for scenes like Brass and his interrogations of the gorgeous women. I've never laughed so hard at a CSI episode, as I did in those scenes! "I can help you with your inadequacy" says the Dominatrix to the Detective, with an (almost) straight face... and he plays along, with his classic dry wit. Ahhh. - gotta watch it again :D

    Though the ending is left open enough to be poetic, it seems that Grissom regrets the pain he caused Lady Heather and returns to her home to "speak with action" rather than words and the scene goes black before we can continue as S&M voyeurs into their love affair. A perfect conclusion.
  • Lady Heather returns and Catherine saves her daughter

    This was a special 1 hour episode that exceeded expectations and well worth watching.Its one of my favourite all time CSI episodes when two murders unrelated links to Lady Heather.When Grissom goes to lady heather she opened up to him a bit more and may have slept together but is unknown even though William Peterson{Grissom} that they did but the scene was unclear in the episode.While this is happening Catherine saves her daughter when Lindsay is trapped in a car under water and then Catherine's husband's body is found.When Lindsay says that Eddie was with a woman before he was murdered and it was good to see the woman was played by Pauley Perrette who is Abby in NCIS and it was rare to see Catherine make threats to a woman who plays Abby in NCIS.Catherine's day gets worse when the killer of Eddie can't be identified.When Grissom has Lady Heather has a suspect and later cleared their relationship gets damaged and Grissom feels bad that he thought it was lady heather when in the end it wasn't.The episode ends with Catherine crying on her bed and Lindsay goes over to her and right at the end Grissom in his car outside of Lady Heather's house probably wondering whether to go in.
  • Hey, is that Lady Heather?

    I didn't really watch this ep for Lady Heather (I don't really like her, I'm GSR, as well as Warrick/Catherine). I watched this for a certain b-story: Catherine's.

    When I heard about somebody close to Cat dying, I first thought, "Please don't be Warrick, he doesn't die yet." My second thought, "I hope Lindsay's okay."

    Guess what? I finally saw the episode, and when I saw Eddie's dead body, I thought, "HIM?! He's the guy who's gonna die?" I just went "WOOHOO! Eddie's dead, he's gone, yeehaw, it's time to party!"

    You will not believe how glad I was to finally see that miserable excuse for a human die.

    Casey likey:

    * Huh. No matter what Grissy says, I betcha 2 bucks and an ice cream cone that he slept with Lady Heather.

    * Eddie's dead! WOOHOO!
  • More on Lady Heather!

    As I have mentioned in prior reviews, Lady Heather is the ultimate match for Grissom. She brings Grissom to the viewer in a beautifully intimate manner -- one that we are rarely exposed to. By intimate, I don't mean sexually, but rather, emotionally.

    Again, I'm going to make an enemy of myself to the GSR fans, but I've never really seen any depth in the Grissom/Sara pairing. Yes, they care for each other, but do they truly UNDERSTAND each other?

    I am eagerly awaiting Lady Heather's return in the episode for Season 7. Hopefully, her intellect and insight will bring us even closer to the Grissom we already know and love.
  • This episode is very intense and meaning full I love it!!!!

    Lady's Heathers box is a great episode I would have to say that over all adding all the episodes this is my thrd favorite one I love it its very intense and just the best. Well I love the part of the movie were Grissom is watching Jim brass talk to Lady heather and she gets up and starts to talk to jim but is looking at the mirror were gil is watching from and she makes it look like she is talking to gil but she is really talking to jim. She say's "I know you and in your heart you don't believe I did this." and then grissom goes and checks the evidence to make sure she didn't do it. My next favorite part of this episode is were catherine is watching that candece girl get interigated by detective Vega and sara and candece says something about her daughter and she busts up in that room and was threatinnig the heck out of her sayijng if she even think about her daughter one more time she will kill her!! that was pretty funny. I think the saddest part of the movie is the end were catherine is crying and her daughter comes in and says " its ok mommy its going to be ok," and were Gil is outside of his lovers house wishing he wouldn't have thought she was the murderer. it is intense!!!
  • Good acting, but ultimately an island unto itself.

    As a GSR, it may be hard, but I do admit that Grissom had deep feelings for Lady Heather. He did honestly like - if not found himself loving - her. However, I think that what it came down to with LH is the same problem I\'ve always had with Catherine - and this episode managed to showcase both nicely.

    They just don\'t live up to their word.

    Both are highly moral in what they say - good mothers, good at their jobs, respectful, and understanding.

    Yet... Catherine can\'t stop choosing bad men, and still loves her husband - Eddie - even after he cheated on her and continues to neglect their child and then accuse her of the same. Catherine is showcased as Supermom once again - diving in to save Lindsey, but then winds up leading her daughter\'s interview so that Eddie\'s case can be solved, not particularly caring about any emotional harm it may be doing.

    Catherine claims to be dedicated to her job, yet she doesn\'t care that she might be violating the procedures simply because she wants to be the one to process the scene. She\'s gone on to do this several times, and almost always without any real reprocussion.

    Lady Heather \"knows\" Grissom... because she says so. And she was the first person to pick up on his hearing loss and a few other things, however, Grissom=work. He always has. So for her not to understand that him arresting her wasn\'t personal... it\'s not that she can\'t be upset, but it was more her confusion that confirmed for me that all her talk of reading people had been for naught. She hadn\'t understood something essential about him - something he lived by.

    Getting to the episode itself... it\'s a bit of a mish-mosh, and I blame that on CBS\'s willingness to let CSI do anything it wants now that it revitalized the dying network. An extra half hour? Sure. But the episode didn\'t need it. And so the vast majority of the scenes feel overlong and, in some cases, even unncessary.

    And yet with all of their extra storytelling time, you still feel a bit confused about the two dead men. No doubt the show was really about highlighting Lady Heather and Catherine, but since I found both coming off a little hypocritical, and the storyline muddled despite having been given time to work it out, the episode was interesting, but not on par with an average casefile.

    So, biased as it may be, I was perhaps more displeased with a spotlight on the two CSI characters I feel are the most overrated, and no real dedication to the case itself.
  • Brilliant! Grissom gets some and Catherines husband dies!!

    One the best ever episodes of Csi that shocked me in alot of ways!! i was shocked to see Grissom having breakfast with Lady Heather- i didn't think he was that sort!! But he deserves some so ill forgive him!! it also made me cry at the end when Catherine was laid on the bed crying and lyndsay came and comforted her! That's why i love this episode because so much happened that was very interesting and exciting!! Very well acted for all involved- it was a very strong episode showing the personal side of the CSIs, which which don't get treated too often!!
  • Lady Heather’s Box is such a great CSI episode!

    Lady Heather’s Box is about two murdered men. One of the men is found in a night club after a foam party. The one of the dead men leads Grissom to have another encounter with Lady Heather. Threw out this episode many pivotal events occur. Lindsey (Catherine’s daughter) is alone in Eddy’s (Lindsey’s father) sinking car. Catherine has to save her and wonder where Eddy is and where to find him. Meanwhile Grissom is battling his hearing disability, and Lady Heather mistakes Grissom reading her lips as flirting (it probably partially was.) This episode is bittersweet, although Catherine saves Lindsey, the team also finds Eddy’s dead body and can’t solve the case in the end. I loved the fact that this episode was 90 minutes long. One of the best episode of CSI to date!
  • I -love- any episode that involves Lady Heather. The development and strange allusion that Grissom might not only be into Heather, but the lifestyle she leads is intriguing in a strange, almost-makes-sense sort of way.

    One of my favorite things about CSI is the lack of character focus. The show isn\'t about the actors, but rather about the crimes. It takes season upon season for us to figure these characters out. I -love- that fact. This episode is a prime example of that fact.

    Grissom is perhaps one of the most confusing and intriguing characters on the show. He\'s so reserved and immersed in his work that whenever we see him show any kind of emotion not related to \"CSI-ing\" it\'s time to sit up and pay attention. Watching this episode, its pretty apparent that Grissom is attracted to Heather -- either in spite of or partially because of her chosen career path. The idea makes my eyebrow twitch, and I love it. Obviously Heather is an attractive woman, but that\'s not Grissom\'s main concern. If that was the case, he\'d have strayed in Sara\'s direction sooner. In the episode \"Big Middle\" (which comes later in season 5), Grissom tells Greg he looks for a woman who \"doesn\'t judge\" him. Is that because he\'s trying to make a point to Greg and have one of his \"Grissom\" moments, or is he being serious? Probably a bit of both. Obviously Heather would be the last person to judge him, no matter what he needed or wanted from her, and that must be attractive to him. It\'s also a little strange how clear and comfortable he is with his knowledge of the lifestyle that Heather is immersed in -- he even has a working vocabulary of the vernacular.

    I love this show. That\'s pretty much the bottom line, but any time we see Heather and Grissom together, I pay close attention -- because I think that she has Grissom\'s number, and I\'m waiting to see how she tests him and vice versa. It gives way to a slew of theories about a character that we don\'t get to see a lot of personal information on, and that is definitely enough to keep me glued.
  • Two stories play out in 90 minutes: Catherine's ex-husband, Eddy, goes missing with their daughter, and is later found dead; Lady Heather enters Grissom's life again when two of her employees are found murdered.

    I'm going to voice an unpopular opinion, perhaps, but I think there was too much of a good thing going on in this episode, which distracted from its quality, even though I watch the DVR version all the time (until I can afford to buy the season DVD). To my mind, two powerful storylines involving two powerful CSI team members should not have vied for the viewer's attention. I think Grissom's case should have been paired with a lesser one, or Catherine's case with a lesser one as well, but in two different episodes. Much as I love the character of Catherine, I could never stand her ex, and I really didn't care about what went on in the case. When I watch the DVR episode, I fast forward through the Eddy part, as I am much more interested in the interaction of Lady Heather and Grissom. It was amazing to see Grissom demonstrate any sort of romantic feelings, or even those of lust. Lady Heather saw through him like glass, and it made him uncomfortable. Her comments about her knowing him, and him not liking that at all, were spot-on. What a bittersweet episode it was. Talk about missed opportunities! The only other woman Grissom ever looked at twice was that scientist who reconstructed faces (actress Pamela Gidley), and what a change Lady Heather was! The dialogue was top-notch, the acting as well. It was for a me a sad, but enjoyable episode.
  • The one where Grissom gets laid?

    This episode had an amazing storyline. We finally see Grissom show some true emotion towards a woman, if you disclude Sarah (as nothing will ever happen between them; its too weird). We see Catherine break down on the death of her ex who she convinces everyone she hates. She gets a chance to play the hero and use her survival instincts when her daughter's life is threatened, which is another powerful scene. And then, when Lady Heather is speaking to Grissom through the two-way mirror, we can feel the tension between them.
  • Grissom and Lady Heather do their little dance, and Catherine works to solve her ex's death. Put in some nice music, and possibley Grissom getting laid, and you got a great episode.

    I've been wanting to see this episode for a long time. It was the first to air almost like a tv movie, and I was not suprised to see it turn out great. I don't want to put too many spoilers, so I'll just finish with this: There is some real character deveopment with Grissom. So watch it.
  • Lady Heathers Box, a very special episode.

    This is a 90 min. episode, and I love it! You see how Gil is falling in love with a women, so cute! You see a softer side of Catherine, when she has to help Lindsey, and when she\'s crying. Lady Heathers Box is a great episode, with Melinda Clarke as Lady Heather. I have to admit; I\'m still hoping Cath and Gil to come together once, but Gil and Lady Heather that\'s just, cool. Anyway, I think this episode shows two great cases they have to solve, a softer side of Catherine, Gil who\'s falling in love, it\'s just a great episode. One of the best they ever made in my opinion.
  • The first episode to air over a 90 minute slot, and what a job they did!

    This is a great CSI episode! You see a softer side to Catherine, not the strong independant woman she is most of the time, and you see Grissom attempt to show his feelings for a woman!
    Wow! I am still hoping for Gil and Sara to get together but i do have a soft spot for the charasmatic Lady Heather, especially after watching this episode!