CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 15

Law of Gravity

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Grissom returns from his sabbatical and receives a warm welcome from his colleagues. At the same time Keppler, in his final appearance on CSI, helps investigate a double murder in a hotel that may have ties to his shady past.


    One word: excellent. This is by far the best episode of the seventh season of CSI to date. Terrific nail biting suspense that will keep viewers guessing to the very end. It's all capped off with an absolutely spectatcular climax. In the end I actually found myself feeling very sad about the death of Keppler. Very rarely do viewers feel genuine emotion for a character in this or any show. This episode will make many people emotional guaranteed. Now in its seventh season CSI continues to be one of the best shows on television.

  • Keppler RIP! Welcome back Grissom!

    Well everybody didn't like Keppler as well as the viewers
    As they missed Grissom a lot. But now, his past
    Was unveiled and also everybody thought that he was a dirty cop. He was a very creepy but still, now you appreciate that very much from him. This hasn't been Catherine's year as not just her own team very much nearly turned on her but Keppler died while protecting her. He wasn't a dirty cop after all. Though the viewers and the people working around him thought that he was. And oh, welcome back Grissom!
  • This episode was interesting with a very complicated case, and great acting was displayed as always. It centers around Keppler and his past, which ties him to the present. The other news is that Grissom came back from his sabbatical.

    I really liked the way this plot was put together. It had an interesting twist, and I'm pleased to see that the writers aren't losing creativity. It was very well played. I was really impressed with Liev Schrieber. He did an amazing job on his final episode. I had a major irritation though - we are not seeing enough of Greg or Warrick. This was a very good episode that kept me interested. Everyone did exceptional work in it, and this is one of the best this season.
  • Grissom returns...so someone had to leave...SPOILER

    Where can I even begin?? Since Keppler's first appearance and his sketchy methods, I didn't really know how to feel about the character. He is a great CSI, but there was something odd about him, and now we know what. To summarize (if you didn't watch the episode) Keppler killed an innocent man in Philly b/c he thought that the guy had raped and killed his girlfriend Amy. (The girl who has been previously mentioned in other episodes) Turns out that her own father killed her and has the gun that Keppler used to kill the innocent guy. The father is a suspect in Vegas for the murder of a fellow cop from Jersey who was in on the whole messed up thing and the hooker he was with, and it turns out that there was another girl in the room who the father didn't see, so she is out on the streets. When the Vegas gang start to realize who the real murderer is, the father leaves the Keppler gun in his hotel room. They find blood and Keppler's prints on the gun, think he's either being framed or is going to kill again. Catherine hopes for the best while the guys try to track down a now vanished Keppler. Keppler has detached the GPS from his SUV and ditched his phone (which proves important later) Keppler finds the witness girl in a hotel and calls the father. The father is thinking that he will kill the girl and be done with everything, but Keppler tries to save the girl as she runs out the hotel door, the father fires a round at her and ends up hitting Keppler. Catherine runs into the room and the father points the gun at her and Keppler with the last of his strength fires 3 shots at him killing him. Catherine rushes to Keppler's aid, and he dies in the ambulance. (Sad I Know!!!) Later Nick and Warrick are finding where Keppler's phone is and it turns out that Keppler had put everything needed to solve the murder of the cop and hooker into a cooler for them to find.
    Oh, and GRISSOM RETURNS!!!!

    I think that just about covers it.

    So basically the only episode that I like Keppler in is the last episode that he appears in (alive). The episode had excellent writing that made you think and try to figure out what was going to happen next. There was only one scene with Sara and Grissom together, and it was less than romantic. Greg only appears once, and we find out that Nick is a butt man. So once again, the sketchy Mike Keppler died in the line of duty protecting Catherine. RIP Keppler, your creepiness will be missed.
  • Grissom's back.

    This was a very interesting episode, as Kepplar's past has finally been revealed. It seemed like an old cop buddy comes to Las Vegas to confront Kepplar for a favor. When one of their old cop buddies is murdered in a hotel with 2 prostitutes, Kepplar is in danger of being framed with evidence of him killing a guy back in Trenton PD. This guy was accused of raping Kepplar's girlfriend, and he killed him in a crime of passion. What is revealed through his memories is that his old buddy actually had sex with his daughter, who was Kepplar girlfriend. I was with Kepplar all the way and I wanted him to kill that guy. I couldn't believe how Catherine let her emotions get the best out of her, as she entered into that hotel completely open to fire. She didnt even draw her gun. Although it was really sad that Kepplar did pass away, it was also good to see Grissom return. Especially that scene between him and Sara was pretty cool. I do want to end this review with a moment of silence to Kepplar. He did everything by the book, especially with the evidence in the cooler in the end. Rest in peace.
  • EXCELLENT episode. spoilers inside as i did review while watching. Bear with me.

    OMG Keppler, what are you doing in that dream of yours? Awww Keppler!! Poor guy. Wendy flirting with Keppler? What is that… And what is with the creepy guy who paid for Keppler's breakfast? Oooo it's Frank! And why is he so weird… Heheh Nick saying he didn't like his suit…. I love Nicky. Why did someone take only the one hand? The guy was a cop? Frank found him…. AND the cop is from Trenton too. At first in the commercials when they showed Grissom asking what Keppler touched, I thought it was because Keppler turned out to be a bad guy, but now I think it's because well maybe his friend is involved.

    Frank not answering Kepp. Not sure if I likes him. Hairs in the soap dish? And a high heeled shoe in the bath tub. Possible eye witness? Very interesting. YAY Grissom is back! Awww Hodges was so cute with her. Hodges took the course online- he's Spanky? hahaha I LOVE IT! And he sees the mail!
    Oooo But implants? And they meet!

    Frank is Amy, the dead girl's dad. Maybe Amy accidentally died in his hands? Or he was involved in her death somehow and now he asks her always. AWW Keppler flirted with her back. So cute!

    WEEE Grissom pops in on Warrick's case. NO don't avoid the mail! LOOK at it. Come ON Grissom! Grrr the writer's KNOW that's what we are thinking too. Get OUTTA my head! Warrick brought up the reverse forensics. Frank killed him didn't him. Oh no. What is going on?

    The poor girl has a baby! Oooo Keppler confronts Frank. NICE KEPP. And he tells him he has a kid! He cut the hand off her because she scratched him. He did kill her. The cop was going to tell about something. Something went down in Trenton and they are covering it up. *gasp* he just said, just like catnip. Just like Keppler says. Keppler took care of evidence? WHAT is going ON? Oooooo Keppler killed the guy who raped Amy, the girl he loved. Omg Frank is an ass for holding it all over his head. Damn it. Keppler asks Cath for help? Where is he going? Keppler don't trash evidence anymore. Don't put yourself in jail more. Please KeppKepp. PLEASE. OOO and he finds the hand. In the dump.

    Definitely have to say the flashbacks were interesting. If not disturbing. I liked the old music in them. Oooo man Keppler half nekky. Aww Cath wants him to stay… they like him. Oh No. What's in the bag? Omg, the gun from Kepp's shooting? WTF. Or is it the gun with from the hooker shooting. He kept calling her AMY? WTF! AND OMG the gun came up with Kepp's Print! Frank molested or killed Amy? OMG! Is he being set up? Warrick doesn't believe him, Cath trusts him. And they all seem to like him, like me!

    Awww everyone hopes he comes clean! YAY greggo finally came up! They are tracing him. Keppler what are you doing? Brass tells Cath all the info on Keppler. Keppler knew all of them. All three seem dirty. Noooo. Poor Catherine seems so upset. Verge of tears. Awww and he calls her first. She wants to help. Aww a homicide on Philly. What is he going to do? Keppler don't do it. Please. Oh and he's so close to opening the package but gets interrupted. Aww Griss won't help. She's so upset!

    OMG Keppler stops Frank! Aww he killed an innocent man! Oh no! Poor Kepp Kepp. Frank is SUCH a perv!

    Omg the scene with Keppler getting shot, and Catherine being by his side! No Keppler why did he have to die? CSI you didn't have to kill him. And his phone was with a cooler….it had all the evidence? Keppler was so smart. Keppler….you were such a good guy!!! Welcome back Grissom, but RIP Keppler.
  • Poor Keppler.

    I read a few months ago a recap of this episode, but didn't understand it very well. I thought Keppler was going to have visions and stuff over the course of his stay. Clearly, I was wrong. Man, I didn't like him before, but now, he's not so bad. Er, was so bad. Catherine really took his death hard. Poor girl.

    I'm glad that Keppler killed that sick cop. I feel so bad for him that he was lead on all those years and only to find out his killed an innocent man. Grissom's back! Sara's so good for him. He's so much more... relaxed. I can't wait to see what the new model looks like and what's inside the coccoon he gave Sara. I hope there's more Greg in the next episode, 'cause there was only two scenes he was in. Nicky's looks so sweet holding a baby.
  • Keppler may be one of the best guest stars ever. Anyone remebered Max Payne?

    Being a fan of video games I couldn't help feeling the similarity between this episode and Max Payne. If you haven't played this game grab it now, play eithr the first installment or the sequel. You will know what I'm talking about. THe photograhpy for the flashback sequences was just fenomenal and the depth in the storyline was brilliant. This exactly why I watch CSI, every now and then they kick out monumental episodes like this one where a guest character grabs all the atention. I got really emotional in the ambulance shot, I really felt Katherine and got my eyes a lil wet. LOVED IT.
  • Keppler's past is finally brought to light and Grissom is back in town again.

    Keppler's past is brought to light when a dirty cop(Frank), a father of Keppler's girlfriend, visits Las Vegas and two people - a hooker and a detective who's worked with Frank and Keppler in Trenton - are murdered. I kinda got the feeling that Kepple had something shady, which has held him back so far, in his past when he was invited to his girlfriend's memorial in the previous episode. It was a bit sad to see him trying to make things right when he realized his past, which he had been trying to forget, was revealed to the team by Frank, who blatantly raped his own daugther and blamed it on an innocent black guy, making Keppler kill him. Especially the ending was pretty poignant.

    I think Liev did a great job of portraying 'Keppler', who was not that sociable and worked cases expressionlessly, even if he was a filler while Grissom's gone away for a while. His character(Keppler) gained credit to the CSI team members while he was with them, and it seemed like he did gain more than credit to Catherine personally. Even if he hadn't been killed, it could've been just fine. And Grissom is back. Although he didn't make many appearances in this episode, I was glad I could see him again.
  • Wonderful!!!

    Keppler's live wasn't easy. His girlfriend's father was a bad cop and Mike paid for him with nightmares all his live. Frank abused her daughter and I don't know how she died but Frank told Keppler that this black guy did it and He just killed him. I have to say that as Catherine says in this chapter, normally new characters don't fi in but Mike was the exception. He bring fresh air to the team, He was ironic, sarcstic and really smart. I've never seen him as Grissom's substitute but maybe as Ecklie's substitute. I will miss him, I will not cry as catherine did but He did a very nice work!!
  • While Grissom is back, Keppler is gone...

    Grissom is back! When he sees Sara, he didn’t seem to mind that she smelled like garbage, he was just happy to see her again. He told Sara that she would be surprised when the cocoon he sent her hatches. The storyline seemed to be mostly focused on Michael Keppler as we learn the reason for his bitterness and grim expression through flashbacks. It turns out Keppler killed the rapist of his girlfriend years ago and that he may also has something to do with the recent murder of a prostitute and a retired police officer. It was poignant at the end, when he was shot and Catherine’s distress showed that she obviously has developed a bond with Keppler. Liev Schreiber delivered a great performance and would have done great working parallel William Petersen…
  • Now this was a great episode - when you have a guest star become a story arc on his own

    The entire storyline about Keppler was great - in a way, I was like Catherine hoping that he'd either join the team or become a reoccuring character but Wow! To find out that he was a dirty cop - although attempting to redeem himself. A true tragic hero.

    I loved they way they showed bits and pieces of Keppler's past via the flashback/dream and by the end, despite finding out that he was dirty, I actually felt for the guy and hoped that he would pull through - even more so when you realize that he was suckered into murdering the dealer.

    In some ways, Keppler was the exact twin of Grissom at the beginning of the series - dry and devoted to the job - but with just a twist of darkness and meloncholy. And even when he saw the end coming, he made sure that he took care of the case first.

    Keppler - you will be missed.
  • I only found this episode only ok

    Finally Grissom comes back, and we got to see Keppler’s past. This episode I found was really slow going. This episode is mainly about Keppler’s past.

    Only one scene with Grissom and Sarah, which sucks, I was hoping for more. Why couldn’t Keppler tell the other what had happen??? And how did Catherine know where to find Keppler, he didn’t even tell her where to go.

    At least Keppler sorta clear his name at the end. I feel bad for Catherine as you can tell she like Keppler.

    I don’t know is it just me or for this season we hardly see Greg and Sarah???
  • Finally a fresh and creative storyline involving a multi-faceted character. Grissom is back. Liev is brilliant.

    This season we have seen a lot of usual run-of-the-mill cases and predictable plots. But I was glad that I decided to check this episode out. I never really cared for Keppler's character because I knew that he is just a temporary replacement for William Petersen on the show. But it is amazing how the writers were able to change my apathy towards him into disgust then into pure sympathy. They showed Keppler's backstory in this episode and we learned a lot about the man behind the stoic and anti-social stance. Turns out Keppler has killed the man he suspected of raping his girlfriend many years ago, and that he may be involved with the recent murder of a retired Trenton police officer and a hooker. The viewers will be engaged not only in uncovering the mysteries of the case but also with Liev Schreiber's brilliant portrayal of his character (Keppler).

    The ending was such a tear-jerker. In the end Keppler's character is redeemed, he tried to straighten things out and saved the life of someone (Catherine) who stood by him and believed in him when no one else did.
  • R.I.P Michael Keppler

    The return of Grissom and the death of Keppler. That Frank guy was off his rocker, killing his own daughter and framing another guy, driving Keppler to kill an innocent man that haunts him for years. I am glad that Mike emptied his nine mil into him, at first I thought Keppler was going to live, but after he started coughing up blood I knew he was gone. On a better note, Grissom returned, a good GSR scene, the return of the beard, and Hodges on the internet, lovely! I have to say I am going to miss Keppler, good ep!
  • this episode reattaches the unattached

    mike(liev) gave a great performance in the short role he played he gave an air of mystery which confused me at first because i didn't know if he was good or bad..his facial expressions were well on target..and Kathrine's obvious attachment to him was an interesting aspect to add..its like she was able to see through him..she knew he was good..so it was really sad in the end when he got shot by this idiot dirty cop who used to rape his daughter amy who happened to be with mike ..i loved that they made him smart suits him well ..finding that hand and keeping his gpsed :P phone with it its like he knew he's gonna die ..missed yea griss wb.
  • The death of Kepler; the return of Grissom.

    I'm so glad that Grissom's back. Of course, now that I don't completely despise Mr. Kepler, he dies in a distinctly heroic manner. Then again, he was being a lying jerk-face for the whole episode. It really is quite the thinker...

    What's with Catherine and Kepler? Did she totally fall for him or what? Her reaction at the end of the episode was WAY more than a "Oh goodness, he saved my life" type of thing. It was more than that...but I guess we'll never really know what could have been, will we?

    There was plenty of great giggles in this episode. Hodges = Spanky? Ha! That and Nicky and the butt implants. Grissom's return to the Vegas lab was a little awkward/anti-climactic. I was expecting something a little bit more between him and Sara...then again, we're talking Grissom in public here.
  • great!!

    So I glad that Grissom is back. Not sure that I like the super thick beard, but I am glad that he is back. So is most of the lab. Sara seems to be a bit distant. And not just because she was dumpster diving and wanted to go clean up. He told her that she would be surprised when the cocoon opened. She also was a bit flirty when she said that she would see him later, but there is something between them. Maybe she isn’t over the fact that he left and only sent her a cocoon. Who knows…
  • This episode was like a rollercoster of emotions

    I too was sad that Keppler had to die. His getting shot really surprised me. When I heard that Catherine was going to the motel that he and Frank were at my first thought was that she was going to get shot. My thoughts on Frank. Thought he was evil from the minute I saw him on screen. And what about Wendy asking Keppler out? In fact, we seemed to see a lot of Wendy this episode. On Warrick's gambling. Could it be reemerging due to a bad marriage? I'm just saying. Loved, loved, loved the GSR scene. They both looked so cute, and you could tell that Grissom just wanted to jump her. I've read that some people compare it to the second season when Sara first met Hank, and she was all stinky, and backed away from her, and Greg said that a real man wouldn't care. I guess if we didn't know who the real man was before, (which of course we did, I mean Hodges, or should I say Spanky is more of a man then Hank) we do now. I love Grissom's look when Warrick asked him about Reverse Forensics, priceless! Poor Catherine. She has had a tough year. Well, as soon as they end this travesty of a marriage she and Warrick can finally get together. And of course the box. So many teases. But we know it will be opened this week. I have my suspicions on who the MMSK is. My top contenders are, Dr. Lurie, Zephyr, and Officer Formanski (spelling?). These are just my suspicions, so no spoilers. Of the three my top contender is Dr. Lurie. Again, no spoiler, but if this turns out to be true, I'm SO taking credit for figuring it out.
  • WOW!!! Grissom is back with a great new episode.

    Well, if Keppler had to go, this was a fitting ending to his character. I had always thought that Keppler might be dirty, so to speak, but in reality he wasn't. It was nice to have Grissom back. I've missed him and I'm looking forward to seeing where his and Sarah's realtionship goes from here. I was kind of suprised at Catherine's reaction to Keppler's death, which makes me wonder if there is more to the story. I was sort of sad to see Keppler go. He added a different dimension to the group; a darker side. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Keppler's past and Grissom's return clash during the murder of a cop and hooker. The race is on to find the other hooker before she is killed!

    *Spoiler* I was not suprised that they killed Keppler off. He wasn't really a character I could get into. It was interesting to see that uncovered the incest that was happening to Amy. It wasn't explained how Amy died, but I think it was suicide since her wrists were slit. I did find it interesting that Keppler died from being shot once while the rest of the crew has been in higher dangers and still lived. Oh well Keppler was okay while he lasted. I wonder what Grissom will say about what Cath did.
  • Kepplers credibility is on the line when an ex-cop is murdered in a hotel room and Grissom returns from his sabbatical.

    Loved this episode, CSI still remains my favorite show. Even though there was only a little interaction between Sara and Grissom, it still made me giggle like a little girl. The writers do a Great job with the GSR.Grissom smiling like a fool while talking to Sara now THAT was so cute. Also can’t wait for the cocoon to hatch. As for Frank, That was totally disgusting! I was sorry to see Keppler die; I was starting too really like him. Poor Catherine though, She looked devastated! How funny was Grissoms reaction to Hodges though .Spanky, Haha. Awesome episode can’t wait for monster in a box!!!!
  • I loved this episode!

    I don't think I would've guessed they were going to kill off Keppler! I kind of figured that he was going to be a dirty cop, though. I was sad when he died. I didn't like him when he first came onto the show, but by the end of this episode I wanted him to stay on. I'm glad Grissom is back, too. It's just not CSI without him, you know? I thought the plot was good, too. I like how Keppler solved is own case with his dreams. It was well written and wonderfully played out. This is why I love this show.
  • Wow... who would of guessed that Kelpper was a dirty cop kinda. when i was watching the episode i was very happy to see Grissom back Csi just is not the same without him.

    It's about time Grissom gets back CSI is just not the same without him. When Grissom first meets Kelpper it was kinda weird because I find that Kelpper is the darker version of Grissom and likes to do things completly different. Like when he used reverse forensics. At the end of the episode when Kelpper gets shot I was like "k well there's no way that they will kill him of this soon it's just starting to get interesting, and maybe Kelpper will be a romance interest for Catherine". I was really disapointed that Kelpper died because I thought that they could of used his character more and make this season more interesting, even if i didnt like kelpper that much, because he almost cause the team to slipt up because of trust issues, i was still disapointed when he died.

    Most new character that come in to a show in the middle of a season dont get excepted by the veiwers but because we figure that he was not there to replace Grissom permenetly just temporaly, he was easier to except in to the CSI family.

    It was very clear at the end of the episode that Catherine might have had feelings for Kelpper, since when he was pronounced dead she began to cry and the walked away.

    In all this episode was very shocking and completly different from previouse CSI episodes.
  • Keppler's demise and Grissom's return. This was an excellent episode. And it's only going to get better next week - when Griss finally opens the box.

    - I LOVED the GSR scene - it was like Sara & Griss were doing the tango down the hallway. Loved the lines. "You look good." and "I think you're going to be surprised when it hatches." AND the best part:
    Griss: I'll see you later
    Sara: Yeah, you will. - So Warrick is gambling again and Nick knows about it and DOES NOTHING . . . . what kind of friend is that? - Nick holding the baby was so cute. - Spanky? Ok, Hodges used to be kind of cute with his hero worship of Grissom - now he's starting to freak me out. I mean when does it become stalking? - Wendy asked Keppler out? Cath tried to keep him on the team? Um, I'm not getting the "he fits in so well vibe". I mean for a change of pace and to take my mind of Griss not being there, Mike was a great choice. I loved the suits (you should where them more often Nick). I loved the shower scene (now if only that was Nick or Greg!). But how can you help Cath deceive the entire team and then have Nick calling you Hoss? - Poor Keppler, he may not be my best friend, but no one deserves all that. Your girlfriend dies. You kill the man you thought raped & murdered her. You're indebted to her father, who is also a cop, forever. You’re having horrible nightmares. Then you find out it was all a set up? Her father molested her. Your life is spinning out of control. Then you get shot and killed. It was dark and creepy and beautiful. If I was a guest star that's how I would want to go out – sort of like a hero, but still leaving people with more questions than answers. - Why did Grissom not open the box!! I am so glad he is back. But now I have to wait til next Thursday to see the mini-crime scene? (thank god for spoilers, not going to mention them here, but if I actually had to wait, damn - still spoilers only tell you so much).
  • Interesting and fast paced!

    Grissom returns and Keppler deals more with his past and meets and untimely end. The whole way through we all knew Keppler was a dirty cop. What surprised me was the whole affair around Amy. Frank was the reason Keppler shot the innocent man and was cleaning up dirty cases for Frank. When Keppler realized Frank had caused AMy to committ suicide I wanted to kill Frank. I knew Keppler was gonna die! Poor Catherine. She had every right to cry when Keppler got shot. She may have only known hin for a few weeks, but even then you start to get attatched to people. I think the easiest thing to do was to kill Keppler off. It was either he dies or rotts away in a jail cell for all of the criminal acts he's committed. I can't wait for next weeks episode with the minatures!!!!
  • Grissom returned from his sabbatical and the past caught up with Keppler...

    A very powerful performance by Liev, even if I'm not a fan of Keppler, and the return of The Grissom, which is always worth several extra points. Golden moments include Hodges' return greetings and Nick's fetish for ass implants.

    Keppler wasn't a favorite character of mine, but the last few episodes was strongly colored by his 'dark' presence that this final one feels very 'noir', I feel very sorry for his character in the end. Looking back and wishing you can undo your mistakes, and the consequences of making that one mistake.

    Catherine is a bit stupid (and a lot of careless) in this episode, especially when she came in totally open and unprepared into that hotel room and almost got shot if Keppler didn't shoot Frank first. I think they're trying to convey how hard it is when a confirmed suspect is one of them and hence they are emotionally involved. Grissom was right on the dot when he said, "Well he's not your priority, find the witness." He's being the cool head in this episode.

    Greg! Hey Greg! Boy, we see you less and less these days. And Grissom should learn that when you get letters and parcels, you take care of the big ones first, bills never come in big packages.
  • I loved that Grissom returned, but hated that they killed Keppler.

    It was not very exciting, but I can't bring myself to put CSI under a 9.0. I am so glad Grissom came back, I was thinking he may not. They teased us with his letter writing. The only thing I hated was that they killed Keppler. He would have been a really interesting character, either added permantley or once in a while. Atleast it was nice to see that someone cared (Catherine crying when he died). I just felt the episode was a little confusing to explain what the last few episodes were trying to hint when it came to Keppler. He will be missed.
  • Grissom comes back, and Keppler is put in the hot seat. Probably one of the best episodes this season.

    Of all the shows I watch, I think Mike Keppler is the only "temporary replacement" I've grown to love. We've been given glimpses of his background, and this episode takes us into his dark story.

    I love how this episode kept me at the edge of my seat, anticipating what Keppler would do next or how the team would handle knowing his sort of involvement. The gun with the dried blood was a twist, I honestly didn't think it'd show up. And it certainly wasn't the ending I had imagined or expected. Kudos to Liev Schreiber for doing a wonderful, wonderful job, and the credit also goes to the cast and the writers.

    The whole Willows/Keppler dynamic was nice to watch. I've always thought Catherine had a thing for him, and it was pretty apparent by the end of the episode. The way she went to his aide, and then broke down was painful to watch. Another man gone from Cath's life. I wonder when she'll be able to find a decent guy...or maybe she should just take her pick from the guys in the crime lab. :P

    Finally, I can't find the words to say how glad I am Grissom's back. I'm not a big fan of the hairy face, but I missed him.

    All in all, I'd watch this episode again. If I could, I'd give this a score of 11.
  • Wow! Amazing episode. The whole story with Keppler was exciting to watch... and so unexpected! (spoilers)

    I really enjoyed watching the whole mystery behind Keppler, and who this girl was in the picture he got in the mail, for her memorial, and why he was trying to pretend like he didn't know who the cop was. I thought he was actually going to try to cover it up for the cop, but then it turns out the cop really was dirty and raped his daughter, who was keppler's girlfriend back in the day! Wow... The writers are coming up with some outstanding scripts! The ending was a total shocker, never saw it coming. Too bad though, i did like his character.
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