CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 15

Law of Gravity

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Keppler is taken to the ambulance; the "code" would have been run in full, as per EMS/ACLS protocol.

    • Goof: After the phone conversation of Frank and Keppler, Keppler closes his phone (out of shot, but you hear the sound).

      In the next shot, you see him close his phone again, same sound.

    • Goof: When Mike is calling Catherine, a suspect's name, Eric Hong, appears on her cell phone's screen. CSIs don't need to save a suspect's private number.

    • David Hodges reveals that he participated in Grissom's class online and his screen name was Spanky743.

  • Quotes

    • Archie (about Keppler): He just disabled his GPS. Smart guy.
      Greg: Guilty guy.

    • Catherine: He's being set up.
      Grissom: Why? By whom? Keppler told me he didn't know Frank McCarty.
      Warrick: He also said that he didn't know the victim, maybe he's lyin' about that too. (Catherine gives him a look) I'm sorry, Catherine, I like the guy too but I'm just following the evidence.
      Nick: We should be talkin' to Keppler about this.
      Grissom: Where is he?
      Catherine: He was with me in AV, nobody has seen him since and he's not answering his cell.
      Nick: He knows where the eyewitness lives.
      Catherine: What're you sayin', Nick?
      Nick: I'm sayin' that if he was involved in these murders, Frank McCarty isn't the only one that we need worry about.
      Catherine: Well, PD's on their way to Suzy Gibbons apartment now.
      Grissom: Okay, grab Sara and go over there now. I'll call Brass and tell him to talk to Trenton PD and see who knows who.
      Catherine: Welcome home. (leaves)
      Grissom: Okay, what other evidence did Keppler handle?
      Nick: He brought back the three bullets from autopsy. Which didn't match the gun with his prints on it.
      Grissom: Could he have swapped the bullets?
      Nick: Anything's possible.
      Warrick: He also searched the dumpster where the homeless guy found the hooker's purse and cell phone. He told Catherine he didn't find anything.
      Wendy (walks in): I got your DNA results and the blood on the gun from Frank McCarty's hotel room, it doesn't match either victim, no hits in CODIS and the DNA print and screen markers say that it is from a black male.
      Nick: Keppler and McCarty were both Jersey boys, expand the search to the east coast.
      Wendy: Will do. I really hope he's clean. (leaves)
      Grissom: We have to treat him as a suspect. I'll tell Ecklie.

    • Keppler: She had a kid.
      Frank: Oh, god.
      Keppler: Why don't you tell me about the hand?
      Frank: She scratched me, Mike. Come on, what was I supposed to do? I couldn't take the chance that one of your guys would find my DNA under her nails.
      Keppler: Why, Frank?
      Frank: You know why.
      Keppler: That was a long time ago. Dennis never said a word.
      Frank: Yeah, but he was going to. He was about to be indicted. Wife, three kids, there was no way that he was doin' time. He was goin' down, Mikey, and he was takin' us with him.
      Keppler: He was a cop, Frank. You taught me that, you don't do that. Not even to save your own ass.
      Frank: Yeah, what about yours?

    • Grissom: I hear that there was some friction in the lab when I was gone.
      Warrick: Did you ever hear of reverse forensics? (Grissom looks up at him, a little shocked)

    • Grissom: Michael Keppler. Gil Grissom. (they shake hands) How's everybody been treatin' 'ya?
      Keppler: No complaints. You got a great team.
      Grissom: Yeah, thanks. Does Ecklie still have you slotted for days?
      Keppler: As far as I know.
      Grissom: I hear you're working the double homicide at the Olympia. Whaddaya got?
      Kepplr: Oh, bullets from Doc Robbins. I was gonna run 'em through IBIS.
      Grissom: Dead cop was from your home town, huh?
      Keppler: Yeah. Retired.
      Grissom: Did you know 'em?
      Keppler (scoffs): You know how many retired cops there are in Trenton? (pause) Well, it was great to finally meet you.

    • Frank: Listen, uh, I'm in a bit of a fix. I need you to do me a favor.
      Keppler: I can't do it this time, okay? Don't ask me to Frank. Things are just startin' to--
      Frank: Hey, what're you gettin' so excited about? I didn't say anything.
      Keppler: I'm just gettin' the lay of the land here, y'know, tryin' to move on.
      Frank: Bad timing.

    • Catherine: Did you get anything from the dumpster?
      Keppler: Yeah. A bad smell.

    • Nick (to Precious Ricky): You bought her butt cheek implants. Is that something you normally do for girls you don't know?

    • Nick: Implants. Kinda big for my taste, really.
      Doc Robbins: The other end.
      Nick: Oh, they're for the butt?

    • Hodges: There are no words to describe how glad I am you're back.
      Grissom: I'm sure you'll find some.
      Hodges: The lab almost went to hell in a handbag while you were sabbaticalling. I'm sure you talked to Catherine, but just in case you didn't... Lot of hurt feelings. So, in case you talk to Nick...
      Grissom: I'd rather hear it from Catherine, thanks.
      Hodges: Fair enough, but, uh, permit me to say that the "Seasonal Behaviors of the Walden Pond Swamp Mosquito" is an incredibly stimulating seminar.
      Grissom: ...And you know this how?
      Hodges: I took your course online. It's free to alumni.
      Grissom (pauses and smiles): Ohhhh, you're Spanky.
      Hodges: 743. I aced the final, didn't I? (Grissom's smile fades, he nods, and he walks away without answering)

    • Officer: I'm looking at the over and under in the Sun's game. What do ya think?
      Warrick: I don't bet sports anymore.
      Officer: Not what I heard. According to Stokes, you're at the top of your game.
      Warrick: Well, why don't you get your picks from him and his fat Texas mouth. (shakes his head) I'd take the over.

    • Wendy: Hey.
      Keppler: Uh, hey.
      Wendy: I said how do you feel about butt implants?
      Keppler: You don't need them?
      Wendy: Um, thanks, but I wasn't talking about me.

    • Grissom: Hey, do you want some help?
      Warrick (smiles): Welcome back.
      Grissom: Whatcha ya got?
      Warrick: I'm just following a lead off a serialized butt implant.
      Grissom: I missed Las Vegas.
      Warrick (laughs): What're you doin' here?
      Grissom: I'm avoiding the paperwork and mail that's piled up on my desk.

    • Grissom: Sara.
      Sara: Hey, you're back.
      Grissom: Yeah.
      Sara (looks down at her dirty jumpsuit): Uhh, I've been out at a... um, I've been at a--
      Grissom: --a garbage dump. (walks towards Sara, half-smiling)
      Sara: Yeah it's so obvious isn't it... nice, um (looks at his beard)...you look good. (backs away, smiling)
      Grissom: Did you, uh, put the cocoon in my office?
      Sara: Cool, dry, not a lot of light, seemed like the right place for it. (keeps backing up)
      Grissom: I think you're gonna be surprised when it hatches. (half-smile, still walking toward her)
      Sara (smiles): I have no doubt. I'm gonna go clean up now. (starts to turn around)
      Grissom: I'll see you later.
      Sara: Yeah, you will. (flirty look, walks away)

    • Nick: Looks like it's just you and me again, Hoss.
      Keppler: Got a problem with that?
      Nick: No, no. I like your style. It's just the whole suit thing we gotta work on a little bit.

    • (Nick is holding some silicone butt implants)
      Nick: You know I spent about 12 hours on a court bench last week, I coulda used a pair of these bad boys.

    • Nick: I guess I'm the ass man.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nick: Looks like it's just you and me again, Hoss.

      Hoss was the nickname of Eric Cartwright; a cowboy son of the ranch owner in the drama Bonanza. He was supposed to be the funny and lovable one.