CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 22

Leapin' Lizards

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 03, 2007 on CBS

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  • Looking for a murdered woman, the CSIs stumble upon one strange UFO cult.

    Worst one of a wonderful season for me.
    It seemed like the writers/director/editor couldn't decide if this should be a funny or a serious ep and it ended up awfully unbalanced. I think this would have worked much better as an ep á la "Fur and Loathing", but as it stands, the direction and editing were all over the place.

    Some nice character moments, though. Grissom and Sara at home and seeing William Petersen's dog were awesome. As was Grissom's fascination with the whole "club", that was in character for him.

    But overall, too unbalanced and choppy to really work. S6's "Shooting Stars" was far superior, when it comes to an episode about cults and people using others for their personal gain.
  • Confusing much?

    I liked the episode, I did, but I think I was stuck in a perpetual state of confusion for all but about 5 minutes of it. I was kinda convinced that Warrick and Tina were already no more, but this episode seemed to indicate that they were still together - at least until recently?? Where exactly did the dog come from that was lying on Grissom's bed? Why were the police heading for the farm at the start of the episode anyway? I'm not sure if I missed bits or not, but I was seriously confused about who was who and why they were there and what was happening! The graphics for the aliens were fun though! Very good to see Enrico Colantoni as a guest in CSI, I love him so I was thrilled to see him guest starring. Oh, and once more, Archie was in the episode...hurrah! I like the more recent episodes in this season purely for the amount of Archie I am seeing!
  • Beware of the shape shifting aliens..

    The team investigates the death of a woman after her head is found mounted on a piece of wood just like a taxidermy work. Upon further search, the team discovers that they are dealing with UFO-club members believing that reptiles shape shifting aliens are coming to conquer the planet. There was great visual effect offered by the production when one of the cult members is being interrogated and imagines Brass with a reptile tongue. Little by little details about Grissom and Sara’s relationship are being disclosed and it was nice to see the two comfortable together with the dog on the bed. Also, there must be a logical explanation behind Grissom’s building miniatures..
  • This episode had it all. Aliens, GSR, and a little recap from "Silence of the Lambs". Scary but funny and very interesting.

    I thought this episode was very inconsistent, but very interesting. The idea of people seeing the rest of humanity as either lizards or other humanoids. Then the scene with Sara and Grissom was very touching. It just showed that their relationship is very evolved and they are very comfortable with each other. Then when Sara read the letter Grissom wrote, it was all very amazing. I think the writers are going to use these scenes in the 8th episode with the MCSK. The idea of pigs eating humans was all very funny. This exact same idea was used in the "Silence of the Lambs". It was all very impressive.
  • When I watched this, I thought...wow. This was a great episode. Although it was not their best one, it was still good.


    At the beginning, when they were hunting down that man, that cop got hit, It reminded me a little of 'A bullet runs through it'.

    It's basically about these bunch of people who believe that nearly every person that holds any power what so ever is a serpant, an evil being. Shannon (I think she was called) bit Greg because she thought that he was a serpant that wanted to harm her. We even saw Brass with a snake's tongue. Mind control was also in use. When a man wanted to murder his wife, he uses Shannon (Chanel?) to kill her. He then fed her to a pig and mount it up!
  • I enjoyed this episode...

    I thought the pig scene between Nick and Sara was cute. As for the group of people who believed in this reptile alien stuff, um yeah just a little screwed up, especially Shannon. So not cool when she bit Greg. Grissom and Sara's scene in the beginning of the episode when talking about life on other planets was fun. And China's husband yeah, what a jerk. Okay, now for the scene I really loved. Grissom and Sara in the bedroom of um an/their/his apartment. It was extremely adorable when he told her that she should turn off the tv now since she always felt bad for the monster. Very awesome that Sara finally got to read the letter I loved her expressions as she was reading it. I think what I love most about the scene is that it is just so very domestic you know. Or more a very typical couple thing and if you knew next nothing on Grissom and Sara's relationship and only saw this scene someone would at least know that the two are a couple and have been for a good amount of time. I love it. Oh and of course last but not least I must comment on Grissom making the miniature I definitely think it's just so he can get into the head of the killer better or to learn a little more about what it takes to build a miniature. Okay, now that I have said all that I will stop now.
  • CSI has already done vampires and werewolves so it wasn't too far-fetched for ALIENS!

    Who would've thought a reptilian conspiracy would make a case very interesting? But the explanation of a mass hallucination makes the case realistic and "back-to-earth". Just goes to show how gullible people can get and how others stoop so low to take advantage of it. The "creep factor" they threw in also helped - a human head proudly hanging as a wall mount, the serpentine Athena, and all those humans shape-shifting into grotesque reptiles. And what GSR fan wouldn't love that lenghtly Grissom/Sara scene? It was really sweet of Grissom telling her to turn the TV off so she won't feel sorrier for Godzilla. Sara finally gets to read the letter Grissom meant to send her while on his sabbatical, but we still don't know why he never sent it. Nevertheless, what Grissom wrote was very sweet and Sara seemed pleased at reading it. Showing them living together (and having a dog together!) tells us how comfortable they are with their relationship.

    As for Grissom being the MCSK? Now, that is far-fetched. Saying Grissom is the killer is like saying there won't be a CSI season 8 because their boss turns out to be a criminal himself:roll::roll: They're just trying to shake us up...
  • Very great show! As they meet the "X-Files!"

    A very great show as the team investigates members of
    People who are suspects in a murder where they Think that UFO's are real. Meanwhile on the personal front
    We learn that Warrick and Tina have been divorced as we
    All know that wouldn't have lasted that long. We also learn that Sara gets the letter that Grissom wrote. Really a lot to see in an hour.
  • Don't tell me it's Grissom.

    I did enjoy this episode, even though it wasn't one of my favourites. I found the plot a little off at the beginning until it all started to come together. I'm glad they showed a little more personal interest in the characters stories. Like seeing a bit of Grissom and Sara together, etc. Not that I want that to take over, but it's nice to see them human once in a while. My biggest concern was the fact that Grissom was making a miniture at the end of the show, does this mean he is the killer? It would explain why it is so hard to catch him, but if they do make him the killer, they will definitley lose a good fan of the show.
  • puppy??

    So I loved the little part of Sara and Grissom in bed together, just hanging out. And who knew that Gil had a dog?? I wonder who watches him during the long hours and the time that he was on sabbatical. Anyways…I know that they are trying to set up something by showing us a scene of Gil working on a miniature house. But he never would have been doing that in front of Sara unless it was something for work. I am sure he is going to report back on just how long it took him to make it or something. And next week, Lady Heather’s back – fun…
  • Uh-oh...somebody's been reading David Icke. Lizards in control? Not when Grissom & Co. are on the case!

    They've done it again! Another cool episode. Some great banter. I love witty banter.
    Lizards in control have been around for some time in conspiracy theories, but to see the results from the believer's viewpoint was great. Loved Brass' drinking a glass of water scene. Poor Greg...on top of everything else. Warrick and Nick's comments on dating someone you work with. Hmmm... Lovely GSR moment, nice and casual, too. Sweatshirt and jeans work for me.
    No, Gris is not the MCSK. Testing is all. Creepy, silly, a joy to watch. Only a couple eps left. Eek! Can't wait for Lady Heather's return! Careful, Gil...what is Sara going to think.
  • Wow, all nine Supreme Court Justices, Dick Cheney, AND George W. are all serpents from outer space. Explains a few things, doesn't it?

    This wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it wasn't one of my least faves either.

    Yay moments: Watching Godzilla (Gris has a dog. And a well trained one at that. How fitting), Sara finding the letter, Gris making the miniature, Nick and the hogs, 'Rick and Nick's discussion of inter-office relationships and banter.

    Not so yay moments: The "Marco Polo" feeling-- that isn't even something that Grissom would say to fit the situation, it's too awkward in that moment. The over-abundance of characters shifting into reptiles (a couple of times is okay, but it was too much. Thanks for beating me over the head with it, I now have a gynormous headache. Subtlety people!).

    What I don't understand-- what Gris is wearing a sweatshirt for an athletic department. He just doesn't seem the sort to wear something like that. A nerdy entomology or forensics t-shirt, yes. I could definitely see him in an "I see dead people...LV Coroner's Office" shirt...

    Ah Sonnet 47...
    So, either by thy picture or my love, Thyself away art resent still with me; For thou not farther than my thoughts canst move, And I am still with them and they with thee...
  • Strong episode with some really great moments, but some parts left me cold.

    I’m not quite sure what to say about this episode. There were moments of brilliance, excellent one liners and great guest stars, but something just seemed to be missing. What I loved:

    *Sara: I don't think there's intelligent life on this planet --I just visited the barn.

    *Brass: I’m just a phone booth away from changing into my tights and saving the world.

    *Nick and the pigs

    *Greg getting bitten: “that b!tch bit me!”

    *The scene between Greg and Catherine where Greg sounds like he’s about to lose it.

    *Nick and Warrick. I love watching the two of them together and we don’t get to see that nearly enough. *Enrico Colantoni. When we saw him naked all I could think was “Keith Mars put a shirt on!” Good acting by Enrico.

    *Loved the GSR scene. I’m not a big shipper person, but it was nice seeing what Grissom and Sara are like outside the office. So cute.

    About Grissom and the model: I have no doubt in my mind that Grissom is not the MCSK. For one thing, the MCSK is supposedly one of Ernie Dell's foster kids and it's impossible that Grissom could have been one. He's just trying to get into the mind of the killer, to see how long the killer spent making and customizing his/her mini crime scenes, the effort s/he put into it. Plus, he seemed to be building the model at home with Sara in the next room. I'm thinking Sara would have noticed all of the modeling stuff lying around and asked what was up (unless- gasp- she's in on it too!). The alien thing just didn’t do it for me. It was interesting in parts but it didn’t suck me in the way last weeks episode did. The only part that really sucks is that there are only two more episodes left in the season.

    And the promo for next week? Jaw dropping!
  • A freaky case that I loved...

    Although I enjoyed the comedy of the last couple of episodes, I'm glad that this one landed on more serious ground. The title suggests otherwise, but the case was more disturbing than amusing, in every sense. And what made it great was that it was done in a believable way. I mean, not believable to us, but... Just as realistic as it could have been.

    And also: GSR! Lovely scene, gorgeous scene, glad she read the letter, finally. And something about her line 'I always feel sorry for the monster' resonated with me. I don't know why, but I have a feeling that's going to have some foreshadowing qualities.

    I'm very much hoping Grissom's just picked up a new hobby. A legal one.
  • I was wondering about this one. . .

    I was kinda concerned about this one at first, alien lizards from outerspace? I was actually pretty impressed with the writing. A little out there but so are some of the UFO groups that they talk about. We knew, based on evidence that there was going to be a logical explaination. But I want an explaination as to why Gris is working on a miniture, and don't try and tell me his the killer. I would more believe that he's taking a more direct approach to the killer's thought process by getting in his head. Sara finding the letter was a nice touch.
  • OMG, the US gov't is full of lizard people!

    Intelligent life on another planet? Really, who said that there's intelligent life here? :) It freaks me out there are people who actually believe in stuff like that. Did I miss something, since when are Grissom and Sara sleeping together? Totally surprised me, but I've seen all episodes before, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. So is Grissom the miniature killer? I guess not, must be just a new hobby, but the idea is kinda cool, imagine him getting tired and becoming the perfect killer. That's unlikely, but it's still not okay, it's obsession.
  • Grissom's picked up a new hobby and aliens control the politicians. Well, now I understand things a bit more.LOL

    Very interesting case. I felt that it was believable, and not as funny as the last two episodes. This is a good thing, because though I love the occasional funny ep, I love a good case with intricate twists and turns as well. From the title, I'd worried about a third funny episode in a row, but though it had its funny moments, it wasn't all about the funny. Haven't seen Ally Sheedy in a while, and I liked her performance here. Anyone else get the feeling that these people may have been on some kind of drug. That one woman did mention that Preston had given her medicine. Could be that he was drugging them to control them. Any who, poor Greg, and was Cath flirting with him. Yeah, I think Warrick needs to hurry up and get a divorce. Speaking of which, doesn't seem like the marriage is going too well. Can't say I'm surprised. I have to say I disagree with Nick’s sentiment that you shouldn't date someone you work with. You just need to leave work stuff at work, except for truly important stuff, and then you give it a time limit at home. And that leads me to... Grissom and Sara. Love their scene together. Glad she finally got the letter, and my my, Grissom was looking HOT in his jeans. On his building of the model, it doesn’t worry me. Grissom has lots of interests, and I don't think he'd allow where something come from to determine the hobbies he has. Plus, it might help him get into the killers minds. Can’t wait for next week.
  • I think I have an explanation as to why Gris was building a miniature!

    Okay, two explanations: He's the miniature killer OR he's trying to get into the real killer's head. Man that was a serious twist to the end. I loved this episode. All those crazy people with their reptilian people and aliens. I personally don't believe in aliens because I'm the type of person who needs to see it and touch it to believe it.

    Anyway, did I mention how much I loved this episode?! I jumped when Greg gotten bitten by that crazy person. Then when Catherine made that comment about him getting a bite to eat, Greg kind of creeped me out his 10 second long (not that I was counting or anything) laugh. I thought he ingested a drug or something from when she bit him. Giggle, what a Swallows moment.

    The GSR moment at the end was pretty cool too. I had no idea Gil owned a dog. That's cool.
  • Oh My Gosh. is all I can say The end scene with Grissom bulding the miniature was creepy. I still have goose flesh. Who Knew? I joked around and said maybe it's Grissom but, I didn't really think. Just when you think you can't get surprised with CSI. Wow.

    Is he really the miniature killer? What a way to end the season with a bang. CSI lives and meets it's expectations. If he is what are they going to do next year? Is William Peterson not signing on anymore or is he going to be on the other side. That's scarey I wouldn't want a Physco Grissom as my enemy. I didn't quite get the Shakeasphere part in his letter in the end. Sara seemed quite alarmed. I wonder if it's a confession. Can anyone help me understand?

    Can't wait until the next episode. I wonder if he is planning Sara's death or dissappearance. Just goes to show you never really know anyone!
  • Another Alien themed episode? Am I watching CSI, or did I tune into the X-Files?

    Another great installment from CSI. Written beautifully, and the Reptillian Conspiracy shenanigans were written well enough to be convincible, and not seem like CBS was just trying for ratings. I really liked the detail in this episode, and all of the new developments seemed to make it move by quickly. The whole thing was a bit confusing, but I'm sure if I watch it again (which, I'm sure I will), everything will make sense.

    Loved the GSR. And the random cameo from Bruno, William Petersen's dog. I thought it was cute how they both appeared to be watching a movie together at Grissom's townhouse (or at least, that's where it looked like they were). A very lovely scene, and Sara reading the letter was absolute brilliance. I loved the faces she made as she read. The smiles were adorable.

    Another great episode to fit snugly into another great season. Bravo, CSI.