CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 3

Let the Seller Beware

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on CBS
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Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a wealthy couple who are found outside of their home, which was up for sale. Meanwhile, Sara probes the death of a cheerleader who is found eviscerated on a soccer field, her organs having been ingested by her killer.

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  • Sara starts with the attitude

    I think it was around this season when Sara began having the attitude. She started questioning Grissom's orders, cases started to take a toll on her and it seemed like she got in trouble with the rest of the team. I have no idea why she was so upset that Grissom called her in to work solo on a case. Was it because it was her day off? Okay, but she should understand that they were understaffed.

    The cheerleader case is so disgusting it's unbelievable. But only those who have been under the influence of a powerful drug can tell. And I guess the case being gross was another reason fo Sara to hate Grissom.

    Grissom experimenting on Greg was funny.moreless
  • CSI Episode Review

    In this episode of CSI titled Let The Seller Beware Sara gets a case of a cheerleader found dead on a local high school soccer field meanwhile the rest of the team is investigating the murder of a wealthy couple in their house which is up for sell over all this is a good it was not boring the case about the wealty couple is one of my favorite cases of the season not if the series I thought it was funny when Nick said so if I come in on my day off can I get a solo which I thought was the most funny line of the series over all good cases good episode my rating is 9.9 out of 10 Endmoreless
  • "It's just, um ... you tell me to get a life and then I get one, and then you expect me to be there at a moment's notice. It's ... um ... confusing."moreless

    Another fantastic episode, and it even had some great GSR.

    Grissom & his team investigate the death of a couple in their home. At first it looks like the husband may have been the murderer, but that changes when they find his body in the pool.

    Meanwhile Sara gets to go Solo this time & has to investigate the death of a highscool cheerleader who seems to have been attacked by a wild animal. But things arent what they always seem.

    Nick was pretty envious of Sara because she got to work Solo & he hasn't had the chance to yet, while Sara wasn't too happy about it. And as always when Nick & Warric work together there's definately gonna be several funny moments.

    I just loved Greg in this episode, the best part had to be when Grissom experimented with the mildew on Gregs feet. Poor Greggo. I couldn't stop laughing at him when he walked into Grissoms office saying "Quarantine, here I come" and then when he said "You infected me with mildew!" that look on his face I was ROTFLMAO.moreless
  • A for sale sign outside a home two people go inside to look and the home and find some thing that dose not belong in there. In a school yard a girl is found dead and they think of a anima.moreless

    A real estate broker gives the combination to only people he trusts when looking at upscale home. Peter Berglund and Janine Wood were going through the hole house when they went outside to the pool were Janine looked up and sow blood was dripping from above her. The woman has a gun shot too the right side of the head. Brass ID the woman by a photo as Monica Newman with husband and prime suspect Cal, who is no were to be found and is older then her .Grissom, Nick and Warrick look at the pool and see it is cloudy water so grissom tells the guys that one of them is going in so they play Rock Paper Sissers and well nick lost so he has too go in (I liked that part) and he finds Mr. Newman’s body.

    Sara was called in on her day or night off to investigate a DB at a high school soccer field the cause of death was e. coli bacteria because someone bit her and they have it too.

Chris Payne Gilbert

Chris Payne Gilbert

Peter Berglund

Guest Star

Taylor Handley

Taylor Handley

Max Newman

Guest Star

Peter Asle Holden

Peter Asle Holden

Augie Heitz

Guest Star

Jeffrey D. Sams

Jeffrey D. Sams

Det. Cyrus Lockwood

Recurring Role

Archie Kao

Archie Kao

Archie Johnson

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Sara first approaches the body of the cheerleader you can clearly see the cheerleader breathing.

    • Peter Berglund: EX Navy SEAL.
      Brass: ... you rang the bell.

      Goof: You ring the bell to signal a Drop On Request, during Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training, so you're not yet a SEAL.

      Response: In fact though, Brass does say to him after the 'you rang the bell' speech - 'you had the physical tools for the training but not the character', which suggests that Berglund may never have been a full SEAL.

    • Greg's mothers' maiden name is also his middle name.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Sara (going through stomach contents): What's this look like, Greg?
      Greg: Uh, Caesar salad. Oh, and Pele used an interesting dressing. PCP.
      Sara: Angel dust. Hallucinogen.
      Greg: Well, it acts like one. But PCP's such a powerful drug it's in a class all its own: Disassociative anesthetic.
      Sara: Brain disassociates from the body.
      Greg: Yeah, after it takes you through the paces.

    • Catherine: Max, we found two sperm donors on the sample from your stepmother. Your father's and yours.
      Jeri Newman: Now I know why you were spending all that time at your father's.

    • Sara: Soccer bunnies? What are soccer bunnies?
      Det. Lockwood: Well, each cheerleader is assigned a soccer player. She's his bunny. Gives him gifts the night before the big game places his wake-up call.
      Sara: Sounds sexual.
      Det. Lockwood: Yeah, that's what I asked the principal but he said no. He said that, uh it's all good, clean fun. Gifts are inspirational videos like, uh, Rocky and wake-up calls are pep talks, nothing more.
      Sara: Yeah, well, I'm not sure the principal's up to speed on teenagers' sexual habits.

    • Brass (looking at a picture of the couple): Cal and Monica Newman. Owners of the house. My guess, second marriage.
      Catherine: 'Cause she's a babe and he's ...
      Brass: He's, uhm ... got a good sense of humor.

    • Augie Heitz: What are you talking about? I have done nothing wrong.
      Catherine: Oh, you're innocent in all this?
      Augie Heitz: I admit to having lust in my heart.
      Brass: Lust doesn't live in your heart.
      Catherine: I'm going to need that DNA sample.
      Augie Heitz: Well, my DNA is your DNA.
      Catherine: Great.

    • Sara: Died of exsanguination.
      David: Bled out. Trauma to her internal organs. Spleen, liver, heart they all sustained multiple mastications.
      Sara: Dog maybe? Teeth marks are too small for a mountain cat.
      David: They're human.
      Sara (looks disgusted): You're kidding.

    • Grissom: Gunshot, right temple. Women don't shoot themselves in the head, do they, Catherine?
      Catherine: Well, gunshots do a number of your face, so typically, women prefer pills.
      Brass: So what are we calling this, murder, suicide, what?
      Grissom: Is the husband around?
      Brass: No.
      Catherine: Well, you do the math: Dead female spouse plus missing husband ... equals murder.

    • Nicole (crying): I felt like it was a really bad dream.
      Sara: Nicole, I was at Mandy's autopsy. It was not a dream.

    • Grissom: Greg!
      Greg: Yeah.
      Grissom: Take off your shoes and socks.
      Greg: See, now we're getting into this whole strip forensics thing and I'm not too sure I can hang with that - even if you are my boss.
      Grissom: Your mother's maiden name was Hojem? Hojem is Norwegian, right?
      Greg: That's right and you know my grandfather was tossed from Norway for getting my grandmother pregnant before they got married. To this day he still tells me "Som man reder sa ligger man". (long pause) One must lie in the bed one has made.

    • Sara (to Grissom): It's just, um ... you tell me to get a life and then I get one, and then you expect me to be there at a moment's notice. It's ... um ... confusing.

    • Greg: What did you do to me?
      Grissom: You had a reaction.
      Greg: I'm Hazmat meat. Quarantine, here I come. (Greg pulls off the socks and puts both his feet up on Grissom's desk. Grissom examines Greg's right foot)
      Grissom: Your right foot, I swabbed with a placebo, regular tap water.
      Greg: Yeah, well, I'm not worried about the right foot.
      Grissom: Left foot...eumycotic dermatitis.
      Greg: Oh, great. It's probably fatal.
      Grissom: It's a mildew-induced skin rash.
      Greg: You infected me with mildew?
      Grissom: Here. Hydrocortisone. Follow the directions, clear it right up.

    • Greg: Normally I don't like to speak ill of the dead but, uh, Mr. Newman's sperm had company. Bad company.
      Greg: Look at D-7. Three alleles.
      Grissom: Genetics only gives you one from each parent.
      Greg: Which can only mean one thing -- menage d'allele.

    • Brass: What is that, some kind of filter?
      Grissom: It's an anti-vortex filter.
      Brass: Hey, I'm from Jersey, we swim at the shore.

    • Nick: I mean, I don't get it. She's not even slated to work. She comes in on her day off and she gets to work solo.
      Warrick: You still harping on the solo thing? You know every time you work with me you learn something.
      Nick (laughs): Is that right?
      Warrick: Yes.

    • Grissom: Red dye number three.
      Nick: Hummingbirds do love the color red.
      Warrick: You've been watching way too much Discovery Channel. (to Grissom about Nick) This guy needs a girl.

    • Warrick (to Nick): Hey don't get your panties in a bunch.

    • (watching an attractive girl undress in a video)
      Nick: Blam!
      Archie: You can say that again.
      Nick: Blam!
      Catherine: Down, boys.

    • Sara: Cyrus, next time someone says experimenting with drugs is harmless, remind me of this.

    • Dr. Robbins: I'll know more later.
      Grissom: You always tell me that.
      Dr. Robbins: Yes, I do.

    • Nick: You can not be serious!
      Warrick: Hey! John McEnroe. Where's the game?

    • Det. Lockwood: Did you eat dinner yet?
      Sara: Yeah, why?
      Det. Lockwood: You may be seeing it again.

    • Catherine: The thing about murder for hire, there's always a paper trail.

    • (Sara goes back to picking through the stomach contents. She picks up something large, flimsy and pinkish-red. She doesn't look happy with the find. Greg leans in to look at it and is horrified by what he sees) Sara: Tell me this is raw chicken skin. Greg: Well, it's raw. And it's definitlyskin.

    • Grissom: I paged you two hours ago.
      Sara: Right. Uh, it's my day off. I was up in Pahrump at some vineyard. You told me to get a life, remember?
      Grissom: Did I? (pauses) I'm sorry, but I needed you. Dispatch called in a 419 at Tuscadero High School. You're on your own.
      Sara: On my own?
      Grissom: Solo. (he goes back to collecting evidence, Sara glares at him not pleased)
      Sara: See you around.
      Nick: Solo? (Sara shrugs and walks away) So does this mean when I come in on my day off I get to work solo?
      Grissom: Process.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Title: Let the Seller Beware

      The title of this episode is a play on words of the Latin phrase caveat emptor, which means 'let the buyer beware'. This is used in many property transactions to ensure that the buyer knows it is her or his responsibility to check the property carefully before actually buying it, or the consequences will be on their head.

    • Warrick: Looks like the husband pulled a Clark Kent.

      Clark Kent is the alter-ego of Superman, who wore his costume underneath his regular clothes. Which were often left behind when Superman had to rush off to help people.

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