CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 14

Meet Market

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on CBS

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  • The team investigates a torched body without any organs inside and a murder of a woman who got bludgeoned to death with a bottle of wine.

    This episode has many twists that can keep the audience in their seats until it ends. Nick, Keppler, and Greg are assigned to the unknown torched body case that finally leads them to a greedy mortician and an irresponsible organ donation company owner. The corrupt mortician manipulated the CODs of the diseased bodies that came into his mortuary and replaced bones and organs, which should not have been used any more, with some kind of pipe, called PVC, and an umbrella in cahoots with the owner to make a few extra money. (How could he possibly think of putting an umbrella in a human's body?) Their dirty business cost seven innocent lives, who had received those diseased body parts from the company. Sara and Warrick work on a murder of a woman who was found dead in her own house. They traced her tracks back to a cabaret where men were getting paid to entertain women and found out she was one of the cabaret's regular customers who had an intimate relationship with a young host. This is the case that shocked me with these stunning twists. It turned out the woman was the young host's mother and that he killed her. It was so sad when he said in tears, "You call me a killer... a murderer, whatever, but don't tell me I have a mother." He had gone through a tough time without any family when he was a kid, and probably that experience could've made him flip out and kill her when he heard the whole story (even though he said he thought it was one of the tactics that his clients commonly use to be with him).