CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 13

Nesting Dolls

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2005 on CBS

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  • Doesn't anyone else realize this?

    In the season finale of season where it is revealed that Sara and Grissom are having a relationship together, the directors and everyone said that the secret relationship wasn't new to Grissom and Sara. After the titles of the finale of season 7 and premiere of season 8, that explantion makes sense, this one was called Nesting DOLLs, where there is private interaction between sara and grissom, hence he was holding her hand at the end, and she confessed her feelings for him. Then at the end of season 7 Living DOLL where the relationship was revealed and Dead DOLL, where the relationship was no longer a secret from everyone in the lab. I personally think that all three episodes with the last word Doll in them, is the beginning and end of the SECRET part of their relationship. After Dead Doll, they were still together but it was no longer a secret.
  • Total Classic

    The scene where Sara tells Ecklie that he only runs the lab because Grissom doesn't kiss butt was so perfect. Again, the more I think about it, the more I realize that my favorite scenes inevitably include Jorja Fox. She's just great. And the whole scene where we find out about her family life. I remember the night I first saw it. I was stunned that CSI would get so personal but I was happily stunned. The dynamic between Fox and Petersen just blows me away. Fox especially managed to convey about 50 different emotions in one scene. Frustration with Grissom's lack of ability to act on his feelings, blatant honesty, resignation, childlike need for comfort and re-assurance and of course, flat out, heart-wrenching grief. "Do you think there's a murder gene?" Love that line? She's just raw there and vulnerable in a way we rarely see from Sara. I adore her as an actress and then the scene at the end re-inforces why I think Marg Helgenberger is fantastic. The look on her face when she says to Grissom "what action are you taking?" and Petersen's retort "I've already taken it" is why I watch this show. Fine acting and a true investment in the characters though we get to see so little of their personal feelings. That's why this is a classic ep. I also consider this the turning point for Sara. I felt as if she knew Grissom put himself on the line for her and either that was enough to prove once and for all his feelings for her or b) she simply cares about him and respects him too much to let him down, but her character gets more centered and stronger after this. I just love the whole GSR. It's well written. I always felt as if Sara was like a flower needing some sun and always leaning toward Grissom for that sun and in this ep she got the reinforcement she was needing. I also liked Greg and Cat's scene where Greg is saying how Sara always helps everyone out. I also adore Greg. He's one of my favorite parts of CSI. Loved this ep. Oh and another great line. Sara telling Ecklie "No I'm not..." when Ecklie tells her she's going to apologize to Catherine. If words could kill Ecklie would have keeled over.
  • A catfight should be reason enough to watch it....

    Okey Dokey.

    This episode was well above average. The case was interestingly and unusually disturbing- with TWO bodies being discovered covered in tar at a building site. One is two years old, the other is five. Can the CSI's really suss it out with a crime scene this old??? Well if you don't know the answer, I suggest you watch a few more episodes!

    But the thing that made this episode for me, was the reveal of Sara Sidle's traumatic past. She's always been a personal favourite of mine, even with her flaws. I feel like she's a jigsaw- and a huge piece was found in this episode. The fact Grissom was there when it happened made it even better!! Jorja Fox really deserved an Emmy for this episode- the usually sharp and sassy Sidle was cleverly reduced to almost a fragile woman, with huge emotional scarring. My other favourite, Ms Willows, and Sara had a real miaw session this time round, both characters with their claws out. This cements the fact this is not a simple forensic show, but a fully fledged drama!!

    Oh and I hate Conrad Ecklie.
  • Another one of my favourites.

    This episode has all the bits that I love - excellent writing, excellent acting and most of all it has lots of Sara Sidle.

    As usual, even though the episode is very serious it has some very funny moments, for example, when Grissom pulls part of the skull away with the tar and the dialogue that follows, very well done.

    A nice piece of character development. Some people don't like all that stuff on the show but I must admit that I really like it. The emphasis is always on the crimes but sometimes in the middle of it all they manage to give us a glimpse of who these people are and what makes them tick.

    Another bonus in the episode is the "discussion" between Sara and Catherine. It was well acted and watching these two strong women having it out was very well errr hot!!!!
  • This was a good episode.

    In this episode, we got to see Sara having a quarrel with Catherine. Eckley then suspend Sara. Grissom then when to Sara asking her what’s troubling her. So in the end we found out why Sara has been acting strangely when something has happen to kids. It’s because of her childhood, where her mom killed her father, and she when into foster. As she was telling this to Grissom, we got to see Sara’s emotion, which we hardly see in CSI. It was cool!!! We also got to find out why Sara was acting the way she in this season.

    Love the GSR scene.

    Go Grissom for sticking up for Sara, and man is this Eckley is annoying!!!
  • Nesting Dolls VS Upstairs Downstairs

    Didn't I just watch this one? I swear I just saw this, only it was not in Vegas, it was in New York, and the characters name was Diane, not Sara. I really think I did.

    Come on, episode 12 of season 4, the season finale. Please don't tell me you missed that one. Well, let me recap it for those of you who either have not seen it, or do not remember it.

    Nesting Dolls: Grissom shows up at Sara's door, after she wigs out on Catherine and gets suspended. Sara admits to Grison, the way older man she loves, that her mother killed her father, and that her home life was abusive. Upstairs, Downstairs: Diane shows up at Bobby's, the man she loves, door all ready crying. She admits to Bobby while he holds her in his arms, that she came from an abusive family. (BIO states Mom killed dad, gun not knife)

    Now, I would agree that in some cases things can be alike, but what did they do on this one, change the title and characters names?

    Yes the episode was well written, and well acted, but it had all ready been done.
  • It's all about Sara!

    I'm not giving this episode a perfect 10, because the actual plot is a little predictable, even though it's good and it raises some very interesting points.

    The main reason for this episode, though, is to finally reveal a vulnerable side to Sidle. She's always been the feisty, unpredictable one and not one of my own favourites. But here her inability to respond rationally to a possible wife beating case leads her into trouble. She is definitely in the wrong - how many times do we hear 'it's all about the evidence'? She doesn't have any evidence, only gut feeling and what turns out to be a past that explains why she exploded the way she did.

    Someone mentioned that if Ecklie is right, something's wrong. I agree, but actually his for once being in the right shows how serious Sara's behaviour is, and she does get to have a good couple of one liners back at him, which is no bad thing.

    The story in the main concerns mail-order brides and the rights and wrongs of setting this kind of stuff up. The final culprit is kind of obvious, but the episode does get to reveal just how much the dream of finding the 'perfect' American man and the reality of living with him are poles apart.

    But it's really about Sidle and Grissom. Yes he's her boss and yes he obviously has feelings for her (that are not daddy feelings!), but he's right. She is a great criminalist, and even if she is a loose cannon, sometimes that can be good. I think it would have been nice to see Sara and Catherine in a little patch-up scene. I can't really believe Catherine would want Sara fired - she's been enough of a maverick in her time herself.

    A good episode, more for the character interplay than the plot, though the plot is kind of interesting.
  • Sara and Cath fight and Sara confesses her feelings to Grissom. Great episode!!

    I really love this episode. It\'s about time that we learn more about what makes Sara tick. Why can\'t Grissom realize that there is something between them. I mean - her big confessional was to him and was very revealing about her and how she feels about their relationship. He needs to wake up and smell the formalin. Also – I really like Cath but Sara was right in her comments about how her sexuality sometimes getting in the way of her cases and her judgment. Too bad the fight was broken up early – I was waiting for the claws to come out and have a fill blown cat fight.
  • Such an intense episode that looks into Sara's past.

    This episode has always been one of my favorites just because of all of the GSR tension that is displayed. You finally get to learn about Sara's past and why she is the way she is. Grissom also seems to struggle when he see's her having so much trouble you can tell haw much he cares about her. When i think of a good GSR episode i think of this one. At the end of the episode he says he can't fire Sara because he needs her...and for more than just a CSI. They seem to have a connection thatdraws them together and they really are meant to be together. We all know that Hank and Lady Heather was just them trying to get over each other...but it didn't work. They still want each other.
  • Really great story line, loved the GSR, and Ecklie must die (who's with me?)

    I thought the case was very interesting. That guy who just buried them because they were dead and "couldn't do anything about it" was weird, though. Oh, and Sara rocks in this pisode. I LOVED how she jsut said what was on her mind, because both Cath and ecklie deserved it. I thought the little scenen with Sara adn Grissom was sweet, and with him trying to comfort her and everything. Really great ep!
  • If while watching a CSI episode you want to agree with Ecklie, then this means that there's something wrong with it. And there is. AKA Sara wants a new daddy, enter Grissom.

    I've never been a big fan of Sara but after this episode? I'm starting to SERIOULSY dislike her.

    She went from being insubordinatieve straight to insultive and snarly. Attacking Catherine was, in my opinion, a straw that broke the camel's back. Later, in Ecklie's office, it was just a pure symphony of rudness. I, like I believe everyone, hate Mr. Kiss-ass but he was right. VERY right. Even the fact that it was him didn't change that fact that it was Sara that had a problem, not him.

    Let's face it, in normal circumstances, she would be already packing her stuff but her daddy... erm... I mean Grissom as usually, came to her rescue. You might think 'but it's wonderful to have a friend like that!' and I agree but he is, above all, her BOSS. B.O.S.S. Not daddy, not best friend, BOSS. What is he waiting for? Until she hits someone because that's straight where she's heading. She verbally attacked the suspect, insulted Catherine, insulted Ecklie and goes away with this with a slap on her wrists?! Oh, please!

    So, she has a problem, mummy killed daddy. Boohoohoo. Finally, a good explanation why she so desperatly hunts for Grissom, she wants a new daddy, a better one, a one that wouldn't hit her. She doesn't need him but a therapy!

    Ah, the scene in the living room... probably one of the most sappiest (in a BAD way!!) and annoying scenes from the whole series. It made me really wanna go there, slap her and scream 'Get over yourself!'. Really, they should have and could have handle it diffenrently, with the usual CSI grace, not with... this (what was it anyway?)

    And the criminal plot? Appaling. It was just an excuse to have Sara acting the way she did. From the first moments it was obvious who did it and, while it works for Monk, it just doesn't work here. Sorry.

    Btw, where's Greg?
  • Catherine Nick and Warrick find two bodies while Sara gets suspended by Ecklie for losing her cool with Catherine. But Grissom Wants to know the truth behind the argument, having Sara open up to him about her childhood past.

    I love Sara on the show and when I saw this episode I was totally stunned to see her act this way. But I was happy when I saw her get on Catherine\'s case I never really liked her in the first place. I feel your pain on this Sara
  • Two mail order brides found, and sara is suspended. sara soon reveals something to grissom.

    Two bodies buried on top of each other. Both girls are mail order brides, both girls are missing there fingers and Both girls have bruises.
    Cathrine, Nick, and Warrick start to investagte the top one and find she has a husband who is now married to anther mail order bride.
    He says he never abused his first wife. She made it up. He doesn't know why but she did. He said she wasn't happy anymore just like American girls. That is why he wants mail order brides, because they listen to you and they are good mothers and wifes.
    They let him go for now and did more investagting on the hair salon were he got both his wifes from they found that his first wife worked there.
    After some digging they get enough evidence for a seach of the house and the hair salon.
    At the house the search finds that he controlls them. They find every cabnet locked and even the Frig. There is no phone connected in the house. He controlls how much his wifes eat so they can't get fat. They are a piece of property to him. it isn't about love or family. nothing but controll.
    Cathrine noticed his new wife has the same neckless on that his first wife did in a picture.They take it for evidences.
    They search the hair salon and find blood, red hair die on the chair that was covered. They find a match to what cut off the two victims fingers.
    they also find out that she had a boyfriend she also met at the hair salon. Her boyfriend told them he was one the who broke her jaw because she asked him too. she wanted her husband to go to jail and divorce her.
    The investagters found that at the scence of the crime on the chair was the inpression of the vitcims face in red hair die. they find the note the boyfriend had saying good bye was written by a guy who worked at the hiar salon.
    Her husband was mad he went to jail he ended up killing his first wife because of it.they know he did because of the neckless. they know the guy at the hair salon helped becasue of the note and he had bought tar that same week she dissapeared.
    He said he did it for money. he did not kill her he only helped cover it up. they asked him about the other girl. yes he buried her to but he did not kill her. she was on her way over here in a suitcase and died on the way. that is how she got the bruses and that is why he buried her.

    Case sloved.

    Eckie suspends sara but grissom won't fire her becasuue she opened up to him and told him about her past. Her mother and father fought all the time.She thought it was normal untill one night her mother stabed her father to death. Wtih her father died and her mother in prison she went to foster care. Now sara is scared of turning out like her mother.

    I watched three CSI's to night and not one of them was alike they all have different stories to be told. this one was a way of life that people think to be right. this controll freak only wanted someone to love him and he didn't want to get hurt. Sometimes I wish I could buy a husband who would be just what I want him to be. also don't you ever wonder if you were realated to murderer if you could get that gentic defect from them.
  • I laughed, I was nearly brought to tears, and I wanted to kill Ecklie on more than one occasion.

    Wow. This episode took my breath away the first time I saw it and still does when I watch it again. I won’t get to the part about where I ramble on about the GSR till later now I’ll just stick to the case. It was an interesting case and saw only swing shift working it. I liked how we saw the other characters from time to time pop up to work with them on the case (however that only happened at the beginning of the episode, not that I mind it’s just there was space for more Greggo). Great how it worked out in the end but I always wonder just how they can zoom in on their pictures and not have them go all fuzzy and pixilated.

    The GSR was great. I nearly broke down and cried when we learnt all about Sara and her past and when Grissom held her hand to comfort her; I got all choked up and got some strange looks from people as they couldn’t see why it was sad. I nearly felt like screaming it in their face but thought better of it. Sara yelling at Ecklie at the beginning was great and the same goes for when Grissom was talking to Ecklie at the end. I loved how Grissom’s exact words were, “I need her,” and Ecklie when he finished complaining about Sara said, “She’s all yours.” Such a great episode and it definitely makes the list as one of the best CSI episodes ever.
  • Two bodies burried in tar are found & they both turn out to be mail order brides. An interesting case, the writers never cease to amaze me.

    Another amazing episode which also made it to my top 10 list.

    Two bodies burried in tar are found & they both turn out to be mail order brides. An interesting case, the writers never cease to amaze me.

    Why I loved this particular episode so much? Well here we finally find out whats been bugging Sara all this time, & why she gets so emotional when she's on a case that involves domestic abuse. Her sitting alone in the office at hte hospital & looking at hundreds of photos of abused & beat up women while she was trying to identify the victim is probably what made her snap at the husband, Catherine & finally Ecklie (good on ya Sara) who had it comming.

    When Grissom went to her apartment after she was suspended and she told him about her childhood, I loved the way she jestured towards him when she mentioned the bit about her falling for men who are emotionally unavailable.

    I also loved the way Grissom stood up for Sara when Ecklie & Catherine wanted her fired and he just stood his ground & refused saying that he needed her.

    Nice GSR'y episode.

  • Two bodies are discovered and the search for their identity begins. Sara disrespects Catherine, then tells off Ecklie when he calls her on it. Sara gets suspended for a week and Grissom goes over to see what's wrong.

    Wow! This is one of my favourites! It's good to see Sara talking about herself for once. I watch the new episodes (season six) and all the re-runs I can, so I don't know everything that happens in this series, so sorry if some stuff I say doesn't exactly make sense. I liked the way Greg wanted to get Sara back in the lab so quickly because I thought that was cute. I loved when Grissom went over to Sara's place and wanted to know what was going on, and loved even more that she told him. Especially when she admitted that part of the problem was that she chased men who were emotionally unavaliable to her, making it obvious to Grissom she meant him, and then telling about her childhood. I couldn't believe the way she told off Ecklie, and of course, I loved that lol. But I thought it was mean when she said that Catherine would know all about that when they were talking about abusive marriges and relationships. Overal, this episode was a great one. It revealed lots about Sara's past which I really like, Ecklie got told off twice, it was a good case story with the bodies in the tar and such and it had it's sad, happy and funny moments.
  • We finally have Sara talking about herself.

    About the whole bigotry thing. It could just be an interogation technique, ya know, good cop bad cop. A good questioner occasionally tries to get the people they are interogating unsettled. Other characters on this show and all the other cop/forensic/etc. shows have said equally nasty things in the midst of interogation, and i bet the real-life interogators use the same tactics. Why are people dwelling on this singular occasion?? Sara Sidles has never before said anything that tallies with this alleged belief of hers.
  • This was a fine example of the great acting Jorja Fox does.

    The part where Sara was going off on the accused ex husband of the beauty shop bride, was just great too see Sara not letting up on him. The expression on Katherines face also was great. She was probably wondering if Sara was fixing to snap or what. All I know that if Eckly ever tried to get rid of her, the whole team would lose a great cso. I mean Caterine should have noticed something in Sara's mood change....
  • A big step for GSR (Grissom-Sara-Romance)

    I was crying when sara revealed what had happened when she was a child. Grissom showed how much he cared in this episode, he stook up for her and comforted her. The case was also a very interesting one and in whole this episode has to be one of my favorites! This is exactly why i watch CSI!
  • Hmm...what to say...what to say...?

    One of the more compelling eps of the season ... Grissom's tendencies to display childlike emotions make me giddy ... the case seemed very original ... I can't possibly believe that anyone has actually buried bodies in this exact manner ... then again, the writers do tend to grab from real life ... I didn't totally agree with the writers' idea to portray Nick as clueless when it comes to romancing women (hence the Cath/Nick/Warrick mail-order bride scene) ... and Sara's revelation of her past was...well, somewhat predictable, yet again ... I admire the way Grissom stood up for her in the end ... sweet ...
  • Sara Sidle is a bigot.

    The story itself was based upon an actual murder of a Russian \"Mail-order Bride\" that happened in Seattle in the 1990s. However, what shocked the heck out of me was Sara Sidle\'s remarks to the suspect: \"This was before you lost your \'taste\' for White meat? Whatsa matter? Too tough for you?\" While the character, Melton, was indeed guilty, as a Caucasian man married to an Asian American woman, I can tell you that my wife and I were both totally pissed at Sara\'s remarks, as were a number of Interracial Couples I know.

    The portrayal of Melton\'s treatment of June was so stereotypical of people\'s portrayal of interracial marriages--no understanding shown, automatically shown as a situation involving a fetish, imprisonment and abuse, and so forth. While my wife and I are fans of the show, and while we understand that sometimes these nuances (biogotry, homophobia, etc) are attributes of a fictional charactes and real people, Sara Sidle\'s remarks were unprofessional and would have gotten her fired in the real world because it would open the LVPD up for a lawsuit in the event Melton was innocent, and it could result in his release due to a legitimate argument of unfair bias in the investigation process.

    Ecklie was too lenient on Sara and Grissom should NOT have stuck his neck out for her. Point blank period!!!
  • Sara Sidle may get fired for speaking of what she thinks.

    Sara Sidle is my favorite CSI. She may be a little touchy or angry, but you have to have that in a CSI. This episode makes you think that every CSI hates her except for Grissom, and that's not true. Sara is smart and good at her job, and they make her seem like she's a bad guy, when she's really not. All right, so maybe "lost your taste for white meat" is a little ugh... but she made a mistake and shouldn't be discriminated against it. Sara is a hard-working, smart, funny CSI, and I would hate the show if she really were fired.