CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 13

Nesting Dolls

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 03, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, we discover that Sara Sidle's father was murdered by her mother.

    • Goof: When Catherine is processing the necklace with a high-definition camera you can clearly see that the view in the monitor is not consistent with the actual position of the necklace.

    • Goof: In the CBS promo of the episode different takes are used than aired in the episode itself. In the promo you hear Catherine say: "domestic abuse" but in the episode she says "domestic violence". In the promo Ecklie says: "You're on suspension" however he says "You're on one-week suspension without pay" in the episode.

    • As Sara and Catherine are walking and talking through the hallway, an extra walks by and stares directly into the camera.

    • Goof: Odessa is a port city in the country of Ukraine, not Russia as was stated during the interrogation scene.

  • Quotes

    • Nick: Yeah, I-I'm sorry, there seems to be a really fine line here between, uh... peddling marriage and peddling flesh.
      Chloe Daniels: When is marriage anything else?
      Brass: Nick is, uh... he's an old-fashioned guy.
      Chloe Daniels: Really? (laughs) Well, what do you think engagement rings are? Just proof that a man can pay for his bride. Look, caveman would go steal a woman from a neighboring clan. He'd tie her hands and her feet 'til she wouldn't run away. Once she'd stay put, he would only tie her finger, just to remind her.
      Brass: So you're a romantic.
      Chloe Daniels: Marriage is not romance. It's a contract with the state. It's an investment in your future.

    • Warrick (Nick sits looking at the pictures of mail-order brides): Find anything you like, buddy? (Nick chuckles)
      Catherine: So, you can't sell your kids, but you can buy their mother.
      Nick (reading from the screen what the mail-order bride wants): "I'm looking for kindest, noble man." Well, I got news for you, sugar pants. Buying women ain't that noble.
      Warrick: Well, life's short. Dating's complicated. This makes it much simpler, doesn't it?
      Catherine: It's not supposed to be simple. Complicated is the whole point.
      Warrick: It is?
      Catherine: Yeah.
      Nick: Hey, wait a minute, you're not telling me you're into this stuff?
      Warrick: Me? No. But for a guy who's over 40, lonely, tired of the bar scene, (Catherine just shakes her head) got a little cash, wants to buy himself a sweet honey, be his companion...
      Nick: He needs a translator 'cause you're not even speaking the same language.
      Warrick: That's the best part.
      Catherine (groans and rolls her eyes): Ugh...! (walks out and Warrick chuckles)
      Nick (clueless): Best part of what?

    • Grissom (excited): Hey. They told me you dug up two bodies covered in tar? (cuts to them being all ready to start taking the bodies out of the tar)
      Grissom: So. How are you gonna separate them?
      Catherine: I'm not sure yet. Obviously I can't saw though it without potentially destroying evidence and... If the tar were harder we could chisel it and if it were softer we could peel it off.
      Grissom: I have an idea.
      Catherine: Of course you do, but last I checked, the backlog on grave was about... mmm... a hundred cases?
      Grissom: You've been spending too much time with Ecklie. I'm off the clock. I came in early for this. (they start chiseling the tar off after cooling it to minus 200 degrees. Grissom accidentally removes part of the skull with a piece of tar) Oh, boy. I gotta get my shift started. Good luck with the case.
      Catherine: No, no, no. You're not going to just destroy this skull and split.
      Grissom: You can make a nice mold from the impression.
      Catherine: I'm short-handed as it is.
      Grissom: I think Sara just wrapped a case. If you need her, she's yours.

    • (Greg is wearing a suit and tie and attempting to flatten out his hair for court)
      Sara: Wow. Look at you, Mr. Straightedge. I did not know that your hair could do that.
      Greg: I look like a dork.
      Sara: No, no, no. You look professional which is what you are.

    • (Sara answers the door holding a beer and she sees Grissom standing there)
      Sara: Well if you're here, it can't be good.
      Grissom: Can I come in?
      Sara: Wanna ask me if I'm drunk? (smiles)
      Grissom: We both know that's not your problem. I spoke to Catherine.
      Sara (nods): Ecklie?
      Grissom: He wants me to fire you.
      Sara: I figured. (sighs) Can I get you anything?
      Grissom: Sure, an explanation.
      Sara: I... lost my temper.
      Grissom: That seems to be happening quite a bit. Do you know why? (Sara moves over to the window, Grissom leans on the kitchen counter)
      Sara: What difference does it make? I'm still fired.
      Grissom (softly): It makes a difference to me.
      Sara: I have a problem with authority. I choose men who are emotionally unavailable. (motions to Grissom) I'm self-destructive. All of the above.
      Grissom: "Have you ever gone a week without a rationalization?" (Sara rolls her head at him) It's from the Big Chill. One of the characters explaining a basic fact of life, (Sara moves closer) that rationalizations are more important to us than... sex even.
      Sara: I am not rationalizing anything. I crossed the line with Catherine, and I was insubordinate to Ecklie.
      Grissom: Why?
      Sara (shakes her head): Leave it alone.
      Grissom (insistent): No, Sara.
      Sara: What do you want from me?
      Grissom: I want to know why you're so angry. (she glares at him)
      (Goes to commercials)(Sara and Grissom sit facing each other. The light from the setting sun filters through the darkening room)
      Sara: It's funny... the things that you remember and the things that you don't, you know? There was a smell of iron in the air. Cast-off on the bedroom wall. There was this young cop puking his guts. I remember the woman who took me to foster care. I can't remember her name, which is strange, you know, 'cause I couldn't let go of her hand.
      Grissom: Well... the mind has its filters.
      Sara: I do remember the looks. I became the girl whose father was stabbed to death. Do you think there's a murder gene?
      Grissom: I don't believe that genes are a predictor of violent behavior.
      Sara: You wouldn't know that in my house. The fights, the yelling, the trips to the hospital. I thought it was the way that everybody lived. When my mother killed my father, I found out that it wasn't. (Sara starts to cry. Grissom reaches out and holds her hand)

    • Grissom: You wanted to talk to me about Sara?
      Ecklie: I haven't received her disciplinary action. What's the holdup?
      Grissom: Well, I'm not firing her.
      Catherine: What action are you taking?
      Grissom: I've taken it.
      Ecklie: I thought I was clear.
      Grissom: You were. Now let me be clear. Sara's behavior is a direct result of my management.
      Ecklie: So I should fire you.
      Grissom: But you won't.
      Ecklie: Look, Gil... I've been there. We're human. We get attached to people, we try to fix their problems. It doesn't work.
      Grissom: She's a great criminalist, Conrad. And I need her.
      Ecklie: I'm sure you do. You know what? She's a loose cannon with a gun. And she's all yours.

    • Ecklie: You are a law enforcement officer and a representative of this city. That means I expect you to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner, in and away from this lab.
      Sara: You know what, if this is gonna be one of your "for the good of the lab" speeches, don't bother. I've heard them.
      Ecklie: Just take a seat. Willows is a supervisor --that means you treat her with respect. Insulting her in front of coworkers...
      Sara: She's not my supervisor.
      Ecklie: All right-- your superior. Sara, you berate witnesses, you disrespect the people you work with, you luck your way out of a DUI. Take a look -- you got a half a dozen complaints in your jacket. And if Grissom really documented your performance, there'd probably be a dozen more-- that's not the kind of person I want in my lab.
      Sara: The only reason this is your lab is because Grissom doesn't kiss ass. You couldn't hack it in the field, so you fail your way up, you break up our team, and now you just hang out in the hallways waiting for one of us to screw up.
      Ecklie: Sidle, you're on one-week suspension without pay...
      Sara: Great.
      Ecklie: ...and when you get back, you're apologizing to Catherine.
      Sara: No, I'm not.

    • Catherine: A recycled love token, now that's tacky.
      Warrick: Yeah, that is pretty tacky.
      Catherine: But it's cause for a warrant.

    • Catherine: I don't know if she was buried alive, but she wasn't buried alone.

    • (After an interrogation with a guy who gets mail order brides)
      Catherine: You can't arrest someone for marrying the wrong person.
      Sara (sarcastic): You would know.
      Catherine: If the guy's an abuser, if he killed his first wife, we will build a case and we will nail him.
      Sara: And in the meantime he can just keep using her as a punching bag.
      Catherine: Sara, I was there -- there wasn't a mark on her.
      Sara: Not that we could see, Catherine.
      Catherine: You know... every time we get a case with a hint of domestic violence or abuse, you go off the deep end. What is your problem?
      Sara: Yeah, I probably do, and you let your sexuality cloud your judgment about men, and I'm gonna go over your head.
      Ecklie: Sidle. Get in my office. Now.

    • Catherine (to the excavators): Gentlemen! Start your shovels!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • One of the names in the hair salon appointment book is Mel Bennett. The same name as the man who was dismembered by his wife in the Season 1 episode "To Halve and to Hold."

    • Warrick: That reminds me of the time I as at the Ghost Bar...

      Ghost Bar is a bar/nightclub in the Palms Hotel/Resort/Casino just off the Vegas strip.

    • Title: Nesting Dolls

      An obvious allusion, given the discovery of two bodies, one on top of the other, and the eastern European connections in the storyline, to the famous Russian 'Matryoshka' doll, where the doll is opened up to reveal different sized matryoshki 'nesting' inside. Usually wooden, they are elaborately painted with all kinds of themes. They're also known as babushka dolls and stacking dolls, the latter being the original title of the show as pointed out by another contributor.

    • Catherine: I can't make any promises, sir, but I don't think the Paiute wore heels.

      The Paiute were a native band that settled in Nevada as well as other parts of the Western United States.

    • Catherine (to Grissom): Okay Mr. Wizard. Don Herbert is known as Mr. Wizard and had his own show Watch Mr. Wizard that premiered in 1951, then came Mr. Wizard's World that was broadcast in 1983 on Nickeloden. Mr. Wizard took Science to a fun level for kids and adults alike, he could make the impossible... possible. In the 1998 film Armageddon, also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Harry Stamper jokingly calls Roland Quincy Mr. Wizard in a mocking fashion. Since both the film and C.S.I. are Bruckheimer productions, the Mr. Wizard reference could also be a small allusion to that film.

    • Catherine (to the excavators): Gentlemen! Start your shovels:

      This is an allusion to one of the most famous commands in sports: "Gentlemen! Start your engines!" It began at the Indy 500 race after WW II under the ownership of Tony Hulman. Mary Fendrich Hulman continued the tradition ever since her husband died in 1977. She died in 1998 at age 93. Now her daughter Mari Hulman George continues the tradition, and it is recognised here by Catherine giving a similar command to the excavators.

    • Grissom: Have you ever gone a week without a rationalization?

      Jeff Goldblum uttered this line in the 1983 film The Big Chill.