CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 5 Episode 10

No Humans Involved

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2004 on CBS
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Grissom and his team investigate the starving death of a five year old boy. They discover the boy has siblings who are in danger too. Catherine and her team determine who killed a prisoner in a holding cell brawl.

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  • one murder goes to three and Warrick gets in trouble with a a cop.

    This episode was a treat when one murder at the start turns to three in seconds.One of them where a a boy is found in a bin by Greg and he probably wished he never found the boy.When they find the boy died from starvation they couldn't believe it because it would have taken weeks but when they find out that he was being looked after by a babysitter who was a hooker they find out that she couldn't look after them so she left him which was kind of sad.After the team was split up on the previous episode Catherine as supervisor has to deal with the issue between Warrick and a cop who get in to an argument and Catherine makes him apologise.Overall the team is dealing with been split up and manages to make a good episode.moreless
  • i really love this episode

    I love this episode. I think its so sad that that little boy was just thrown out with the trash and that his relative was sapouse to take care of him but instead didnt feed him or his two brothers. But he was the un lucky one that didnt make it. I love when sara is questioning the suspect and shes like it dosent look like you've missed a meal and shes like ok skinny B!tch i just get by.. i laughed on that part lol. But this was an all around great but sad episode its up in my favorites.moreless
  • This episode is not solely on case solving, it reviews some office politics and character development after the original team has been split up.

    Of course, the focus of this show is the poor 5-year-old boy being starved to death. The whole tragedy is likely due to loopholes in the system, such as the mom can have custody of her children even though she is not competent and too stupid to put them in the wrong hand.

    For Catherine, as Gil said, she has become a little bit paranoid after being the supvisor of the swing shift. This can easily be understood 'cause she'll be the one accountable for the behavior of her team members. I believe after awhile she will become herself again.

    This show somehow reviews the fact that things sometimes do not turn out what they appear. A foster home is better than a real home. The cops catch the wrong person. The cops are framed.moreless
  • Strikes you right in the heart. Very strong images.

    Definately a good episode. Showing images of a dead five year old kid (starved to death) and a jail cell full of feces, gives the show that realistic touch, something in which I look for in a show of this caliber.

    The story of the dead kid really hit a nerve and it had some touching scenes like Sara freeing the kids in the end her talking to the other foster home girl.You could tell she had a crappy childhood.

    The other story was not as gripping as the other one yet it still contained some interesting things. Here we could see that Warrick has his pants on all the time and will not be put down by anyone, not even a cop (even though he was a suspect).moreless
  • Painful because the subject matter is awful. A five year old boy found starved to death in a dumpster, which leads to more horrific discoveries.

    It's a clever opening, because the CSIs are called out to a gang-murder, which escalates at the scene, with more shooting going on. Sofia rather stupidly runs after the shooters (though she does look good running!) She recovers a gun that she knew the culprits would drop and that case is more or less solved.

    However, Greg has meanwhile discovered the near mummified body of a five year old boy that has been chucked in a dumpster and this is where the real crux of the story starts. I am going to include SPOILERS here, just as a warning.

    I found this a very difficult subject to watch. The idea that someone can be that cruel to young children is horrific and I know it's true. The child was fostered while his mother was in prison. She apparently came to collect him and his siblings who are now also missing, and this leads the team eventually to an aunt who is supposed to be looking after them. She, however, is a prostitute who has little interest in looking after a bunch of kids, but did like the social security cheque coming in every month. So she locked them in a cellar to fend for themselves. They had even taken to eating paint chips.

    The actress playing the aunt is wonderful. The character has no redeeming features at all, and doesn't even seem to realise how wrong what she's done is. There is even a scene where you see her empty out the trash onto the floor so that she can stuff the body of the boy in there. Brilliant, tragic, heartrending.

    And poor Greg too - still a newbie, but now facing down gang violence and threats, being shot at and dealing with this kind of case. Talk about ordeal by fire.

    A great episode, but not at all easy to stomach.moreless
Russell Wong

Russell Wong

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Mae Whitman

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Rusty Schwimmer

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Louise Lombard

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Aisha Tyler

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    • Catherine: Lieutenant Chen dropped by.
      Warrick: Really. I wonder what for.
      Catherine: To complain about you. Wish you told me you had a beef with him.
      Warrick: There was nothing to say. We had words, it got heated, then it was over.
      Catherine: Well ... (clears throat) ... I'm the supervisor of the swing shift. I'm responsible for the whole team. It's my job to make sure that we remain objective and professional.
      Warrick: Yeah, I really don't see what the big deal is. I mean, I remember talking to Grissom ...
      Catherine: Well, I'm not Grissom. He let a lot of things slide that I won't.
      Warrick: Okay. Is there anything else?
      Catherine: The evidence cleared the extraction team. You owe Lieutenant Chen an apology.
      Warrick: Written or verbal?

    • Mia (at Warrick's phone that keeps ringing): You gonna get that?
      Warrick (looks at the caller I.D): No.
      Mia (mutters): Player.
      Warrick: Oh, now I'm a 'player'. You make up your mind pretty quick.
      Mia: I'll, uh, page you when I get the results.
      Warrick: Yeah? (Warrick holds out his phone to Mia, showing her the ID of the caller: G. Sanders) He was a rough one last night, so I called to check on him. But since I'm here, I can do it in person. Anything else you want to say to me?
      Mia (smiles): Have a nice day.
      Warrick (chuckles): Is that it?
      Mia: (smiles): That's it.

    • Sofia: Well, it's going to take you forever to go through these alone.
      Sara: I'll get it done.
      Sofia: It took me a long time to get where I was, Sara. Now I feel like I'm starting from scratch. I miss sleeping at night. I miss my colleagues. I miss ...
      Sara: What?
      Sofia: Being trusted.

    • Catherine: Taking your pet for a walk?
      Grissom: I know how much you like my little fetal pig, so I'm giving him to you as an office-warming gift.
      Catherine: That is so thoughtful. Now tell me why you really stopped by. You checking up on me?
      Grissom: No.
      Catherine: What've you heard? Who talked to you?
      Grissom: See? You've only been on the job a week and you're already paranoid.
      Catherine (laughs): When I was your right hand and your left, I always knew if it hit the fan, you'd be the one to get dirty.
      Grissom: Hey, that's the job.
      Catherine: Yeah, that's the job. Did you ever play politics?
      Grissom: I once ran for president of science club in junior high. Mary Hardy beat me out by one vote.
      Catherine: I'm going to guess that you didn't vote for yourself.
      Grissom: I'm not any good at politics. It cost me, that's how I lost Nick and Warrick.
      Catherine: Your loss, my gain.
      Grissom: Yeah, and at least I know that they're in good hands.

    • Sara (to Devine, a hooker): Could you open your mouth for me, please? (Devine scoffs)
      Brass: Come on, you could do that in your sleep, honey.

    • Hodges: Heard you had a real sphincter pucker last night. So what kinda gun are you getting?
      Greg: Plenty of guns at crime scenes. Cops have them, some criminalists...
      Hodges: Yeah, cops make great targets. Plus, CSIs get shot at all the time or didn't they tell you?

    • (After Sofia chased a guy who just shot a guy at a crime scene)
      Grissom: It says "forensics" on our jackets.
      Sofia: I'm aware of that.
      Grissom: We had plenty of cops chasing the suspect.
      Sofia: I wasn't chasing the suspect. I was chasing the evidence. I knew the idiot was likely to dump the gun. All we have to do is get a ballistics match the weapon to the two victims. (hands him the gun) Case closed.

    • Brass: So, Seattle P.D. has located Candace Malton. They're putting her on a plane tonight. They said she's pretty broken up.
      Sara: She left her kids with her hooker cousin. She should've known better. (Brass nods) Where are you going to take her first, the hospital or the morgue?
      Brass: Guess I might as well get it over with. I mean, once she sees the kids she's not going to want to leave them. (shrugs) What do you think?
      Sara: Go with the living, Jim. The dead can wait.

    • Sofia (about Warrick): He's pretty hot.
      Mia: Yeah, well, I think he knows it.

    • Brass: So, turns out that Mom was sending money after all. I found this letter inside mailed from Seattle with 300 bucks in it for the kid's upkeep. And that skanky bitch used it to buy a new TV.

    • Devine: My half-sister Candy left me with those bad-ass kids and no money. How am I supposed to feed them?
      Sara: You don't look like you've missed any meals to me.
      Devine: You know what, skinny bitch, go to hell. I just scrape by.

    • Doc Robbins: I have to admit this seems especially cruel and unsual.
      Sara: When kids are involved, it usually is.

    • Greg: Who the hell is shooting at us?
      Grissom: I don't know, but I think our single just turned into a triple.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: No Humans Involved

      The title of this episode is a reference to the attitudes of certain people to crimes - the idea being that those who are the victims are not worth investigating for some subjective reason.

    • The shooting suspect in the beginning and a prisoner in the jail sequence both mention the name "Rodney King"- a famous example of police brutality and injustice.