CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 14

One Hit Wonder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The episode title, "One Hit Wonder", is a term commonly applied to songs from bands that have released a very popular single, but failed to produce anything else worthy of recognition.

    • Goof: When Sara is narrating her reconstruction of the shooting to Melissa, she says that her husband leaned up from a prone position to shoot her. However, in the visually reconstructed scene, the husband is lying on his back - that's supine, not prone. Prone is lying on one's stomach.

    • In this episode, Sara talks to Grissom about her 'older brother', while on the CBS bio page, it states that she is an only child.

      Biologically, Sara is an only child. However, she was raised in foster care and therefore had foster siblings.

  • Quotes

    • Catherine: Aren't you coming?
      Grissom: You can handle it.
      Catherine: High profile case, technicalities ... that can't be why you do this, why you hang back and hide out.
      Grissom: You look better on camera.
      Catherine: Right. I didn't think so.

    • (Sara gives Bobby the bullet from her friend to process)
      Bobby: Hang on a second. (smiling) You get approval from Grissom, I don't want him walking in on me.
      Sara (nodding): Yeah.
      Bobby: Sara Sidle.
      Sara (smiling): Yeah, I did!
      Bobby: All right. Just checking!

    • Nick: The semen sample I recovered is still being processed in DNA.
      Greg (walks in): Not anymore. I'm done. And no jokes about me being fast in this department. The ejaculate outside the first girl's window -- spank high. Good news: It does have DNA.
      Nick: Whose?
      Greg: I don't know. Ran it through CODIS, nothing kicked out.
      Catherine: Well, it's possible this guy's so new he doesn't even have a record.
      Greg: Well, I can tell you this about him: Really low sperm count. Sample hardly had any swimmers.
      Nick: That's probably from excessive masturbation. Guy's outpacing his ability to produce ... (he looks up and finds everyone staring at him) ... sperm.
      Warrick: You'd know it, spanky.

    • Jacqui: The guy was pressing really hard on that window.
      Catherine: Well, with one hand anyway.

    • Catherine: Greg ... get anywhere with the semen I recovered from Joanne Crooks' hair? I sent it back with an officer.
      Greg: Uh, low volume. No sperm.
      Catherine: That's impossible.
      Greg: I knew you'd say that. Here. (he hands her the results and she sees it was pre-ejaculate)
      Catherine: Ah, the trailer before the show.

    • Grissom: The best intentions are fraught with disappointment.
      Sara: Emerson?
      Grissom: Grissom.

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