CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 9 Episode 10

One To Go (2)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • Addio Grissom

    This episode was just brilliant. I loved it.

    Especially the last scenes with Grissom, they literally made me cry, they were so emotional and amazingly performed.
  • Farewell Grissom

    An unforgettable episode continuing from the previous episode.Grissom works with Langston to find a woman who has been kidnapped by the DJK accomplice and will be killed shortly but they need to find the exact location in lake mead.The case hits a turning point when they find out that the accomplice was in the class Grissom was in with Nate Haskell and that's how Nate Haskell contacted the accomplice.They then find out that he was answering questions in the class to Tom Donover who they believe is the accomplice.In the end they still need to find him and the woman and Grissom saves the day by getting the location from the position of the moon and the CSI's are definitely going to miss that when Grissom goes because once again Grissom breaks the case and save the kidnapped girl who was about to be killed.After all that the CSI's knew that Grissom was going but before he goes he recommends Dr Langston to join CSI.Grissom then sadly leaves and goes to Costa Rica where he meets with Sara.The only question now is what will CSI be like without Grissom.
  • Grissom Makes The Stunning Announcement That He Is Leaving The CSI Team.

    Grissom's last episode was a really good one and I think that this was the best way to end his story. The storyline concludes the episodes "Leave Out All The Rest" and "19 Down". I liked the dialogues between William Pettersen and Laurence Fishburne. I enjoyed Langston's enthusiasm about the case. Bill Irwin made an impressive performance. The excellent team work can be clearly seen in this episode. The conclusion to the case was exciting. It was nice too see when Grissom said to the people his goodbye. Grissom's departure at the last scene is very well done. I liked Ray a lot in this episode, and I personally think that he is better than Grissom.
  • Continuation of the episode 19 down, where new character Ray Langston is introduced and Grissom drops the bomb shell that he's leaving CSI. As the final episode in which Grissom will appear I felt that it was a fitting end for the great Bugman.

    First Sara leaves, then Warrick gets murdered, Sara returns but thinks Grissom has tired of their relationship so she leaves again, then Hank (and Grissom) fall into a depression. For me this was my final episode of CSI. With only three original cast members left, it's just not the same. Langston is a good character but he can't fill Grissom's shoes. The story line itself was good. It resolved the cliffhanger from the previous episode and shed some light on the murders from another previous episode. I think the second greatest part of the episode was watching Grissom leaving CSI. He'd told Warrick that when he left CSI he'd just be gone, no cake or party at all. He kept his word. The greatest part, in my personal opinion, was watching Grissom walk through the jungle, ignoring the nice bug on the leaf, to a clearing where Sara is. Their hesitation and then reunion was fantastic. It was great that the episode ended with them together. The monkey was cute too.
  • Goodbye Grissom..............

    In this episode of CSI, the following happens. This episode marks the last ever regular appearance of Grissom, thus possibly ending my love of CSI. He team soon find that another couple has gone missing, the boyfriend has been found but the girl friend is still missing.
    We soon see the missing female with the murderer. He is playing mind tricks on her; by making her think that she may survive. The team soon have a suspect, only he has gone "camping" and no-one knows where. His wife is brought into the lab for questioning, but even she doesn't know where he is or the fact that he is a murderer. In the suspect's house, the team find a video tape from the same year when the first murders took place. When they watch it, they see the first couple being tortured. Soon using evidence found on the video tape, the team are able to tell where the female victim is being held. As the killer sees the police approaching he takes his gun and just as he is about to shot and kill the female, the police shot and kill him instead. Yet again, Grissom was able to save the day, using his knowledge. When they lift some of the floorboards in the cabin, they discover more bodies, more victims. Grissom asks the professor if he would like to join the CSI team. We then see Grissom back at the lab, packing up his office. We then see him walking the halls of CSI for the last time. He sees Catherine and Brass together, he smiles at her and she winks back at him. We then see Grissom in Costa Rica, walking through a forest. He has a GPS system in his hand. As he walks through, we see a figure, who turns out to be Sara Sidle. She turns round and sees him, they more toward one another and kiss. Perfect ending for Grissom, finally Grissom and Sara can be together, just like they are supposed to be.
  • The best

    The best ever. What a great way to exit one of the best characters TV has seen in a decade. They got it right. And then then they upped it by making it even better. Hard to do in this world. I'll miss Grissom, Warrick and Sara a lot. Hope they keep writing like this -- maybe in Season 10, they'll give us more stories and characters like this. Keeping fingers and toes and everything else crossed for many more years of CSI. Truly the best crime show out there. At least it is on this episode. Some others less but still good.
  • Drama and tension reach their limit when last episode's serial killer starts to torture another victim. Langston joins the team on Grissom's last case to save the woman, while Grissom prepares to leave.

    I don't want to repeat all details of the storyline, as I think most readers will be aware of the story anyway. For me, this episode could have definately worked as not just a season finale but furthermore a series finale. We get a look at how Grissom's future might look like (which indeed satisfies a LOT of fans) and we also notice that the fight agains crime will never stop, even if one of the best CSIs leaves. With Langston the CSIs will gain a great investigator (though of course not as good as Grissom - at least not at first) and the remaining 3 CSIs and the additional lab techs still keep a bit of the original "CSI" feeling.

    Whatever direction the next episodes/seasons are headed. This episode (plus the one before) is the perfect end to Grissom's era in the CSI business and therefore one the best episodes (if not even the best) yet.
  • No he's gone.

    Man going to miss seeing Grissom. I'm such a GSR I loved that he went to Sarah. I think they just get each other. It does suck thou that Sarah then Warrick and now Grissom is gone. I dont even want to watch the show now. Grissom was why I watched. I have watched thou dont want to abandon ship yet. I also like how he just walked down the hall looking at everyone and smiling as he left. They have done a good job with filming the exits of all three of them.
    Hope to see some good epi. I was happy to see Lauren Lee Smith show up to the cast. I loved her on The L Word.
  • The team work to close the "Dick & Jane" case because they don't want Grissom to leave with the cased still open. Dr. Langston is brought in as a consultant and tries his best to help achieve that goal. The team also says their last good-bye to Grissom.

    "CSI" remains one of the best crime dramas in television history. The show consistently produces terrific shows with well written scripts and terrific acting by regulars and guests alike and this episode is definitely no exception. This episode clearly worked on all levels and was very entertaining. Except for that "Matrix" moment at the climax where we can see the trajectory of the sniper's bullet (Maybe that was meant as a nod to Laurence Fishburne) this epispode was flawless. It was sad to see Grissom go, but I think Dr. Langston will be a worthy replacement and fit right in.
  • Goodbye Grissom...

    We finally discover the accomplices of the Dick and Jane killer. All the science used was really good. I specially loved the moon thing Grissom came up with! Really creepy that he had the bodies hidden under the floorboards te image was awesome!:P
    I get quite pissed with Fishburne going to talk with the original killer. But I loved the last moment when Grissom offers him the job. Very touchy chapter, all the characters said good bye to their boss and friend, and most of all they thanked them for everything he had done. Hodges speech made me cry...and te tears continued flouding until the end of the chapter.
    This marks the last appearance as Grissom in CSI. I'm sure he would come again sometime but I'm gonna miss him. The show is not gonna be the same without him but I'll watch it, I love CSI.
  • A very good episode in general but Grissom leaving...

    CSI in my mind is 90% Grissom 10% the rest. He is the character that links everything and everyone together (the forensics the cases and the characters). He is a mentor, a teacher and a leader. In my opinion his departure is the worst thing that could happen to this show! And the way he left and were he ended is even worse. I do not think that the person that he went to brings the best out of him and I truly think that all the remaining characters will lose a part of their appeal just because Grissom left.The interaction with him is mostly what made them what they are and I can't see a way of bringing that back. I truly hope I am wrong and that the show continues to be as good as it is but unfortunately I can not see it happening. I cross my fingers and hope for the best because CSI is one of THE best!

    P.S. At least he left at a great episode...
  • CSI Supervisor Gil Grissom says goodbye to his friends and job of 9 seasons, feeling that he is done with this position.

    CSI Supervisor Gil Grissom says goodbye to his friends and job of 9 seasons, feeling that he is done with this position. Has he burned out from the unseemly side of his job where he sees people at their worst and the results of their crimes? Or will has he decided to focus his energies on other interests, possibly Sara Sidel, his respected coworker turned close friend turned intimate partner. Sara left Las Vegas, and Grissom a while ago; she herself came to a point of burnout when she realized she could no longer cope with the crime and evils that people do to one another that she witnessed in the job.

    I just wish that in these big turning point episodes that they would stretch the story arc over more than two episodes and really develop the subtle textures that are to be found. It is said of CSI fans that there are two stripes, one that would rather see more of the science and detective work and the other that would like to see more of the character development and their personal lives. I opt for the latter.

    What are the writers and producers thinking? what what what what what????????? They keep removing all the good characters, they are killing this show. First Sara leaves before we really see the relationship get sticky with Grissom....RUIN! then they kill Warrick before any romantic link with Catherine could be started....RUIN! Now your taking Grissom Off.. Are they trying to sabotage the show all together? They left very weak characters to pick up the pieces. This will be the end of CSI You watch and see it is a disgraces that television cant keep a decent show running. They kill off shows like MOONLIGHTING and leave crappy shows like WEEDS THEY ARE CLEAN MAD IN HOLLYWOOD
  • I can't believe it ended like this!

    I'm sorry, but I was so disappointed with this episode. Not the forensics but the personal storyline. MILD SPOILER ALERT!!!

    I think the person that Grissom ended up with was a terrible choice. NO ONE that I know wanted these two to be together. No one! I can't stand her. Everyone I know was just hoping that he would move on and be with the other person. The alternate would have been much better for him. I think the person he ended up with was much too needy and undecided.

    And the only way they said goodbye to their beloved supervisor was with a couple of winks and nods? I know Gil loved his privacy, but they always had 'breakfast together'. Suddenly, this would have been out of the question one last time?

    I don't know, it just seemed so cold like they were saying goodbye to someone they liked but could do without. I'm sure people will disagree with me, but it's just my opinion.
  • Goodbye to Grissom

    Before I watched the last two episodes I knew Grissom was going to leave CSI. The only question left was, how he was going to leave CSI. The episode is a continuation from the last episode and the episode 'Leave out all the Rest'. I was dissapointed Lady Heather didn't show up in any of these two episodes. So I'll guess we'll never see her again in CSI. But then again, who knows. Lady Heather is Lady Heather after all. And SM and Psychology can go hand in hand with murder.

    But the episode itself was very good in my opinion. There was tension and the episodes where a good introduction to Laurence Fisherburns character. Although the question to work at CSI seemed a little forced. 'We need a new character, lets ask the first one that comes along.' But maybe that will come in the next couple of episodes.

    We find out who the companions of the killer are and we get a happy ending. Grissom leaves and he and Sarah get back together :) 8/10
  • The way it had to be...

    I had to wait until friday to catch up the episode on the internet, and it was definitely worth it! Petersen left CSI for the only reason suitable to his character, i.e. to go and find Sara wherever she was.

    This departure is a really elegant and respectful one and it totally matches with the previous romance-plots in the series. Grissom couldn't have died (writers already killed Warrick a few months ago), maybe he could have been fired (although there'd been enough reasons to have him fired for the past eight seasons!), but his resignation could only have one and only meaning. He left his beloved lab to be reunited with the only person that mattered as much as it, or even more.

    The ending was exactly as I pictured it: no mention of Sara until the last few minutes, where we can see Grissom in a totally different place than Vegas. And then, they finally met and kissed (moment of bliss for die-hard GSR fans like me). I therefore regret that it had been a bit laughable to see Griss alone in the jungle with his powerfull tiny GPS... And maybe the goodbyes with the team could have been a bit warmer, in my opinion. But it was cute anyway.

    The Dick and Jane case was really impressive, with a lot of tensions. A great one, with a great villain.

    I will miss Grissom, as much as I miss Sara and Warrick, but there are a lot of good characters going on with the show(Hodges's one of my favorites), with excellent actors. Langston is a promising one too. I definitely will be keeping on watching this series.
  • So thanks for an elegant ending, and good luck to Laurence Fishburne and the rest of the team. And thanks for an amazing 9 years :-)

    I've been watching the series since day one and this was a bitter ending to me. CSI without Grissom is simply not CSI, and even though I'm sure Laurence Fishburne will do a great job in the part I'm not going to keep watching. This is my stop.
    I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the ending they gave Grissom, I much preferred him finding Sara again and being with her, rather than setting off into the sunset like a lone cowboy. And I appreciated the fact that they emphasized their breaking up as if it was something final, and left this surprise for the very, very end. It somehow makes it a little less bitter. I somehow feel better for him now that I know he is where his heart is, and that he was able to leave death and ugliness behind not just to wander away, but to embrace life and love. The final scene was just amazing and of course brought tears to my eyes. The way he passed by his colleagues and the lab, the music, and the wink Catherine gave him... And then the walk to the jungle and the finale. Also the special moments he had with each of the team. Everything was perfectly set and I'm glad they could read our feelings so well and just let us have that perfect closure.

    Maybe the storyline and the action sequence wasn't very fast-paced but I think a dark, perverse and intense serial killer case was the ending that suited Grissom. He got to solve one of his biggest riddles, and we got to see him meddling in the unnatural and the insane, and being his cool, scientific, ingenius self once more. Others went out on a wild chase while he sat on his computer and solved the case! It just had to be like that. I preferred a walk in the dark side and getting into the mind of a serial killer than just another quick episode. This was way too special. Plus it worked up Laurence Fishburne's character very well, to continue from where Petersen leaves off.

    So thanks for an elegant ending, and good luck to Laurence Fishburne and the rest of the team. And thanks for an amazing 9 years.
  • Bye Grissom gone but not forgetten...

    This was a very special episode, though I can say it was not the best we've seen from CSI. I think the finding of the killer was way too easy and it lacked a lot of quality in the script. I think we all saw it coming after Sara left and the afterwards Warrick that it was a matter of time that either Grissom or Catherine would leave since they are the best actors and with the most experience in the field. For me it won't be the same. Grissom made the show appealing and interesting for the audience, because he had a like a special mystery and a unique form to play the character. Don't get me wrong I know Laurence Fishburne it's a great actor, but he has big shoes to wear. This is and always will be the first, the unique and original CSI and all thanks to Grissom. I loved the ending; it couldn't have been more special than ending with Sara and most of all in my country Costa Rica, perfect good-bye.
    Bye-bye Grissom, you'll be missed…. :(
  • Bye Grissom....

    I'm an occasional watcher of CSI but I just felt that I had to watch Grissom's last episode. I was shocked when I heard that he was leaving but I was interested to see Laurence Fishburne take over as the lead and what he would do with the series and how he could change it. In my mind this was the perfect send off for Grissom, I loved the scene with him walking down the hallway looking in on everyone and finally walking out the door. We find out that he left for Sarah, and that is understandable. I have to say that I actually like LF`s character and hope he takes the show to a whole new level. From what I`ve seen from the previews he`s going to fit right in but with some adjusting first. I wonder how the team will react to him. Anyway Good bye Grissom, you will be missed.
  • The CSI team try to stop the work of a serial killer in what will be Grissom's final case.

    An excellent episode and a great send off to the heart and soul of CSI. While many will miss the presence of Gil Grissom (myself included), he was sent off in a way that was absolutely appropriate for the character. The story of finding the accomplice to a ruthless serial killer was not the most exciting manhunt the show has seen, but it was good. It was also a great introduction to the addition of Lawerence Fishburn to the cast. While William Peterson will be missed, I am excited to get to know the "new guy". I think the final scenes with Grissom leaving the lab for the last time was perfect. He was able to silently pay tribute to all of his colleagues, including the late Warrick Brown, was fitting for such a private man. I liked how he had interactions with several of his closest colleagues (although I would have liked to see something more with Doc Robertson), and his Watson/Holmes exchange with Hodges was priceless, touching, and funny all at the same time. Of course, a perfect ending for this episode had to include Sarah Sidle, and I loved how Grissom walked past an unusual looking bug to be with his love. If I remember accurately, this is the only time we see them kiss on the show.

    A tocuhing farewell to the character that made the show what it is today. It will be interesting to see what happens now.
  • Beautiful ending...

    Weird.. In the end I had to remind myself - it was not show final what I just watched - it will go on, but just without Grissom. I think I never imagined it.. but we will see how it works. At least they gave Grissom a brilliant ending.

    This episode very visually was divided to two - one part was the case what they started last episode and to be honest, sometimes it felt like it was too slow. I found myself wandering around the room, doing other things, not looking on screen. And then when they found the place, it looked like too much - just happening, not enough explanation why.. So that part, the case, was ok.. But then came the leaving part and it was marvelous.. The music.. I do not know.. everything worked together and I just cried.. I have watched the show since day one.. and.. oh.. so many years.. and I most say the way he said goodbye to everyone.. and everyone got a little time on screen.. and no mention on Sara.. that got me little worried.. but the really, really last seconds.. a fantastic ending to fantastic character.
  • This episode was a perfect ending for Gil Grissom. =]

    When I watched this episode, I thought that if Grissom weren't there, this wasn't going to be a good CSI team anymore. With other original characters gone, this could defenitely bring ratings down. But as I see now, Grissom couldn't be more happy =] He found Sara, and that just made me estatic!!!! I was glad to see that he could go in peace, leave his faithful squad behind, and have them welcome a new face. He will always be the heart of the Las Vegas Crime Lab to me, but now that he's moved on, we all know that for him, there are always better things to come.
  • As Grissom prepares to leave CSI, the team searches for the Dick & Jane killer's accomplice and his latest hostage.

    After all the hype about "Grissom says goodbye" and the month-long wait between episodes, this was disappointing. "One to Go" wasn't nearly as good as "19 Down." The recap was one of the strangest I've ever seen, recapping the previous episode and moving the story forward at the same time, but there was a greater sense of urgency in "Deadline," and in that episode, the victim was long dead. There's a woman missing at the hands of a serial killer, and Nick and Greg are stopping to tell Grissom how much they'll miss him? The team racing against time to find a killer's living victim is not this show's forte, "Grave Danger" and "Gumdrops" nothwithstanding.

    I think these two episodes would have worked better as one 90-minute block because the whole Dick & Jane Killer thing seemed to be reduced to window dressing and it wasn't that well interwoven with Grissom's departure. The most interesting thing about part two was observiing how Grissom and Ecklie's relationship has changed over the years.

    The show has survived and prospered three seasons without Josh Berman as a writer, so I'll keep watching for the foreseeable future, so it should be able to survive without Grissom, but my confidence was a little shaken by this one that was so ballyhooed.
  • One of the best Episodes so far and what a great finale for Grissom :-)

    What a great case Grissom and Langston had to solve. But, in the end, I am happy about, that Grissom and Sara finally get together and Grissom could leave the CSI with a smile on his face. That's worth the grief about he leaving the building :-)
    For the first time, we could see Grissom smile, and I guess, it's because he could let go the weights he was carrying for years and years. And, meeting Sara, he could see the light of day, without any fights, problems and so on, he had to fight in CSI.
    I will miss William Peterson, he left a big whole.
  • All good things come to an end.

    I'll be frank, i'll miss Grissom. He's plodding, he's quiet, he's wise. He's not dynamic. But he has been perfect for the way the show is set-up. And William Petersen has been perfect in that role. (a few spoilers but this is a review)This episode wrapped up a string of killings, forensic astronomy being the catalyst clue. All of Grissom's team said their goodbye in each own's way with Catherine taking over as boss and Laurence Fishburne's character being offered a gig in the unit. Grissom goes to meet his true love (wish it had been Lady Heather), Sarah down in the rain forest of Costa Rica.

    I'm glad they didn't bring in a new character that was identical to Grissom. That would not have worked. Fishburne as we can see as a professor has a little bit of a hard/brash streak. I'm thinking that might set up conflict (subtle and otherwise) within the unit.

    While i'll lament the loss of Grissom, i'm looking forward to a new dynamic within the CSI unit. Let's all give Fishburne a chance.
  • The Perfect End To An Era.

    Okay, Gil Grissom goodbye is probably the longest character exit in television history, it at least feels like it. But I have to say that his exit and William Petersen finale regular episode was perfectly fitting. The case of the Dick and Jane killer and the capture of the monster was well written and scripted. I really apprecitated the team subtle goodbyes and thank you throught the epsiode, even Hodges whiny you can't leave speech. The introduction of Langston to the team through the closure of of the murders and Gil exit was almost seamless but most importantly believable. The icing on the cake was Gil doesn't get himself lost in the jungles of Costa Rica her finds himself and his heart, in Sarah.
  • Just the way it should be.

    I actually had to watch this episode twice before I could form words to review it. I went in not knowing what to expect. The way Sara left and the way Warrick died kind of left me...wanting. I was afraid the same would happen with Grissoms departure, but my fears were unfounded. From beginning to end I was glued to my set. I have to give props to Hodges, Nick, and Greg for their subtle "Goodbyes" to Gris. I didn't expect a big scene between Catherine and Gil, it just wasn't their style. The case was made more interesting and riveting not only by knowing it was Grissoms last, but also because Dr. Langston was in the mix. I think Mr Fishburne is going to bring a different dynamic to the show, in a good way. Now...on to the best part of the show. When I saw Gil looking at the map of Costa Rica and making his way through the jungle, my heart almost leapt out of my chest. I cried like a baby when Sara turned and saw him and realized he was really there, COMPLETELY there, for her. I will miss you Grissom!!!
  • This is probably one of my favorite episodes

    The whole episode was very touching, no one really had many lines except for Grissom. I loved Nick and Greg's talks to Grissom about how much he met to them. When it got to the last scene, and they showed Grissom hiking through a forest looking at the GPA for Costa Rica, I was like he's going after Sara. I had this huge smile on my face and even starting crying. And the look on Sara's face when she turned around shocked to see Grissom there was fantastic, it made me smile more and cry harder. I shouted now thats the way you end his final episode. It was fantastic, this episode is definitely in my 5 top favorite episodes. We'll miss you Grissom, but at least your with Sara now.
  • Grissom's last case as supervisor at CSI and his farewells to his colleagues.

    It was painful knowing Grissom was leaving and it was very hard to watch, but they sure did a great job with this episode! It was everything it needed to be! How great was the Forensic Astrology! and the end.. perfect. At first I thought they were going to end the show in the hallway and I was about to lose it! I am sooo glad he went after Sara. And how cute was the wink between Grissom and Catherine.. it was perfect. Everything about the good-byes were perfect and you could see that Grissom had no idea how much of an impact he really had on his students until then. Its how he knew he was doing the right thing.

    thank you william petersen for the work on CSI- it will be unmatchable and unforgettable. Grissom is truly where he needs to be.
  • Gil is leaving and I do so understand why this must be

    Although we will weep at his leaving and perhaps there are some who will forever leave the Thursday night ritual of CSI, I am one who understands why Gil choose to move on not only as a character but the actor too. Many people who work such hard jobs do burn out and Gil had been at it for a long time dealing with death, pain and horror. Enough was enough for him and with his lovely Sara off in the jungle he thought about moving on to be with her. William Peterson, the actor had too wonder if he had explored all he could in the role and perhaps he wanted to try his wings at another character. I will not begrudge him that opportunity and I for one wish him well. Now it is a moment to wait and see what next week will bring and who knows it might be just as entertaining. I won't leave the fold just yet, I for one will give them a chance to show me what tomorrow will bring for Las Vegas
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