CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 11

Organ Grinder

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 13, 2001 on CBS

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  • A good episode

    The problem with watching many crime dramas is that once you've seen a crime commited in a particular way, you're bound to see it done the same way on another show. However this episode was different in that the case was different from anything I have seen in other shows. Sure, I've seen murder pacts in shows before, but never done in this way. An interesting take on this particular crime by the writers of this episode.
    In addition to the interesting case, this was a very Nick & Sara heavy episode. In this episode we see Nick's compassion shine through and we also learn a little of Sara's frustration with the justice system. After watching this episode I feel like I know the characters that little but better.
    Overall, a good episode.
  • This is one truly great show. I don't see many were the murders get away but this one they do.

    A man was found in a elevator still alive. Someone had dressed him and moved his body. The guy was found with ID and was staying in the motel in murder central as Grisson had said. What is murder central you ask, and so did Nick but Sara acted like she new, which Grisson knew she really didn’t have a clue so later he told both Nick and Sara it is easy enter and exit rooms.
    They found two wine classes in the room but no lipstick on either one. The 911 call was a man but there was a women voice in the background. They did find a bra in the room also. So is a male or a female?
    They look into this guy past and find that three years earlier the guy had an accident and shot himself while cleaning his gun. This time the man dies and all his organs are removed and he is cremated which makes it very hard to get any evidence from the body. They look at pictures from the crime scene that was taken before they had got there. The guy had white stripes on his nails which is a sign of poising. They asked people if his breath smelled garlicky lately.
    They discover that his sectary Claudia dressed him and moved him to the elevator because she was told always that business comes first. She didn’t want him found in bed naked and dead.
    His wife Julia had shot him three years ago they find evidence of this and then she admits to it.
    They also find that Claudia takes medication that has the same thing in it that killed him. She takes it for a skin disorder that makes her lose her skin and that is how they knew she was in the elevator.
    Soon Julia gets sick and they start to blame Claudia for the poising. They do some research on her and find that her husband had died to from poising and at the time Julia was his sectary. They two were working together but they couldn’t prove it so they got away with murder. (For now)