CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on CBS
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Grissom investigates a possible suicide at a high-profile construction site. Against the wishes of the Sheriff, Grissom pushes to get at the truth of the matter-he thinks the suicide was actually a homicide, and uses theories on electrocution to look for his killer. Meanwhile, Nick and Catherine take on a case with little more than angora fibers to follow. A teenage boy dies while in session with his female psychologist, and traces of angora on his underwear make them believe the psychologist may be practicing very unconventional methods of "therapy."moreless

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  • Sad to se false facts in a show like this

    When Grissom examines the drill Sara tals about how the rubber inn the shoues should have protected the vitim and continues to claim that the tyres insulating the vehicle is the reason why you are safe in a car during lightningstorms, this however is NOT true, the reason you are safe in a car is cause of the metal chassis acting as a faraday cage.
  • Eventhough the title of the episode is "overload" (to do with the A story), I was hooked to the B story more...

    "Overload" was a fantastic episode, but I prefered the B story to the A story. I really like Nick Stokes as a character, and George Eads is a magnificant actor.

    Nick opens up to Catherine about being molestered as a child, also telling her that he had "never told anyone before." Both actor and actress were absolutely amazing at this scene, and it brought a tear to my eye to watch.

    The only thing I would ask the writers would be to develope Nicks feelings about children being molestered, as in "overload," he is emotional in almost every scene in one way or another, but in any following episodes, nothing is mentioned, either between Nick and Catherine, or anywhere else.moreless
  • Pretty Good Episode and We Even Learn Something About Nick... WARNING: SPOILERS.

    So..in all, this was a pretty good episode. It's not one of my favorite story lines but it definitely revealed some key information about our CSI, Nick.

    So, towards the end of the episode, Nick confides in Catherine and tells her about an incident when he was 9; he was molested. It's really the first 'big' thing we've learned about him. The scene with him and Catherine was very well done!

    I also liked the scene where Brass asked Grissom why he does it...why he pushes so hard to solve the case. Brass came flat out and said because of the adrenaline rush. Grissom neither agreed nor disagreed with it, but it says something about the way he works. Of course, the ending was some what...I don't want to say surprising but understandable I guess. And by the ending, I mean Grissom and the Sheriff. The Sheriff needs Grissom. He won't lose his job because Grissom makes the Sheriff look good and it seems like he finally realized that...and he confirmed it. =) Very interesting!

  • How good for your health is a psychologist?

    In this episode we find Grissom investigating a dead construction worker, who supposedly committed suicide by jumping of their current project. However, the evidence suggests that there was foul play involved in his death, it wasn't self inflicted after all. The nail in his boot, amongst things play a apart in his death by electrocution, however, if you read into the episode notes you can see how "far fetched" his electrocution was. After lighting up a pickle he eventually gets his guy. In the B story, Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a boy who died during a session with his psychologist, he apparently went into convulsions and died. However, the angora fibers tell a different story. During a practice that she calls "re-birthing" the patient was suffocated. We also find out that Nick was molested by a last minute baby sitter at the age of nine, a development on the charismatic CSI's past. Besides the flawed electrocution this was not a bad episode.moreless
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Gina Hecht

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David Sutcliffe

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: While discussing a worker's fall from the roof of a construction site, Grissom states that terminal velocity is 9.8 meters per second squared. That is actually the acceleration of a falling object due to gravity. Terminal velocity of a falling human body is about 54 meters per second. To reach terminal velocity, the body must fall almost 600m.

    • Nick confesses to Catherine that he was molested at age 9 by a babysitter.

    • Goof: Nick is eating a hot dog when he's handed a warrant. He goes from taking a bite out of the hot dog to holding the hot dog in one hand and the warrant in the other simply with camera angle changes.

    • Sara: The rubber soles of his boots should have protected him from electrical shock. I mean that's why you're safe in a car during a lightening storm. You're insulated by the rubber tires.

      Goof: The person would be safe in the car because the person is in a metal container and not touching the sides.

    • Goof: Nick spots fibers on the left-hand side of Dr. Sapien's jacket. Catherine goes to take the fibers from the left side, but the close-up shows her taking them from the right-hand side.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Grsissom: I need to see his testicles.
      Randy Gesek: I always knew there was something weird about you.

    • Nick: Hey, Catherine.
      Catherine: Yeah?
      Nick: You ever been in therapy?
      Catherine: Who hasn't? Didn't save my marriage.
      Nick: And you were okay sharing your problems with a complete stranger?
      Catherine: You rather I tell them to you?

    • Grissom: This drill is shorted out. Do you think he "jumped" before or after he got the shock of his life?
      Bob Harris: GFCI would have prevented shock.
      Sheriff Brian Mobley: What is GFCI?
      Bob Harris: A ground fault circuit interrupter.
      Grissom: Big words meaning you won't get electrocuted.

    • Brass: Gil, why do you do this to yourself?
      Grissom: What?
      Brass: The guy's dead. It could have been suicide ... accident. But you've always got to push it.
      Grissom: Just like any other case.
      Brass: You know what I think? Adrenaline. You need the rush. But that's just me.

    • Doc Robbins: The body contradicts your evidence.
      Grissom: I don't care what the body says, this guy was electrocuted. It was not an accident.

    • Nick: Okay then, at some point he was with the shrink in his underwear.
      Doc Robbins: Exactly what kind of therapy was this?

    • Catherine: Naked kid under a blanket at his shrink's late at night and his mother's there.
      Greg: Your case just entered a whole new dimension of weird.

    • Grissom: Hey, is that from the deli?
      Sara: Egg salad sandwich. You want half?
      Grissom: No. Can I have your pickle?
      Sara (she hands him the wrapped pickle): You can have it.
      Grissom (unwraps it and holds it up): Oh, that's a nice one.

    • Sara: We quit before we should have.
      Grissom: Yeah, you did.

    • Greg: FYI, 30 swabs in six hours is not realistic even for me.

    • Catherine: You're racing me, Nick. We're driving the same car. (Nick keeps walking down the hallway) Nick! (he keeps walking) Nick, I'll have you removed from the case. You're confronting suspects before the evidence is processed. You're flying solo, cutting me out. What's going on?
      Nick (takes a deep breath): Okay. There are some people you're supposed to be able to trust, you know? I was nine. And she was a last-minute baby-sitter. (Catherine's stunned) All I can remember doing afterwards is sitting in my room in the dark, staring at the door waiting for my mom to get home. But I've never told anyone before.
      Catherine: I'm sorry.
      Nick: It's what makes a person, I guess. I'm sorry, Catherine.

    • Sheriff Mobley: Bob Harris' prints were not on the murder weapon. Is that what you're telling me?
      Grissom: They were not on the nail. You see, I think that someone stuck a nail in the victim's boot and it evidently wasn't Bob Harris.
      Sheriff Mobley: In other words, you made a suspect out of an innocent man.
      Grissom: Obviously that wasn't my intent.
      Sheriff Mobley: Oh, good. Then maybe you'll want to bring that up in the
      newspaper article.
      Grissom: What are you talking about? What newspaper article?
      Sheriff Mobley: The one I'm arranging for your public apology.
      Grissom: I'm not making an apology.
      Sheriff Mobley: Oh, yes, you are. You don't go after a friend of mine, sully his reputation and then walk away. Actions have consequences, Gil. Even yours.

    • Warrick (to Grissom): So you just proved murder.
      Greg: I wouldn't break out that champagne just yet. Don't go shooting the messenger. Thumbprint from the nail. (hands over some test results)

    • Catherine: What's the matter with you?
      Nick: I'm on a case.
      Catherine: We're on a case.
      Nick: Right...

    • Warrick: You want his blood?
      Grissom: One pint. To go.

    • Greg: I think I smell something burning in the DNA lab. I'd love to stay and chat...
      Grissom: Greg, that better not be the crossword puzzle. (Greg hands Grissom the paper crane he had made)

    • Greg: Cheese, milk, sweaters. What do these things have in common?
      Catherine: Goat cheese, goat milk.
      Nick: Goat sweaters?
      Catherine: Angora.
      Greg: Ding, ding, ding. Fibers from the lady shrink, fibers from the boy. Both are angora.
      Nick: Angora is processed goat hair?
      Greg: Mmhmm.
      Catherine: Sheared, washed, spun and dyed. Angora's 100% goat. You didn't know that, Nick?
      Nick: Must be a chick thing. (Greg laughs)

    • Sheriff (Grissom just went out to talk to Brass about the suspect): What was that about?
      Grissom: Ah, we're in a bowling league together.

    • Warrick (they get a hit on a print): Robert Harris. Does that name mean anything?
      Grissom: Yeah, especially if you bet against me.

    • Warrick: Bobby Dawson's taking odds. 2:1 Grissom's wrong, 5:1 he gets suspended for shutting down the jail house, 10:...
      Sara: Fired?

    • Sheriff: What happened to good ol' dusting for prints?
      Grissom: When your crime scene is 12 stories up I don't want to take any chances.

    • Grissom (to the Sheriff): You look like the Sheriff, but you talk like the Mayor.

    • Grissom: Man versus Gravity. Man lost.

    • Grissom: Suicide, huh? I don't know, Brian. On the day you decide to end your life, why would you go to work?

    • Sara: You turned my pickle into a light bulb.
      Grissom: I'm electrocuting it.
      Sara: You sure are.
      Warrick: That would explain that smell.
      Grissom: This' how I cooked my hot dogs in college.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Candace Newmaker

      The story of the teenager's death bears close resemblance to the real story of Candace Newmaker, suffocated during a treatment session for reactive attachment disorder.

    • Brass: You want me to check out your Deep Throat?

      Deep Throat was the cover name given to the informant during the Watergate scandal.