CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 06, 2000 on CBS

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  • The graveyard shift of the Las Vegas Police Department's elite Crime Scene Investigation Unit investigates two bizarre crimes.

    Here comes the nerd squad. A fitting way to begin the greatest television crime drama of its time if not one of the greatest ever. This pilot episode worked for a number of reasons. The first is the most obvious. The excellent cast. We are given a good introduction to the lead characters. The brief background stories we received were well done. They gave the audience just the right amount of information so as to not overload the episode. It also lent just the right amount of time to the featured cases. There were a few here for an hour long episode, but the writers did a very good job of presenting them. What is just as important as seeing the CSI's solve the case is how they solve them and how they conduct themselves during an investigation. Even after one episode it's obvious to see that William Petersen was perfectly cast as Gil Grissom. He not only handles his cases very well, he is also a good leader to his team. He has great respect for them, but also will do what it takes to make sure they do their jobs well. The cast has great chemistry together as well which makes this episode all the more enjoyable and well worth seeing.
  • CSI Vegas

    The first episode is an episode to get to know the characters as they try to solve multiple crimes This episode has given CSI a successful start and will make you want to watch more of the show The episode also starts a storyline for a serial killer who kills his victims in a bathtub and makes it look like suicide but Grissom narrows it down to about 10,000 people using Paul Millander's hand that he made to sell with his fingerprints on it Things don't go so well for Warrick who gets taken off the case when he was one away from a 100 that would get him a CSI level 3 which is what Nick got in this episode for finishing his 100th case Things also go bad for Warrick when at the end he leaves the new girl Holly Gribbs at a crime scene and the suspect comes back and shoots her and Brass decides to give him a suspension but Holly had also had a hard time throughout the episode with someone holding a gun at her when she was working her first case and was saved from Catherine and she got scared when she was locked in a room with lots of bodies This has been a good start to CSI and the storyline continues to the next episode.
  • Interesting start to a now classic series

    Interesting start to a now classic series.

    You can see how they were still trying to find their way. The series format was not fully established. The characters were not fully formed. Even the now famous and familiar "Who are You?" music had yet to be applied to the intro.

    Shows you how it's a mistake not to give a new series a chance to before axing it. JAG was another example of a series pilot that needed a little time to get its bearings.
  • Beginning of the beginning

    First of CSI ever plays in Las Vegas. Simple police laboratory, great role of William Petersen as Gil Grissom. He's good like as Horatio from CSI Miami. Great team and simple and interesting beginning. One Decade and we have three series great criminal series. Las Vegas has a dark side. Pilot is very good, promises igreat start of long saga.
  • Not bad, but not good either.

    I am a huge fan of Law and Order, and someone recommended I check out CSI. I got the first season on DVD from Netflix so I could start at the beginning.

    I was unimpressed by the pilot episode. The plot moved slowly, and there were several extraneous scenes that were largely irrelevant. For example, one of the investigators went to interview a little girl who had been molested. We only see a few seconds with the little girl, and then we never hear anything else about her. Instead, we follow the investigator as she goes to check in on her own daughter.

    I understand that this is the pilot episode, so it's reasonable to assume the writers were attempting to introduce us to the characters, but still, it could definitely have been done more smoothly. One thing that was good about it was the character of Holly Gribbs, the new girl in the CSI office. Similar shows always seem to portray the new gal as very strong and unfazed by anything, no matter how gruesome. Holly GRibbs, however, is shown getting ill in an autopsy room, then freaking after having a gun drawn on her, and later making the fatal mistake of turning her back on a stranger. All of these things made her character less predictable and therefore more realistic and believable. The pilot was decent, even interesting at times, but rather unremarkable.
  • Great start to a great show.

    I loved every minute of this first episode of the first season of CSI. All of the story lines felt real, as well as the people portraying them. Brass seems like a mean guy. Gil Grissom is gonna be interesting to watch. I liked him from the moment I saw him working the crime scene. Warrick Brown is a good looking man. Nick is gonna get himself into trouble if he doesn't watch the way he acts while on the job. I can tell that he's a real ladie's man. I'm going to really enjoy watching Cat work. I don't like the new girl.
  • The very beginning of 8 great seasons (so far)

    This was one of the most original pilot episodes I have ever seen. In this episode, there are various cases to be solved by a great team (btw, "A strong Team" was the German title for this episode... sort of appropriate, I think) of CSIs, and we get to now the characters and their relationships pretty good.
    Keeping in mind that this was the very first CSI episode ever, I think it is amazing, how great they explained all the forensics, too! I mean, after several episodes, you now what they mean by GSR, but then we didn't. There is an open ending though, but they have to keep us watching somehow, right?
  • Pilot episode to a great show - looking back now you can hardly recognise it but it still stands out

    I love csi, although even i have to admit that in the first few seasons the acting and quality of the camera (show quality) was less than desireable.

    although the acting was good, it seems pathetic compared to the new seasons.

    this is a great pilot - the relationships are built strongly between the charcthers - a great case to work on and unfortunately holly dies, although it certaintly does catch your attention.

    a good pilot that thankfully impressed enough people - who knew after making or watching this that the show would become so successful, but from the first pilot - you can see why!
  • How it all began

    I thought this was a very interesting pilot episode. They gave us a little character development without revealing too much. I thought it was kind of sad how Holly, a new CSI gets injured during her first few days as the CSI. Wasn't really expecting that. I also like how they introduced Warrick as having some type of gambling problem and his competitiveness to come out on top. Catharine seems more like the mother figure who is always giving out advice. Grissom seems like he is the top notch head honcho in the department even though Brass thinks he is. Nick, I think he is going to be the ladies man throughout the series. But hey, this is just my opinion just from watching the pilot episode.
  • The very very FIRST csi!!!!

    This wasnt like other pilot episodes that i have saw. I love how they kinda just like showed you who the characters are and it was like they are all friends and know each other not like oh....we all met in this episode. I didnt like Holly and i was glad that Brass was trying to scare her out of it. I think that it was cool how right away they showed Nick as this really really nice guy who actually cares about the people involved in the case. I like how he got all that guys stuff back to him. I didnt like Grissom and warricks case though.
  • What a way to start a series, it was interesting if not a lot to swallow.

    From the very first minute we're plunged into the plot as the murder unfolds, and from there the plot only gets thicker.

    Next as the characters do their thing and play their part in the show they're already well practiced and experienced in what they do and we're introduced -- almost too quickly -- to how they do their job.

    This is a rushed episode and it lacks because of it, but it's still above average with well rounded character, original story lines, and good choice in actors. I only wish I could have enjoyed them more, but again, that's the only flaw I could find.
  • The pilot to a unique crime procedural that pushes the boundaries of network television.

    While the first season of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is definitely not my favorite season of the show, it has definitely held up over the years, unlike, say, the first season of "The X-Files", which I feel did not age very well at all. And most unusual of all is the fact that the pilot episode is still good compared to later episodes.

    The episode opens with newly hired CSI Holly Gribbs showing up to work and introducing herself to Gil Grissom, supervisor of the night shift. Through her eyes we see this strange and interesting place full of weird things and weird people (namely Grissom). It had been so long since I've actually seen the pilot that I actually had forgotten all about Holly Gribbs. When I first started rewatching, I was surprised to see her and I figured that she probably stays around a few episodes and was written off due to the actress wanting to leave or something. (I haven't seen season one since it first aired.) So I was a tad shocked and dismayed when she met her fate at the end of the episode...I quite liked her.

    The pilot episode has a few flaws that most pilots have. The characters are introduced sort of awkwardly and most of them are a tad annoying at first. But overall, it's a solid and memorable pilot that upon rewatching made me remember why I used to be so into this show.
  • Even in the first episode, CSI had the captivating formula that made the series so good.

    A well-rounded episode that introduces us to the crime lab through the eyes of rookie Holly Gribbs, this episode is just plain great. It is surprisingly light in content for a CSI episode. Humor literally abounds. Examples: The new recruit is warded off by a convenience store clerk she's trying to help, with the tough victim brandishing a gun and shouting, "This is my popsicle stand!" Later, that same recruit is terrified by the bodies in the morgue. Grissom proceeds to cuss the corpses out. He also lectures Warrick and tells him that CSI's handle cases objectively, without any bias towards race, creed, "or bubble gum flavor". While this may be a bit over-the-top, the jokes never feel too out-of-place and make for an entertaining, almost sitcom-ish feel.

    This episode handles a whopping half-dozen mysteries for the team to solve, but many of them are used simply as plot devices to get points across. Warrick's gambling addiction and Brass's early pigheaded nature are introduced. The murder-as-suicide mystery (pulled-off very nicely in the cold-open, may I add) introduces the series' first recurring criminal, and pops up again in later episodes. The corner store robbery gives Catherine a chance to talk about how much she loves her job. She also later works on a case in which a little girl is raped, leading to a wonderfully emotional scene where she takes off from her job to say "I love you" to her own distant daughter.

    But this show still has the focus of CSI right on target: captivating mysteries handled with ground-breaking forensics. Of the many crimes in this episode, we reach the conclusion of two -- namely the one where the man is robbed by a stripper and the one where a man claims to have killed his brother-in-law in self-defense. Both have original ways of getting from point A to point B.

    Then there's the cliffhanger -- wow! Just when things seem to be going so smoothly, you get hit with a shocker that leaves you on pins and needles and sets things up for a good cry in the next episode. Yes, by the first episode, the characters are already set-up well enough for you to be attached to them.

    This episode is a great way to get into the series, or just another great installment in the series. It seems a bit filler-ish, but that's entirely excusable. In fact, I wouldn't have this episode any other way.
  • The first first CSI!!

    I've seen this chapter now, so I have a different point of view than the first time I saw it! Clue points:
    * Grissom: Really weird. He smiles all the time!! and he hugs the new girl!! and he shouts a$$holes to the dead people in the morgue!!
    * Catherine: without high-heeled shoes!!
    * Warrick and Brass arguing all the time!! I didn't remember that...
    * Nick: As always...I think it' s the one that have less changed.
    * Holly Gibbs: She was not made to be a CSI. It would sound cruel but, I'm glad she died!!
    * Greg: WAW!! he was so young!!
    I enjoyed watching this episode again, now I have a new perspective of the series!!!
  • Classic start to a classic TV show. A Las Vegas forensics team dedicated to solving the crimes, all with their own personalities that are gradually built upon. Enthralling viewing. Great visuals throughout. Don't miss TV at its very best.

    Classic start to a classic TV show. You start to get an affinity for the main charecters straight away. Gill is as Gill is.... slightly nerdy (in a funny way) but extremely clever and sharp thinking, and very loyal to his team (as is demonstrated constantly through the series). Warrick has his gambling problems. Nick is obviously clever and on his way up the ladder. Catherine has childcare troubles but is dedicated. Sara is new to the team, knows her stuff, but has history with Gill Grissom. Good hard hitting pilot (not yet with the classic Who theme tune). Brass develops for the better as the episode go on. Cracking TV!
  • Pilot

    The very frist episode of CSI is one of my favorite because of how well the series stared off and it has some very shoking stuff the you do not think will happen in the pilot I also like how it tells basicly who everyone is and how long they been with the crime lab of Las Vegas all of the storylines are done very well and are very well this is one of my favorite episode of the seris So i think the very frist episode is a very good one at that and that is all i have to say END.
  • An epic pilot for an even more epic and groundbreaking series that has changed many people's lives and the way that they look at law enforcement.

    It's as I said, this is an epic pilot for an even more epic and groundbreaking series that has changed many people's lives and the way that they look at law enforcement. This pilot episode was the beginning of some 200 or more episodes from the original series and it's spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, but enough about the overall of the show. This episode was great, it had a great plot (kinda' reminded me of ER with the new kid starting their first day). We meet all the characters a rank or two lower than they are now (except for Brass, he was the head of CSI, what Grissom is now). Warrick and Nick are having a friendly bet on who will make CSI Level 3 first while Grissom hands them their cases. We see Holly Gribbs, the new kid on the block, pull up in her black BMW sedan. The whole thing goes through about a serial killer who left prints from a fake hand that sold 10,000 units that year for halloween as well as about a man who mudered his wife's college friend. It all culminates to the shooting of Holly Gribbs, Brass getting ready to go back to homicide, and Warrick's suspension. A truly riveting episode for a series that has it's own effect on courtrooms nationwide. The CSI Effect. This show has gone on for 7 seasons and isn't showing signs of slowing down yet!
  • Good start to epic show. Seems dated in retrospect but overall was a total niche in it's day.

    This is where CSI all started. It's groundbreaking visuals of forensic explanation is excellent, only to be surpassed by this show in later episodes. Overall the episode's dated in retrospect because the shows writers in my opinion hadn't firmly set themselves in stone just then, but over the course of the series they refine and mould an outstanding show into what it is today. I'm a personal fam of how in this episode, you're kept guessing as to what the actual true story lies beneath the crime. X-files meets NYPD Blue, it'll keep the nerds and the tv junkies both happy with this pilot.
  • A great start to a great show!

    Gil Grissom is the superviser for the graveyard shift. He works with Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown. Jim Brass is the head of the unit. This episode sees Grissom trying to solve a murder that was staged to look like a suicide in a bath tub. Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown are going head to head for the position of CSI 3. Warrick and Catherine delve into the murder of a drug homeless man who'd been staying with a family for longer than they intented. Nick tries to find out who drugged a man and robbed him. While all these three seperate cases steal the show rookie Holly Gribbs joins the show as a new CSI. As the other CSIs solve there cases Brass is spending his time trying to scare Gribbs out of the job. Warrick gets caught gambling and has to escort Gribbs to a crime scene. As Warrick waits outside Gribbs is shot. Nick solves his case before Warrick and is promoted to CSI 3. Catherine solves hers and Warricks case while Grissom has a difficult time in solving his so the Killer goes unfound. This episode shows the viewers the introduction of each character and how they live their lives on a day by day basis. We learn Catherine is a mother of a young daughter named Lindsay and I am sure that the other characters personal lives will be revealed on the show. In fact I can guarantee it!
  • After seeing the pilot again tonight for the first time in a v. v. v. long while I've noticed that things have really changed here in the CSI lab... (which wasn't even called the CSI lab in the Pilot)...

    Holly Gribbs is still alive, Brass is in charge- and somewhat of an jerk, Warrick and Nick are just coming to CSI level 3 status, Sara isn't even thought of, and poor Grissom, guess he's always been bad at dates. (Although, he does seem less ridged; even though he still isn't the most social guy, he does seem more... (don't hate me)- human... he doesn't live inside his own head as much as he does now. Brass on the other hand, went the other way, from being a total jerk to someone who we came to care for, who we wanted to live (not that we don't love Griss any less...)Yes, the two charcters, Brass and Grissom have change the most; seems like Catherine has been the most stable character. Even furthur than characters, the way they run a scene, their titles, what they drive, even what they wear has changed. I'm not saying this is at all bad. It is a pilot episode. It was just really weird watching the beginning of what is now one of my favourite shows in the world of all times. The show was always excellent and I hope it's excellent till the end.
  • um pilot episde

    this is a very very good episode. it introduced us to all the characters and made me want to watch the show more. we can see what the show will be about - very interesting science and crimes and with good character interaction. i like everyone so far but need to see more of them to make up my mind properly because obviously we have not seen that much of each of the characters yet! i will definitely watch more though and i think this may become a really very good program, for my favourite list. ill make sure to watch every week for sure.
  • Not what I expected.

    I\'ve always been told that the CSI shows are all about the looks. An empty shell. A book with zero content and a pretty cover. You catch my drift.

    I haven\'t seen any of that pretty zooming in on evidence, lovely bright colours everywhere, or even good looking clothes. The show intro was just plain ugly. But hey, I am watching this episode seven years after it premiered.

    I just watched two seasons of Entourage so a crime show was a welcome change. Anyway, like I said, I heard this was a pretty looking book with virtually no content worth understanding. Well, I just told you that it isn\'t pretty at all, but beautiful as a baboon\'s backside. Contentwise, this show is actually promising. That is, until it turns into the CSI everyone is always telling me about.

    I\'m giving this show a shot. Just proves that a good pilot is what keeps people in the right place at the right time every week.
  • A great way to start a series.

    I was drawn in when I first watched this episode as straight away we are thrown into the almost unbelievable world of a CSI. You know you are watching a great series when in the first episode they get someone shot who you have just been introduced to. This episode is also good as we are introduced to the main characters and some of the little things we will see more of in the future. Such as how Catherine is a caring mother, how Grissom has a fascination with all things weird and we are also introduced to some of the more disturbing sides of these peoples lives with Warrick and his obvious gambling problem. This episode is also good at showing the different ways the characters accept the news of Holly Gibbs being shot and I love the way it leaves room to extend on this.
  • Start of the show that has it all.

    I have a feeling that this review will be about how great CSI is. If the first episode was the first episode I ever saw I don't think I would know what to say about it. I don't even know if I would keep watching. Over time when you got to know the characters (and meet Sara, she was certainly better than Holly) the show certainly got better and now it is the greatest show in invention. The characters in this episode were not how they turned out and for that I'm glad. I don't think I could like the characters if they remained the way they were. Overall a très cool start though.
  • Of what was to become!

    This show was thought to be a sleeper hit for then the short-lived remake of the Fugitive
    Is now the most beloved and #1 show not just as of right now but of all time
    Grissom is a loner and has no private life
    While Catherine is making ends me with her young daughter as a single parent
    Nick & Warrick are friends but also competing with one another for a promotion
    Brass runs the unit
    Sarah isn't in the show just yet
    But this is a great start to the show!
  • A case you can never forget, things people should or shouldn't do.

    They start off so good!
    We see side of Brass that is classic behavior.
    Warrick watches his crosses the line for a case which he will regret in later episodes.
    I love it when Holly experiences her first autopsy, it's funny to see her going into the wrong room.
    We see Grissom is human by calming her down:D

    Overall good episode, a good start to a great drama series!
  • A great start to a great series.

    This was the one that started it all and boy did it start the series off with a bang! All the characters were excellently placed in this episode, it set the perfect oppurtunity for a killer series to come out of it, and that it did. It was a great plot twist when Holly Gribbs was shot, no matter how sympathetic you felt for the CSIs. Overall, great episode, great starter for the number one scripted TV show.
  • This was the first great epsisode of a great show. CSI caught my attention right away because it wasn't like the other cop shows or anything.

    This was the first great episode of a great show. CSI caught my attention right away because it wasn't like the other cop shows or anything. It actually shows what happens and I learn alot from this show. Not to mention the actors and actresses are really incredible too. This show shows much more potential then the other lame-o cop shows that are out there. Go CSI!
  • From this moment the best series this millenium. CSI is the best of the best, and is a surprise in every episodesIs great serie with the best cast since X Files. I love CSI. Sei que todos nós sempre nos lembraremos dos bons momentos que pass

    Is great serie with the best cast since X Files.
    I love CSI. From this moment the best series this millenium.

    Não importa aonde vc assista, nem a língua que vc fale, CSI passa todas as barreiras. E vale cada segundo.

    não assiste tenha prazer o de descobrir série que a CBS criou.
  • love this show and would never miss an episode. library is full of the csi episodes. grissom is the go to guy and nick is just a great character. we need more shows that have the nerve to show blood and guts and not just go around the mulberry bush.

    instead of saying pilot they should name the first episode. this one is the one where they kill off the cast member in the first episode. warrick is off placing bets for a judge. well she gets shot in this episode and dies in the next but still very good.
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