CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 15

Pirates of the Third Reich

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2006 on CBS
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The CSIs investigate the gruesome murder of Lady Heather's estranged daughter, Zoe, who was found in the middle of the Vegas desert.

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  • The Team Investigates When Lady Heather's Daughter Zoe Is Found Dead In The Middle Of The Desert.

    I dont have favorite episode of CSI, but this is the worst episode i have ever seen. Zoe Kessler is found dead. Soon they find out that she was the daughter of Lady Heather. I found the man with one eye to be pretty unrealistic and disturbing. The case was boring and uninteresting. I have never cared for the character of Lady Heather. But this was a very bad episode and it had the worst ending of all CSI episodes. The episodes concentrating on Lady Heather have been pretty stupid and boring, but I enjoyed her role in "Slaves of Las Vegas". Seriously. I am a huge a fan of "CSI" and I think every episode is worth seeing. This is not.moreless
  • The episode was....freaky but good

    This episode saw the return of lady heather because her daughter Zoe is murdered and Lady Heather tries to get her revenge when the killer is identified as she ties him to a car and constantly whips him but Grissom stopped her in the end.This was a freaky episode with many things happening like Zoe chewing off her hand,the CSI's found conjoined twins and Zoe had her eye cut out and replaced by Jack the pirates eye but I really did enjoy the episode.moreless
  • A social and spiritual wake-up call

    CSI is theoretically "entertainment" tv. Let's review what happens in this episode. A young woman is abducted by a Neo-Nazi. She is stripped, starved, shaved, drugged, chained to a wall, and injected with flesh-eating bacteria. Her eyeball is removed and replaced with one from another person. She eventually escapes by knawing off her own arm. And because there was no sex involved, the writers have her mother sleep with the captor to get a DNA sample. Step back for a moment - who but a sadist would find watching any of this entertaining? My old history professor used to say that Roman society lost its way when it replaced the dichotomy of "good/bad" with "exciting/boring". I think we are well past that point as a society...moreless
  • This brutally honest episode may shock and appall but takes a heads on look into one of the more gruesome sides of human behavior.

    This episode is one of my favorite; perhaps my all time favorite thus far of the CSI series.

    Reality is that human beings and their behavior runs the gamut from wonderfully beautiful and spiritually inspiring to utterly dismal and grotesque. Unfortunately as a race the latter has seemed to make the most vivid marks on our history as a race.

    The plot brings back the controversial Lady Heather, who CSI has portrayed very well considering the taboo's toward S/M/B/D behavior in our society. Lady Heather's daughter is found dead of extremely bizarre means and Lady Heather becomes more then just an S/M/B/D cliche; she is portrayed as a grieving mother and one who is very human. Her daughter has become the victim of a modern day Josef Mengele. Lady Heather's humanity is displayed in a number of ways; her loss is obviously painful and her humanity is displayed by her almost zealous desire for revenge.

    Grissom is there for her and the depth of their relationship thickens because Grissom, being the ultimate humanist can cast aside any taboo's and prejudices toward her because he is that; a humanist.

    Don't forget as well that a society allowing the barbaristic medical torture of thousands of people existed very successfully not that long ago and lesson is; it's not that far away to repeat itself. And Lady Heather's revenge is sweet and desperately full of total and utter pain almost beyond comprehension.moreless
  • Perfect. One of the best episodes in this season.

    Lady Heather returns when her daughter is found dead. Grissom's team have the case. Lady Heather's daughter, Zoe, turn up to be used for experiment. This episode is quite disgusting. Zoe chewed her hand, she is hairless, half-naked and she has an eye that not belong to hers. Then later on, we found two men that have been forced to "stick" together...Yuck!! Totally disgusting, yet but good. I love this episode. Lady Heather have to forced herself to sleep with the doctor so that she can get his DNA. I have to admit it is a smart way but it's disgusting and weird. Just another good episode. I love it.moreless
Jim Cody Williams

Jim Cody Williams

Happy Jack

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Michael Patrick McGill

Michael Patrick McGill

Ruben Caster

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Jeff Sugarman

Jeff Sugarman

Dr. Mulligan

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Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke

Lady Heather

Recurring Role

David Berman

David Berman

David Phillips

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Liz Vassey

Liz Vassey

Wendy Simms

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: The Titan arum, corpse flower, has some problems in this episode. First, the flower grows naturally in the tropical forests of Sumatra. It is not very likely to survive sitting on a bench in the arid desert sun of Nevada. Second, Brown and Stokes track the smell of decomposing flesh to the flowers on the bench. The question is asked who would have a corpse flower besides someone trying to cover the smell of a decomposing body. To start with, none of the plants shown are flowering. The corpse flowers stench comes about when the flower opens. Then there is the rarity of the bloom itself. The botanical gardens around the world with corpse flowers make a very big event out of the bloom. Also, the bloom lasts no more than 36 hours. And then there is the stench of the bloom itself. That stench lasts no more than 8 hours. All this makes it useless to try to hide the smell of dead bodies with this plant and makes it impossible for Brown to state the plants are giving off the odor of decomp.

    • Grissom: Heterochromia, it appears Zoe had one blue eye and one brown eye.

      Heterochromia Iridium - this is the right description of Zoe's eyes condition as her irises were different color where Heterochromia Iridis is mixed colors of part of one iris. This condition (both forms) is the result of lack of pigment, caused by genetic inheritance, disease or injury.

    • Tony Amendola, who plays Professor Rambar in this episode, also plays "The Super" in Season 5's opener, "Viva Las Vegas."

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Leon Sneller is tied to the front of an SUV, and Lady Heather is whipping him)
      Grissom: Heather! Stop it!
      Heather: No. Let me finish. (she continues to whip Sneller. She pulls her whip back to continue, but Grissom steps forward and catches the end of the whip. She whirls around and tugs her whip, trying to get it out from Grissom's grasp)
      Grissom: You cannot do this!
      Heather: No! Let go! Let--
      Grissom: No!
      Heather: Please ... (she continues to struggle to get the whip free from his grasp)
      Grissom: Stop. (firmly) Heather.
      Heather (begging): Please ...
      Grissom: I'm saying stop. (Lady Heather stops and looks at Grissom. She gasps deep, heaving sobs. Grissom pulls the whip closer, bringing him closer to her Heather cries as Grissom holds her)

    • Grissom: This isn't a torture chamber. It's a time capsule.
      Brass: Wolfowitz inherited this place from his parents. Took over the deed about ten years ago.
      Catherine: Love what he's done with the place.

    • Catherine (about Zoe): How'd she get from Harvard to here?
      Brass: Practice, practice, practice...

    • Catherine: That's Leon Sneller.
      Grissom: Looks like Wolfowitz, only younger.
      Catherine: Which explains how I saw and how Lady Heather... did a dead guy?
      Grissom: Identical twins.
      Catherine: I thought that she killed him, too. I would've. I mean I wouldn't have slept with him first, but...
      Grissom: Same DNA. But different prints. So all the DNA we attributed to Wolfowitz could be Sneller's.
      Catherine: Makes you wonder who's on the autopsy table. Sneller joined the army in 1985 and was stationed at a field hospital in Berlin until about a year ago. At which point I think that he came to Vegas, put his brother on ice, started impersonating him. I know this theory is a little out there but given the evidence it's the only conclusion that makes any sense.
      Grissom: Occam's Razor, principle of parsimony. If you hear hoof beats think horses, not zebras.
      Catherine: Given twins... go with twins.

    • (After the DNA from the condom matched Jacob Wolfowitz)
      Wendy: I have a question. How do you have sex with the person who killed your daughter?
      Grissom: Revenge is an act of passion.

    • Grissom: What are you doing here?
      Lady Heather: I think I might be able to help you.
      Grissom: I'm listening.
      Lady Heather: You would have liked Zoe. She's a lot like you. Thoughtful, pragmatic, patient. She was studying psychology. I appreciate that it might have been difficult to have someone like me as a mother. But if I stressed anything it was empowerment and independence. So when she called me last year from Boston, to tell me that she was pregnant with her therapist's baby, I got angry. Not with her but with him. He violated an oath. Not only was he married but she was a patient. A junior in college with her whole life in front of her.
      Grissom: And you didn't want him to screw it up.
      Lady Heather: I called the AMA, filed a complaint. They revoked his license. Zoe stopped speaking to me.
      Grissom: Did she have her baby?
      Lady Heather: Your coroner couldn't confirm. (she reaches into her bag and pulls out a baggie with a condom in it and gives it to Grissom) I assumed you might need a DNA sample from Mr. Wolfowitz.
      Grissom: How did you get this?
      Lady Heather: The rage was stronger than the repulsion. People have used sex for less worthy causes.
      Grissom: When did you...
      Lady Heather: Last night, you may not approve, Grissom, but you can't arrest me for sleeping with him. He was consenting. I am playing by your rules but if I had it my way this guy would die the same way my daughter died.
      Grissom: He's already dead.
      Lady Heather: What?
      Grissom: He's been dead for two days.
      Lady Heather: That's not possible.

    • (After she was at a suspect's house and got caught by Nick and Warrick)
      Grissom: Are you and Mr. Wolfowitz acquainted?
      Lady Heather: No.
      Grissom: Then why were you at his house?
      Lady Heather: Breaking and entering.
      Grissom: Is that why we found this etching in your handbag?
      Lady Heather: Yes.
      Grissom: Why?
      Lady Heather: Multiple reasons.
      Grissom: Which are?
      Lady Heather: You told me Zoe was having tests done at Betz. I found out who oversaw the tests-- Mr. Wolfowitz. He lives close to where you found Zoe. If I'm caught stealing he may want the police to investigate.
      Grissom: However if he refuses to press charges...
      Lady Heather: I'd have to ask myself what kind of person would do that.
      Grissom: Someone with something to hide.
      Lady Heather: Precisely.
      Grissom: So why, uh, steal this?
      Lady Heather: It's one of the earliest illustrations in the Romulus and Remus myth. It's printed from a plate. It must be worth thousands.
      Grissom: So?
      Lady Heather: Well, it looks like a page from a book. I find people that don't respect books have a general disregard for keeping things whole.
      Grissom: So you think he stole it?
      Lady Heather: I think a pencil pusher in a pharmaceutical lab couldn't afford it.
      Grissom: Even if all this is true, we still don't know if he killed your daughter.
      Lady Heather: Too many coincidences.
      Grissom: You have to stay away from him.
      Lady Heather: You forfeited the right to give me advice some time ago. But thank you.

    • Warrick: Now who's gonna have a plant that smells like decomposing flesh?
      Nick: Someone who's trying to cover up the real deal. LVPD.
      Warrick: You smell a warrant?
      Nick: Well, we can look but not touch. (they see a pretty big cooler in the garage)
      Warrick: I'm in if you're in.
      Nick: Well, now, here's a real catch-22. We open it up, find something probative, we can't use it. But we can't find something probative..
      Warrick: ...Unless we got the warrant to open it.
      Nick: Yeah.
      Warrick: That's funny, you don't strike me as the delayed gratification type.
      Nick: I'm not, Grissom is.
      Warrick: Right. (sees some weird looking plants) These are some freaky-lookin' plants.
      Nick: Yeah it's all about genetic modification.

    • (Looking in the desert for the victim's hand)
      Warrick: A hand in the desert is worth two in the bush.
      Nick: Well, right now a hand is all we have to go on.
      Warrick: Okay, Grissom.

    • Doctor: You'd be surprised at the amount of people that want a pharmaceutical lullaby.
      Catherine: No... I wouldn't.

    • (At the victim's house Grissom is looking at her books and reads a title that's in German)
      Brass: Nothing sounds good in German.

    • Brass: The Jane Doe is Zoe Kessler. Her mother identified her as her estranged daughter. I did a DMV check and I got the vic's last known address.
      Grissom: Good. I'll come with 'ya.
      Brass: There's something you should know. The mother's a friend of yours.
      Grissom: Who's that?
      Brass: Lady Heather. (Grissom looks up at him)

    • (About Captain Jack, who has an eye patch)
      Nick: Where you at right now?
      Sara: On the train to crazyville.
      Nick: You get a peek under the patch?
      Sara: No. No. I uh, left that for the doctor. (the doctor exams Jack) Do you think he's crazy or...?
      Doctor: I think he's been lobotomized. I wanna do a CT scan to confirm but in the 30's and 40's lobotomies were often done via the eye socket.
      Nick: Right. Right. But lobotomies, they're not a common practice today?
      Doctor: Hardly.

    • Wendy: Yeah, but this gets so much weirder because that dried up eyeball, it actually belonged to somebody else.
      Sara (deadpanned): What?
      Wendy: Yeah, the vitreous fluid from her eyeball shows she has only been dead for a day; but the DNA from the other eyeball is well, male, and it seems to have been separated from its owner for about a week. So, (Sara looks disturbed) I ran it through CODIS, and the eyeball belongs to Jack Landers, a convicted sex offender.
      Sara: Would sticking your eyeball in a woman's eye socket constitute a sex offense?
      Wendy: Well, rape is defined by putting an unwanted foreign object into a genital opening. So sexual... no ...
      Sara: But offensive... yeah.

    • Nick: Look's like they starved her to death first.
      Brass: Well, Jesus fasted in the desert.
      Grissom: Yeah, but he had a choice.
      Nick: No clothes, no shoes, no hair.
      Brass: Maybe her dome is shaved because she spent some time in the pen.
      Nick: No right hand either. Could have been disarticulated by a wild animal.
      David: Do you mind if we just scoop and run? The conditions are bad.
      Brass: The only wild animal is the one who left her out here.
      Grissom: Yeah, David. Tire tracks, shoe prints all they are is...
      Brass: Dust in the wind.
      Grissom: It looks like she was branded.
      Brass: Emaciated, bald and numbered. What does that remind you of?

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Piráti Třetí říše (Pirates of the Third Reich)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Slipping Away- Nine Inch Nails
      Into the Void- Nine Inch Nails
      The Great Collapse- Nine Inch Nails
      The Wretched- Nine Inch Nails
      Till Kingdom Come- Coldplay

    • Tonight's episode had a fairly rare warning graphic: "Due to Mature Theme, Viewer Discretion Is Advised."

    • Now that CSI and The O.C. air at the same time, Melinda Clarke will be playing Lady Heather in this episode and Julie Cooper on FOX simultaneously.


    • Title: Pirates of the Third Reich.

      The title refers to the third reich, or "empire", the German state under control of Adolf Hitler-1933-1945. The killer is also seen quoting Hitler in his notes when doing the experiments.

    • Brass: Emaciated, bald, and numbered. What does that remind you of?

      Allusion to--- The Jews incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps, hence the title and the story line/episode.

    • Grissom reads Sneller's journal, which mentions "Tuskegee" when discussing medical experiments. The Tuskegee Study was a research project involving syphilis. The US government wanted to know what effects untreated syphilis had on black men so they hospitalized them and documented their symptoms instead of treating their illness. Untreated syphilis is fatal and it can cause blindness, insanity and other complications. These men could have been cured with simple penicillin injections.

    • Grissom: Heather, I'm saying stop.

      This is a reference to episode 15 of season 3, Lady Heather's Box, in which Grissom is cupping Lady Heather's face in his hands, she tells him that he can always say stop, he says so could she.

    • Grissom: What nature couldn't fix, our Dr. Mengele could, is that it?

      Josef Mengele was a Nazi doctor who performed gruesome medical experiments on Auschwitz inmates during World War II.

    • Greg: This clinic is like the Hotel California. You can check in anytime you like but you might never leave.

      "Hotel California" is a song by The Eagles.

    • Grissom: Yeah, David. All we are is...
      Brass: ...dust in the wind.

      This is a lyric from the Kansas song, "Dust In The Wind". They sing about the ephemeral nature of man and his works.

    • Episode Title: Pirates of the Third Reich The title of this episode is a reference to the 2003 film Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, also produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. In addition, one character refers to himself as "Captain Jack" which is the main character's name in the film played by Johnny Depp. Guest star Jim Cody Williams even costarred in the first film motivating Bruckheimer to hire Williams for this episode.