CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 13 Episode 5

Play Dead

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on CBS

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  • Best misleading promo. :-)

    I have always been a casual CSI fan, so I don't know if this ranks as one of their best episodes, but I really liked it. I think it might be because of how contrary the promo was to the actual content but in truth I'm a sucker for any episodes involving the awesomeness of dogs. And the main story line involved a supposedly vicious police dog, the effect of losing a partner, references to a zombie apocalypse, Nike stokes being charming and an awesome CSI and a scene towards the end of the episode that shows the loyalty of pets and all in all a satisfying conclusion.
  • A dog that starts of at the beginning as the suspect turns out to solve the case.

    This was quite an enjoyable episode when a police officer is found dead and immediately it looks like his dog killed him and a murder of a divorce attorney with the killer being the most unlikely person.In the episode Nick gains the trust of the dog when he let it out of the cage and it turns out he wasn't bad which leads them to find the real killer.It was good how Nick got to know the dog and in the end saved Nicks life by taking a bullet and capturing the killer.With the dog alive Nick agrees to take it home with him and look after it.
  • Translation

    Although this episode was enjoyable, I've had a hard time with the "commands" supposedly in French given to the dog.

    As a native speaker, I know of no trainer that would call his dog the equivalent of -thee-, none... You just don't invite respectfully a dog to sit with "asseyez-vous": "Assis!" (sit!) is what you say. A 5-year old would know that, Google translate apparently doesn't.

    All the French used is grammatically correct, I don't mind the pronunciation, but it's so not idiomatic at the same time that it's making it hard to believe the dog's story...
  • The CSI's investigate the murders of a police officer and a scumbag divorce attorney.

    I try to stay unbiased when I post my reviews. However, being a dog lover all of my life (and having a great respect for police dogs as well), it was hard to do so this time around. "Play Dead" is the best episode of the season so far. George Eads gives his best performance since the excellent two-part season five finale. What made the episode work was avoiding the "Turner & Hooch" like formula plot device by having Stokes and Sam the Police Dog start off as friends instead of hating each other at first and then loving each other at the end. Seeing man and beast work together to catch Sam's former partner's killer was a real treat. I actually found myself worrying for Sam after I learned he had been shot. I almost cheered after I saw he survived (That's going to cost me.). The secondary storyline worked well also. However, for me at least, it was a bit overshadowed by the primary storyline. "CSI" can still deliver after more then a decade. It still remains the best crime drama on television.
  • A Great Episode

    this was a great episode especially all the police dog parts. it was good to see Nick adopt the dog at the end and that Sam(the police dog) was the hero and protected his master and helped save the day by catching his killer. this was one of my favorite CSI episodes.