CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 22

Play with Fire

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2003 on CBS

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  • Some of the CSI's get in a bit of trouble

    This was a stunning episode with so much going on and CSI's facing consequences that all started off with a murder in a high school football stadium where they found that they had to act quick because they had only been there in under an hour of the murder been committed.Some of the evidence leads to an explosion in the lab badly injuring Greg and he is rushed to hospital.Nick and Warrick then investigate how the explosion started which shockingly proves that Catherine was responsible and she gets a five day suspension.It also gets worse for the CSI's when Sara gets in trouble by Brass for going in the suspects apartment with the swat team which could have put her in danger.In a bad day for the CSI's it was an amazing episode for me to watch and was one of the best CSI episodes I have saw.
  • Poor Greggo..........

    Episode sort of starts out with Catherine and Warrick going to Greg's lab and putting a jar of green liquid under the fumehood, then leaving, acting totally natural so we don't think anything of the green stuff for a duration of the episode until KA-BOOM!! Greg's on the other side of the glass wall, Sara's injured and to top it off the lab's on fire.

    I'm not a fan of GSR, but the scene with Grissom checking Sara's hand out (which I personally think that the 'blood' could have been done better) and then getting medical attention. I think it's nice seeing that side of Grissom for once.

    The second character I feel sorry the most for is Catherine, when she's done her investigation of the lab and discovers she's the one who blew the plaace up. At least she had the guts to tell Greggo in person that she was the one who put him in the hospital.

    In all I think they did a great job with this episode. The GSR fans were happy, Greg-Angst-Episode fans (me included) were happy, and fans of Catherine x Warrick were happy. Although, I think Nick has a lot of explaining to do. I don't recall him asking about Greggo and he sure as hell didn't see him at the hospital (unless he went after shift, or something).
  • The CSI's face a difficult case when they have to investigate the explosion of their own lab.

    There were certainly several what-the-hell? moments in this episode. The first being when the DNA lab exploded in a ball of flame, sending poor Greg flying through a glass window. The second was Catherine's revelation that it was in fact she who blew up the DNA lab. And the third was when Sara bite the bullet and finally asked Grissom out; even if she didn't get quite the answer she wanted.

    This episode was very exciting, but the drama took second place to the character development that was taking place. Grissom is at one of the most human he has ever been around his staff; his concern for Greg when he is being wheeled out on the gurney, his defence of Catherine when it transpires that she blew up the lab and most tellingly, his feelings for Sara when she has been hurt. In a season that has done an excellent job humanising Grissom, this episode really showed him at his very best and finally cracked the lid on his cool, professional demeanour.

    We also see Sara develop in this episode, particularly through her feelings for Grissom. And after her frightening experience with the lab explosion, we see Sara deal with it by becoming a little reckless.

    Catherine too, grows as a person. She is the woman who is used to being right and in charge, and yet in this episode we see her admit that her daughter is a little out of control and that she blew up the lab. Catherine also proves herself to be a braver person than I had ever given her credit for by going to see Greg in the hospital to confess to him that it was in fact her fault the lab blew up.

    One of my all time CSI favourites, and always will be.
  • Excellent for developing the characters.

    Not a perfect 10.0 show.*

    But an excellent one for showing procedures similar to the real world and how people can and do foul up. Importantly it shows the consequences following that foul up, the knock on effect such a foul up can have on 'on-going' investigations etc. It goes a long way to show that even in a great series as this the characters are fallible. The best part for me was how the characters are developing within the show. This episode stands out from most of the others for this reason alone.

    All in all a great episode to watch.

    The only failing that doesn't make this a perfect 10.0 is at the end of the show - How can Grisom give an immediate 'No' to Sara Sidle's question... In reality he would at least think about it for a couple of seconds!
  • The DNA lab explodes when someone put a substance near the heater.

    I would've rated this episode with a ten but something happens to my favorite CSI. While Catherine and Warrick investigate what happened in the lab, Grissom, Nick and Sara investigate the murder of the death of a woman who is found dead near the football field. This was kind of a sad episode for me. Because this is trip number one to the hospital for Greg.
  • OMG so much GSR for on little person!

    This episode was absolutely fantastic! I mean did anyone see that GREAT GSR scene after the explosion? I really thing that the writers did a good job with this on, first of all you kept thinking you knew who killed the girl and you couldn't be more far of! that in it self is awesome. And then there was the explosion. talk about brining in some dram to the episode, that was a good move my the writers. I'm glad that Greg wasn't more hurt than he was, what a though job Catherine had in the end, telling Greg why his lab blew up in his face.
  • Grissom, Nick, and Sara have a dead body in a high school score box while Catherine and Warrick investigate the lab explosion. Greg, the DNA lab rat, was seriously injured in the explosion while Sara, a passerby, only needed stitches.

    I really felt bad for Greg. I know how it feels to ride on a stretcher, and it's not comfortable! I always cry at this part (because I have the whole season on DVD) and I always try to go out of the room whenever I know it's coming up. (Either that or clog up my ears and close my eyes. That stems the tears from happening until I see him in the hospital bed.) Don't read unless you've seen.
  • I'm not A GSR shipper, but I must admit, this one was cute !

    First, there is a very nice music that I really appreciated, I think it was "Like you" by "mandalay". The beginning of the episode is not so interesting. it's got nothing really particular, nothing really atractive, except maybe the fact, that it's one of the episodes I understood the best, despite my french nationality.
    The story starts to rock in the middle of the episode, after the lab explosion. I bumped in my couch because even though I knew that the lab was going to blow up, I didn't expect it to happen at once, like it did. Greg crossed the window unwillingly and sara and him fell on the floor.
    Grissom calls Sara "honey". it was very cute, but totally out of context. And during the rest of the episode, sara keeps doing strange stuff. And even before the lab blew up, she was already weird. What is she playing at ?
    First, she follows Grissom without any reasons to do it, then she watches a picture of her really weirdly. And she's got a big belly as well !
    The reason I really loved this episode, in spite of the lab explosion (which was a great thing) was the finale scene. I'm not a GSR shipper at all, I'd say, that, at the contrary, I don't want the two of them to go out. But this last scene was so cute. I felt sorry for Sara, and I felt like punching Grissom who has feelinngs for Sara, but doesn't know how to handle them.
    All in all, this episode was a GREAT one, the best of all the third season

  • warning spoliers!!! Don't read if you havent seen the eposide. Anywho I felt so bad when Greggy got blew up, I mean i dont mind Catherine but still I felt so bad for him.

    Greg Sanders, our favorite DNA lab tech and now field mouse gets blew up by aciddent. I almost started crying, even though I knew he lived I couldn't stand the sight of seeing him all hurt and junk, he is my favorite character and he is so cute!!! Anyway though it did show some Sara/Grissom action I am not a big fan of that, I personally think that Greggo and Sara need to get together, they complete each other. I felt so bad for Cath when she found out she did it, and it wasn't her fault! Poor Greg, I am so glad he is okay and ready to fight the world. Yeah right, but I mean you can't hate the kid can you?
  • aww! Greg! *cries* I feel so bad for him! *spoilers*

    I thought that if they killed Greg off they would reck the show. I love the scene when after the explosion how he tries to left his head up and then just falls! *cries*
    he\\\'s just awesome.
    I love how Grissom was walking behind him on the way to the ambulance it was really heartbreaking.!
    oh and dont forget the last scene; the hospital! it was really sad, poor gregoo! I felt bad when Catherine realised it was her fault :(!
  • Ahh.....GSR. I absolutely loved this episode.

    And not just for the GSR....well, that was a rather large deciding factor, but that's beside the point.

    The lab blows up!!! And, we come to find out that it was Catherine's "fault". That was really unexpected.

    But Grissom called Sara 'honey'!!!That was probably the best part. Followed closely by the "I don't know what to do about this" near the end. At least Grissom acknoledges that there is something between them, even if he's unsure as to how to proceed.

  • Grissom called her honey!!

    The only reason I gave this episode a 10 was because of the GSR.

    The case wasn't that interesting & the episode only became interesting after the lab explosion. Poor Greggo. Him being the one seriously hurt. It was sad seeing him lying there helpless in the hospital bed, instead of him goofing off in the lab as usual.

    My favorite part of the episode, Grissom calling Sara *honey*.

    Sara finally asks Grissom out to dinner but the timing is obviously wrong and he turns her down. The whole scene was fantastic. My favorite part:

    Grissom: Sara ... I don't know what to do about this.
    Sara: I do. By the time you figure it out, you really will be too late.

    Another great scene was Catherine visiting Greg in the hospital and telling him that the lab explosion was her fault.

  • Love the episode but not the plot and the GSR was just great.

    Before I start I just need to say that they didn't have to have Greg caught in the lab explosion. Sure he was a better option than Hodges because no one would really care about him at this point in the series (or even now come to think of it) but things never seem to go Greggo's way. The actually case (not the lab explosion the other one) was rather boring. I loved how we had excess amounts of GSR in a season that was sorely lacking in GSR and it *nearly* made up for the lack of GSR. Grissom is a rather interesting character. He says "honey" to Sara but then doesn't go out to dinner with her. Why would he do that? Then we could have GSR go somewhere and fans everywhere be happy. Oh well, GSR is bound to be RST sooner or later.
  • How cute!! I feel bad for Greg.

    It was so upsetting to watch Sara toil with her emotions and then have Grissom reject her..again. I also nearly cried when i saw Greg. Me and my friend were practicly in tears. We were so sad (sniff). I always get so upset with Grissom when he does this because he knows he has feelings for her but he refuses to accept them and Sara is STILL waiting for him *sigh*. It gets me so flustered becuase im sitting on the couch watching the episode and im just like "Come on Grissom, go on, give her a hug or some thing, come on, come on" egging him on like a dog and then i feel like throwing something at the TV screen when he doesn't. For beeing such a smart guy, he really is quite an idiot( when it comes to relationships).
  • Things go Boom.

    This was an episode that gave Grisson and Sarah shippers much hope and heartache. When the lab explodes, the search is on to find the cause. The main mystery involves a woman who is murdered in a pressbox. When the murderer is revealed and the circumstances of the womans murder are quite disterbing.
    The ending sequence has Sara laying her cars on the table and Grissom dropping the ball. Grissom is an idiot.
  • Excellent episode, one of my favorites of the series.

    Catherine accidentally blew up the lab, injuring both Sara and Greg and leading to her suspension. The explosion itself came as a surprise, and it was horrifying to see Greg go flying through the window!

    Sara finally asked Grissom out to dinner, probably in part because of the explosion. That was a very nice, honest scene between the two of them that actors played really well.

    The A plot was well-written, and who doesn't like that shot of Nick running? The first suspect is the killer, but Grissom and Nick had started to think he was framed until they got to the truth; unfortunately with the explosion most of the evidence was lost. It's nice that this show recognizes that not everyone gets convicted, so even though this didn't have a happy ending, it had a real ending that felt true to life. Kudos to CSI for that!
  • this episode was very hard to watch becuase my fav character Greggo was thrown through a window after Catherin Willows put an unidentified object on the hotplate after David Hodges the trace lab tech left it on accidentally, all we saw was sara heading to

    Poor Greggo, i was so mad at Cath when i found out it was her and Hodges fault ( Accidentaly) i felt so bad for Greg, i almost cried! i wasnt that worried about sara cause i dont like her at all im such a hater but whatever thats ok with me
  • Poor Greg!

    I hated to see Greg get hurt! He's my favorite character and to see him not goofing around the lab was depressing. However, he was serriously hurt and Sara ended up being the one affected? I mean come on! Greg could have died and Sara got a few cuts and she's the victim? GRRRRR