CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 22

Play with Fire

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2003 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Grissom says to Sara "Honey, this doesn't look good", "Honey" wasn't in the script, Petersen added it on his own.

    • Goof: When Sara and Nick are searching the house, there was no wrap under Sara's glove but it's on when she had the gun drawn.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: What time is it?
      Catherine: Late.
      Greg: How long have you been here?
      Catherine: A while. (pauses) I got a little time on my hands.
      Greg: You figured out what happened in the lab, didn't you?
      Catherine: Yeah. Yeah, and, um ... I wanted you to hear it from me.

    • Brass: You going to go to the DA with a connect-the-dots hand on a piece of tracing paper?
      Grissom: It's all we got that links him to the murder. Everything else blew up in the lab.
      Brass: This guy's going to walk.
      Grissom: Yep.

    • Nick: Jason's little girlfriend was screwing a guy he hates.
      Grissom: Well, if you can't kill the one you want ... kill the one you're with.

    • Warrick: You know, O'Riley interviewed the victim's wife.
      Catherine: Yeah?
      Warrick: She said her husband was in the garage drinking and just "done fell over."
      Catherine: Oh, the ever-popular DFO. Right up there with the "mysterious dude" defense.

    • Archie: Nevada State Correctional Facility. Pretty casual for a prison.
      Grissom: It's medium-security...
      Nick: ...for nicer criminals.
      Archie (laughing): Right.

    • Nick (while searching the crime scene): Beer bottles.
      Brass: Well, it is high school.

    • (After Catherine caused the explosion in the lab)
      Robert Cavollo: It's not your job to protect your people. It's to protect the integrity of this lab.
      Grissom: Without the people, there is no lab.

    • Catherine: CSI Brown and I had collected evidence on a case involving a woman whose husband had collapsed. We suspected poison. When we returned to the lab ...
      Robert Cavallo: You hadn't identified the liquid?
      Catherine: Not yet, no.
      Robert Cavallo: And it was consumed in the explosion so I guess we'll never know what it was. In any event, you placed this unidentified chemical under the fume hood.
      Catherine: Right.
      Robert Cavallo: Next to an active heat source.
      Catherine: I didn't know that at the time.
      Robert Cavallo: Because you didn't check.
      Grissom: Unlogged evidence gets placed under the fume hood. A hot plate was left on. It's a lab. It's nobodys fault.
      Catherine: It's my responsibility. I didn't follow procedure.
      Robert Cavollo: Why not?
      Catherine: Because there's 24 hours in a day, and I'm pulling 16 for the county, spending three pretending to sleep, and the other five... lying to my daughter that everything is gonna be alright.
      Robert Cavollo: There were 13 active cases in DNA. They are all now tainted or destroyed.
      Catherine: What do you wanna hear? I screwed up. I'm sorry.
      Robert Cavollo: "Sorry" doesn't cut it. You're on suspension. Five days unpaid leave. (Catherine walks out and Grissom gets up to leave to) Grissom! We're not done here. I've heard rumors you've been kicking back Willows' reports.
      Grissom: One report. The Jenkins case she made a miscalculation and I've asked her to re-issue the report.
      Robert Cavollo: Great. While you're at it, maybe she can re-issue the lab explosion.

    • (After Catherine finds out it wasn't Hodges who blew the lab up)
      Warrick: Then who blew up the lab?
      Catherine: I did.

    • (Warrick and Catherine who are investigating the explosion are asking Hodges questions)
      Hodges: I know what this is. You guys heard those rumors about me from LA. You know how much Grissom depends on me so you figure let's get rid of him. I'll lawyer up before I let you pin the tail on the new donkey.
      Warrick: Start dialing.

    • (Trying to figure out why the DNA lab blew up)
      Catherine: Someone left the hot plate on under the fume hood.... genius.
      Warrick (holding a piece of plastic): What do you think? Developer pen?
      Catherine: Presence of acitone, methonal, all kinds of combustables.
      Warrick: Mix that with a heat source and what do you got?
      Catherine: This.

    • Robert Cavallo: I want a complete evidence inventory by case. What's been lost, what's contaminated, what's salvageable.
      Grissom: We have LIMS backup for every computer on the network. I'm sure we've only lost an hour or two of data.
      Robert Cavallo: Well, we'll never sell that in court. Defense attorneys will rip us apart. That, uh, double murder movie star case last year, compromised evidence, lax procedures, mistakes.
      Grissom: We got a conviction on that.
      Robert Cavallo: You got lucky. This is a priority. I wanna know how this happened.
      Grissom: And who's to blame. I have Catherine run the investigation. I'm on a murder case.
      Robert Cavallo: I'll be waiting for her report.

    • Robert Cavallo: What'd you do to my lab, Grissom?

    • (After the explosion)
      Grissom: Are you okay?
      Sara: Uh-huh.
      Grissom (sees the cut on her hand): Honey, this doesn't look good.
      Sara: It's fine. Cleanup's going to be something. We should get started.
      Grissom: You need stitches.
      Sara: I'm okay.
      Grissom (shouts): Would you take care of her hand, please?

    • (About evidence)
      Grissom: You should be telling Nick or Sara.
      Hodges: Yeah, couldn't find them. They must be on another break. Anyway, the blister pack is methadone. 40 milligrams, former smack addict dose. And that ceramic chip? Not ceramic. It's acrylic with a quartz resin composite used primarily in dental crowns. Cheap ones.
      Grissom: Good work.
      Hodges: Yeah listen I like to think of you and I...
      Grissom (as he's walking away): Now go tell Nick or Sara.

    • Nick: Hey, who's working trace tonight?
      Sara: Hodges.
      Nick: Oh, great. I guarantee you that kiss-ass will have the results to Grissom before we do.

    • Nick: Who takes a tape recorder with them on vacation?
      Brass: Well, I keep one by the bed just in case I dream anything useful.
      Nick: Hmm?
      Brass: What? I can't have deep thoughts? (Nick just looks at him and Brass laughs) Just kidding.

    • (About fingerprints)
      Grissom: You still have to check each one by hand.
      Jacqui: And you're gonna have to sign my time card.

    • Nick (to a suspect with a cut on his forehead): Did you cut yourself shaving or were you just thinking too hard?

    • David: 98.1
      Nick: She's been dead less than an hour.
      Grissom: The killer's still on her.

    • Grissom: A murderer, his groupie, and a heroin dealer; what a team.

    • Grissom: May have started as sex, but ended as murder.

    • Sara: Would you like to have dinner with me?
      Grissom: No.
      Sara: Why not? Let's ... Let's have dinner, let's see what happens.
      Grissom: Sara ... I don't know what to do about this.
      Sara: I do. By the time you figure it out, you really will be too late.

    • Brass: You're all done, hombre.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Nick: Have you ever had a gun drawn on you, Sara?
      Sara: No, I haven't.

      This is a reference to both times Nick has had a gun drawn on him which in the Season 1 episode "Who Are You?"? and the Season 2 episode "Stalker."

    • Robert Cavollo: That double murder movie star case last year.

      Cavollo is referring to the case in the earlier season episode "The Accused is Entitled."

    • Archie: Is it just me, or does she sound like she's in love with him?
      Nick: Maybe she's a murder groupie. Manson, the Night Stalker... they all had them.

      Charles Manson was convicted in the 1969 murder of Sharon Tate and sentenced to death; his groupies assisted him in the murder (and were also convicted); he also had an extended "family" of groupies who showed their support in court and intimidated witnesses.

      Richard Ramirez, known as the Night Stalker, was convicted in the 1985 murders of 13 people, and sentenced to death; his groupies came to court during his trial on a daily basis to show support.

    • Grissom: If you can't kill the one you want, kill the one you're with.

      This refers to the 1970 Stephen Stills song, "Love The One You're With." The line from the song is "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."