CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 20

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Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on CBS
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The CSI team is led into the rap music world as they investigate the murders of three members of a rapper's street team.

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  • At least there was witty Brass...

    This episode was a huge disappointment. I wasn't expecting much from the start but it didn't even deliver an interesting case. The case bored me, I couldn't care less about anything to do with rap music.

    Witty Brass was most likely the only good part of the episode. If not the Brass then when Warrick slammed the suspect into the car. Loved that part. The only thing this episode managed to do was have all the characters in the episode. There was even Bobby Dawson!!

    GSR!! On the back seat!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, mouth to mouth too. I liked Sara's WTF expression. Jorja, you rock!!!!

    What is up with Nick's hair? It gets worse every episode. How does hair grow that fast? He should get a hair cut before I think his sex appeal is killed forever.

  • If i was an ordinary viewer i'd probaly rate this episode lower. But i will try to rescue the little things i really like it and focus on them.

    Well i start to say i'm not at all a rap fan. I think all the gang/mob stuff surrounding this world is lack of a positive influence in the comunity (it's just my opinion).

    I don't know if watching this ep, left my adventurous self of knowing different ways of life, but i hardly believe the street team way of life. Did they get any payment of it? Is it worth to kill someone for a rivality banner?.

    Originally thought to be some kind of turf war between rappers Hi-Def and Dollar, the mystery revolves around a video and poster made of Dollar in a bikini. Part of Dollar's street team thinks Hi-Def's crew was responsible, and they kill three kids for it. It turns out that one of Dollar's promo kids made the poster himself to get back at the rapper for a degrading video that featured his sister. I always enjoy episodes where members of the CSI gang are out of their element. Brass certainly looked a little lost now and again when listening to the slang Dollar tossed around. Dollar just wanted to pimp the boss out a little bit and make the lab guys "the freshest cops on the street." I'm pretty sure there was never a point in the captain's life when he was considered "fresh." It's not surprising a hip-hop episode showed up though, as rappers seem to love making guest appearances on crime shows these days. Ludacris showed up with Ice-T in Law & Order: SVU, and Obie Trice, Akon and Method Man were in this episode. I enjoyed it as much as last week's but three things still strike me as odd: 1) I don't like the casting of the Barker family in a rap role. Travis Barker — playing Hi-Def — just fit the stereotypical lame rapper perfectly, and I don't think they were actually going for that look. 2) On page 420 of the new book "Hip-Hop for Dummies," it says "Where Meth goes, Red will follow." It might be the first time in years that I've seen Method Man appear somewhere without his sidekick, Redman. 3) Do staples really have unique patterns that can be matched at a crime scene? I mean, I can go into my supply cabinet at work and grab 20,000 staples. Are no two staples alike? If so, I learned something new from this episode. Someone, please school me on the art of the staple.

    Seriously though, if there's one thing I'm really happy about, it's that the producers had enough sense not to make one of the crime-lab guys spit some lame rap.

    The few thinks i like was to watch the Warrick/Nick dinamic duo. They certanly have chemistry together.

    I can even locate the rest of the team in this episode.moreless
  • Booooooooooring

    Did they run out of creative storylines? I couldn't follow this episode at all. Not that it was confusing, but it just wasn't interesting. I think the only reason I watched it in the first place was to see what Khleo Thomas looked like grown up! Travis Barker was a nice touch but still nobody could save this episode.
  • Not for plot but for the characters and little vignettes we have loved in the past on CSI.

    I'm not into rap and the storyline could have been anything.

    What was nice to see was the characters working together and each getting some airtime this episode.

    My favourite scene was the Forensic cop/Mad Scientist stakeout and slow car chase. We have had so little Warrick/Nick interaction this year, it was a treat to see. Reminded me of their great chemistry as buddies and it's been sorely missed through much of this year despite the fact it was so heavily played in last year's finale. Well, we got to see them together again and Nick having Warrick's back.

    For some reason, the investigations with Nick in the lead or in heavy involvement bring in the other characters best and have been the most entertaining to me this year. This was one of them.moreless
  • They kinda lost me. It was iffy.

    This episode had the potential to be a great episode with the street team, rapper situation. I think it kinda fell flat on its face though. They lost me after about 20 minutes of me concentrating my hardest. It certainly wasn't anything to write home about.

    I don't really have much to say about this episode, it was definately not special to me. I agree with people when they say that resources are spread too thinly. I understand the need to film two at a time to get them in, but should the quality of the show be brought into question? I would rather have 100 really good episodes than 180 decent episodes. CSI is a unique show with the potential to make every episode something never to be forgotten. We live in an age where so much is at our disposal, yet the cast and crew settle for decent episodes in order to get the required amount out. To me, it was definately a filler episode that I could've done without watching. I could've gotten the details from various forums and then life would go on. C'mon TPTB, use those fantastic minds that you have and put all of your energy into producing more jaw-dropping episodes!

    There is only one reason that I watched this episode from beginning to end and that is because I am crazy about CSI, that's all.

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: There is major mix-up where it comes to bullets evidence. At the beginning we see victims through the barrel that has 10 right-hand twist grooves, consistent with Rohm and Arminius revolvers (and pretty distinctive, as it is quite rare rifling type). Then Bobby tells Nick that bullets recovered were fired from polygonal barrel and assumes that murder weapon was H&K MP5. But barrels of MP5s are not polygonal and have regular 6 right-hand twist grooves.

    • Travis Barker and Shanna Barker are married in real life.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Dollar: I got more enemies than some countries got people.
      Brass: Give us some names.
      Dollar: It's gonna be a long list.

    • Guy (about his poster business): We're cheap and fast and open 24-7.
      Brass: Just like my ex-wife.

    • (During the interrogation)
      Brass: So, what, are you pinnin' this rap on grandpa?
      Jeremiah: Yo my grandpa was a gangsta back in the day, you'd be surprised.
      Brass: Yeah, I'm not really surprised by much anymore. We have a warrant to search your house. And I bet I find a crime to go with everyone of those guns.
      Jeremiah: If I killed those kids...you would never find a gun.

    • (After following this guy, he stops in an alley and gets out of his car and walks up towards them)
      Jeremiah: All 'ya crime scene guys followin' me man. Ya'll think ya'll cops, ya'll ain't cops.
      Nick (gets out of the truck): That's right, we're not cops, we're mad scientists. (points gun at him) Back away from the vehicle and let me see your hands right now.
      Warrick (into radio): Dispatch we have a code 3.
      Jeremiah: Yo, hold on man. You callin' for back up? Your back up or my back up?
      Warrick: Son, you tryin' to win the wet t-shirt contest? My partner here is a great shot.
      Jeremiah (looks towards Nick): Yeah, you real cute wit' that gun too.
      Nick: I'm not gonna tell you again.
      Jeremiah: You know what man? I done had so many guns pointed at my face I feel right at home lookin' at yours.

    • (Warrick picks up a piece of evidence)
      Warrick: What do you think this is?
      Doc Robbins: That's your job.

    • (Nick and Brass find Dollar gagged and locked inside a trunk in the back of his car)
      Dollar: Where we at, man?
      Brass: You're outside your hotel, sir.
      Nick: Don't worry we're gonna get you out of there and get you some medical attention alright.
      Dollar: Man, is you crazy? Look what I got on. I got all these people around here, the press! Man, let me know when we get to the hospital man. (closes trunk)
      Brass: He's got a point.

    • (Nick is looking at a picture of Dollar in a bikini)
      Nick: I'm guessing this is not his next album cover.
      Greg: I hope not.

    • Dr. Robbins: Drive-by?
      Warrick: Yeah, with a hit-and-run chaser.

    • Nick (checking the body hanging from the pole): No personal effects, no keys, no i.d., nothin'! Either these kids were travelling light, or they were robbed blind.
      Warrick: Well, who the hell would rob them up there, Andre the Giant?

    • Hodges: A'ight, G.
      Warrick: Don't make me shoot you.

    • Sara (referring to the photos): Maybe you could breathe a little more life into them.
      Grissom: Yeah. I'm pretty good at mouth to mouth. (Sara furrows her eyebrows at him)

    • (David holds up a big clock that is around the victims neck)
      Grissom: What do you think? Time of death (looks at clock) 3:17am?
      David: Hmm. Shot through a Flavor Flav clock. I haven't seen one of these since high school.
      Nick: Old school is the new school. (Grissom picks up a staple gun, looking carefully at the blood on it) So, what do you think? This has got to be a gang war, huh?
      Grissom: Well, if it's a gang war, these kids were out gunned.

    • Grissom (looking at the body on the telephone pole): Feel like getting high?
      Nick: Do I have to?

  • NOTES (3)