CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Filler ep for Fannysmackin'

    I loved Hodges 30 second dance scene, but that was it. This was not one of the best eps in my opinion of this season. Even though I love watching the GSR but there wasn't any in this episode, even though Sara and Grissom were working together. This was a Greg-centric episode and even though I felt sorry for Greg, it was just silly. What did Dimitrius James' mother and brother think he was doing there in the first place? Meeting with some study buddies to study for his homework?? That jury guy was strange, the judge was stranger and the whole lame thing about Greg had something to drink before he went to work. It was a fairly dull episode. The up side that saved this episode was Hodges and I must say, Grissom looks much hotter than he has done in the past few years, must be because the beard is gone and he no longer looks OLD.
  • Poor Greg goes on trail.

    I really enjoyed this episode, and at the same time hated it. I liked the crime, that a sick dying old lady is murdered. The suspect nephew then finds one of those models of the killing down to the last detail. The team finds out that the lady was not just pushed through a window and killed but rather poisoned with niccotiine. If only i could spell it, but it is deadly. Anyways one of her neighbors took video and got the creep delivering the model. Poor Greg has an inquiery in which some idiot juror wants him guilty no matter what, a judge that only cares about publicity and the family shouting thier loud mouths. I enjoyed the Greg time, but hated him so somber and meek. Plus then the brother threatens him and later serves him to sue for wrongful death.
  • Great episode!

    The show revealed Miniature Killer victim #2 to be an elderly woman, suffering from cancer. There seem to exist no real ties, with the exception of a mysterious cell phone number, between both victims. The suspense continues to build revolving around this meticulous murderer.
    The episode also dealt with the death of D. James. During the "circus," a jury of sorts listened to the hysterics of a grieving family (in denial about their son's actions) and to the science of the CSIs. The jury found DJ's death to be excusable. While the lawyer had hoped for justifiable, apparently meaning that the action of running over the victim was the only option, they opted for excusable, saying that Greg Sanders committed a lawful act without the intention to kill. Greg said that the result was probably right and I would have to agree. I didn't like the accusatory tone that the characters took against him in the storyline. It's like everyone forgot that this victim was part of a murderous teenage mob. While you shouldn't put the victim on trial, that should still be emphasized...tough to do when you have a grieving mother and a judge seeking an elected position. Like I tell my students, the winner in the courtroom is the person who can "razzle dazzle" their way through. Having said this, though, Greg did have other options. He could have easily have gone one way as the other. So, good solid episode that added to the storyline and provided Greg Sanders with more air time.
  • Leggo my Greggo…

    So I have some knowledge of the hearings in Las Vegas and I can tell you that it wasn’t an accurate portrayal. That said it was still a good episode. I hated how it was so obvious that the judge’s political agenda was getting in the way of his unbiased blind justice. Oh well – that was the accurate part. I liked how the gang did what they could to help him out. Another mini crime scene – I love it. Some of my favorite episodes have been when characters have popped back in to the picture (like Paul). I wonder if these are going to have something to do with Gil’s replacement…bringing in a expert to help with the serial killer case while Gil is gone.
  • CSI dose something very rare, dose two story arks.

    I thought that this was a great story and I like the fact that CSI is doing story arks. I knew that Greg's plight wasn't going to be over with, with that inquiry and that this mini killer is still out there waiting for their next victim. This episode felt like another chapter of on going story that has a long way to go before it will finished up.

    At first I thought that this judge was going to be a good one when he refused the question about asking is it okay to kill a black kid, but in the episode I started to hate him because he was allowing some much crap to go through. I firmly think that if the judge wasn't going out for an office, then he wouldn't avoid all of that stuff to go through. Watching this circus of a inquiry I thought that Greg would of had a better chance in a criminal trial rather then the inquiry. I also love how the judge was trying to cast Greg is a bad light by the fact that he had a drink before he went to work, but Greg is turn shut him down with cold hard facts on how the body works when dealing with alcoholic drinks. This is something that I always love to see when a person gets so much wrapped up in something that they think is right, and that a person knock them down with facts that the only thing that they can do is to shut up and listen to what they said about any subject matter.

    I personally hated the family of the killed kid, because they were so full of themselves that they couldn't see the truth about their son/brother. If their son/brother was as smart as they claimed then he would of realized that beating the crap out of people just for the heck of it, is no way to pass one free time. That suing Greg for wrongful death just capped it for me with their native nature about what their family member is really doing and I hopping that this civil trial will give them more trouble then they think.

    Next on the list is the miniature crime scene killer that we're first intro in the second part of the 7th season premiere and I knew that this was something that wouldn’t just go away in one signal episode because of the nature of the crime. At least with this episode we might have at least a clue of whom this person is, which is much more then what he had when first encounter this person.
  • Second episode featuring the miniature killer ...

    This is the second episode featuring the miniature killer. An elderly woman is found dead in her apartment after she was thrown through her window and a miniature replica is also found at the crime scene. The killer originally planned to kill the old lady by putting liquefied nicotine in her cherry drink but this made her dizzy and that’s what made her crash through the window. An amateur neighborhood video surveillance gives the CSI some info about who delivered the miniature to the crime scene. Greg has a day in court to determine if his responsibility in running over a gang member and the boy’s family, the judge and the media are not going easy on Greg.
  • Flashback to the second part of "Built to kill"...

    I am glad that they continue the story with the mini replica. Actually I was expecting it and it would be rather disapointing if they didn't do it. But now I think they should continue it again. They have to. They leave us in the middle of nowhere and it will be very cruel if they don't finish the story. I still wonder did we aleady saw the killer or we will saw him later. Should be somebody who new both victims very well. He knew about the drugs and the other things in both houses...
    Poor Greg! I felt really sorry about him. Not because he was judged but because he felt really miserable about this kid. I'm glad that Sofia try to comfort him. I think this help a little. I like her, she is really nice person(don't kill me!).
  • Greg goes to court for inquest and the miniature killer committed another murder.

    We can watch two storylines developing alternately in this episode. One is about Greg, and the other one is about the miniature killer, who killed the washed-up singer in 'Built to Kill.' First, Greg gets to attend an inquest about a death of a college student unfortunately knocked over and killed by the car Greg was driving. In the course of the inquest, because of the judge who cares about his campaign for assembly more than the case, and the guy from the jurors, who seems to have endless suspicions of the cops' every action, Greg faces, I think, the most difficult time he ever had in his life as a CSI. In this episode, I got the same feeling that I'd had in 'A Bullet Runs Through It (1), (2)' when Greg really felt guilty about what he had done becasue of the press, which tried to focus more on the victim's family, making it look like the cops, represeted by Greg in this episode, were the bad guy and the victim was an innocent one. Anyway, given that Greg got a message that says he will be served with another law suit, it doesn't look like he is completely out of the woods. On to the miniature killer case, this killer murdered an old woman and sent another horrifyingly sophisticated miniature to her nephew again. Grissom found nothing substantial except that the killer delievered his/her miniature directly to the home without any help of delievery service at the end of the show. (Seems like the killer may have exposed his/her face.) Anyway, it gets even creepier.
  • Wow… what a great episode!!!

    Poor greg!!! How can people think that he killed that dude!!! It's crazy… it's though self defence that he did that!!! Well… I'm glad he is ok!!!

    Wow… didn't think it was a miniature till the end!!! It was great how they go from one scene about the miniature till the next scene with greg where he is in the court room!!!

    Ooohhhhhhhh!!! Twice I thought hmmm… cos greg was in the bath room when the dude's brother was in it and the car park!!! I'm so grateful that the dude that greg safe was always saying how good he was!!!

    New Zealand has just finish season 7, but is repeating just the miniature series, it's great!!! Can't wait till season 8 start here!!!
  • Finally another show on the little replica of the crime scene found at the start of the season.

    But they are still not telling us anything new really about the guy who killed these 2 people and left the replicas. This had better be building into a kick-ass season finale!!! Or else I'm going to have to write the show and demand an explanation on the doll image. LOL

    I can see how some people would question Greg's motives when he hit that kid with his car, but it was the only thing at his disposal for self-defense at the time. I really hope he does not lose his job or be forced back into the lab. Between the beating and the explosion in the lab earlier in the series, he seems to have lost some of the perkiness that makes up greg.

    All in all, another good show. There must be a new writer this season or something because they really have come up with some good shows this particular season. The 2 parter opener was excellent! Can't wait for more.
  • Greg is in court over the death of Dimitrius James. Flashbacks to Fannysmackin episode throughout.

    Poor Greg!!! G

    Grissom, Sara and Catherine are working on a case where a woman has been killed with liquid nicotine. The guy who leaves minature replicas of the crime at the scene is also back.

    Tough times face Greg as the jury have to decide whether or not the murder of Demitrius James was justifiable, excusable etc. In the end it was excusable thanks to Nick, Warrick and Sofia. G, S and C case a woman who had cancer was found having maybe being pushed on some glass in the window. We find out she wasn't pushed but she was poisened. She started to have convulsions and fell through her window.

    Just when Greg thought it was all over he gets served with a civil suit from the mom and brother of Demitrius James.

    All in all great ep!
  • Another Miniature Crime Scene Replica^^

    Lovely episode < or something. I can't hold my anger. Omg that black boy thing was soooooooo pethatic. In the last minutes from Greg's scene >< JEEUJJ another Miniature Crime Scene Replica.(EXCITING!)I want to know who the killer is. I want more like these! Then I can make my own beautiful doll house :D (Ahum) These people make these things so cool! Please make one for me.
    CSI is my favorite
  • I'm very impressed with the quality of CSI episodes lately.

    There have been some great episodes this season. I really love the story line for Greg that's developed.

    I have to admit that the dead woman didn't really interest me at first. A messed-up old lady getting thrown through a window is nothing unique for this show. When the scale model of the house showed up, I was shocked. The whole thing slipped my mind because I was so focused on Greg.

    So let's talk about the Greg thing first. D.J.'s family can just say anything they'd like, and that's OK? The guy on the jury can stand up and ask, "Is it OK to run over black kids in the street?" and this is even remotely OK? That is a bizarre process, but big props to Greg for keeping his mouth shut. There's no way I would have been able to not reply while people were yelling at me. More props to Greg after he was confronted by the judge about drinking wine at dinner and knowing right off the top of his head the exact blood alcohol numbers and how sober he would have been on his shift.

    Three things I am still pondering about this story line:

    1. What was up with that juror and his questions? I kept thinking there was something more behind that guy, but it wasn't mentioned in the end. 2. Didn't that judge seem like he was attacking Greg near the end with the whole "how was the sea bass" thing? That just seemed a little out of line. 3. Greg certainly got saved by that random guy in the bathroom, or D.J.'s brother would have probably beat him senseless. But if that guy had walked in after, say, a punch or two was thrown, would Greg be in a better situation in the long run? It might sound stupid to say, but the wrongful-death suit might have less merit or maybe even never have been filed at all if the brother had been caught pounding Greg. I know, I know — Greg could have also been pounded to death, so maybe I'm just thinkin' crazy tonight. Now, let's get back to the woman being murdered. I really started paying attention once the nephew brought the scale model of the crime scene to the ladies. So right now it's assumed that the unknown caller on Penny's phone list has something to do with the crime. Otherwise, these two killings do seem pretty random. It was interesting that Grissom figured out that the reason the model wasn't left at the scene was because it was wrong: Penny was supposed to die differently. I love these models, though, accurate right down to the hidden drugs under a rock outside the house. The whole scenario seems to be getting more baffling now, and neither story line has closure yet. So we'll get to more of both of them at some point down the line. For Grissom's sanity we have to hope he doesn't get too many more miniatures, and for Greg's sanity we have to hope he doesn't have to constantly be looking over his shoulder for fear of getting pummeled.
  • Greg Sanders is involved in an inquisition regarding the death of Demetrius James, the teenage student involved in the fannysmackin gang who Greg ran over in self-defense.

    This episode is great for Greg fans like myself because he finally gets more screen time and we finally get to see more dramatic development in the this lovable character. While the other CSIs are working on a case, Greg is being questioned in court for the incident of Demetrius James, the teenage student involved with the fannysmackin' mob who Greg ran over in self-defense. Throughout the episode, just when the viewer thinks that Greg would surely be considered blameless in this rather-clear-cut case of survival instinct in the face of an imminent attack, something happens to jeopardize his case. Like the overly aggressive male jury member who seems to think all cops are dirty; like the overly dramatic mother and brother of the deceased who flew to the press with accusations against Greg; like the judge who intentionally make things difficult for Greg by questioning his alcohol intake on the night of the incident, just to garner public support for his own political agenda. In the end, i was worried that Greg really might not get out of this bind. The jury gave the verdict of Excusable for this hearing, which is fine though not ideal, and Greg, having been so obviously saddened and guilty throughout the whole thing, still does not get to put the incident behind him because, as we realise at the end of the episode, he gets served with a lawsuit from the deceased's family. The only thing that i was a bit disappointed in was that while Greg was struggling with his hearing, other than Warrick and Nick's contribution and support, the other CSIs don't seem overly concerned for him, which is a pity. There's more to come with Greg's case, so i'd be looking forward to that. More of Greg Sanders is always welcome!
  • The miniature killer kills again and Greg is in court after running over Demetrius James

    Another great episode this season when the miniature killer poison's an old woman and the miniature had to be changed because the woman gets up from the chair she was poisoned in and goes through a window.The good thing was the street had cameras and showed the miniature killer bring the miniature back to the house but you can't make an ID off it.While all this is happening Greg is not charged as he shouldn't be because he saved someone's life and risked his own.
  • One Brilliant Episode!!!!

    What an amazing epsiode! This is most certainly on my top CSI episode list. When the boys(Dimitrius) family was talking I wanted to slap them across the face for being so naive and stupid. Greg was right all of the way. When the judge tried to get Greg for drinking Greg just crushed him. There will definitely be more coming from Greg and the deceaseds family. And now to the other half of the episode. I can NOT wait until they get these murders solved. It is a really clever plot and idea. I cant cant cant cant cant cant cant wait!
  • Hard times for Greg as he comes to terms with Demitrius James' death.

    Despite the very excellent miniture killer story line in this episode, for me it was really all about Greg.

    Greg has always been my favourite character. This season has seen him grow from goofy kid to hard working CSI. Unfortunatly, he's learned some very hard lessons in the process and this episode is the accumilation of that.

    The treatment of Greg by the judge, jurors and the James family only serves to add to the guilt he is clearly already feeling. His words to Sophia, "I just want to be able to sleep again" indicate the high price he has paid for saving the life of Stanley Tanner; a price she is quick to remind him of. Despite the verdict of justifiable, it is easy to see that Greg is still troubled. His ordeal is not over when he is served with a civil suit at the end of the episode.

    Eric Szmanda shines in this episode. He is an actor who has persitantly been cast as the comic relief over the past 6 seasons, leaving the grittier storylines to other cast members. However, he has proven himself to be every bit as good in the dramtic sphere as this storyline proves and I sincerely hope the writers of CSI further allow him to grow.
  • Another miniature scene replica for Grissom and Greg goes to trial for the incident from Fannysmackin' Poor Greg I felt bad for him in this episode but relieved with the result.

    I felt like Greg was being attacked by the Judge and that one juror. Thankfully, they ruled the death of the boy as excusable. But I got so so so so so mad during this episode. I was extremely frustrated with the kids mom. She seemed to think her son was an angel and would do no wrong. She really needed to have her blinder's taken off. I think it is garbage that she is suing Greg for wrongful death. Honestly woman your son was doing something he shouldn't have been and was about to take a rock to well what looked like at first the victim but turned out to be Greg so he incapacitated him. Greg was not trying to kill the boy if he was going to do that he would have accelerated a lot more than what he did. Anyway, it was good to see the return of the miniature replica scenes. Hopefully they have something a little more now you know with having that video tape and all.
  • An elderly woman dies in her own home after being pushed through a glass window and the CSI team recieves another miniature crime scene replica. Meanwhile, Greg is under investigation for killing a criminal in the line of duty.

    Wow!! That was such a great episode! Finally we see what was up with that whole dolls face and miniature crime scene that was confusing me from a couple weeks ago! Poor Greg, even though he saved a man's life, he is under investigation because when he ran his car into the mob, he accidentally killed someone! How unfair that they ruled it only exscusable, it was justifiable. I thought it was really interesting when they found that she wasn't supposed to die from being pushed into the window, but instead, with liquid nitrogen, and then the killer had to redo his replica? so a possible clue for the CSI team perhaps? Another cliffhanger unfortuantely....10/10
  • Loved the back and forth between the death of Penny garden and the inquest of Greg Sanders. Great episode, even thought very little was resolved. It's not over for Greg or for the killer.

    Yeah, it's Thursday (and I'm listening to "Sunday Morning", and I keep thinking, no it's Thursday Night, where's a song about that, and how great it is)
    Back to CSI . . . first off we have Sara & Grissom and a little bit of Cath with the murder of Penny Garden . . which first off I found funny for no reason at all. It just sounded like the name of some 60s rock groupie (hmmm wasn't the fist victim a 60s rocker? . . . how closely did they look into the past of both victims?) Before we can start to say, "ho hum, who really cares if it was the nephew addicted to drugs or the drug dealer living next door, we get a miniature crime scene and the whole thing gets interesting. Loved Hodges dancing and the bright pink cherry liquor. Nicotine poisoning looked like a gruesome way to die. What is up with the doll with the bloody head? Again, more questions than answers.
    Then we have Greg and the coroner's inquest. Interesting set up/concept. Not a court, not really a judge, and the jurors can ask questions - very interesting. So why did that guy have it in for Greg? The "Judge" (who we are supposed to think of as a traffic cop), I get, he's up for election, but the juror? What is his story? Was he being paid off by someone? I can see why they found Greg excusable instead of justifiable. Feel bad about the wrongful death suit. Hope that Warrick and Nick and Sara (why was she not there, I mean she processed Greg?) can recreate the crime a little better for the court case. Poor Greg. And he has trouble sleeping at night. I'd help him sleep. I was worried the brother was going to run over him with the car, until the guy with the papers showed up. The last scene with Sara & Grissom and then Greg stops by - I loved the line Grissom said about taking his suit off - come one, he looked older and sexy - he should wear suits all the time - and then the look Sara gave Grissom "Thanks for being nicer to him, you'll be rewarded later." Side Note: We've been focusing on Catherine, Greg, and Grissom so far this season. Sara and Nick have been getting a lot of scenes as well. Where's Warrick? He needs to have the A storyline. Please?
  • Greg heads to court, while another murder takes place.

    This episode was somewhat in a small way dissapointing, it was still a good episode no doubt, but it kind of did not live up to the hype that they gave promoting it.

    Greg goes to a hearing involving his earlier case (Built to Kill part I and II) that basically is like he said a curcus. He is bombarded with questions, the judge is biased in regards to the "victim" and his family for mere political reasons, the hearing in its self was not fair at all. Thanks to the work of Warrick and Nick curve the outcome of it all. I liked the part that the judge came forward with the reciept of a meal that Greg had had earlier that day, and Greg gave those statistics and basically told the judge to off, respectedly of course, and showed his new found prominence. I also loved the fact that Nick and Warrick decided to put the Jury in Gregs spot, how many seconds it took to kill Demetri.

    I was actually quite scraed for Greg in both scenes involving the victims brother. If it werent for certain events, I would of said that the brother could of possibly took out his revenge in the latter part of the episode.

    As for the other killing, to have Grissom's keen eye catch a futile mistake by the miniture serial killer, is just a way to show how respectable he is. But in all regards, the episode was just slightly above average.
  • Poor Greg!

    Wow this was such a witch hunt for Greggo. I can see why the vic's family was rambling excuses to get "justice" on Greg, but let's face this hard cold fact: If DJ's so innocent, why was in the alleyway beating the snot out of a tourist?! That's should have been pointed out. And what was up with that juror? I saw him telling reporters that he didn't have anything against Greg, but I dunno, I think there's a distinct possiblity that he might be coming back sometime soon. Civil suit, man I hope Greg wins it, at least he has a lab full of cool gadgets to back his side of the story up.

    On to the mini crime scene. Well, it was interesting to see that the vic died in a different place than what the serial killer wanted. It's almost like a blow to his ego that things didn't go the way he wanted them to. GRR!! I apparently missed the scene with Hodges dancing! lol, would have loved to have seen that!