CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Loved the back and forth between the death of Penny garden and the inquest of Greg Sanders. Great episode, even thought very little was resolved. It's not over for Greg or for the killer.

    Yeah, it's Thursday (and I'm listening to "Sunday Morning", and I keep thinking, no it's Thursday Night, where's a song about that, and how great it is)
    Back to CSI . . . first off we have Sara & Grissom and a little bit of Cath with the murder of Penny Garden . . which first off I found funny for no reason at all. It just sounded like the name of some 60s rock groupie (hmmm wasn't the fist victim a 60s rocker? . . . how closely did they look into the past of both victims?) Before we can start to say, "ho hum, who really cares if it was the nephew addicted to drugs or the drug dealer living next door, we get a miniature crime scene and the whole thing gets interesting. Loved Hodges dancing and the bright pink cherry liquor. Nicotine poisoning looked like a gruesome way to die. What is up with the doll with the bloody head? Again, more questions than answers.
    Then we have Greg and the coroner's inquest. Interesting set up/concept. Not a court, not really a judge, and the jurors can ask questions - very interesting. So why did that guy have it in for Greg? The "Judge" (who we are supposed to think of as a traffic cop), I get, he's up for election, but the juror? What is his story? Was he being paid off by someone? I can see why they found Greg excusable instead of justifiable. Feel bad about the wrongful death suit. Hope that Warrick and Nick and Sara (why was she not there, I mean she processed Greg?) can recreate the crime a little better for the court case. Poor Greg. And he has trouble sleeping at night. I'd help him sleep. I was worried the brother was going to run over him with the car, until the guy with the papers showed up. The last scene with Sara & Grissom and then Greg stops by - I loved the line Grissom said about taking his suit off - come one, he looked older and sexy - he should wear suits all the time - and then the look Sara gave Grissom "Thanks for being nicer to him, you'll be rewarded later." Side Note: We've been focusing on Catherine, Greg, and Grissom so far this season. Sara and Nick have been getting a lot of scenes as well. Where's Warrick? He needs to have the A storyline. Please?