CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • CSI dose something very rare, dose two story arks.

    I thought that this was a great story and I like the fact that CSI is doing story arks. I knew that Greg's plight wasn't going to be over with, with that inquiry and that this mini killer is still out there waiting for their next victim. This episode felt like another chapter of on going story that has a long way to go before it will finished up.

    At first I thought that this judge was going to be a good one when he refused the question about asking is it okay to kill a black kid, but in the episode I started to hate him because he was allowing some much crap to go through. I firmly think that if the judge wasn't going out for an office, then he wouldn't avoid all of that stuff to go through. Watching this circus of a inquiry I thought that Greg would of had a better chance in a criminal trial rather then the inquiry. I also love how the judge was trying to cast Greg is a bad light by the fact that he had a drink before he went to work, but Greg is turn shut him down with cold hard facts on how the body works when dealing with alcoholic drinks. This is something that I always love to see when a person gets so much wrapped up in something that they think is right, and that a person knock them down with facts that the only thing that they can do is to shut up and listen to what they said about any subject matter.

    I personally hated the family of the killed kid, because they were so full of themselves that they couldn't see the truth about their son/brother. If their son/brother was as smart as they claimed then he would of realized that beating the crap out of people just for the heck of it, is no way to pass one free time. That suing Greg for wrongful death just capped it for me with their native nature about what their family member is really doing and I hopping that this civil trial will give them more trouble then they think.

    Next on the list is the miniature crime scene killer that we're first intro in the second part of the 7th season premiere and I knew that this was something that wouldn’t just go away in one signal episode because of the nature of the crime. At least with this episode we might have at least a clue of whom this person is, which is much more then what he had when first encounter this person.