CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • I'm very impressed with the quality of CSI episodes lately.

    There have been some great episodes this season. I really love the story line for Greg that's developed.

    I have to admit that the dead woman didn't really interest me at first. A messed-up old lady getting thrown through a window is nothing unique for this show. When the scale model of the house showed up, I was shocked. The whole thing slipped my mind because I was so focused on Greg.

    So let's talk about the Greg thing first. D.J.'s family can just say anything they'd like, and that's OK? The guy on the jury can stand up and ask, "Is it OK to run over black kids in the street?" and this is even remotely OK? That is a bizarre process, but big props to Greg for keeping his mouth shut. There's no way I would have been able to not reply while people were yelling at me. More props to Greg after he was confronted by the judge about drinking wine at dinner and knowing right off the top of his head the exact blood alcohol numbers and how sober he would have been on his shift.

    Three things I am still pondering about this story line:

    1. What was up with that juror and his questions? I kept thinking there was something more behind that guy, but it wasn't mentioned in the end. 2. Didn't that judge seem like he was attacking Greg near the end with the whole "how was the sea bass" thing? That just seemed a little out of line. 3. Greg certainly got saved by that random guy in the bathroom, or D.J.'s brother would have probably beat him senseless. But if that guy had walked in after, say, a punch or two was thrown, would Greg be in a better situation in the long run? It might sound stupid to say, but the wrongful-death suit might have less merit or maybe even never have been filed at all if the brother had been caught pounding Greg. I know, I know — Greg could have also been pounded to death, so maybe I'm just thinkin' crazy tonight. Now, let's get back to the woman being murdered. I really started paying attention once the nephew brought the scale model of the crime scene to the ladies. So right now it's assumed that the unknown caller on Penny's phone list has something to do with the crime. Otherwise, these two killings do seem pretty random. It was interesting that Grissom figured out that the reason the model wasn't left at the scene was because it was wrong: Penny was supposed to die differently. I love these models, though, accurate right down to the hidden drugs under a rock outside the house. The whole scenario seems to be getting more baffling now, and neither story line has closure yet. So we'll get to more of both of them at some point down the line. For Grissom's sanity we have to hope he doesn't get too many more miniatures, and for Greg's sanity we have to hope he doesn't have to constantly be looking over his shoulder for fear of getting pummeled.