CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Greg goes to court for inquest and the miniature killer committed another murder.

    We can watch two storylines developing alternately in this episode. One is about Greg, and the other one is about the miniature killer, who killed the washed-up singer in 'Built to Kill.' First, Greg gets to attend an inquest about a death of a college student unfortunately knocked over and killed by the car Greg was driving. In the course of the inquest, because of the judge who cares about his campaign for assembly more than the case, and the guy from the jurors, who seems to have endless suspicions of the cops' every action, Greg faces, I think, the most difficult time he ever had in his life as a CSI. In this episode, I got the same feeling that I'd had in 'A Bullet Runs Through It (1), (2)' when Greg really felt guilty about what he had done becasue of the press, which tried to focus more on the victim's family, making it look like the cops, represeted by Greg in this episode, were the bad guy and the victim was an innocent one. Anyway, given that Greg got a message that says he will be served with another law suit, it doesn't look like he is completely out of the woods. On to the miniature killer case, this killer murdered an old woman and sent another horrifyingly sophisticated miniature to her nephew again. Grissom found nothing substantial except that the killer delievered his/her miniature directly to the home without any help of delievery service at the end of the show. (Seems like the killer may have exposed his/her face.) Anyway, it gets even creepier.
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