CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 7

Post Mortem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • Greg Sanders is involved in an inquisition regarding the death of Demetrius James, the teenage student involved in the fannysmackin gang who Greg ran over in self-defense.

    This episode is great for Greg fans like myself because he finally gets more screen time and we finally get to see more dramatic development in the this lovable character. While the other CSIs are working on a case, Greg is being questioned in court for the incident of Demetrius James, the teenage student involved with the fannysmackin' mob who Greg ran over in self-defense. Throughout the episode, just when the viewer thinks that Greg would surely be considered blameless in this rather-clear-cut case of survival instinct in the face of an imminent attack, something happens to jeopardize his case. Like the overly aggressive male jury member who seems to think all cops are dirty; like the overly dramatic mother and brother of the deceased who flew to the press with accusations against Greg; like the judge who intentionally make things difficult for Greg by questioning his alcohol intake on the night of the incident, just to garner public support for his own political agenda. In the end, i was worried that Greg really might not get out of this bind. The jury gave the verdict of Excusable for this hearing, which is fine though not ideal, and Greg, having been so obviously saddened and guilty throughout the whole thing, still does not get to put the incident behind him because, as we realise at the end of the episode, he gets served with a lawsuit from the deceased's family. The only thing that i was a bit disappointed in was that while Greg was struggling with his hearing, other than Warrick and Nick's contribution and support, the other CSIs don't seem overly concerned for him, which is a pity. There's more to come with Greg's case, so i'd be looking forward to that. More of Greg Sanders is always welcome!