CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 18

Precious Metal

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 03, 2003 on CBS

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  • Foreshawding for Greg's future as a CSI.

    Haha, "go home to smack the money," that's funny. ^^ Ginger is fiesty and not someone I'd want to mess with. I thought the whole switching the reciever transmitter thingies was a pretty interesting idea. Then stuffing the dead body into a chemical waste barrel was a half-good place to put a body. I feel sorry for Brian though, thinking he killed Christian when in reality it was Luke who did it all because his "baby" was totalled by SMASH-N-BURN.

    By the way guys, just because a woman canpush a baby out between her legs, doesn't mean anyone can do it. I wouldn't know from persinal experience, but the horror stories are enough to give me a good idea of what the painful experience is like.

    After watching this episode and other episodes all the way up to season seven, I saw that it was sort of forshadowing Greg's decision to get out of the lab and into the field. I mean think about it; Greg got his first taste out the great outdoors in Chasing the Bus, in season two, then this episode. And in Play with Fire, I think getting blown up in his "domain" made him come to the conclusion that he needed to get out into the field. It took almost a whole season of shadowing the other CSIs and screwing up his proficiency, but in the end he got it.

    Sorry, that was a bit of a rant. >_<
  • An ok episode. I didn't really find it that interesting, except for the parts with Greg.

    An ok episode. I didn't really find it that interesting, except for the parts with Greg.

    The body they found drum reminded me of an episode in the 2nd season.

    Greg helps Grissom with a case & gets to venture out of the lab on an undercover assignment for him.

    It was nice to see Greg in the field for a 2nd time especially after his first time was a disaster (Chasing the Bus).

    After solving the case Greg decides that his world in the lab is too small & he wants to go out into the field more often, even though it might mean a pay cut for him.
  • As bad as this sounds, I loved this ep because I got to see a lot more of Greg, and that makes me very happy!

    I loved this ep, simply because it features a lot more of Greg than your normal ep when he is in the lab. Esp love the quote when Grissom is questioning Gregs interests and hobbies. Plus love the robots. You don't see so much of that in Australia so interesting to watch. Especially good to see a guy crying on TV, esp over his family. Very compelling stuff... Loved all the ooey gooey dead guy in the drum. I may be a girl, but the first time I see something like that esp in all that detail... Great sfx and props used in every ep, but that one takes the cake!
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