CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 13

Random Acts of Violence

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2003 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Warrick investigates the drive by murder of a young girl in his old neighborhood. The girl's father is a friend and mentor of Warrick's as well. Warrick struggles to control his emotions to the point where Grissom pulls him off of the case. Nick tackles the murder of a computer company employee. The only supects are the three other employees in the building.moreless

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  • Wow, This episode turned out better than I expected.

    Wow, This episode turned out better than I expected. Just the guys this time.

    Knowing that Jorja fox (Sara) wasn't appearing in this episode I thought it was going to be boring but surprisingly I didn't miss her at all, I can't believe I actually considered not watching it. But I ended up watching it twice.

    This time Warrick gets emotionally involved in a case, his mentors 9 year old daughter was murdered & Grissom has no choice except to kick Warrick off the case and assign a new one to him & ironically his new case was to find out who beat up the suspect.

    Nicks case on the other hand was interesting and we got to see more of Archie this time.

  • Warrick goes back to the "hood" where he was raised to investigate the drive by shooting of his mentors daughter. Nic investigates the death of computer company employee.

    I think this episode rocked!!!! Warrick is by far my favourite character and this episode shows alot about his background. Also it wasn\'t the traditional \"this episode is about me i\'d better do everything\" scenerio. Warrick got kicked off the case for getting to emotionally attached. What i found weird about this Warricks mentor was arrested for assult. I mean are all the CSI\'s mentors bad. Catherine\'s was arrested for messing with evidence and Grissom\'s expolited everyones weakness in a trial against a movie star. But all in all this episode was well done. The only downside was Grissom didn\'t make his witty pun before the theme song!!!

Keith David

Keith David

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Dwayne L. Barnes

Gene Jacobs

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Maury Sterling

Maury Sterling

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Romy Rosemont

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David Berman

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Palmer Davis

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This marks Archie's first time in the field, but he's not seen in action.

    • Goof: Just after they arrest the Janitor, they are walking out of the building past the employee's. The girl sitting at her chair is not actually typing on her keyboard, her fingers never even press on the keys and her screen-saver is displayed on the screen.

    • Goof: When Grissom gives an unfired gun cartridge to a tech for possible fingerprints he says it is a stovepipe and was never fired nor exposed to heat, which is impossible since a stovepipe occurs when a spent casing is caught in the slide before it is completely ejected from a semi-automatic gun.

    • The room where Nick and Vega first talk to the repairman is actually the CSI locker room set, without the lockers.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Warrick: I blew it.
      Grissom: Yeah. But you're not the one who's paying for it.

    • Detective Vega: You don't just spontaneously develop a fatal head wound.

    • Detective Vega: Court documents Garret Kwan was suing you for sexual harassment.
      Serena: Are you familiar with the term "spurious"?
      Detective Vega: Are you familiar with the term "murder suspect"?

    • (After he finds trophies that were stolen from Matt's house in Jacob's car)
      Grissom: If this is evidence, it needs to be tagged and catalogued.
      Warrick: This is the same guy who shot Matt's daughter in the head and he's walking around laughing at us!
      Grissom: Can you prove that?
      Warrick: What's this? I've been putting guys away like this for years and now that it matters it seems like you're holding me back here! (shows people from the lab overhearing Warrick yelling)
      Grissom: The job, Warrick is to process evidence objectively and without prejudice.
      Warrick: I'm so sick of hearing that. I've heard it a million times! I can't be a robot like you. I actually care about these people!
      Grissom: You know what, you're not working on this case anymore. I'll have another assignment for you tomorrow.
      Warrick: Keep it. (Warrick leaves angry and hits a mail cart on his way out)
      Grissom (to everyone in the lab): Where were we?
      Bobby: At a dead end
      Grissom: Go back to work.

    • Nick: You gotta get a girlfriend.
      Archie: You first.

    • Archie (to Nick about girl in a case): Oh Serina, you can defrag my hard drive any time.

    • Greg: All work and no play makes Greg a dull boy.
      Grissom: All play and no work makes Greg an unemployed boy.

    • (after Nick takes Archie to a crime scene at a software company)
      Greg: I thought we had a relationship! What are you doing taking Archie into the field instead of me?
      Nick: Right tool for the right job, man. You have to understand the world you're investigating.
      (Greg gives Nick a look)
      Nick: Hey, Archie? What's that "Star Trek" episode with that guy and the forehead thingy and the time portal...?
      Archie: In classic, TNG, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise?
      Greg: Point taken.
      Archie: Or were you thinking about Farscape?
      Nick: I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • NOTES (2)