CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on CBS

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  • At an upscale wedding, a high profile defense attorney (who is also the mother of the groom) turns up dead. To make matters worse, Stokes' truck, which contains almost all of the evidence in the case, is stolen from a diner parking lot.


    This episode of CSI is definitely the best of the season. Seeing the same scene from the point of view of each member of Grissom's team was a very clever idea. It gave the viewer not just a look at the crime scene but a look inside the minds of the team members (Saunders has read one too many detective novels) and that's always a welcome thing. It gives the characters depth and their own identities. I hope to see more of that in future episodes. This episode of CSI definitely hit the bullseye. No doubt about it.

  • Brilliant episode with flashback re-tellings of an investigation through the eyes and mindsets of our favourite CSIs.

    The msytery: The mother of a groom was killed during the wedding, and the CSIs try to solve the case as per usual, except that they're tryin to do so without any evidence collected at the scene since that was all stolen along with Nick's car. Fantastic episode, primarily because of the flashback re-tellings of the investigation through the different perspectives of each CSI. Sara goes the cynical route, questioning the pretensions of an elaborate wedding ceremony - "Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?". Nick goes the romantic route, proclaiming that weddings are a public declaration of a couple's love - "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet with that much love in the air". Grissom goes the scientific route, typically detached as he shows more interest in a ladybird than in the wedding decor - "The blossoms of desire do belong and harmonia axyridis fly along". Finally my favourite by far, Greg goes the fantasy route, make believing that he's a Humphrey Bogart-esque detective solving a film noir murder mystery - "A dame was dead, but enough about her. The air was hot and heavy with wrong, making me thirsty, thirsty for a tall drink of water". Brilliant! It's also very funny to see the image of David uttering the same sentence over and over again in each re-telling - "You'd think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day", except the voice that comes out of David's mouth was never his own!
  • The CSIs canvas the seemingly brutal murder of a young bride's mother-in-law... which took place at her own wedding reception. As facts unfold, it isn't just one lead, a stolen van full of evidence and runny diner eggs that breaks the case.

    I'd like to start out by saying that box sets of CSI used to be what got me through twelve hour shifts when I used to work at a video game store solo for hours. I basically felt like one of the team, at that point. It was just me and the guys. However, I hadn't watched an episode in a while... when this one showed up. And magic happened.

    From the first few scenes at the diner where marriage goes from a 'property exchange between your father and your husband' via Sara to a 'public declaration of love' via Nick with Greg looking on, I knew I was in for a treat. Oh, and I wasn't disappointed.

    Shortly after coffee, Nick's SUV is nowhere to be found. The theft is problematic enough by itself, but the bad luck compounds tenfold with the fact that the vehicle also carries precious cargo; all the evidence from the crime scene the the team had just returned from. The scene itself had been a post-wedding celebration. The mother of the groom, Diane Chase - a lawyer, and one-time defender of organized crime associates - had been brutally murdered. During the reception.

    Mazal tov.

    This episode actually goes out of its way to entertain, employing a gallows sense of humor, and some film-noir aspects, as well.

    The title of the episode itself, pays homage to the Kurosawa film, 'Rashoman', also a story of murder based off of four separate perspectives of the same crime. Pretty brilliant, actually. And no less brilliantly carried out on the part of the writer, Sarah Goldfinger, or director Kenneth Fink. The actors' steller performances speak for themselves. It's obvious, even to the casual viewer that a lot of fun was had on the set.

    Cut to the exterior of Frank's Coffee Shop.

    (Grissom instructs the CSIs.)

    GRISSOM: I'll talk. You guys just look apologetic.
    (Nick takes his sunglasses off and tucks them in his pocket. Jeff McKeen walks up to them.)
    JEFF MCKEEN: All right, let me see if I understand this correctly. You let one of the members of your team drive his personal vehicle to a crime scene investigation; and then, even though there was a perfectly good crime scene vehicle there, that personal car was crammed with every bit of evidence collected at a major murder investigation, because two of you were maxed out on overtime. And then the driver, of said car, instead of securing that evidence in the lab, gave priority to his need for runny eggs and the aforementioned vehicle was stolen from a parking lot filled with police cars. Is there anything I missed?
    GRISSOM: Just this: Even if we recover the vehicle, the chain of custody has been broken, so all the evidence has been compromised.
    (Jeff McKeen removes an antacid from his roll.)
    GRISSOM: No judge will allow any of it to be admitted into court. Also, we released the crime scene, so it, too, is compromised, leaving us nothing to go back for.
    JEFF MCKEEN: Thank you for clarifying the situation.
    (He pops the tablet in his mouth, glares at the silent CSIs, turns and heads back to his car.)

    (sigh) Well, I thought he was trying to help.

    After Grissom preps the kids that ISA is heading their way to take their statements, he warns them to avoid looking any worse than they do, they have to remember all the crime scene data they can, given the circumstances. So, Nick, Greg and Sara head to the break room to pull thoughts and ready their statements, Brass handles McKeen, and Grissom gets the first run of conclusions from Phillips about Diane Chase's body.

    The game is afoot. Or, actually, a very bloody, very deceased lawyer tied to the back of a convertible with a 'Just Married' sign on it.

    Back in the break room, the diner buddies try to recollect what they each saw while collecting evidence at the scene; this is where the real charm of the episode begins to show through. We're treated to film-noir type techniques of the dramatic pan, the over-dub of the characters' voices as they recount their experiences. I wouldn't have been any less delighted, then if they'd stuck 'it was a dark and stormy night' in there, somewhere. What I thought for a dread-filled second would metamorphose into cliche, repetitious hell was turned out as glorious comedy genius. And where? In the belly of drama.

    The more realistic, comedic take on grim reality is one of the hardest, yet also most rewarding things one can do as a writer. The technique really pays off in this case, over and over throughout the episode. I won't strip the joy of the actual experience, but starting with Sara, we get to see each character's point of view, each shot in different ways as they remember what evidence they collected, who they spoke to. The most delightful recount, I thought, was Greg's; it was shot in full blown Sin City type black and white down to the blood red of the bridesmaids' lipstick, and 'Cagney' over-dub.

    SARA: (v.o.) Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?

    Oh, I think it can.

    Our CSIs spend the remainder of the episode discovering that bridesmaids were originally decoys for the bride to stave off assassins, getting hit by Cupid's arrow may ruin your day more than anything else, that a good paint job can really make up for dings and scrapes on an SUV from a bad tow job... and above all, that none of our stories are the same.

    My only (and I say 'only' as in speck of dust 'only') gripe was that the 'who-dun-nit' was kind of obvious, but then again... if the god-awful heel that usually match a bridesmaids' dress fits...
    In that same vein, although in a frightful segue, I must say, the dialogue was so quirky and charming, it drew me back towards the outstanding Darin Morgin episodes of X-Files fame ('Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose', 'Jose' Chung's 'From Outer Space''). I thought about 'Rashomama' for days afterward, and absolutely enjoyed every second of it - so much so, I had to emote through television review. Now that's passion.

    Now that I think about it, yeah - I saw the ending coming. I'm a writer, that's my job, kinda. But sometimes, that's a good thing. After the wedding speech of the newly christened mother-in-law/wedding favor, I think the temptation to go 'Heathers' on her was just too much. Sometimes, drugs just aren't enough to make the problem go away. That, or an entire lifetime of wedded bliss.

    'No, thanks mom. You REALLY shouldn't have.'
  • This episode begins with Nick's car get stolen.

    Nick's car get stolen, with all of the crime scene evidence inside the car. Because the car is stolen, it cause a very, very huge problem to the CSIs as the crime scene has been released and all of the evidence has been stolen. The CSI has to use their theory, or whatever they remember to solve the crime. And in the meantime, find back Nick's car.

    OK. This episode is not as good as other people said. If you watch this episode, you will find out everybody has a flashback that begins with Palmer speaking. Well actually I expect more scientific investigation than drama. What happenned on the wedding is shocking, I like that, but I don't like those "flashback". I hate it. I prefer more scientific investigation than drama. However, this episode is still consider good, but not perfect for me.
  • This is an absolutely AMAZING episode because there is a twist: Nick's truck gets stolen. The theft really makes the case challenging for the team, which is already under a lot of pressure because the murder victim is a high-profile lawyer.

    Nick, Sara and Greg are at a diner. Nick's truck gets stolen. The Undersheriff comes to yell at them. Even if the truck is recovered, the evidence has already been compromised. The team have only their wits and a wedding video to rely on.

    I really really loved this episode. Mostly because of the flashbacks, which told watchers something about the character's personality, his/her view towards marriage/interacting with members of the opposite gender, and at the same time also unravelling the case. I especially LOVED Greg's flashback. It was almost all in black and white, but the red of the bridemaids' lipstick and the blood of the murder victim shone alarmingly scarlet. Another reason why this episode is whipplescrumptious is that the personalities of the other characters are so strong and interesting. "Rashomama" is not all seriousness, though. There are countless humorous moments, my favorite was when the caterer was talking to Grissom. A connected confession wrapped up this fantabulous episode.
  • Funny, Funny, Funny!

    You never really see a funny episode of CSI. Sure there may be some humor but it's mainly drama. Well not in this episode. This episode was made to be funny. I loved the "Dude, where's your car?" part, the different points of view from Sara, Nick, Greg, and Grissom, when Sara, Nick, Greg, and Catherine watch the wedding video and the look on their faces was priceless! Then the whole thing with Nick having to do all work, since Greg and Sara can't leave. Nick's truck get's a new look (so funny!) And they solved the case! Then ending though, when Brass is interviewing the girls was funny. Seeing Brass face was funny. Gotta love Brass. This whole episode was fantastic and hopefully we see more CSI with more humor, cause it's nice to see a change in CSI.
  • When the evidence from a high profile is stolen, Greg, Nick, Sara, and Grissom must piece together what they know, before IAB has a chance to skewer them.

    This episode is absolutely hysterical. The individual accounts, all starting with David Phillips from the coroner's office saying, "You'd think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day," gave a fantastic intro to each CSI's version of the event.

    Watching the different accounts describe the personality of each CSI. Nick and Sara are the easiest to describe - romantic and pessimist, respectively. It says it all that Grissom focused in on the bug. Greg, however, had the best part of all. When Sara describes him as "Raymond Chandler", she's not kidding. Hilarity follows his version of the wedding, as it is shot in shades of gray, with vivid colors punching their way through on the lips of the "dames" in his version.

    The part of the undersheriff also provided some fantastic comedy relief. The popping of the stomach medicine, running over the cones at the scene of the evidence theft, peeling out... and best of all asking, Nobody's going to believe that this was an unfortunate series of incidences. So my choices are: We're idiots, or we're dirty." I love that these leave off with these choice... the audience gets to laugh with the obvious answer of 'idiots'.

    All in all, one of the best episodes ever. It's great seeing a case file, along with some great humor.
  • I loved it. You gotta see this.

    As we can see from the title of this episode, this is the episode inspired by "Rashomon," the film by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. (I watched this old movie last year, and it kinda bored me at that time. But I think it is worthwhile to watch.)

    Wow, This is probably the best episode of season 6, along with "Gum Drops." They tried a new way to develop the story at this time, like they did in "I Like to Watch", where they became the subject of a reality show. (I didn't like that one, but I really love this one.) Since Nick's car, which had all the evidences they collected at the crime scene, got stolen, they had to depend on their memories to get the ball rolling. In that process, we could see all the different point of views of Sara, Nick, Grissom, and Greg. When they passed through the arc thing at the entrance, Sara, who thinks getting married is unnecessary and meaningless, saw fake flowers. On the other hand, Nick saw a rose and even smelled it. Grissom, who collects all kinds of insects 'for fun', was definitely able to spot a tiny bug on the leaf. The best part of this is Greg's flashback. He distinguished himself with his own Blank-and-White way. (He cracked me up.)

    This episode has a well-knit storyline and also has an amount of humor. It's fun to watch.
  • I loved this episode!!

    Ok this episode is great it is very well written and i loved it. So first of all nick drives his tahoe to a crime scene loads it with evidence and then it gets stoledn while he is eating breakfast. I loved how they showed collecting evidnce at the scene from every characters point of view. This was funny and serious i thought it was funny because of the diffrent point of views like sara dosent really like weddings much and Greg thought he was so cool and swave. I laughed alot during this episode and thats why i think i liked it the most.
  • One word......superb.

    Everyone should watch this episode it is one of the best. The crime might not be too extravagant but the episode in its self is amazing. Just watch it. You will not be disappointed. I really really really really really really like this episode for its quality, wit, and humor. Wow this was a brilliant episode.
  • In this episode, we learn the different views of the crime scene through Grissom, Sara, Nick, and Greg. Grissom sees the bug and tells a poem. Nick’s view is a hopeless romantic. Sara has a pessimist view. Greg has a view of Sin City in black and white.

    Nick’s evidence was stolen so the team each describes their view of the event. After reciting his or her verison of the event, they decide that each of the bridesmaid had a part in the death of the defense attorney. In this episode we find out the Sara knows a lot about wedding and the team is surprised. Grissom and Sara exchange smiles and Nick's car is returned. I liked this episode. It showed the viewers a view of each character and how they view a crime scene. It showed further insight on the personality of each character and overall a great episode. I loved Greggo's view. Episode - 10/10 .
  • I loved it.

    Nick and Sara's reaction to the flowers show opposing veiws, and a hopeless romatic man and a cynical woman make a nice change. The flashbacks were all the same but original with each person's retelling. Take the cupids kiss. Sara "How can the love be real when the flowers arn't?" Nick "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet with that much love in the air." Grissom noticed a little buggy on a rose. Grissom with bugs reminds me of a boy with a new toy. It's sweet! And Greg... I saved the best for last. The Black-white-red and suiting music, and Greg's retelling really worked! GSR with them both thinking over marriage. I think they must have got married. Nick took his shirt off! The male CSIs don't do that enough.
  • There's an important case to solve. Very unfortunately, Nick's car, along with all the evidence the CSI's have collected, get stolen and they have to solve the case with whatever they can get their hands on.

    This was probably one of the best CSI episodes I have ever watched. It's definitely going on my favourites' list. Instead of being serious like any other usual episode, this one carries a generous amount of humour with it - which isn't a bad thing at all. The different point of views allow us to learn more about our oh-so lovable CSIs, not to mention Greg's point of view actually got a giggle out of me - and I don't do giggles. Amazingly enough, the CSIs get resourceful and manage to solve the case without passing out from overtime. Looks like Nick needs to get a new paint job though. Poor guy. XD
  • Very funny. I love when they use different views to tell the same story. Greg's vision was really kinda funny. And even Grissom seem to like weddings. lol

    Very funny. I love when they use different views to tell the same story. Greg's vision was really kinda funny. And even Grissom seem to like weddings. lol
    And like it when Wendy cut the shirt off Nick. Nick was almost freaking out cuz everybody was complaining about his car stolen.
    But what a pity Warrick only appeared once at the locker room. Maybe he was having breaks. Nice.
    By the way, why did Mickey like Sara so much? Well that's his view. As I think Sara isn't very pretty. According to the story she is very smart though.

    Oh one more thing, I love Amanda Seyfried as the hot bridemaid in this episode.
  • Brilliant!

    Amazing writing on this episode! A really creative perspective and each character’s version fits the personality perfectly. I love that in the middle of this romantic setting Grissom notices the bug on the flower! And Greg’s perspective was hilarious. I love the last line where Grissom says “I’m sure all our stories are the same”. Perfectly ironic and ends the episode on a funny note. There has to be more episodes like this, where everything isn’t focused on a gruesome murder. Comedy mixed with the CSI’s is a recipe for a classic episode.
  • A Wedding, No evidence and four different points of view. Brilliant.

    This is probably the best episode of season six, it was much more entertaining than the finale, had well pitched moments of humor and tried something new.

    I liked the way each character walked under the arch offering their own narrative of events. It was insightful. I especially enjoyed Gregs flim noir take on things. It seems outlandish yet perfectly suited to his character. The cast of suspects kept us guessing, each with their own reasons for doing it as well as a perfectly hateable victim. The cracks about the Grooms mother lightened the mood without being distastful or lowering the tone whilst the setting seemed idiylic and realistic.

    I hope there are many more episodes of this quality.
  • By far the best episode of season 6.

    I was largely disappointed with the latest season of CSI. I can't quite explain why, but after that amazing fifth season, the sixth season just fell short of my expectations. Is it possible to completely redeem itself in just one episode?

    The answer to that is "yes". And the reason for that is GREG.

    What happened to Greg this season? Where did he go? He was hiding in the shadows, making his triumphant return in this episode.

    This episode was everything I love about CSI. It pulled you in right from the start, with the mother of the groom being dragged behind the newlyweds' vehicle. It kept you guessing... Just exactly who did kill the evil witch (an evil lawyer, there's something I've never heard)? And it featured something we don't usually get to see on CSI - varying points of view.

    Having Sara, Nick, Greg, and Grissom recall processing the same crime scene but with vastly different points of view was pure genius. Each one has a different reaction to the same event. Sara harps on the fake flowers, everything is too bright, she interviews the drunk groomsmen. Greg is in a film noir, flirting with the femme fatales. Nick plays the hero, offering his jacket to a shivering bridesmaid. Grissom sees a bug. You know, stuff like that.

    Nick without his shirt on. Hoo-yah. Too bad Greg didn't go shirtless, too. That would've just made my millennium.

    Have I rambled enough about how much I love this episode? I don't think I have. But I'll stop anyway.

    Great episode! Everyone must watch!
  • WOW what a great episode!!!

    This was a great episode. All the flash backs were great. Mine favorite flash back was definitly Gregs. It was funny and made me laugh. I also liked Nicks because it shows how hot he still is. Grissom's flash back was nice.

    My favorite part of the show was when Nick had his shirt cut off. Oh my god that was so hot I could not stop looking. In Nick's flash back he gave his jacket to a brides mate. When he was taking it off and talkin to Warrick, Warrick noticed that there was some blood on Nick's shirt. Then Nick went to the girl and she cut off his shirt. Oh my god that was so hot.

    This episode was very good.
  • Optimum episode that ja vi ties now of CSI

    In the beginning the case seemed simple, but ai had stolen the Car of the Nick.Depois had started Investigar, and each one counted its historia, of when they they had been there. All the historias had been good, but of the Greg he was the best same one. In uncurling the suspicion if they conrfimaram for the girls. , This episode shows with MOTHER-IN-LAW CAN BE BOAT. Emfim parabens for the Kenneth Fink, Sarah Goldfinger and all, why this is optimum episode that ja vi of CSI.
  • I would marry this episode if it was legal...

    This was such a great episode. It may just be the best one of the season to date. I cannot use enough words to describe how good this episode was. I don't even know where to start describing the grandness that was this episode.

    Let me start at the flashbacks cause those were certainly the best part. Greg had the best flashback ever! My friend texts me during the episode especially to say that Greg had the funniest flashback. We had a good chuckle about it. Grissom's flashback was cute, Nick showed that he still remains a hopeless romantic, and Sara's was pretty good (I can't think of any words to describe it...).

    Nick without his shirt! OMG teh hottness! That was so hott!! I would marry that six pack if I could but, again, it proabably is illegal. I could watch that scene a hundred times then watch it a hundred times more.

    Sara not being anti-marriage, just anti-stupid wins the award for best quote of the episode. It was the way she said it that made it so great. Overall a great episode. More episodes should be written by Sarah Goldfinger, she always writes the good ones.
  • This was everything an episode should be. It revisited things that made CSI great in its first two years. And so wonderful to see this season which has been largely below average.

    Just the decision to have the CSIs meet up at the diner for the first time in years was a treat.

    The storyline was funny and had some mystery to it.

    The characters not only working together but relating to each other was marvellous. The character touches were brilliant -- like Greg\\\'s cellphone ring tone, Sara\\\'s unsurprising dislike of weddings and Nick giving us a small flip out (shoutout to the rage diary fans) plus a shirtless scene.

    Oh this was sorely needed this season. Too many episodes had the CSI\\\'s working not together but in sequence, particulary after the early season gem that was Gum Drops. Finally Rashomama was another episode to love.

    This is definitely one to watch again and again in repeats. The measure of a true classic.

  • Smart, funny, and fantastic story line.

    This is a great episode! There were good jokes and plot twists. It was interesting having all the Crime Scene Investigators revealing their sides of the story. It is probably one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen (and believe me I’ve seen them all) It is definitely one of my favorite episodes. Anyone who watches it this episode will be able to enjoy the great quality of how it is written (especially if you are a true Greg fan like me) I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good CSI episode. Not a dull moment in this one.
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    This episode was filled with everything! It showed the CSI's points of view how they describe things that happened. In the begging of this episode it started in a diner, Greg, Nick, and Sara were all eating, when a big white truck goes in front of Nick's truck, blocking it from their sight. But when it moves the truck is gone and that's when Greg says: Dude, where's your car? So the 3 of them get in trouble for losing all the evidence and get confined to the lab, till the evidence is recovered. Later in the story Sara, Nick, Grissom, and Greg all tell their story of what happened when the got to the crime scene. A while later the evidence is found, but the three CSI's can't leave, so Nick goes into the locker room and see's Warrick getting ready to go. Nick takes his coat of complaning, and that's when Warrick notices the blood and dirt on Nick's shirt. So later on they find out that the girl Nick gave his coat to at the crime scene was the killer, along with her friend.
    I can totally see why this story got the highest overall rating for a CSI episode yet! It was all around EXCELLENT! ;D
  • Originality made it a great episode!

    This episode was fantastic! They combined the humor with the science and came up with probabaly one of the best episodes in the history of CSI! The four stories were wonderful and I really loved how we really got to see the scene from the different persepctives of the CSIs.

    Probably my favourite two scenes out of the whole episode was Hodges in Grissom's office and Greg's re-enactement. My least favourite scene/line? Grissom's line at the end. Cheesy or what?! Why wreck a perfectly perfect episode with such a cheesy line? But oh well, you gotta give the writers their credit.

    The four views were completely different and it really showed the four different people as the diverse four that they are. I loved how Grissom quotes poetry and then spotted a bug! Totally Grissom. Sara was a bit bitter about the wedding but that's who she is and rightly so, I don't like people who get married for completely the wrong reasons either. Greg's was hilarious! I was laughing the entire time. Especially at the swab part! That was the best bit.

    Fantastic episode, fantastic writing, fantastic acting, yay CSI! Just please, leave out the cheesy endings. It was really bad.
  • Murder and mayhhem ensue at a wedding reception; the bride need not worry about mother-in-law woes.

    I had TiVo'd this episode when it originally aired and just watched it in May. This was something I would dub a "fun" episode in that no one took him/herself too seriously, and even the threat of the IAB investigation didn't seem to be that big a deal. It was clever how each character did a flashback of how the crime scene investigation played out, and I found Greg's the most amusing. Raymond Chandler, indeed. Even the background music to this episode hinted at a more lighthearted tone. The tunes were very coy and in major rather than minor keys, lending it a very playful quality. I found that outing the perps was kind of an afterthought. It was much more interesting to see Nick's truck disappear, only to return all tarted up. Also fun was Jim Brass' interviews with subjects. He always kept a sense of humor throughout, often giving us the "what-are-you-kidding-me?" expression he so often wears. All in all, a very good way to spend an hour -- actually less, since I fast forwarded through the commercials.
  • This was amazing. I don't normally watch this show, but when I do, it's great to see episodes like this. It was clever and funny and... wow.

    This was a very interesting episode because there was a lot less time in the lab than in most others. This would be, of course, because all of the evidence collected was stolen in the opening part of the episode. The classic line "Dude, where's your car?" came out of nowhere, and the flashbacks were fun to watch as they were perfect for the characters and added more humor to the show. All in all, the best part of this episode was the repainting of Nick's truck and Grissom's line at the end: "I'm sure our stories are all the same,"
    Anyways, my favorite CSI ep possibly of all time. Just fantastic.
  • They did it again!

    I love it when the writers try different ideas on CSI & this was the best so far. Sara Goldfinger did a great job on this one.

    This was the funniest episode of the entire series, I don't remember laughing so much at any episode, and I couldn't stop even after it finished.

    Nick's car gets stolen & all the evidence for the murder case they're working on is inside. This time it's not about the science & we get to see each CSI's point of view on the case & investigation.

    The episode starts with Sara and her point of view, a pessimistic one. We find out that she hates weddings & thinks that they are stupid when people do things for the sake of tradition & have no idea why. It was nice to see Sara flirt with someone other than a fellow CSI for a change, although there was alot of flirting (very cute) going on between her & Nick, and it seemed like she was enjoying it too.

    Nick's version was from a romantic point of view.

    Grissom's point of view, well all I can say is how Grissom of him to notice the tiny bug on the flower.

    And last but not least, the funniest out of them all, was Greg's (Film Noir) point of view. I loved how it was all black & white, pure genius. Only Greggo could pull something like that off. I don't think I stopped laughing once during that scene.
  • Filler but still humorous!

    This episode made me laugh. The repitition of the same story as seen and told by the different members of the team was great. The story line was not exceptional but the point of the episode was more about getting to know the characters better, and boy did it work. I found Greg\'s point of view downright hilarious. This type of episode is what helps maintain the balance between humor and drama. The show does not NEED more of these episodes. I am just glad that they have them every once in a while. Without them, the show would be in danger of becoming too emotionally heavy.
  • An episode that is told through a series of different points of views. Once again CSI, drives into the realms of an experimental type of episodes.

    An episode that is told through a series of different points of views. Once again CSI, drives into the realms of an experimental type of episode, much in the same fashion of last year’s “4 x 4”. But this time it is a story that is told via the different point of views of the investigators, much like last year’s CSI:Miami’s “Three-Way” and in doing so try to get to the truth of what really happen in the case.

    Again I like these type of episodes, because it also very realist because people have different point of views in the life and issues, and because of that they are affected by it. While in that CSI:Miami episode is about the miss interpretations that some people can get if they don’t have all of the pieces of a puzzle together and one should reserved their judgment when they get all of the pieces of the puzzle together. In this CSI episode that wasn’t the case, in this case it was using everybody’s methodology to get to the truth.

    We start this POV-type of episode from Shara’s totally pessimistic view on life and can’t see the real joy that is out there, like in this episode, a marriage, for while a normal person might see it as a happy occasion with two people that are finally comminuting to each other. But she dose not see it like that, she is as a stuffy traditional occasion with people whom had no clue why certain things have to be done, nick pitting everything and noticing all of the faults that are in the environment, including the fake roses that was inside of the hedge and the tacky place where the wedding was taking place.

    Then we move on to Nick’s positive view on life and like with any optimist he see it as a happy time for the couple and because of that he dose not notice all of the faults, like the fake roses that are on the hedges, or even the location of where they wedding is taking place, much like Shara’s did. He see the wedding as a public display of their love and their willing to commit to each other for the rest of their life despite what his mother think of it, that the property that dose get transfer to them is something extra that would get with the wedding.

    Then we move to Grissom’s point of view, which is totally different from Shara and Nick, for he has no positive nor no negative feelings toward the wedding, for him it’s a non issue for him. The only thing that he wanted to do is to get to the truth and what really happen at the weeding. His truth seeker attitude forces him to paid attention to all of the details of the various different people and their action. This style of his investigation also allowed him to see a ladybug that was inside one of the roses, something that none of the other CSI saw while they walked pass the hedge

    After that we move to Greg’s point of view, which is the funniest one out of the entire, which is told in the style of a Film Noir, which all of the trappings that comes with that film style, including seeing the world majority in black and white with an once in a while splash of color, in this episode it was the color of red on bridesmaid’s lips. Also the used of lyrical similes through his narration of his part of the investigation.
  • Yay,Nicky's hair is back. Love this ep...

    Im a bit late on this review,but I thought this episode was hilarious,I couldent help it...

    My faveorite part was when Nick\'s truck came back,er,'pimped'. Oh,and when the lab tech cut off Nick's shirt..but,uh,thats a different story ;-). Anyway..it was a filler,but a pretty darn good one!!! And Greg's flash back...wow. I dont think I stopped laughing. Thats the Greg we know and love,correct?

    My faveorite line was "And I thought MY wedding sucked." from poor Catherine. Im a die-hard Catherine fan..and this line made me feel kinda sorry for her,but whatever. Anyway..this episode was funny,amazing,kinda corney when you think about it,but still good :-D
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