CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This episode states that Nick's private vehicle is a 'Ford Explorer' 2004 model.

    • Differences in the flashbacks:
      Sara: Has a pessimistic view.
      Nick: Hopeless Romantic.
      Grissom: Notices the ladybug (of course)
      Greg: Film Noir, an example of his continued interest in the Gangster Era.

    • Goof: When Undersheriff McKeen arrives at the diner where Nick's car was stolen, we see Nick take off his sunglasses and places them in his pocket. However, every time the camera zooms out on McKeen, we can see that Nick is still wearing the sunglasses.

    • Goof: While Catherine, Nick, Greg and Sara are watching the wedding toast, Diane Chase says, drunkenly, "Oh, I want to thank you all so much for coming. I love you, Adam." When they show Grissom the wedding toast, it ends with Diane Chase saying, "Thank you all for coming. I love you Adam," in a calmer way.

    • Greg's phone is set to play "Feel Like Makin Love" by Bad Company when it rings.

    • The locker room scene towards the end is Gary Dourdan's (Warrick Brown) only appearance in this episode.

    • In the lab Greg compares the arrowhead of the statue to the photo from the autopsy. During that whole scene the statue jumps back and forth from postions everytime the camera changes the angle.

    • Jorja Fox, like her character Sara, is a bit pessimistic when it comes to weddings. Says Fox: "I am not really acting in this episode, I just show up. Deep down inside, I think there is a romantic that lives inside Sara, but I think she thinks that a lot of people get married for the wrong reason and the wrong way and this wedding is a good example."

  • Quotes

    • (Nick's car arrives in the garage with half naked women painted on it)
      Brass: Hey pimp. How do you like your new ride?
      Catherine: Hey look, they fixed it.
      Nick (whining): Ooh, Ooh, that's not funny.
      Catherine: Oh, it's a little funny.

    • (After Wendy tells them the DNA results)
      Greg: We could compare them to the bucal swabs that we collected...if we still had them.
      Sara: Well we just have to recollect them.
      Greg: All 200 of them?
      Sara: Yeah. And since we can't leave...someone else is...gonna have to recollect them.
      Nick: This is crap. I've been waiting on IAB for 14 hours. I'm tired. And I kinda smell. And I don't have a friggen car.

    • Nick (walking in): What's up?
      Sara (holding up the bride's lingerie): I need your hands.
      Nick: I thought you'd never ask.
      Sara (smirks): To uh...reprint the bumper because the tape lifts were stolen.

    • Catherine: So, you took the perimeters, right?
      Nick: Yeah.
      Catherine: Well, I caught this guy in the shadows, he looks more like a suspect than a guest. Archie blew it up. (shows Nick the pictures) That face look familiar?
      Nick: Yeah, yeah, I caught that guy sleepin' one of in the bushes. It's the groom's old man.
      Catherine: Wow, I thought my wedding was bad.

    • Sara: Why do we always come here?
      Greg: Open 24 hours.
      Sara: Everything in Vegas is open 24 hours.
      Greg: It's cheap.
      Nick (walks in): It smells like bacon in here. (to Sara) Slide over. (he sits down) That scene took forever, we were there like what? 9 hours?
      Sara: Eleven.
      Greg: A dead lawyer and 200 eyewitnesses, it's gonna take a while.
      Nick: Come for a wedding, stay for the funeral. Why do we always eat here?
      Greg: It's tradition.
      Sara: Ah tradition. Like becoming property exchanged between your father and your husband.
      Nick: No, that's not what a wedding is. It's a public declaration of love.
      Greg: I'm with Vince Vaughn on this one. Dozens of horny single women with access to an open bar and coupling on their mind.
      Waitress (walking up): Weddings are a Rorschach, everyone sees what they wanna see. My first 5 were good. (walks away)
      Greg (looking up and seeing the news): We're not even back to the lab yet and we're already on TV. (Sara and Nick turn to look at the TV) The stones on these guys to take her out at her son's wedding.
      Nick (to Sara): Pass the cream will ya.
      Greg (to Nick, looking outside): Dude, where's your car?

    • (During flashback)
      Grissom: That's a tight schedule. She would have barely had time to go to the bathroom.
      Frank Rosetti: I don't sell bridal diapers for nothin'.
      (Cuts back to the lab)
      Greg: He was just kiddin' about the diapers, right?

    • Frank Rosetti: I'm a 42-year-old paisan, and she scared me. I wouldn't be surprised if her pantyhose rebelled against her and tied themselves to the car.

    • (After IAB finally arrive)
      Undersheriff McKeen: So who wants to go first?
      Grissom (looks around): I don't think it matters I'm sure our stories are all the same.

    • (After finding a bottle of Diazapam in the brides things)
      Greg: Ah oh, looks like we had some brides little helper going on.

    • Nick: Where's the statue?
      Greg: In your car.
      Nick: Ah.

    • Jill (about her mother-in-law): She made the past six months of my life hell. So, I told anyone that would listen that she should die a fiery death and now everyone is gonna think that I killed her.
      Grissom: Would you like to be more specific?
      Jill: Okay, well when we got engaged, um...she ran into the backyard and she screamed "Why God, why me?" Okay. She wore white today. She-- She invited Adam's very, very, attractive, very um...single ex-girlfriend. When she found out that I had registered for sporting goods and she went behind my back and changed the registry to housewears. Saying that I better learn how to cook. Okay, I'm a vegetarian and she demanded roast beef. Um...and then, then there's the toast. The toast.
      Grissom: Are you trying to make me think that you didn't kill her?
      Jill: I would never do that to Adam. I-I honestly don't know how such an amazing man came from...from...that.

    • Catherine: Anyone interested in the wedding DVD?
      Greg, Nick & Sara: Yeah.
      Catherine: Courtesy of Frank Rosetti. Owner of Cupid's Kiss. (puts the DVD in) All right, where do you wanna start?
      Greg, Nick & Sara: The toast. (Catherine puts on the toast, and they watch)
      Dianne Chase (on DVD): Everyone, I wanna thank you for coming. You know, they say love is as strong as death and as mother of the groom his wedding is bitter sweet. You are giving up as much as you are gaining. In some cases you are giving up much more. (loses her speech as she starts to get tipsy) To hell with it, I'll wing it. My Adam. He studied at Oxford, he went to Harvard school of business and of all the intelligent, wonderful, beautiful women he met along the way he ended up with Jill, plain little Jill. There's nothing wrong with her, but what's right with her? Haha, even her name is boring. (turns to Adam) It's alright to take a lover, but you really don't have to marry her. I mean, do you really wanna shallow our gene pool like this? (Adam tries to get her to leave) I wanna thank you all so much for coming, oh I love you Adam. (Catherine pauses the DVD after the toast is done)
      Catherine: Justifiable homicide?

    • (Looking at a napkin with lipstick, name and a number)
      Greg: Did you get a number?
      Nick: No. No, I didn't get anything. She must have put it in my pocket. Mindy. (Sara smirks at him)

    • Sara (going through her flashback): I remember David saying: "You think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day." (shows Sara walking under the arch) So there we were at Cupid's Kiss, a nuptial neverland where the cheese factor was dangerously high and the flowers were obviously... fake. Can the love be real when the flowers aren't? (she sees Nick talking to the bridesmaids who are talking jibberish, then it cuts back to them in the lab)
      Nick: You really have a thing about weddings don't you?
      Sara: Hey, I didn't interview them. It was just my impression.
      (cuts back to her flashback)
      Sara: Hi. Sara Sidle, I'm with the crime lab.
      Bryce Gundy: Heya! Bryce Gundy, groom's side.
      Sara: Did you guys decorate the wedding car with those beer cans?
      Bryce Gundy: Yep.
      Sara: Did you drink all of the beer first?
      Bryce Gundy: Yep.
      Sara: Awesome. Did you also tie the groom's mom to the bumper?
      Bryce Gundy: No.
      Sara: Good chat. Um, I'm gonna need to get your fingerprints so that I can compare them to the ones I got off the car.
      Bryce Gundy: Cool.
      Sara: You are aware that someone has died...?
      Bryce Gundy: No one's going to miss her except her son or her cellphone provider.
      Sara: Ooh, what do you mean?
      Bryce Gundy: She's creepy close to Adam. Called him like 15 times a day.
      Sara: Huh. Do you mind just putting your finger right here? (Bryce tries to do that, but since he's drunk he falls into Sara who catches him) Okay, Mr. Gundy...
      Bryce: I think I love you.
      Sara: Uh, thank you. You need to sit down. (pushes him away) Have a club soda. (Bryce passes out) Hey, you dropped this... (Mikey comes and grabs the piece of lingerie)
      Mikey: Sorry about him. Why do the jerks get all the tail?
      Sara (smiles): Sara... Sidle, crime lab.
      Mikey: I'm Mikey, brother of the bride, best man. (they go to shake hands but don't since Mikey took the underwear from her with his bare hand) Hey, this is a pretty crazy ass situation, huh? They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day, what do you think about a dead body?
      Sara: What do you think?
      Mikey: I think my sister's better off. You ever think about getting married? (Sara is speechless and starts shaking her head) I'm just saying, you know I think Bryce can make an honest woman out of ya. (looking at a passed out Bryce) Oh look at that, your rejection broke his little heart. (Sara starts to laugh)
      (Cuts back to lab)
      Nick: Should I put flirting in the casefile?
      Sara: I was printing. He was flirting.

    • Undersheriff McKeen (talking to Brass about the case): It's gonna look like the CSI's were paid off, no one's gonna believe it was an unfortunate series of coincidences. So my choices are we're idiots or we're dirty. So which are we?

    • Brass (sees Undersheriff McKeen coming): Incoming.
      Grissom (to Nick, Sara and Greg): I'll talk, you guys just look apologetic.
      Undersheriff McKeen: Let me see if I understand this correctly. You let one of the members of your team drive his personal vehicle to a crime scene investigation, and even though there was a perfectly good crime scene vehicle there that personal car was crammed with every bit of evidence collected at a major murder investigation because two of you were maxed out on overtime. (Sara smirks and looks towards Greg who looks at the ground) And then the driver of said car, instead of securing that evidence in the lab, gave priority to his need for runny eggs, and the aforementioned vehicle was stolen from the parking lot filled with police cars. (Brass raises his eyebrows) Is there anything I missed?
      Grissom: Just this: Even if we recover the vehicle the chain of custody has been broken (shows Undersheriff McKeen opening a roll of Rolaids) so all the evidence has been compromised. No judge will allow any of it to be admitted into court. Oh, and also, we released the crime scene, so it too has been compromised, leaving us nothing to go back for.
      Undersheriff McKeen: Thank you...for clearing up the situation. (leaves)
      Brass: It could have been worse. (shows Undersheriff McKeen leaving in his car, knocking down all the construction cones and speeding off)

    • (Talking them through his flashback)
      Greg (walking under the arch): "You'd think she knew better than to wear white on the bride's big day." A dame was dead, but enough about her. The air was hot and heavy and filled with wrong, making me thirsty. Thirsty for a tall drink of water. That's when I saw her-- A flower-- and not the kind you pin on a lapel. She was long stemmed...
      Sara: All right, Raymond Chandler, we get it.
      Greg (voiceover during his flashback as he sees two bridesmaids): Those weren't just miracle bras, they were creating four wonders of the world.
      (Now during the flashback)
      Greg: Hi, I'm Greg Sanders, with the crime lab. I need to take your prints.
      Valerie: That's quite a case you got there, is it your magic kit?
      Lacey: Or your toy box?
      Greg: You don't seem to be too upset about what happened.
      Valerie: Sweetheart, I've had so many martinis I'm both shaken and stirred.
      Greg: Numbing the pain?
      Lacey: Look, we're not gonna be all liquid and soft okay? All that's missing here is the striped socks.
      Valerie: Ding-dong the witch is dead.
      Greg: So you're not a fan?
      Lacey: Cruella made me wear underwear today, no one makes me wear underwear.
      Valerie (grabbing a swab): I'll do you if you do me. (Lacey opens her mouth and then Valerie swabs it)
      (Cuts back to the lab)
      Sara: They did not.
      Nick: So how does that help explain how Dianne Chase died?
      Greg: I'm gettin' there.

    • (Going through his flashback)
      Nick (walking under arch): "You'd think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day." The perfume of American Beauties was everywhere, though a rose by any other name would have smelled just as sweet with that much love in the air.

    • (Going through his flashback)
      Grissom: "You'd think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day." (reciting poetry as he's walking under the arch) Spring is but a song, Where love and laughter are not wrong. The blossoms of desire do belong, and harmonia axyridis fly along.

    • Mindy: I am not a bad person, and we didn't exactly kill her. I like to think she killed herself because she was...
      (Cuts to Cindy)
      Cindy: Crazy. She did crazy things to our friend. I mean, who hates a pediatric nurse? Granted, we'd been drinking a little, but she drove us to it. Sisterhood is...
      (Cuts to Valerie)
      Valerie: Powerful this and powerful that. She was on a total trip. We couldn't let our friend endure a life of that. I tried to shut her up with the drugs, but that backfired, leaving us...
      (Cuts to Lacey)
      Lacey: No choice, she was coming at me. I just defended myself, I didn't mean to take her down. But for what she was, I felt nothing. There she was just staring at me and all I could think was, thank God.

    • Mikey: Where's that Sara chick?
      Catherine: Oh Romeo, I don't think you'll have time for romance. You're being charged with grand theft auto, obstruction of justice and conspiracy to murder...
      Mikey: Okay. I will cop to everything but the murder.
      Catherine: Well, if you didn't commit the murder, why did you steal the car?
      Mikey: Look, the lady was already dead, all right? And then you guys show up...and then this bridesmaid comes up to me and starts askin' me all these questions about my tow truck.
      Catherine: Which bridesmaid?
      Mikey: The hot one. The next thing I know she wants to be the Bonnie to my Clyde. She asked me to steal this car and trash all the evidence.
      Catherine: So you committed grand theft auto to get laid?
      Mikey: Have you ever stolen a two-ton piece of machinery? It's way better than sex. And finding a girl that doesn't wanna kick you to the curb for it? I mean c'mon, that's hot! Besides, I haven't gotten a wedding gift for my sister yet.

    • Grissom: Did you know the original role of the bridesmaid was to act as a human shield against the bride's enemies?
      Sara: Women would dress similar to the bride in an effort to confuse and outsmart evil spirits that might try to overtake the bride on her wedding day.
      Nick: Wow, for somebody who's anti-wedding you sure know a lot about it.
      Sara: I'm not anti-wedding, I'm just anti-stupid. You know, people who do things for the sake of tradition with no clue as to why...
      Grissom (gives her a look): Anyway...

    • Brass: So you didn't kill her...
      Ernest Chase: No, but you'd better check to see if she's really dead, because I don't think you can't kill the devil! (Brass laughs)

    • Catherine (to Grissom): So aside from the shooting, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

    • Nick: Hey, Jim... I need a ride. (Brass and Sofia laugh)

    • Hodges: You know, you and me, we're not the marrying kind. The intricacies of our nature can't be understood by just one woman.
      Grissom: Would you close the door, please? (Hodges shuts the door with himself still in the office) From the other side.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rašomáma (Rashomama)

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      Four Seasons- Vivaldi
      Any Other Name/Dead Already- Thomas Newman
      Feel Like Making Love- Bad Company. (This is Greg's cell phone ring tone.)
      Guitar and Pen- The Who
      Plastic Bage Theme- Thomas Newman

  • Allusions

    • Lacey: She was complaining of a headache. Next time I saw her, it was "Bottom's up, Mommie dearest."

      This is a reference to the book, Mommie Dearest, which was about Christina Crawford's abusive alcoholic mother (Joan Crawford). It was later turned into the 1981 film

    • Valerie: Ding-dong, the witch is dead.

      Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead is a song from the 1939 musical The Wizard of Oz.

    • Valerie: Sweetheart, I've had so many Martini's I'm both shaken and stirred.

      This is a pun on the famous James Bond line 'Martini, shaken not stirred'.

    • Lacey: Cruella made me wear underwear today.

      Cruella de Vil is the villain from the 1961 film One Hundred and One Dalmatians and the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians

    • Sylvano Fatelli: I was lost, but now I'm found.

      This is a lyric in the song Amazing Grace by Aretha Franklin.

    • Nick was a 'hopeless romantic' in the Season 5 episode "Nesting Dolls" in which he doesn't see the difference between Chloe Daniels 'peddling marriage and peddling flesh'. Brass even comments that Nick is old fashioned.

    • Sara (to Greg while he recalled back his steps ala Film Noir): All right, Raymond Chandler, we get it.

      Raymond Chandler was one of the most celebrated authors of crime stories and novels.

    • Brass (To Nick after pulling in his stolen, and recently modified car): Hey, Pimp! How'd you like your new ride?

      This is a reference to MTV reality show Pimp My Ride.

    • Greg: I think I'm gonna have to go with Vince Vaughn on this one.

      Greg is referring to the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers which starred Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as buddies that "crash" weddings.

    • Greg (to Nick, while eating a meal at a diner): Dude, where's your car?

      This is a reference to the 2000 film 2000 Dude Where's My Car?

    • Episode Title: Rashomama

      "Rashômon" is the title of a short story written in 1915 by Akutagawa Ryûnosuke that was later made into a movie in 1950 . It's a morality play about stealing to survive and re. The 1950 movie revolves around a murder being solved by observing multiple points of view with each persons recollections dispute those of everyone else. When something is described as rashomon-like, it means it is confusing and there is no way to tell what really happened.