CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 6 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2006 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Sara (going through her flashback): I remember David saying: "You think she'd know better than to wear white on the bride's big day." (shows Sara walking under the arch) So there we were at Cupid's Kiss, a nuptial neverland where the cheese factor was dangerously high and the flowers were obviously... fake. Can the love be real when the flowers aren't? (she sees Nick talking to the bridesmaids who are talking jibberish, then it cuts back to them in the lab)
      Nick: You really have a thing about weddings don't you?
      Sara: Hey, I didn't interview them. It was just my impression.
      (cuts back to her flashback)
      Sara: Hi. Sara Sidle, I'm with the crime lab.
      Bryce Gundy: Heya! Bryce Gundy, groom's side.
      Sara: Did you guys decorate the wedding car with those beer cans?
      Bryce Gundy: Yep.
      Sara: Did you drink all of the beer first?
      Bryce Gundy: Yep.
      Sara: Awesome. Did you also tie the groom's mom to the bumper?
      Bryce Gundy: No.
      Sara: Good chat. Um, I'm gonna need to get your fingerprints so that I can compare them to the ones I got off the car.
      Bryce Gundy: Cool.
      Sara: You are aware that someone has died...?
      Bryce Gundy: No one's going to miss her except her son or her cellphone provider.
      Sara: Ooh, what do you mean?
      Bryce Gundy: She's creepy close to Adam. Called him like 15 times a day.
      Sara: Huh. Do you mind just putting your finger right here? (Bryce tries to do that, but since he's drunk he falls into Sara who catches him) Okay, Mr. Gundy...
      Bryce: I think I love you.
      Sara: Uh, thank you. You need to sit down. (pushes him away) Have a club soda. (Bryce passes out) Hey, you dropped this... (Mikey comes and grabs the piece of lingerie)
      Mikey: Sorry about him. Why do the jerks get all the tail?
      Sara (smiles): Sara... Sidle, crime lab.
      Mikey: I'm Mikey, brother of the bride, best man. (they go to shake hands but don't since Mikey took the underwear from her with his bare hand) Hey, this is a pretty crazy ass situation, huh? They say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day, what do you think about a dead body?
      Sara: What do you think?
      Mikey: I think my sister's better off. You ever think about getting married? (Sara is speechless and starts shaking her head) I'm just saying, you know I think Bryce can make an honest woman out of ya. (looking at a passed out Bryce) Oh look at that, your rejection broke his little heart. (Sara starts to laugh)
      (Cuts back to lab)
      Nick: Should I put flirting in the casefile?
      Sara: I was printing. He was flirting.

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