CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 25, 2007 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Sara: Uh, it's freezing why are we having a meeting outside?
      Nick: Because Catherine and Keppler are in there.
      Greg: Have you guys been listening to Hodges?
      Nick: No, and this isn't about Keppler being IA anyway, this is about Catherine having a false confession and standing by it.
      Warrick: You'd better be able to back that one up, man.
      Nick: Zameesca knew Sara and Greg's vic. He's dead, she's dead. Same drugs are found at both crime scenes. And then those same drugs were found at your crime scene?
      Warrick: Could've came from the same supplier.
      Greg: We see that all the time.
      Nick: I don't think it's a coincidence.
      Sara: You know, Catherine...(looks around) Catherine ordered Henry to step out of his lab without putting drug evidence away.
      Greg: Why would she do that?
      Warrick: I did see Keppler checkin' out Zameesca's file the yesterday, I didn't think anything strange of it then, but now...
      Sara: Okay, so maybe there is a IA investigation.
      Nick: I can't find the Holstein evidence.
      Sara: What?
      Warrick: Catherine put it in the temporary locker.
      Nick: Yeah but why didn't she put it where it belongs?
      Warrick: The Holstein bullet is a little too clean and Keppler didn't seem at all concerned about it, he said we'd see it in autopsy.
      Nick: It's kinda hard to have an autopsy when you don't have a body, man. I talked to Doc Robbins and he's still tryin' to track it down. And the mortuary has no record of Catherine's call whatsoever.
      Sara: Do we have access to any of the Holstein evidence?
      Warrick: We got the car. (laughs and realizes) Catherine sent it to the impound.
      Greg: Well, at least we know where it is.
      Nick: Alright that's it, we're a team now, the four of us. We can't trust Catherine and we can't trust Keppler. I'm serious, I'm going to roll with this one.
      Warrick: I'll roll wit'chu. You? (looks at Sara)
      Sara (pauses): I'm in. (all look at Greg, he looks around nervously and then nods/shrugs)

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