CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 1

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2002 on CBS

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  • Killed by chocolate

    The start of season 3 was a good one when the best poker player in the world drops dead while Catherine and Nick investigate another murder which leads them to street racing.In Nick and Catherine's case they investigate Thumpy G which was strange because he was played by Carmine Giovinazzo which is Danny Messer from CSI NY.To determine what happened Nick and Catherine had to race in race cars to see what happened and whether one of the drivers could be shot which they could.In the other case it ended really weird because Grissom did an experiment and found out the poker player was killed by chocolate because he had more chocolate than the normal person and he had them when playing poker and with the eye drops it helped to kill him.
  • A fun ep

    I love this ep because of the racing scene in the desert and the guest appearance of Carmine Giovinazzo. Perhaps it wasn't the best for a season opener, but it's not a bad ep either.
  • Revenge sounds good, but does it make you feel good?

    Grissom's case was interesting specially with the cause of death. A piece of lead accumulated over years of eating chocolate is bizarre, but is it possible? Even when Sara has been a CSI for 3 years now, she looks and sounds like a trainee, even asking more questions than Greg, who's only a lab technician. Not only in this episode but in probably the first half of the season. I guess her attitude didn't help a lot in her first years.

    Nick seems to progress more quickly than Sara and Catherine is a good teacher. Unfortunately here they had to deal with what seems to be normal people with cold hearts.
  • This episode was interesting

    This isn't one of my favorite episodes but I love it when they give the characters something fun to do, it's awesome. I love Catherine's reaction when she was racing Nick to try and prove what really happened to the vic. Nick laughing to himself and Catherine throwing her hands up yelling Thank You and Good Night. That was entertaining to me. And I loved the fact that Carmine Giovinazzo who plays Danny Messer in CSI NY was in this episode now I wish that when they have a a character on one show and he ends up playing a lead character on a spin off they should give some background on him that has to do with what he did in Las Vegas years before he was in New York, say he was on a vacation, and just decided to do street racing. Yeah Carmine was in season 3, which CSI NY didnt start until about a year after this episode, but when your watching a rerun of CSI, and see one of the detectives from CSI NY on the episode it catches your attention. These are all suppose to coincide with each other.
  • empty

    Nick and Catherine look in to a murder of a street racer while everyone else looks in to what happened to a poker player during A hight stakes poker game over a good episode out of the two stories of the episode I like the race car story a little bet better whit no reason I think we get to see how different Catherine and Grissom are in the episode which I notice a little is she liked driving the car and Grissom enjoyed be in the lab and would not want to race a car over all a good episode with to good cases my rating for the episode is 8.9 out of 10
  • A reasonable episode.

    Although I personally enjoyed this episode, I was hoping for a bit more. Its the first in a new series, but nothing seems to have changed from the last series. No character development, no cliffhangers, just another installment that follows the same formula that it always has. Two unusual deaths, two lying suspects and as always the evidence leads us to the truth. Though I did enjoy the glimpse behind the scenes at the casino. The cast do a reasonable job and there's nothing especially bad about the episode, its just after three seasons you'd hope for something more, something different.
  • Season 3 starts off with a bang!

    A great way to start season 3 off.

    This epsisode was probably one of the best in this season. The cases were interesting and fun and we get to find out an interesting fact about Grissom, he played poker in college to finance his first body farm! I'm finding it hard to imagine him playing poker.

    Was that jealousy I spotted at the beginning of the epsiode when Hank asked Warrick to say hi to Sara? Grissom's head turned so fast as he glanced back at Hank after he heard him say that, he probably couldn't believe his ears.

    Greg was too funny with the whole Tupac thing & flirting with Sara who seemed to enjoy it. Both scenes were cute.

    Cath seemed to be flirting with Nick too, and the race was one of my favorite scenes in the epsiode.
  • Two stories, neither of which were very interestingly told.

    The writing in this season three opening episode was HORRIBLE. As a huge CSI fan, I was shocked at how out of character Greg seemed. He wasn't funny as much as he was repulsive. Catherine doing her silhouette, fists-in-the-air routine was ridiculous and the fact that thee wasn't a single redeeming quality about any of the victims in the episode made this, by far, the single worst episode of the first 2+ seasons. Also, when did it become okay to show the doctor peeling away the face of a victim? The autopsy scenes were gratuitous and unnecessary. The acting seemed more at place in the old 1960's Batman shows and the stories were dull. The music was just another example of a show where every choice the creators made was SO OBVIOUSLY the wrong one.

    Every series has its throw-away. This is CSIs. I hope the rest of Season Three is a hundred times better than this one...a truly terrible way to star a new season.