CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Season 3 Episode 1

Revenge Is Best Served Cold

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2002 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Stokes tells "Michelangelo" he is looking for a blue Honda, blue rims, blue tint. The picture Michelangelo shows Stokes and Willows is an Acura RSX, not a blue Honda.

    • Goof: In the final flashback in Nick and Catherine's case, after Tony confesses, you can see the ramp used to flip the car.

    • Goof: At this point in the episode, the team realizes that they aren't chasing eyedrops anymore, but lead. They are watching a surveillance tape from the casino. Grissom says, "Okay it's the last hand. I'm Doyle. I've been sitting in this chair for the last 13 hours (he really loves the game huh?)." At this point the waitress shows up on the tape. Herein lies the goof. Grissom said it was the last hand. If you remember from the beginning of the episode, the waitress comes in, serves the drinks to the loudmouth kid, who tips her, then she goes to Doyle and serves his drink FROM HIS RIGHT. In the video tape of that hand, you see the waitress come in and serve him his drink FROM THE LEFT. Then she glances at the loudmouth kid, and the episode goes on.

  • Quotes

    • Tony: So I went to a couple of events and hooked into the world. I found out within one hour who killed her.
      Nick: So, let me get this straight. You decide to become one of them. You buy a car with your mother's death benefit toss your hat in the ring and wait for your shot.
      Catherine: Revenge is best served cold.

    • Catherine: Well, the only void is in the driver's seat. Means it was occupied by our victim, Jace Felder. So he was shot in the head, left to right. Spatter on the passenger door is from the exit wound.
      Nick: Well, what about the rest of this blood? It's everywhere.
      Catherine: He was shot while the car was in motion? Bled out while the car was rolling? I want to meet this killer.

    • Catherine: And you only lay down treads when your wheels aren't rolling smoothly. Panic braking? Sudden boost of acceleration? Race?
      Nick: I think so, yeah.
      Catherine: Drag racing?
      Nick: Or street racing. There's a reason it's illegal.
      Catherine: Yeah. Kids end up dead.

    • Grissom (looking at the victim's hand): Pair of aces. No river card, though. Burn one, turn one. (Warrick does this)
      Warrick: Ace of spades.
      Grissom: The Death Card.

    • Nick: I wired the target to the car's alarm system. Gotta make sure we hear it.
      Catherine: Always thinking there, Nicky, aren't ya? (they get into their cars and buckle up)
      Nick: Okay, remember full out the fifth then hit the nitrous and hang on.
      Catherine: You just try to keep up.

    • Greg: What do cowboys drink?
      Warrick: Whiskey.
      Greg: And when I chew on a lemon wedge, boy is it ...
      Warrick: Sour.
      Greg: And vacuums are great because they... (Greg puts the test results in front of Grissom and Warrick to look at) ... suck.
      Grissom: Reverse suction.

    • Steven: Opportunity knocked. (laughs) I answered.
      Nick: Okay. Uh, let's back up and start over shall we, Mr. Masters? You and your brother were off-roading.
      Steven: Yes, sir.
      Nick: And you stumbled upon a wrecked racer out near Mercury.
      Steven: Yes, sir.
      Nick: Why didn't you just ... ?
      Catherine: Wait a minute. Let me, uh, let me get in on this.
      Nick: Please.
      Catherine: What were you thinking? You-you took the car?
      Steven: Damn right. Engine alone's worth fifteen grand.
      Catherine: And what does a person's life go for?
      Steven: Ma'am, he was already dead. I drove the car home, washed it out.
      Catherine: And you didn't think to call 911 or anything like that?
      Steven: No. You guys would have impounded the car.
      Catherine: Okay, Mr. Masters. You've just confessed to grand larceny. Tampering with a crime scene. Detective Lockwood will get back to you on the murder charge.
      Nick: Make yourself at home, boss. (Nick and Catherine leave the room)
      Catherine: Jackass.
      Nick: Dumbass.
      Catherine: "Opportunity knocked."

    • Grissom: All right, stick around. I need your eyes.
      Ronnie Litre: As long as they stay in my head.

    • Greg: So, we meet again. Lita Gibbons wasn't putting this on her nipples, was she?
      Sara: You have been drinking too many Thug Passions. The woman is twice your age. She may be three times your age, Greg. (Greg chuckles and waves his hand)
      Greg: Old case. Sorry. (the printer whirls out the test results. Greg stands and takes the read-out. He looks at it and compares it to the prior read out from the other test. He doesn't say anything)
      Sara: Well? (Greg turns around to glance at Sara over his shoulder)
      Greg: Well, uh, you'll get your answer when I get mine.

    • Greg: A whiskey sour, huh? Yeah, I'm a "thug passion" man, myself. It's a
      Tupack thing. (Greg mispronounces Tupac)
      Sara: Tupac?
      Greg: So, what does your paramedic like to drink? I bet with a name like "Hank," he's probably got some ho's sipping on 'yac.
      Sara: "Yac"? Cognac? No. "Ho's?" I'm not going there and, um, that's none of your business. It's nobody's business, as a matter of fact.
      Greg: All right, well, I won't tell Warrick and Nick about Hank on one condition... you tell me what he's got that I don't got? (Sara smiles at Greg just as the printer prints out the test results she picks up the paper and reads it)
      Sara: There was tetrahydrozoline in the victim's drink. (Sara moves to leave the room. Greg stops her)
      Greg: Uh, I never got my answer.
      Sara: I got mine. You don't even like Tupac, Greg.

    • Warrick: How is it that you know so much about poker?
      Grissom: It's how I financed my first body farm in college.
      Warrick: You're kidding. Wow. I'm impressed and the fact that you sat at a table with actual living beings.
      Grissom: Well ... poker's not a game of interaction. It's a game of observation. I used to study people. And then I guess I, uh ... got bored. Now I study evidence.
      Warrick: What I don't get is it's not like we've never talked about gambling before. How come you never mention it?
      Grissom: Same reason a good player hides his "tells."
      Warrick: He doesn't want to be exposed.

    • Warrick: Is that what I think it is?
      Grissom: Urine, maybe. Game like this, leaving the table early could be perceived as a sign of weakness.
      Sara: Tell me they Scotchguard these things.
      Grissom: Why don't you tell me when you take it back to the lab and process it?
      Sara: Yay.

    • Sara: I got chocolate.
      Warrick: What color is it?
      Sara: Green ... You know what they say about the green ones.

    • Catherine: Birds of prey beat maggots to a body... impressive.

    • Grissom: You ever played poker, Warrick?
      Warrick: Nah. Poker's not gambling. It's playing against percentages. It's a skill. I like to play for the thrill.

    • Hank: Hey, guys.
      Warrick: Hey, Hank.
      Hank: Sara with you?
      Warrick: She's over there. (pointing behind him)
      Hank: Tell her I said "hi." (Grissom glances back at Hank as Warrick answers)
      Warrick: Will do.
      Hank: Thank you.

    • Warrick: Well, if he had those chocolates with him in '86 he's had them every night since. His lucky charm.
      Grissom: By my calculations he might have consumed up to a pound of chocolate a night for sixteen years.
      Warrick: Wow. That would explain all the lead in him.
      Grissom: Ultimately the tetrahydrozoline in the eyedrops triggered it, essentially it was death by chocolate.

    • (Nick's brother is a gearhead)
      Catherine: So your brother is cooler than you.

    • Waitress: If you want to charge me with conspiracy to make a guy crap his pants, fine, I'm guilty.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Sara: I got chocolate.
      Warrick: What color is it?
      Sara: Green ... You know what they say about the green ones.

      Green M&M's have long been the subject of myth as they are considered, by some, to have magical aphrodisiac powers. As to whether or not this is true is, of course, subject to interpretation. The myth was fueled in the late seventies and early eighties, as rock and roll performers , such as Van Halen, requested bowls of Green M&M's backstage. The color green as long been considered a symbol for fertility.

    • Catherine: From what I hear, Jace Felder was ... Mario Andretti.

      Mario Andretti is an Italian American racing driver, and one of the most successful Americans in the history of auto racing.

    • Robbins: You know why Steve Wynn hired Bobby Baldwin to run The Nugget, then The Mirage, The Bellagio? He was a great poker player, Great Thinker.

      Stephen Wynn is a casino resort developer. He is credited with spearheading the dramatic resurgence and expansion of Las Vegas, Nevada in the 1990s.

      Bobby Baldwin is a professional poker player, and casino executive. In 1982 he became a consultant for the Golden Nugget casino, and in 1984 was named the president. He was selected to head The Mirage in 1987 and was named as the president of the Bellagio hotel and casino in 1998. In 1999-2000 he was also the Chief Financial Officer of Mirage Resorts under Steve Wynn; in 2000, upon the merger of Mirage Resorts and MGM Grand, he became the Chief Executive Officer of the Mirage Resorts subsidiary of MGM Mirage.

    • Doyle Pfeiffer: Johnny Chan thought I was too old, too back in the '86 series.

      Johnny Chan is a professional poker player.

    • Greg: So, we meet again. Lita Gibbons wasn't putting this on her nipples, was she?
      Sara: You have been drinking too many Thug Passions. The woman is twice your age. She may be three times your age, Greg.
      (Greg chuckles and waves his hand)
      Greg: Old case. Sorry.

      Greg references the case (a trick and roll) Nick had to solve in the "Pilot."

    • Grissom: Aye. There's the rub.

      Grissom quotes The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Hamlet in ACT III SCENE I. - "To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;"

    • Contrary to popular belief "Revenge is a dish best served cold" was not coined by Klingons, but by Shakespeare- in the play Hamlet.

      Also another line from the play Hamlet "Ah there's the rub," is spoken by Grissom.

    • Title: Revenge is Best Served Cold

      The title of this episode is a variation of a quote, "Revenge is a dish best served cold," heard from the show Star Trek.

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