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  • My favourite show by far

    I cant believe I only started watching this show last year. I only decided to watch it because the sky + planner was full of it. Not only is the show packed with great story lines, unsuspected twists and some of the most loveable characters I have seen on TV, each episode is full of humour, laugh out loud moments and unforgettable quotes. Even if you're not into murder mystery programs (Im not particularly ) you will probably still come to love this show and the characters. I personally adore Greg and his hillarious quotes and loveable personality. This is a show you should definatly watch at least once.
  • Nice Show

    I have to admit it, I actually watched only because of my sister, she's absolutely cuckoo about this kind of shows and criminal books.. But I began to like it too.. and now I watch it all the time. And .. I have all the seasons on the dvd. It's a very interesting show,well written and it can give you a lot to think at after you watch it. I like the stories,the action and the whole csi thing.period. It's a decent show,one of the ones from which you can actually learn some new stuff too. I would like to see some more personal stuff of the characters,besides their job. But it's good either way. Can't wait to see what's up on next!
  • CSI is by far the best show! I watch it 24/7. The cases, characters, and the amazing CAST! This show is AWESOME!

    I love this show! It never fails to impress me; it's my all time favorite show. I wouldn't miss an episode. You learn new things. The cases are great but the real reason why the show is on the top is because of the cast. The cast is so awesome, they have the chemistry, and they just make the show. This TV show deserves to be on top because it's the best crime drama out there! You never get bored with it! I could watch the re-runs over and over I still wouldn't be tired of it! Each season they keep coming back with fantastic episodes and it just keeps getting better and better...THIS SHOW ROCKS!
  • One of my favorite shows

    Do I really have to say more? People that watch this know how good it is, otherwise it wouldn't be all over the world, right?
    Really love the show.
    I love all the crime shows and CSI is the best at that. It has great storylines, it has romance, comedy and all that stuff.
    As for couples, I know some people will not agree with me, but Sara and Grissom seem perfect for each other.
    This is one of those shows that keeps getting better and better.
    As I said, I love crime shows, therefore I watch the other CSI's too, but this one is definitely my favorite.
  • I love csi its the best crime show i have ever seen. Its got some great actors and everything.

    okay so this is my fav. crime show off all time its got some really good actors and i would be so mad if they ended the series. And i think that one of the actors is really cute even though i might be related to him. Its Nick (goerge eads) he has the same last name as me. im not saying i am related to him but i might be. well anyways i just wanted to say this is the best crime show ever. i love you csi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So dont ever end the show it rocks and i love it so much. well thats enough for me to say.
  • CSI is some great Shock Drama

    Thank You so much for shows like CSI who push the acceptable limits just a little further. CSI started out and TV was on a cusp, where strict morally upright people wanted to reduce the violence and other questionable content on TV. Then came CSI and instead of showing impassioned hatred and rage filled violence, they showed how to solve a crime by taking clues from the worst kind of graphic display on TV. CSI showed the violence but instead of glorifying the rage, they showed how people with cooler heads can prevail over those evildoers. CSI has kept me watching for 7 seasons now and even though I know there's going to be a dead body in every episode, (not really a good way to deviate from that major plotline) I still love seeing Grissom and the team get the bad guys. I feel like I'm 12 again!
  • Gil Grissom and crew sift through evidence at crime scenes to find out who the culprits are.

    This is the first CSI series I started watching. I still think it is the best one. William Peterson is the perfect leader in this kind of show. His whole persona fits better than David Caruso or Gary Sinise. They are both good actors, but I don't think they protray a true CSI like William does. He gives the show that extra touch that makes it stand out better than the others. I also favor the cast. Perhaps I got used to them and that is why they will always be my favorites. The show itself is excellent. I am a real fan of this type. I enjoy the brain teasers and the storylines are usually very good. It's an excellent show that I hope continues for a long time.
  • By far one of the best csi: episodes iv'e seen. Not a 10.0 just beacause that Season 8 is going to be much better. Sarah Going missing, not one of the most popular characters but that character that you loo into and wonder about.

    This good directing in this film is obvious becuz first thay tell you something about her, and then they tale her away. They make you care about and then about her. In the end when Sarah became missing it was just a nail bittter, then you forget it's the season finale.When writing your review, remember to keep the language clean. Reviews must be 100 words minimum. We encourage you to try to get your review right the first time--you may choose to edit it later on, but by doing so, you will lose any positive feedback associated with the review. We encourage you to write your review in a word processor or text editor, save it to your local disk, then copy and paste it in the box bel
  • The series that launched a career! Kinda.

    Alright, CSI. What can I say about CSI? I love the show, it's a little quirky, and is a true crime drama, keeping a lot of the action at bay. The show started a whole slew of other CSI shows, the only one I don't like being CSI:NY. It also jump-started a career, making people more and more interested in solving crimes.

    This show started out very strong, getting excellent reviews and keeping them. It stayed the number one watched show on TV, for a long time. Until Grey's Anatomy. The acting in this show is great, with each actor fitting into his or her character perfectly, believably. The suspense is there, though on any normal episode, it is normally very easy to figure out who the criminal is, and who it isn't.

    One thing I liked about this show was that there were only a few 'to be continued...'. During the last season, they brought in a seasonal arc, something they hadn't done before, and I found I rather enjoyed it.

    Now, characters.

    Grisson: Old-fashioned. Likes to do everything by the book, and is very good at what he does. Cares deeply for all members of his team, though has feelings for one person in particular.

    Warrick: Easily the most conflicted of all the characters. He started out as a gambling addict, though has since moved on, showing a strength of will that is, at the least, impressive. Smart, he is second only to Catherine Willows.

    Catherine: Just as smart, if not smarter than Grissom. Catherine is more balanced than Gill, using her intellect of the street and 'other' occupations to help her as much as her knowledge of criminalistics.

    Greg: The newest member of the team. He has proven to be incredibly smart, using his knowledge of the lab in the field as well as learning from Grisson

    Sara: Very emotional, and sometimes becomes attached to the victims, making it hard for her to be impartial. Sara is naturally inquisitive, and will follow a lead until she finds another. Currently in a private relationship with Grissom.

    Nick: Middle managment, if there ever was such a thing. Not the smartest guy in the group, but he is definetly the heart of the team, bringing a different point of view to almost every case, making him a very prized member of the team.

    Well, that's my review of CSI.
  • CSI Is An Amazing Show And Even Though We Are Nearly In Season 8 It Just Keeps Getting Better And Better.

    CSI Is My Favourite Show On The Telly At The Moment And I Just Cant Get Enough Of It.I Watch All The Episode I Can Find On The Telly But Many Of Them I Have Alredy Seen Before.My Favourite Character Is Sara By Far, My Favourite Episode Has To Be Living Doll Exept The Part Where Sara Gets Kidnapped That Was Depressing.All The Hype Thats Building Up For The Start Of The New Season Is Unbearable. I Dont Know What Im Gunna Do To Get Me Through The Next Few Weeks. Ive Been Pulling My Hair Out At The Though Of Sara Dying And GSR Ending.

  • c.s.i. is the betsest show that i know and i started watching it when i was 8 so now i can say that i want to do forensics when i leave school.

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  • CSI is one of the best shows i've ever seen in my life, good acting, real life situations, and incredible plots make for incredible tv.

    CSI the original, not Miami, or New York is to me, one of the most real, and best shows ive ever seen in my life. The characters have diffrent styles, and flaws, they made them really human which is perfect. this gives me relief from the otherwise boring and stale television shows there is around. I really recommend this show to everyone who is interested in crime scene investigation, the actors, actually picked up crime scene investigation as a hobby, they studied into it, which helps the show in a great way. Csi keeps you guessing and shows you that evidence shows all, and it's not always who you think it is, or how it seems. evidence tells all.
  • CSI people solve crimes and overcome opsticles and problems in their paths to do so.

    I loved the first few seasons of this show. It was my favorite show. However, after the 4th or 5th season it went dramatically downhill. I dont know what happened? The charming characters and relationships that I once loved dwindled into hollow characterizations about people who just want drama. The plots no longer have creative twists and interesting starts and turnouts, but are completely predictable and stupid. I have become extremely disapointed in the plot lines and the developement of characters.It needs to step its game up and go back to the lovable qualities of the once adored characters and the exciting, unique, and unpredictable plots rather than attempt to be a action soap opera with some feeble attempts to be creative. Stop watching this show at the 4th season before your opinion of it goes down the drain.
  • very unique series

    i'm not sure whether tv accurrately shows us real life professions or not.one thing i do know is that when i find a good tv series i stick with it.i have done precisely that with C.S.I,although it has taken its time to grow on me.however once it did, i cannot miss a minute of it.C.S.I which is all about a team of las vegas criminalists working the graveyard shift at the las vegas crime lab.the team is led by veteran gil grissom with catherine willows, nick stokes, warrick brown and sara sidle.they are all on the look out for the clues, which could make the difference in their next big case.the main character form CSI, although flawed like all human beings are all likeable in their own way,including greg sanders.despite the fact that all of the characters like their work and seem a bit obsessed by it, all character are unique.grissom is the wise, well educated loner who seems to be the tough yet soft mentor to the rest of the crew.he liked to 'play' with bugs and at times he seems not to forget what it means to be social.sidle portrays same kind of younger version of grissom.she is eager to be the best, dedicated to her work night and day also quite the loner as well.willows plays the modern woman, dedicated to her work but also a mother, which seem hard to balance at times.warrick and stokes are the manly in the series, always competing to prove themselve and showing the other one who is the best.CSI is a truly brilliant show and the character are very cool and well - developed.the storylines are great.almost every series is perfect and imaginative.
  • Well, who died now and how did it happen?

    CSI has always been a show that I could watch for hours. I love the format of the show; how the crime is committed in the beginning, the evidence collected, the "light bulb" going off and someone figuring it out to the booking of the criminal, "if" they catch him or her. The good guy doesn't always prevail, it just is what it is. I like that about the show that they don't always have to have it end on a happy note. All of the characters are easy to fall in love with and get involved in what you think they will do next. The only reason I can't watch it all the time is because eventually, I get tired of watching all the death and dying. Every now and again, I wish they would have an episode where it's not lethal.
  • CSI is ground-breaking, thought-provoking, interesting fiction that takes leaps to cover every genre and include superbly executed mysteries, unforgetable characters, and excellent plot twists.

    Right from the get-go, CSI was jam-packed with great character development and crimes that provided keen insight into the life of crime scene investigators, and that formula still holds true today.

    Everything about this show is amazing. The acting is top-rate and boosts the sharply written dialog and well-planned mysteries. The crimes hold dark secrets that unravel layer upon layer of twists and turns on the roller coaster ride that you'll scramble to follow along with the CSIs every week. The show never gets boring or old, though. The characters that you have to grow attached to keep things fresh and interesting with their interaction and personal struggles that they go through.

    The scenes never fail to capture your attention. Whether a CSI is storming and home and entering a gun battle or engaging in playful banter with a friend or just examining a crime scene while upbeat music plays in the background, everything clicks and you always feel drawn in. The episodes are always a nice blend of comedy, mystery, drama, suspense, and good-old fashioned fun.

    Words really cannot do this show proper justice. Go out and watch just one episode. I promise you -- you'll be hooked before the theme song plays.
  • CSI is such a great crime drama, possibly the best in the last 10 years.

    CSI is such a great crime drama, possibly the best in the last 10 years.
    I'm watching this show from the beginning, and I must admit I'm kind of hooked. Crime drama is my favorite genre, and I find CSI to be the best. The plot of the episodes is great, and it's just different than all the other similar shows. I would recommend CSI to every fan of this genre! The last season was the best so far, and I can't wait for the new episodes. CSI Miami and New York are also good, but Las Vegas is just the first and the best one.
  • so shut up! dont tell anybody...

    is my guilty pleasure... actually i just watch the show beacause of GSR, so GSR is my guilty pleasure not the show... Yay geek love rulz... so careful there cuz if you mess GSR you lose a viewer! i gave the show an "7" cuz forensics tv is not my type, but it stands out, i mean my dad is the fan of this kind of shows so i had watch others and they are just boring, this one sometimes gets good (without counting the GSR) i must admit that the 7th season was good... i mean the MCSK story arc was interesting, but what really rulz about this show is GSR! oh and Greg is cute, too =0P
  • Used to be a great show, but kind of boring now...

    I loved this show a few years ago, but now I can't stand to watch it. The characters get on my nerves and the murders are almost always the same. Some of the murders are gruesome and difficult to watch. I spent most of the time hiding behind a pillow when they cut open the dead people. One thing I did like about this show, was the scenery shots of Los Vegas. I like how they showed the buildings and the fountains from an aerial view before starting the show. When I did like this show, Sarah was my favorite character, but now she's annoying like the rest. One of the most annoying is Grissom. All he cares about is work. It's like he lives for murders or something.
  • No doubt, this show is the trendsetter of Criminal TV Series!!!

    CSI team is solid like a rock... i was a little disappointed when they split up the team... but they still solid... after 7 seasons.. they still together and they develop a very dynamic relationship with each other... since season 1, CSI's cases are always entertaining and informating.... even now... the cases are still interesting especially the Build To Kill serial killer.... wow!!!! it was very creative... cruel-creative... unbelievable... the final episode in every season always brings a curiosity... sometimes it's about the unfinished investigation like the 7th season or other time it was about the relationship between the team member.... LOVE IT!!! I love Grissom and Catherine the most... I started to watch other criminal show because of CSI!!!
  • There is no doubt what-so-ever that this is a bad show, it is just rarely entertaining, and doesn't manage to keep me interested, unlike many other shows in this genre.

    The subject matter depicted in this show isn't very pleasant.

    It just seems that they do the same thing in every single episode. It starts with what happened, then they use all these super-complicated forensic tools to solve it, it's just so boring. I'm assuming both the other 2 CSI shows are the same.

    With so very many crime shows around these days, I suggest you avoid this one. But, you may like it, everyone has different tastes..
  • It really makes you think about the actual crimes commited.

    You gain a sense a appreciation for the actual CSIs out there who do this work solving crimes. I know they glam it up to make it a good TV show but it makes you think about all their work and you start to appreciate the science behind everything. You appreciate everything that has been invented which helps people to solve crimes. The show is great - they have loads of great storylines - the miniature killer was probably one of my favourites. Some of the best storylines are the ones which carry on over a number of episodes as alot more suspense is built up and you get a deeper understanding of the killer and crimes they committed. The show character wise seems to be expanding all the time which is good as more different crime scenes can be covered in the episodes. The characters have developed throughout the show and that has made the show more interesting. The show is not just about crime scene investigations but it is about the whole CSI team that work the crime scenes as well as the actual crime scenes and the killers themselves. The show seems to be going from strength to strength which is great and I just hope that they can carry it on. CSI:Miami and CSI:NY have also been introduced. 3 CSI shows are enough though, i don't think they can manage to pull off another CSI show. If they just concentrate on keeping CSI going half as well as they are doing now then everyone will love this show and it will be a huge hit worldwide.
  • "Gil Grissom", who leads the graveyard shift at the Vegas crime lab and captains his team through many suspenseful, nail biting and even gruesome crime scene investigations.

    One of the greatest and innovative crime/drama series to see the screen, "CSI" combines life in a lab with current day night life in Las Vegas.

    Most memorable and noteworthy episodes include season fives "Grave danger". This two part episode, directed by one of the best, Quentin Tarantino, provides the viewer with some of the most nail-biting moments in recent TV history.In season sevens's " Living Doll" (another gem), the closet relationship between "Grissom" and subordinate "Sara Sidle" is under the microscope for the first time, as Sara's life is in danger. I for one await the second part of this twofer.
  • omg this is the greatest show in the world

    i have to be honest i am a bit biased when writing a review for CSI i love the show its a classic i cant think what io use to watch before this came on tv come on it has it all hot men great storylines and are based some based on true stories the effects are fantastic what else can i say its the greatest show in the world no strike that the universe and that last episode i saw was fantastic n nail biting
  • One of hubby's favorite shows

    Okay...I feel guilty writing a review for this because I don't watch it that much but what I've seen, I really like. My husband and youngest son are pretty faithful watchers of the show. I would like to watch more of it but I'd never get anything in this house done!
  • Defiently a favorite

    This show is one of my favorites. It shows you the crimes and solving them. It makes you appreciate all the technology they use. It is a show that makes you think, you keep guessing and in the end, it is usually the last one you would think of. It also has many emotional parts. I personally like how it makes you think (as I mentioned before) it has helped me learn how to think things through more thoroughly. I would defiently recommened it. Although it is not a kids show. It has blood and gore, it takes you inside the body to look at the wound. So as I said before it is not a kid's show.
  • CSI makes you appreciate all the new technology that makes all crimes to be solved.

    i love this show so much..so interesting, and informative. it gives u idea how technology works now a days..u can never stop watching episode by episode.all the cast make good in their character in this show..it shows how efficient each character are, they make all good team up.all the characters see to it that they never by pass anyone responsibilities, as well as portraying really good that as if in real life they're doing all this things all along.once u started viewing one episode you can never stop to get into the next one to the next onw..how you wish it will never end. making CSI my personal fav..
  • Gotta love it!

    Crime Scenes never looked so good in this thrilling yet intelligent series. CSI has captivated me, something I may add is rather complicated to do. Usually I'm so bored with the endless cop and investigation shows out there, but honestly, CSI is in the words of Victoria Beckham - MAJOR!

    Brutal murders have honestly never been so fabulous, I sit there with every episode trying my goddamn hardest to figure it out before they start dropping clues - I never can. Although I sometimes suss out shady characters and pick up on clues, it's only because the show educates me. You know, last week they found a fingernail so this week I'm all - Totally gonna find a fingernail and bust that dude!

    Love it. Daily Fix.
  • CSI: Las Vegas A forensic crime scene team of scientists/law enforcement solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice. But sometimes, justice is truly blind...

    A balanced mix of fictional TV-drama and real life scientific forensic techniques, CSI is an influential show; interesting cast, the characters are well developed and believable. Suspenseful plot, with each episode attaining a freshness and uniqueness like no other. Beautiful execution; with the cast visiting many locations of Nevada, from the Luxor pyramid to Death Valley, the locations vary as much as the cast. A must see for any mature audience...
  • CSI is one of the first forensic shows on tv. Now evewryone is doing it. That's why it's a trendsetter.

    The first forensic show that actually lets you see into the human body to see how crimes are committed and their effect on a human being.

    As a big forensic addict, this is one of my favorites. Out of all the CSI shows, the original is the best. You get right into the thick of it and see just what they see, and more as we travel into the human body and see the damage inflicted on a person. I love how they find clues and figure out from each piece of evidence what happened. One of the best shows out there!!
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