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  • Csi is set in las vegas and completely changed television, and the way people think about crime labs

    Csi used to be a show that was always playing on television, a show that defied all others, but now it is simply that show that everyone says yeah i watched that, it was nothing but amazing when it first started and could have been great for many years to come, but instead the over hyped each season and over hyped the actors who dont even appear to be all that great and complete change the emotions of the characters every ten seconds, it gets hard to follow with a slew of people touvhinh the evidence and coming in and out of the lab. This show has simply lost its Pizzaze and cant go on for all that much longer, if it does than it will not be accepted
  • A top Show you can say one of the pioneers in the high tech crime investigation genre.

    A top Show you can say one of the pioneers in the high tech crime investigation genre. the contain a great cast and great writers. it is a most see show for the lovers crime en detective series. as viewer you will be trap in the case and work side to side with grissom and his team to solve the case.
  • OK

    This show is OK. I think it's good. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
  • In a world of crime and lawlessness, a team of crime scene investiagtors try and nab the baddies in Las Vegas using science, logic, and other skillz.

    For the longest time, my mommy and daddy wouldn't let me watch this show. After Survivor, they'd force me to go upstairs. But I'd stand behind the couch, crouched down, and I listened to the episodes little by little. Then, when mom went and got extended cable, and suddenly the world of Court TV was revealed to me, I discovered forensic science through one of my all-time favorites, Forensic Files. After watching case after case, I was itching to know what all the fuss was about CSI. So, one night after Survivor, I sat down with some ice cream and watched an episode of CSI. It was one of the best things ever. It had all the wit and sciency goodness of real cases, but some added drama, suspense, and of course, some hot actors. Plus the comic relief. I instantly worshiped Grissom [not in a love way, like a respect, oh wow you're awesome!], and Sara became my favorite female character. But I still squeal when anything Grissom/Sara happens, because I really don't watch CSI for romancy stuff. That's what Gilmore Girls, Avatar, and Heroes was for. [no Paire, tho. Sorry.]
    Obviously, you wouldn't sit a ten-year-old down to watch CSI: sometimes crime scenes get very realistic and grizzly, and no way would a lesser mind be able to comprehend what's goin on, let alone try to solve the case for themselves. CSI requires a mature audience that's eager to learn and discover along with the CSIs. This is definitely a show to watch!
  • Great, Classic even!

    CSI is one of those shows where you think it will jump the shark, but never does. It's one of those shows that you watch for pure entertainment, for excitment and for drama, not for action or sexual fantacies. No, CSI is above all that. For example, when one show places a woman and a man in a room, it is assumed that there is sexual tension. You assume that either later in the episode or later in the season, they will go through the process or kiss, make out, and of coarse, have sex. In today's tv show, this is assumed, and brought into process. CSI, yes, there is romance, but for once in television history, does not go though this process. This is why it's a classic.
  • Fantastic show

    i love all the aspects of the show first the writting is very good the mystery are usually gipping and captivating though sometimes i found the show to be too violent the cast then is excellent and more importantely they all have good chemistry that cannot be said for sister show csi miami, i always love the interections between them for a person like me who don't know anything about science and stuff i find that particular aspect very entertaining though sometimes unrealistic from my understanding
  • One of those series what noone expected to be so popular

    I think that when first season of CSI came out, that anyone thought it would be so popular, catch so many viewers and have two sister-series. And the best thing with it - it shows no signs that they are getting tired or the set level is falling. The last season only proved that there are so many things we haven't still seen on that show, so we can hope that this still continues :)

    In most of shows what I love, they have great characters and they are the main focus. In CSI characters have some part, but not much. (This is more true in first seasons) but in lately they have come to bring more it into.

    What amazes me with this serie? The speed, the excitement, the way the find out who is behind those crimes. I think there are many more "better" series who take the viewer deeper into moral dilemmas and provide more thinking, but for entertainment, relaxing and some action - this is a serie worth to watch
  • CSI, a hard hitting crime drama that (usually) never fails to entertain.

    My main beef with this show is, in fact, not with this show at all. The station it is shown on over here shows the new eps on Sunday nights when I'm either sleeping because I have to watch Formula 1 later or watching Rove... Then it puts repeats on Monday nights when there's nothing else on!

    Anyway, i dont mind this show but it is a little formulaic for my liking. The sad thing is that this show MADE the formula and because they have done seven billion knock off versions from around the USA, it just doesnt seem as good anymore. Dont get me wrong, it's 100 times better than any of the knock offs but the whole concept is getting stale, unfortunately.

    This show's entertaining and I do enjoy watching it but I wouldnt go out of my way to watch it.. I wouldnt describe it as one of my favourite shows on TV but CSI repeats beat Big Brother and McLeod's Daughters any day..
  • LOVE IT!!!!

    I saw my frist episode of CSI a year ago and now I cant stop. I have to whach at least 2 times a day. If your a big fan of the gory stuff this is the show for you. Now its the summer and the next new episode is in septemder so it will be a long summer for us CSI fans. But theres always the reruns to hold us over but still it will be a long summer. Now more about the show its base on a team of 6 CSI how work the graveyard shift fighting crime.
  • The only thing stopping me from giving it a 10 is the unrealistic sequence of peroxidating and the conclusion of making quick final assessments.

    This show goes beyond the limits of reality. It’s a great show. But its just that even like the House series, they cant make fast diagnostics and come up with conclusions as quick as they do. It’s just not possible. Forgive me for being querulous about these types of shows, but when it comes down to it, it just stands out too much in my mind. The fact that they can analyze some of these things the day after. It’s just that after I'd taken a forensic class, we went over everything that separated Hollywood, and the real thing which is science. But, you know what? People aren’t into these shows for the science aspect. They're in it for the drama and suspense, and the way science can be used in a television series.
  • csi is entertaining and interesting. you also lean from it.

    csi is a great show because its entertaining and teaches you stuff at the same time. one of the best things about csi is how they include the characters personalities and personal life in the show. its also nice how some of the cases involve them and effect them. i think csi is a great show to watch because no matter what you feel like you are always in the mood for csi. also you can watch an episode ten times and still not be tired of it. another thing thats great about it is that you can sometimes relate to the characters.
  • Csi is a great tv show that keeps you guessing all the time.

    Csi is a great show that you can watch and also learn somthing from. This show at times keeps you on the edge of your seat and at other time will keep you guessing like a mystery. Csi is my favorite show because it dosent turn my brain to mush watching it. I also like how they throw the characters personal life into the show also. The season 7 finale of this show was great also they left us with a clif hanger that will bring everyone back next year to see what happens. Also this year they had an awesome mystery serial killer called the mini killer so i think that they will get all their old fans back plus a few new ones!
  • good show

    It's not like I don't understand why CSI is considered an uncool show by people who otherwise share my taste in TV — you bet I'm hooked on Heroes and Battlestar Galactica — but I also realize that, after seven seasons, CSI is middle-aged when measured in TV-cool years. No one can look at that thickness around my man William Petersen's neck and think he's as happenin' as, say, America Ferrera, but that only means hipness is overrated.

    And I also get why CSI has recently been ratings-dinged by Grey's Anatomy: Shiny soap opera trumps dark procedural any day of the week, and in an American Idol world, characters deploying cold logic will always be at a disadvantage over real humans making hot messes of themselves. But that doesn't stop me from crowing that this is probably the best, most enjoyable season of CSI ever. The story arc that could have proved gimmicky — the ''miniature killer,'' who makes tiny, meticulous reproductions of his crime scenes — is instead chillingly funny (one of his victims was Danny Bonaduce, and who hasn't wanted to see that jabbering reality train wreck literally reduced to a silent, tiny body?), and it furthers our knowledge of Petersen's Gil Grissom. You just knew that the fussy, meticulous Grissom would get really jazzed by a criminal whose mind works eerily like his own.

    And CSI's potential momentum killer — Petersen exiting for a few episodes to go do a play — proved a gas, as Liev Schreiber arrived in Vegas as Mike Keppler, a New Jersey CSI with more skeletons in his closet than a Halloween-costume salesman. If anything, Keppler was even more shut down and mysterious than Grissom, which only added to the former's allure. Marg Helgenberger's hard-bitten Catherine fell for the guy, and when Keppler died (oh, gee: post-spoiler alert!), one inventive YouTuber put up a Keppler montage that concludes with the text: ''i likle chicken and beer just like ludacris.''

    No one does heroes like CSI. Indeed, uninteresting lead guys are one reason the spin-offs don't work for me. Glaring CSI: Miami wins its time period, but David Caruso is self-parodying — Conan O'Brien with a sunglasses OCD — while over on drab CSI: NY, Gary Sinise's pained silences seem like mute cries for a contract release. An upcoming edition, airing March 29, breaks the usual two-case-per-show formula. It shows how the entire CSI crew is emotionally affected by a particularly gruesome multiple murder. That would signal ''very special drippy episode,'' but CSI demonstrates that you can deal with a softer, muted tone without going limp. Yep: The Who may still coo ''Who are you?'' as theme music, but CSI knows exactly what it is
  • Cool Forensics show with awesome acting as well!

    Awesome show! I started watching it because my friend told me to, and now she doesn't even watch it any more but i'm hooked! The Grissom-Sara relationship is one of the best parts, but i love all of it. the music and the style and of course the entire cast makes this show so cool!
  • Ok

    Personally i think this is the wrost of all three CSI's each CSI franchise gets better but as it was the first they didnt really have much experience when creating umlike for miami and new york they had already created a crime seris. i like some of the characters such as nick and sara but i dont like others such as grissiom, i think he's slightly creepy and is very scienty not as much with the people unlike the main's in the other CSI's. Some episodes are great and others are ,let downs, my favourite episode is 'revenge is best served cold', but if you like science and crime it's reccomened to you but i'd rather watch new york
  • Is this the best show ever?????? Probably..........

    Ok, let me sum up.

    This is the best friggin show on TV. And I know this doesn't always apply- but the original remains by far the best!!!
    Aside from the jaw dropping special effects, at the heart of it you have the best ensemble cast on the box- with a chemisty that's hard to beat! The scripts are sharp, the stories are always planned to perfection- plus you have Greggo to make you laugh!
    Yes, lot of shows today have amazing special effects blahblahblah but when you have characters as real and as likeable as this- there shouldn't be any confusion on what to watch on a Thursday night!!

    My favourite characters are none other than Willows and Sidle- who in my opinion kick some good ol' butt when they are on screen (it's a shame I'm always made to choose between them lol). However, Grissom (one word: unique lol), Mr Brown, Stokes and little Greggo Sanders add not only eye candy but some depth and often humour to this notoriously dark show.

    Prepare to be gobsmaked and also intellectually challenged.

    Happy Watching!!
  • CSI rocks

    What a great show, although not for children. It takes you into the minds and lives of police , victims , investigators , and just your average citizen. I have enjoyed watching the progression of the casts and watching them grow into " top notch investigators " . You can almost bet that jerry and the guys are beside themselves with pride for creating such a show . I can't even imagine how hard it must be to come up with a different episode every week. I doubt that I could write a show such as this with nearly the same impact in a year.
  • this show is about a group of people known as csi or crime scean invertigation the solve murders in los vegas nevada

    i have always thought that this was the best csi out of ncis csi ny and csi miami i think that this is the only good crime scene investigation all the others suck. one of the things i like about this show is how they teach you things the show is still interesting every time you watch it. my favorite crime scene investigation member is grissom my least favorite is sara sidle in the last episode she was taken by a murderer that was sending scale models of crime scenes to grissom before the murders ocurred and she placed him under a car.
  • this show is so awusome and smart.

    I love CSI it's one of the greastest shows on TV. I'am a huge CSI fan I might haven't seen every episode but when ever it comes on on Spike I always tune in and watch it. This show 20 years from now is going to be a classic because of how great the story line is how ever episode is planned out easliey and always has a suspect you whould never suspect and how they murded the person!
  • I love this show...Best of the CSI Francise!

    This show is awesome and I love it. It's so original nothing boring like Miami or New York CSI. Miami and New York are pretty much related with drug deals gone wrong, plain jane murder nothing crazy, car crashes, mob killings. Boring things!

    Where as Las Vegas you find people killed and found in suit cases, mutilated, Lady Heather...LOL.. It's so much better then the other 2 and the cases are so crazy and realy involve the characters. Plus, they have them looking like actually CSI people not shanky like Miami in tank tops and their boobs hanging out. They wear vests, badges and if they don't wear their vests they always look professional or at least semi. professional. Simply I LOVE THE SHOW.
  • Fabulous!

    I love all three of the CSI shows. I never really took to David Caruso in NYPD Blue and didn't think I would like CSI Miami because of him. But he has definitely grown on me and now I like it just as much as I like CSI Las Vegas. And I wasn't sure about Gary Sinese either and now I think he's great too. I was a little puzzled at first that Horatio's sister-in-law is the same type as Stella in New York; wasn't sure that was a good move. But it has obviously worked. Guess the casting staff knows more than me. Ha! Ha! I love the cast in all three shows and wouldn't change any of them.
    I hope all three of this series run for many more years.
  • CSI follows a team of Crime Scene Investigators as they solve crimes. Grissom is the head CSI and his team is superb at their job. While the serious focuses on the crimes there is some subplots with character relationships.

    One of the best shows ever produced. I love the characters on this one. It is the best of all the CSI spin offs. Grissom is an intersting character played professionally by Will Peterson. I hope he never leaves. I like the way they have covered the relationship between Grissom and Sara this season. Only we viewers are aware of the relationship until the last episode of Season 7. The only season I didn't like was Season 5 because they split up the team into two teams. It wasn't as interesting. I am looking forward to Season 8 to see what becomes of Sara who was left pinned under a car in the cliffhanger season finale.
  • This show was a revolution to criminal series.

    CSI is one of the best TV shows that have ever been broadcast. Its form was totally new and revolutional.
    Every episode of CSI is breathtaking and suspense-filled and makes you glued to the TV set. But it is not only well written scenario which creates a special atmosphere of the show- it is also acting. I admire all members of the CSI cast because they play very naturally and when you are watching them, you can almost forget that people like Grissom, Sara Sidle or Catherine Willows don't exist in a real world and they're just TV characters.
    On my list of favourite series CSI has got a permament place in a top five.
  • i think that csi is an awsome tv show...

    think that this tv show is very interesting, serious and realistic. they have great actors especialy george eads but still great show csi is awsome; it is a very detailed tv show i personally do not miss an episode it got something special about it.. and now this new season which involve personal live and everything it is more amazing csi it is a show that brings lots of emotions and wisdom i started to see csi from the firt episode i can say that i'm csiomaniac cause i never missed an episode thanks god but i think if i miss i will stay pissed off for the rest of the day csi rules and it is awsome so keep going
  • Amazing show. Keeps you at the edge of you seat.. for every second. The cases are so creative, amazing thinking of the real world put under stress of what this show expresses.

    CSI is a show with situations including murders, rapes, robberies, almost anything you can imagine. Some of these cases would be the last possible thing on someones mind for a crime show. The actors in the show fit the part of their character, as if the show were happening in real life. Sometimes a viewer forgets that CSI is pretend, because the director makes it seem to cutting-edge, so real as if you could be put in the situation any day. The last thing on your mind, could just happen to you.. any day. Thats CSI for you.
  • Its awesome! No better words to classify it.

    I started watching this show maybe a year ago. Early '06. The first episode I saw was "$35K. O.B.O" from the first season. I just oved it. From that time, I never miss it, and always keep entertained. I like how CSI's go along with each other, becasue they just seem to love their work. I wonder if its that way in real life. Personally I love forensic science, and this is why I whatch this series. I like how they solve the crimes, and how they always know what to do and what to say. My personal favorite character is Grissom.
  • The best show on tv

    This is the best show on tv yet. cannot beat sara sidle which im sure you know is jorja fox. She is brillient i love her charater. My favourate episode of the show is 'sex lies and larve. I love the bit where sara explodes at kayes husband "it got there, when you shot your wife in the head, before you wrapped her in a blanket and you dumpt her body" its just classic. I also like 'play with fire' where she has a near death experience and trys to catch a criminal herself, love it A****** show
  • Three of the best Police shows on television are CSI, Las Vegas, Miami and New York. Cop shows that get you thinking, whatever next? Maybe Los Angeles or Chicago now that would be good.

    CSI Las Vegas, the original and arguably the best of the trio. Grissom is my favourite character in this show his dry sense of humour is good but I wish he would make his mind up about the beard. All of the other characters fit around him and they compliment each other well. If I have any complaints about this show, it is almost impossible to pick out one episode above all the others so I won’t try. But one of my favourites is when Nick was buried, it isn’t very often a cop show can hold your attention over two episodes but this one did.
  • It used to be brilliant...

    I remember the first time I watched this show. It was that episode where Nick got buried alive. The thirteen-year-old very easily scared me was hooked. I got the first season on DVD the christmas after that and fell in love with the early episodes. This show was brilliant, but now it most definately isn't. After season five, CSI went downhill. It seemed to me that they were trying too hard to achieve the slick, fun edge that the show used to find effortlessly. If I'm being brutally honest, I would say that this show should be axed to make room for something new and exciting, but people still love it. Just not me.
  • This show just always has me on the edge of my seat when watching it.

    Everything about this show is brilliant, the amazing actors that make up the CSI team, the variations of deaths on the show, etc. It just differs from all other shows out there, and they're definitely not afraid to show the gory arrangement of the DB's. And all of the special forensic scenes they show, just amazing, it really shows the in-depth process of figuring out evidence; definitely a favorite of mine, and forever will be.
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