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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Sunday 10:00 PM on CBS Premiered Oct 06, 2000 Between Seasons



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  • bring grissom back


    I want Grissom back and i sooooo miss Warwick they should never have killed him off. It has not worked properly since they both left. Ooh Warwick eyes just melted me into bits. I still love this one first, the NY but Horacio with them bloody glasses!! omg.
    Dont get me wrong I still watch csi, but If i had a choice i would watch a repeat with Warwick and Grissom in it any day against one of the newer episodes.

  • Been a long time fan of the show but...


    Been a long time fan of the show but the latest season is just so hard to watch. Its like the writers have completely forgotten what this show was orginally about. I'm just so lost watching it at the moment I fear I may have to give up on it. It badly needs a proper serial killer that takes at least 2 seasons to catch. The show at the moment just seems to be going around in circles like a headless chicken. Lets hope this season improves or the show is going to lose a long time fan.

  • What happened?


    The show used to be good. But now is really time to cancel it. Seems to me every show is the same. It has gotten very predictable and trying too hard. I do not miss the old characters. I wish everyone would get replaced! Something to get a fresh feel to it. The show has jumped the shark and I don't see how it can rise again. As good as the production is, it is just not worth it anymore.

  • Grissom & Langston were part of the TEAM Ted Danson's character is NOT at all a TEAM member.


    Danson's character was stupid for this show. I like Ted, but not like this.

    Everyone else works "together". Make him a team member or bring someone in who is.

    I will stop watching the program. I was very disappointed in the whole show and his character's treatment of the other cast members.

  • A couple of crime scene investigators solving crimes using science in Las Vegas!! Who had thought that science and crime solving could be so fun to watch?


    This show is just epic!!I love all the characters!!The producers and writers did a nice job selecting their cast and further developing the characters of the show.

    Grissom is my all time favorite character in TV history...Catherine is also such a stong woman-I love her passion...

    Nick, Warrick, Greg and Sara sum a perfect group of characters that share a big amount of chemistry on screen.Jim is the captain of the LVPD and the comedy relief of the show along with Hodges the trace expert.

    The show's coroner is doctor Robbins who fits in great with this role...

    Can't wait for season 12 premier and the introduction of Ted Danson and Elizabeth Harnois!!

  • What once was a good show has become tired and Ray centered. The plot wasn't very imaginative or interesting, big changes need to be made for the next season.

    I have bought each season of csi from the beginning and look forward to the next episode, but i have not bought any since Ray has been in it. The show has revolved around him to much and has become stale. The plots are not very imaginative and it seems that basic csi procedures have been forgotten. Finally the Nate Haskell plot is over with, i can only hope that now Ray will have to leave and things can go back to normal. I just hope that the new season does not start with more about Ray and Nate.
    With a group of good actors to use i don't understand why they have to put Laurence Fishburne in nearly every scene and have him do nearly all the work of many csi's. The last episode was ok, but the plot still had several holes in it, and Ray wouldn't have been anywhere near the crime lab, yet he was. A few moments between Catherine and Sara were good and Greg in the house with the evidence was ok, but i'm not sure i agree with the way Brass acted. If Ray was supposed to care so much for his ex-wife then why did he let his anger get the better of him, why wouldn't he leave him once he was tied up. Can Ray ever truly be trusted by the team, they all know now what he's capable of and Ray himself has said there is evil in him.
  • I thought with Grissom gone I wouldn't watch any more.

    But I was wrong. Once I heard that Laurence Fishburne was taking over the job I felt the overpowering urge to check the show out with the new addition. I liked Fishburne in "Matrix" and thought he might be the right guy to replace Grissom. After seeing all the episodes with Fishburne so far I have to say: What a lucky choice! He is perfect. He brings gravitas and a certain kind of empathy and quietness to the role that is very compelling. His character has a depth that suggests that there is much more that we can learn about him. I hope following seasons will give us the chance to do so.
  • Good Episode

    I wonder if Mintman is paid by the oil-industry. Because the guy seems to have a bug up is butt when it comes to the term "Fracking".. Oh well, I found the episode wellwritten and well executed. Just as exciting as a good CSI-episode is supposed to be:D

    And Rays Langdon-Character is just getting more and more complex by the episode, just as Michael Petersens Grissom was before he left.

    And Katey Sackhoffs character is quite fun, maybe a bit hyper.. but fun..I want to see her character be developed further.

    Keep on writing. I hope CSI doesn't get canceled anytime soon.
  • The original...and much imitated through the years.

    This is the show that was a virtual template for all the crime scene investigation dramas that came after during the past decade. The original. The best. The show that made state of the art forensics and excruciatingly detailed autopsies sexy. This show does almost as much for John Q Public's understanding of state of the art science and technology as some of the better episodes of PBS's NOVA. People who read my reviews on a regular basis know what a crime drama freak I am, and I think I can speak with a degree of authority when I say that this show completely re-wrote the book of standards for all the crime dramas that followed. Trail blazing television at it's best.
  • After 11 years this show is starting to age. What was once a the best show on TV has just become another average cop show.


    I reviewed the show last year and i thought it was still great. It still had it's original charm despite the lack of original characters. First of all i would like to say i am mainly going to be reviewing season 11 as this is where i think it all went wrong.

    At the end of the season 10 i was still hooked, season 10 had been another great season a huge improvement over the second half of season 9. After the season 10 finale this all changed. The season 10 finale is the only time Nick fired his gun and the second time a CSI has fired their gun in 10 years.


    The start of season 11 was stupid, the funeral scene was good until the bomb. Nick shooting at 100 cops was unrealstic. Ray recovering from major surgery and still being an expert and taking to Nick was stupid, too many shootouts and action for one episode.

    The rest of season 11 was filled with cases lacking in Forensics and overdoing it in terms of action. Almost every episode showed Nick with his gun unholstered or kicking in a door. There once was a time where the patrol officers would do that.

    As for the forensics this show is becoming like CSI Miami, they get the answers fast and then take the suspect into custody.

    The Haskell storyline has become frustrating and the entire back story centred on Ray yet again. The finale was stupid as we all new Ray murdered him.


    Despite being the worst season of CSI yet it does have some positives. The return of Grissom and meeting Grissoms mother and ex lover was great nice to see the man himself after 2 1/2 years.

    The sqweegel episode was great, it reminded me of the old CSI and i was interested throughout the episode. A kiss before frying was a good episode as it provided a story about Greg.


    Season 11 has been awful in comparision with old CSI, a lack of good forensics filled cases, the Haskell/Ray story and Nick shooting people or kicking down doors has left me thinking this show is going down the tubes. In conclusion the CSI writers need a good kick up the ass, bring back forensic filled cases and the original team.

  • 4.5
    Until the character of Gil Grissom left, CSI was a 10, A+. I used to love this show, but when Grissom left the series lost it's center, it's heart and soul. That being said, I cannot stand the character of Catherine Willows; I love the other female characters, Sara and Sofia, but Marg Helgenberger is awful. I can't stop looking at her ugly lop-sided, botoxed lips. I know she's won a lot of awards and is the highest paid actor on the series (???) but, in my opinion, she's a mediocre actress who belongs in soap operas. I won't be watching any longer. CSI: NY is my favorite now.
  • Innovative and Captivating

    CSI has been one of the most consistent shows of the past decade and continues to be. CSI arrived in 2000 with a bang, exposing viewers to cutting-edge forensics and technology. Each episode is well-developed and always as an interesting storyline. The acting is very good and emotional and there usually is a decent amount of action. Grissom is the best character. Best episode is "Grave Danger" but also check out "Who Are You?".

    Season 1: 10
    Season 2: 9
    Season 3: 9.5
    Season 4: 10
    Season 5: 7.5
    Season 6: 8.5
    Season 7: 9.5
    Season 8: 7
    Season 9: 8
    Season 10: 8
  • i just got the csi las vegas boxset for xmas 2010 and i contains all ten seasons that are available on disc to buy at this current time i had alreadyseen up to the end of season seven so i could not wait to see season eight after reading some reviews.

    having started watching from season eight it was pretty exciting to see warrick getting framed for murder then released and the part where they all have coffee just before the horrible under sheriff kills warrick in cold blooded murder in his own car of all places, i mean seiously csi or not why would u park up that scary street in the first place, then they finally catch up with him and arrest his ass and the other corrupt cop, and when nick has that gun and you hear the shot i was thinking oh my god now he is goin to jail but thank god he didnt shoot him, love nicky would hate to see him in jail tehn warricks funeral was sad and we find out he has a child and then we meet langston and grisson leaves which wa gutting as he has been in it forever he is the one who holds them all together then we go on to the jekyl an hyde killer again nicky nearly dies after langston gets a crack to the head, then few episodes in to season eleven and its good to have sara back or should i say mrs grissom so we think that jekyl killer is gone but then poor ray gets violently attacked and is on his death bed as well as nick joining them after the funeral bombs then comes the episode sqweegel really freaky scary guy in suit violebtly slashing people with hi weird slimy way this episode really freaks me out and that is all where i am right now and i know he will be back at some point so to be continued.............
  • Great stuff great stuff

    I really like the show because it has blood! okay no I like it because the characters are really cool and the fact that the people always find the murderur person dude and they put humur in it even tho it has a sad concept and some of the episodes are not what i like such as the season finaly of the sixth season when the one guy put Nick in the box I really hated the writers for that I ran around the house screaming and curseing every thing I saw because Nick is Awesom! and I would have hurt something if the writers had killed him, not good, I also like Greg hes cool too and I like evey one else too but they're my fav. Good show yup good show.
  • I miss Grissom big time!

    Please bring Grissom back for a couple of episodes (like a two-parter). Have Catherine need to call him in for his bug expertise. Or better yet, have something happen to Sara and Catherine has to be the one to tell him. Either way, I need a Grissom fix! I think Fishburne's character is good, but I agree that he seems to be "overstepping" his place in the group with only being a level 2. I like how the "lab rats" are getting more air time since they are the ones who run the majority of the tests. All in all, I love this show and have watched it since the very begining.
  • 11 years and still going strong...

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is probably one of the longest running shows. Now into its 11th year, we've seen so much happen to the characters and the cases that come back such as the Paul Millander case.

    We've seen heartbreaking episodes such as "For Gedda" with Warrick's death, Grissom leaving to be with Sara after he departure in "Goodbye and goodluck and so much more. The curent cast is still very good, with only two main charcters leaving with a soon to be third after 11 years. Sanders has made it into the field, Catherine has become Supervisor with Nick as assitant supervisor now and Sara has returned.

    The cases are still interesting and still have quite a lot of science too it. In the 11th season, some are very Vegas-esque with a lot of guest stars making it even better (minus Bieber of course).

    Overall, the characters are still loveable (but a bit too much love and screen time is given to Fishburne considering he is only a level 2 and would never get a solo etc as Greg only did to pick up some evidence). The cases are still great and last weeks case "Wild Life" was really great! Hopefully, it will continue on strong, with maybe a return from Peterson and Squeegal and some strong character episodes/plot in the future.
  • Good-bye CSI!!! You were one of my favorites!

    I am so glad they had Grissom go for Sara. This was the best closure I could image. Since I knew that he will be leaving I was hoping for that end. At the beginning I was looking for her name in the opening credit and as she did not show up I hoped for a surprise appearance. I loved CSI a lot in the past 9 years but from now on, without Grissom, I will stop. I wish all the other actors good luck. I think they are all great but that is no CSI anymore for me. It was a really intense good-bye when he walked through the lab, watching is old colleagues. And when he was looking on Warricks grieving card.... tearjerker!!!!
  • A Perfect Ending

    This was what I think of as the last episode. I will never watch another CSI. Other than that, I loved it. Grissom's goodbye was awsome! I loved the conversation betwwen him and Hodgens. "What would Watson be without Sherlock Holmes?" "Watson was a genious in his own right." That made me want to cry! They had him have little personal goodbyes with everyone instead of one great big one at the end, I loved it. I also loved how they didn't mention anything about Sarah or where he was going until the very end. It was just so Grissom to find him walking through the jungle with his little GPS and a straw hat. Then the end, with the kiss between him and Sarah was perfect. The case was great to. They did a great job of introducing Fishborn. I also think that Grissom's last case was a great one. Even though I think Fishborn will do a great job, I can't watch the show without Grissom, it just isn't right.
  • I love shows like this, and CSI is exactly why! Ive always been interested in forensic and CSI is perfect for me, and it never disappoints me. I love all the characters, and you cant help but feel a bond for them and a truely sad when one exits the show!

    Even without Grissom, this show (so far) stills has the chemistry to continue. Fishborne seems to be the right pick, even though he's not one of my favorite actors. Who knows maybe being part of the CSI team will change my view of him. Losing Sara wasn't that hard to really effect the show, losing Warrick was crushing and then losing Grissom, I thought for sure would end the show for me. But I was willing to contiune watching to see if it would still hold my attention and definitely has over last couple shows. Still impressed with this show and it will forever be my favorite.
  • Never boring.

    Now with William Peterson gone, I wonder if the show will be as good? Anyways, I think the show is pretty good and I have to admit that it never is boring. I like the fact that the show has stayed true to its roots by coming up with interesting storylines and plots. When I watch this show, it usually is alone. For some reason it makes the show more entertaining and interesting. I don't know if I can chose a favorite character because I don't have one. I fell like it is a very good show with plenty of entertainment. Thank you.
  • The new CSI:Crime Scene Investigation format is horrid and very annoying.

    If CSI:Crime Scene Investigation continues with the format used for the 2/26/09 episode, they will lose me as a fan and as a watcher. That format simply drove me cracy and because it was so extremely annoying, I got nothing whatever out of the program and found it difficult to keep up with the plot(s). Please CBS and CSI -- go back to your regular format. While Lawrence Fishburn is OK, he is certainly not Grissom and I wish Grissom would come back, even if only as a guest. This show has been very successful -- please don't screw it up.
  • When Grism left the show died. Get rid of the black dude; he is not the great addition as the show would have the viewers believe.

    I do not want to watch the show anymore; Grism's replacement is NOT a SUPER charactor. It seems the rest of the cast just can't function without the new super Grism. I have watched the show since the begining and since Grism has left the writers are killing the show with the Black Grism replacement. Please get real no one is that good. I think you should have Grism's replacement shot and the limp along with the orginal cast till the show dies. Please save the audiance from this seasons flop of CSI. Thanks for the past years of great entertainment.
  • CSI is a great show. It is that way because of the plot line in the episode and also because of Grissom.

    CSI is a great show. It is that way because of the plot line in the episode and also because of Grissom. The creators were capable of keeping the show always with fresh possible cases that are interesting to watch.
    The show has almost no action, but the strength is located elsewhere, better saying in creating mind puzzles that are only revealed at the end.
    Grissom is a perfectly constructed character, almost memorable, specially considering its sayings. The others are just Ok, nothing special about them.
    Like I said before when you see only the episode history, the plot is very strong. But when you consider the whole plot, the result is something more thin. In other words is weak.
  • Starting to go dowhill, though

    I have always loved this show, but lately, it hasn't been as good. Not just because Grissom left, either. By Season 8, it seemed pretty clear that it's getting a little tired. The cases are starting to repeat themselves from a couple season ago, and the characters aren't really going anywhere with themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great show. The science is still fantastic, Las Vegas still has the second-highest crime rate in the country, (first is Quantico, Virginia) and there are still people willing to stay up all night to keep the citizens of the town sleeping soundly at night.
  • Amazing!

    I watched seasons one through eight in 3 months after catching some reruns on the Spike channel. I am a big fan of cop/drama shows so it is amazing I never sat down to watch this number 1 show. From the reruns I was hooked, and when I began to watch the show from the beginning I could not stop. CSI is such a great entertaining show, its no wonder why it is the number one show on TV. It will be interesting to see how the loss of 3 of the original cast members will effect the series in the long run, but the first eight seasons are truly extraordinary.
  • Used to be my favorite show. With Grissom gone its crap.

    Who came up with the bright idea to get rid of Grissom. Didn't like the new guy in Matrix and I don't like him now. You would have been better off to just use the old actors even without Grissom the show would have been better than with the new guy.

    Everytime I really start to get into a show you have to change it up and I know you need some fresh ideas but you really blew it this time. Not just the new guy but the stories are not even in the same league.

    My kids could write a better story line. Come on guys... our government has gone to crap and now tv is too.

    Shape up or we are going to fire the whole bunch.
  • The worst epi ever!

    Why?It was boring,too much Ray and not enough of the team that brought us here to this moment.Where was the team,the team that made us watch for the past 199 episode?If I were them I would have been insulted! It Stunk boys! I really don't think it had anything to do with the absence of Petersen,Dourdan or Fox (Who by the way was on CBS promoting the ER episode) but the lack of hte people who were still there.

    So when does a CSI 1(Ray) boss around a CSI 3 (Greg) never should be the answer, but not last night.

    I wish that CBS would listen to what the viewers want instead of pushing their own agenda (The Ray Langston Show), We want to keep watching but this was beyond bad and sorry,it was horrid.

    Yeah,it was that bad.
  • You gotta be kidding!

    This is a very disappointing 200th episode .... I mean I had expected more from this episode. The show just simply goes downhill from the time when Sarah left. First Sarah, next Warrick and I think the final straw is when Grissim left. The show just broke apart. If this is what the producers want for this show, I think they should just stop here and forget about season 10 (if there are plans for it). I was so bored to death throughout the whole 40 min or so of it. It's sad, cos it was one of the best series I had watch and I had followed it since day 1. I do hope it will get better the next episode.
  • Ray Langston's former student is found brutally murdered and the team has to delve into the shadowy, violent world of Mexican wrestling.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot because it was unique from other episodes, taking a look into Ray Langston's past and giving us an insight about him. Although this ep was different, that is what makes CSI exciting and suspenseful compared to other series. Fans should just chill - what did you want for the 200th episode, one of the team to die?? Just as the other characters had had their own little episodes to allow us to get to know them better, so Langston has to as well. And I liked being in the know about the killer's identity for once, thank you. Good work all around on this episode.
  • One of the best series that ever been made.

    I love the show from the begining. The plot and chrachters are very good. My favorite season is definetely 7. I love the relationship between Sara and Grissom and I miss them both.
    Also I miss Warrick and the chemistry between Warrick and Catherine. I wish that all 3 of them were in the show now.
    But to say the truth I also like fishburne, I believe if Grissom and Fishburne were in the show together it would be awesome.
    My favourite episodes are Livin Doll 1 & 2 (season 7),Grave Danger 1&2 (season 5)and butterflied (season 4). It would be great and also intersting to see the show as a film but Grissom and Sara must be in it too.
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