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  • CSI is a great show. It is that way because of the plot line in the episode and also because of Grissom.

    CSI is a great show. It is that way because of the plot line in the episode and also because of Grissom. The creators were capable of keeping the show always with fresh possible cases that are interesting to watch.
    The show has almost no action, but the strength is located elsewhere, better saying in creating mind puzzles that are only revealed at the end.
    Grissom is a perfectly constructed character, almost memorable, specially considering its sayings. The others are just Ok, nothing special about them.
    Like I said before when you see only the episode history, the plot is very strong. But when you consider the whole plot, the result is something more thin. In other words is weak.
  • Starting to go dowhill, though

    I have always loved this show, but lately, it hasn't been as good. Not just because Grissom left, either. By Season 8, it seemed pretty clear that it's getting a little tired. The cases are starting to repeat themselves from a couple season ago, and the characters aren't really going anywhere with themselves. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's a great show. The science is still fantastic, Las Vegas still has the second-highest crime rate in the country, (first is Quantico, Virginia) and there are still people willing to stay up all night to keep the citizens of the town sleeping soundly at night.
  • Amazing!

    I watched seasons one through eight in 3 months after catching some reruns on the Spike channel. I am a big fan of cop/drama shows so it is amazing I never sat down to watch this number 1 show. From the reruns I was hooked, and when I began to watch the show from the beginning I could not stop. CSI is such a great entertaining show, its no wonder why it is the number one show on TV. It will be interesting to see how the loss of 3 of the original cast members will effect the series in the long run, but the first eight seasons are truly extraordinary.
  • Used to be my favorite show. With Grissom gone its crap.

    Who came up with the bright idea to get rid of Grissom. Didn't like the new guy in Matrix and I don't like him now. You would have been better off to just use the old actors even without Grissom the show would have been better than with the new guy.

    Everytime I really start to get into a show you have to change it up and I know you need some fresh ideas but you really blew it this time. Not just the new guy but the stories are not even in the same league.

    My kids could write a better story line. Come on guys... our government has gone to crap and now tv is too.

    Shape up or we are going to fire the whole bunch.
  • The worst epi ever!

    Why?It was boring,too much Ray and not enough of the team that brought us here to this moment.Where was the team,the team that made us watch for the past 199 episode?If I were them I would have been insulted! It Stunk boys! I really don't think it had anything to do with the absence of Petersen,Dourdan or Fox (Who by the way was on CBS promoting the ER episode) but the lack of hte people who were still there.

    So when does a CSI 1(Ray) boss around a CSI 3 (Greg) never should be the answer, but not last night.

    I wish that CBS would listen to what the viewers want instead of pushing their own agenda (The Ray Langston Show), We want to keep watching but this was beyond bad and sorry,it was horrid.

    Yeah,it was that bad.
  • You gotta be kidding!

    This is a very disappointing 200th episode .... I mean I had expected more from this episode. The show just simply goes downhill from the time when Sarah left. First Sarah, next Warrick and I think the final straw is when Grissim left. The show just broke apart. If this is what the producers want for this show, I think they should just stop here and forget about season 10 (if there are plans for it). I was so bored to death throughout the whole 40 min or so of it. It's sad, cos it was one of the best series I had watch and I had followed it since day 1. I do hope it will get better the next episode.
  • Ray Langston's former student is found brutally murdered and the team has to delve into the shadowy, violent world of Mexican wrestling.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot because it was unique from other episodes, taking a look into Ray Langston's past and giving us an insight about him. Although this ep was different, that is what makes CSI exciting and suspenseful compared to other series. Fans should just chill - what did you want for the 200th episode, one of the team to die?? Just as the other characters had had their own little episodes to allow us to get to know them better, so Langston has to as well. And I liked being in the know about the killer's identity for once, thank you. Good work all around on this episode.
  • One of the best series that ever been made.

    I love the show from the begining. The plot and chrachters are very good. My favorite season is definetely 7. I love the relationship between Sara and Grissom and I miss them both.
    Also I miss Warrick and the chemistry between Warrick and Catherine. I wish that all 3 of them were in the show now.
    But to say the truth I also like fishburne, I believe if Grissom and Fishburne were in the show together it would be awesome.
    My favourite episodes are Livin Doll 1 & 2 (season 7),Grave Danger 1&2 (season 5)and butterflied (season 4). It would be great and also intersting to see the show as a film but Grissom and Sara must be in it too.
  • its ok

    this is not one of fav shows. its ok but it doesnt go into the main characters lifes enough, my fav show is ncis and the main reason is because it is realy equiptmant and machines that ncis actualy has but csi is so fake i mean 3D autopsy table u have got to be kidding me come on ncis has realt technology that can actualy exsist in my opinion this show is way to fake and way ahead of its time (in a bad way) so this is an ok show if im really bored and there is NOTHING els on so bottom like its OK
  • Great! Very acknowledged!

    Great Crime Show despite there is only one or max two 45 minutes episode to tackle every complicated case. Almost got twisted at first part and reverse to another lead in second part. And it's a challanging to make as many sense as possible to give a clue to viewers. We shoud not complain understanding. This show tries to tell us about some clues in tackling crime cases, but sometimes tv shows needs visual and mental effect to achieve no-boring action. I love this show very much and have recommended it to many colleagues. BTW, I lived in Hong Kong SAR.
  • Not as good as it use to be now as good as it could be.

    What can I say, I find other than for Nick, Katherine, Brass and Greg I would not bother watching anymore. The story lines aside, I find the way the show is filmed is often times annoying. What's with all the slow motion, rewind, crap...just give us the show with exciting roles and interaction among the characters. There is a lack of dynamics and emotions among the characters....everyone seems flat. Lastly, I beg you....please stop letting the your characters wear gloves then touch things like a glass, thier face, hair, etc. It is disgusting. You use to be very diligent about adhering to details like that but I see this starting to lack as well.
  • Original and good, but not as great as it used to be.

    "CSI" is a different police type series because it shows us how the crime scene investigators find clues and help the police to solve a different kind of cases (murders, kidnappings, arsons and so on).

    "CSI" introduced a new technique on TV, new technical terms and very good stories solved from a scientific point of view. A good cst completed the package. But "CSI" lost freshness somewhere during seasons five and six and it wasn't the same until season seven when a recurring story appeared, the killer of the miniatures. Sadly "CSI" won't never be the same without Warrick, Sara (even though she appears in some episodes) and, of course, Grissom.
  • It's a intense and emotional show.

    It's a intense and emotional show. The whole cast do a great job.The most difficult cases are shown here. The tension among the agents, the criminols and the lab staff is the target. Time is running and it's a justice matter. Grisson is funny, provocative and human. Great show! I used to say it is a top show, but this season it is different. I miss the presance of Grisson, so becaouse of that this season it takes an 8. They brougth sarah back but it's not the same... Laurense F... is a great actor but he just dont fit in the CSI show.
  • The best show on TV!!!

    CSI is the best show in the world that I have ever watched! It's an amazing show with all your drama, emotion, and excitement!!! This is a show that has great in all good ways possible in it's 10 years! Although we had seen some of our all time favorite characters leave or pass away, sun as Warrick, Sara and Grissom! The show still remains a 10 star rating for me and always will. All because of this show, and my all time favorite character, Grissom, I want to be a CSI! I know that what you see on TV isn't the same as in real-life, it sill inspired me to want to be one. I thank the show for that! CSI is a show that whoever wathes, whether you've been wathing since season 1 or just watched 1 episode, you will be hooked! And that's a fact!
  • If you're an ex-fan and reading this, I tell you, CSI is still at its best! Come back and CSI has a lot more to offer for a lot more years!

    After 10 years, CSI continues to bring interesting cases and amazing character development. I've been a fan of this show for 1 year and seen almost all the episodes from season 1 up to present. The show has tackled real and bizarre cases: from murders to suicides, from recklessness to mysterious medical conditions, from jealousy to greed, from human to non-humans. So how does CSI make it far if we're dealing with murders every week? It's the creativity and amazing twists in every episode that make fans love it.

    Even a successful show like CSI has gone through a lot of changes and challenges. We've lost three major characters within two seasons. It's not easy to take but let's remember that in real life, people retire. Grissom for example. A lot of loyal fans stopped watching CSI when he left. But to tell you the truth, CSI is still great. Grissom and Warrick will always be a part of this show. I'm happy that at least Sara is back. CSI still has Cath, Nick, Greg, Brass, Doc Robbins and Ray with the lab techs Hodges, Mandy, Henry and Archie.
  • Even after 10 years still creative and brilliant

    I have watched CSI from the day it started. Over the ten years the storylines have got better and the chemistry and likeability of the characters has gotten stronger for me. I have always been a fan of the level of science involved and it is not just an ordinary cop show. The cast is fantastic, i have always liked how the writers of CSI have managed to keep the chemistry between the characters going. They started out as a group of people we knew nothing about at the start of the first season and now for me they have almost become part of the family. I was upset when Sara left in season 8 and then Warrick was killed off. That upset me because 2 main characters were missing. I did not like the new CSI Riley Adams when she joined in early season 9 and i'm kind of glad she left. I was very upset when Grissom left however as William Peterson said in and interview, "I think a new character will keep the show fresh."

    The storylines manages to keep me guessing until the end, the level of scientific detail is very good. The stories have been interesting and engaging and even in it's 10th season the rating are still as high as they've ever been. I like the addition of Ray Langston to the cast, although i will never like him as much as Grissom. Personally i think this show is one of the best crime drama's ever made and will continue to be until it is cancelled. CSI is my favourite out of all 3 because CSI miami is starting to get boring as there is not enough scientific detail anymore just Haratio weilding is shades and sig around.
  • Horrible science fiction in ghastly contrast.

    The usual pc crap carefully crafted for Nancy Pelosi. Completely implausible. Token women, token blacks, 110 pound babes defeating 200 pound guys. Police officers with more expertise in neuro biology, histology, endocrinology, anatomy than all the professors of their respective fields. Come on! Reality, anyone? Same for all other CSI junk.

    These depressed sissy boys and girlies drive me totally crazy. Instead of trying to induce Prozac intake to the audience by babbling about their findings in the atomic substructures in their evidence, they should do us all a favor and jump from their PD building.

    Shame on Laurence Fishburne to join this crap.
  • 10 years and this show is still standing strong.

    I do not think that it should be considered unbelievable that CSI has remained as strong as it has over the years for one reason. Before designing their show, the producers devised a storyline that will never grow old or uninteresting no matter how many years pass. The good old use-science-to-bust-the-dirty-criminal gag will never fade because there will always be interesting criminals who committ a seemingly perfect murder. Therefore, there will always be a CSI unit of some sort to piece together who did the killing, why they did the killing, and to bring that killer to justice. It's a foolproof plan and it left only one problem: creating interesting characters to play the leads. The producers of CSI have definitely done that. From the emotionally complex Catherine Willows to the starkly sarcastic and brazen Jim Brass to the sometimes laughably claustrophobic Nick Stokes (Grave Danger parts 1 and 2 made my top ten list because I couldn't stop laughing at Nick's ridiculously fearful antics) the producers of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation have proven that they chose top men and women to carry the show. Though I cannot say that I have watched every episode of CSI, I can say that every one that I did watch was no less than a fun, entertaining (and sometimes somewhat disturbingly scary) ride and that I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • I used to love this show. But it's not so great anymore.

    I watched every single episode of CSI. But lately I find it more and more boring or irritating. I know that there are many people who will disagree with me but I think that Grissom leaving changed this show. Grissom was a character that never dominated. He was there but other characters had their screen time too. He was eccentric and wise but he also made Catherine, Nick and others think and do their best. They could shine.
    When Petersen left and we were introduced to Ray Langston I was hopeful. At first Ray seemed very ambitious and willing to learn. He was fun to watch. But soon writers forgot that he is a new character with little to no field experience and made him omniscient. That put me off. Almost every case the team is working on is solved by Ray even if he is lying in a hospital bed. Langston started to dominate the show and minimize other characters. I would like to see more of Nick, Catherine, Sara or Greg, see some development of them. The old chemistry - now forgotten. They have been CSIs for a long time, they can handle this job on their own. Another thing - CSI was always the most realistic one. When I wanted to see sharks in a swimming pool I switched to CSI:Miami. CSI's stories deteriorated and are getting a bit lame.
    This show still has a big potential. I hope it will get better.
  • CSI is crime/drama show that follows the cases of each murder investigation and explores the nature of the crime. The CSI's inspect the evidence and ultimately catch the killer or in some cases, do not.

    This show has been my absolute favorite show ever. since it premiered in 2000. Now it is in its eleventh season and still standing strong, interesting and just amazing. I watch this show every Thursday on CBS and reruns on Spike and own half the dvds, only because they do not come cheap, or else I would have them all. I love this show and all the characters and story plots and I am sure millions of people will agree with me. If you do not like it, then you have some serious problems and cannot see a good thing when it is standing in front of you.
  • Informative.

    When I firat watched this show (I was 11), I thought it was really cool. I only watched a few episodes over the years until Christmas last year (2005). I was watching two back-to-back episodes and I was suddenly hooked. I borrowed my sister's season one through three DVDs and watched all the episodes. I totally loved it.

    My favorite character is Greg. He's so funny with the way he processed DNAand his comments as he worked cases. My mom and I totally agree Grissom is the greatest man in the world. The way he spews Shakespear quotes and always has something witty to say is fricking awesome. Personally, I think his little battles with Ecklie are hilarious.

    I like how this show shows you close-ups of the evidence found. This show is really informative and really gets you thinking of who did it.
  • This show has gone down hill since Sara left and Warrick was killed off. And the clincher was when Grissom left the show as well. I would rather watch CSI: Miami and CSI:NY now and hope you don't ruin those shows as well.

    I used to love CSI and couldn't wait for Thursday night so I could watch the next episode but all of that changed. First of all after several seasons of Grissom resisting Sara they finally get together only to have Sara leave the show. Then you decided to kill off Warrick and to add insult to injury Grissom leaves the show. With three of the original main characters gone the show has gone down hill. Grissom was the anchor of the team and I couldn't wait to see what he would say or do next. Why didn't you get rid of Hodges instead? At first I was not to sure about the CSI:Miami spin off and then the CSI:NY spin off but now love those two shows as well. In fact I would rather watch Miami or NY now rather than the original CSI. That may change as well also if and when you renew them for next season and we see who does or does not survive. Needless to say I am disappointed with how CSI has turned out and hope you don't destroy Miami and NY as well.
  • Used to be better, but still worth watching.

    The first six or seven seasons were awesome, but then it felt as if they started to run out of ideas for the plot. I'm not saying that the writers are out of gas just yet, I'm just saying that the quality has declined, even more noticeably now that Grissom's gone... The series, which episodes used to get an 8 or a 9, usually gets a 7 now :/

    Even though the show might've lost quality along with its characters; Warrick, Sarah, Grissom, it still manages to keep the episode interesting enough to make it worth the while. Now, if only those plots would improve!
  • Formulaic... hence a diatribe!

    when are they gonna do "CSI: in my pants". they've done one everywhere else!! I need someone to find my mojo... ahem... when is this ever going to end? what is the point? sure its innovative with all the investigative stuff but not with the drama. its more like "justice league" than crime drama. far too neat and black and white! and shiny... i dont like the shiny shiny! they are far too good looking to be cops or crime scene whatevers... actually thats not really a criticism, this is tv afterall and they need to be good looking. But they are not good looking enough for tv either! Thats just my two cents! My tenuous reasoning follows... homicide: life on the streets - ugly cops, great drama. House -stupid crazy plot device stories - sexy cast: i give you 13!!! Again - i need "CSI: in my pants" :)
  • Im Hooked...

    Ive been watching this show from day 1, ive never missed an episode & i feel like ive got to know the characters quite well.
    The show always has me intrigued & wanting more, The only thing im dissapointed with is the departure of the MAIN character "Gill Grissom" , For me he was the one who made the show - Sarah & Warrick I could cope with but its just not the same anymore without Gill & I dont think Lawrence Fishburn is filling that void left behind... In my honest opinion the show needs a shake up & a "mastermind" like grissom joining the crew.
  • If there is a crime, then this team is the best there is to solve it!

    The concept of this series is good and I have to admit that the show is a good detective show, but also a good mystery show. The humour is also fresh, and the characters really are funny and serious at the same time. Plus, Las vegas, the city of sin is the perfect place for a crime to be commited. Too bad the bad guys are most of the times caught by this extroardinary team. We have Gil Grissom (The team's leader and the Superviser of the Night Shift, who's an expert when it comes to bugs and insects of all kind), Catherine Willows (an ex-stripper who became one of the best CSI's in Las Vegas, while trying to raise her daughter Lindsey), Warrick Brown (a sensitive guy who's an ex-gambler), Sara (Grissom's student when he lectured in L.A., and later became his girlfriend), Nick (the team's "cowboy" who loves jokes and is always ready to solve a case), Dr. Al Robins (the Chief Medical Examiner, who has the creepy hobby of photographing death celebrities that he himself conducted the autopsy), David Phillips (Dr. Robins assistant who is a big fan of horror movies), Greg Sanders (ex-lab technician and current CSI who loves Heavy Metal music), David Hodges (the new lab technician who's hobby is to create board games in hopes of becomsing rich), Jim Brass (the team's detective who's always the first one to detect a suspect when he's near), among many others, who never stop surprising us with new ways to solve crimes. Although the team has changed a bit since the first season, the pace of the action is still the same, and with many more crimes to be solved, it's a good thing they are always near to solve them. A great show wich will go down in History, has one of the best of its kind. 10 out of 10!
  • What is this crap?

    This show is so bad. I watched one episode and it literaly lowered my IQ. I think I'll stick with shows that deserve to be #1 and are actually good. To many people watch this piece of crap, and not enough watch quality shows like Scrubs and Arrested Development. I would rather gouge out my own eyes before ever watching this steaming pile of monkey feces again.
  • A team of CSIs investigate crimes, how fun could that be to watch? LOTS OF FUN! I know I'm weird...

    The greatest CSI team consists of Catherine, Nick, Greg, David, Wendy, Archie, and Jim. Catherine has taken the place of Grissom who left sometime in season 9. I miss him. Oh, I can't forget! Sara has recently joined the CSI crew again temporarily. Anyway Nick... well he's the same as always. Greg is getting tired of being considered the kid with the spiky hair and loud music still, because of course he wants to be treated like a grown up (oh Greg, you'll always be thought of that way in our hearts no matter how old you get.) David and Wendy kind of have a thing going on. It's kind of confusing. Archie is still the computer geek, and good ol' Detective Jim Brass... I really don't have anything to say about him, but he is a good detective.
  • good, but i don't think it is the #1 show.

    This show is interesting, but i don't think it is that great. It never really as a back story going during the season like most shows do. you could miss like 4 episodes and not really miss anything but the story of each episode. Unlike other shows that if you miss a couple episodes you are lost. It's cool how they figure out some of the crimes. But i don't see how it is always the #1 show week in and week out.

    This show is interesting, but i don't think it is that great. It never really as a back story going during the season like most shows do. you could miss like 4 episodes and not really miss anything but the story of each episode. Unlike other shows that if you miss a couple episodes you are lost. It's cool how they figure out some of the crimes. But i don't see how it is always the #1 show week in and week out.
  • Nothing Beats OLD SCHOOL C.S.I, Grisom is funny at times, serious at others, and just down right a good actor.

    Have to say that C.S.I compared to C.S.I Miami, and C.S.I Newyork, is the best C.S.I ever made. Old school C.S.I is the best, the origanality in this TV show is 2nd to none, The whole concept of finding out how they actually solve the crime is a fabulous idea and can be taken so far aswell. You can just tell that when im older this Tv show will still be aired, even if they are re-runs you always miss something, or is just a down right good watch.

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