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  • An Instant classic

    I must say I was deeply intrigued by the opening sequence of the girl running screaming for help from the house with blood all over her nightgown. The showing of each body has been shown wonderfully. The distress of Grissome was very good on seeing the dead bodies of the teenage boys. The events that led to the murders are not fully digestible but I must say anybody in the situation of the teenage daughter will contemplate murder though it is not the actual solution. Dakota Fanning as usual is wonderful and your heart goes out to her. All the regular cast members has done their work wonderfully. Full hats to the team for bringing together a wonderful episode.
  • A someone pretending to be something pretending to be someone. Nothing is as it seems, and things unwind in all sorts of interesting twists.

    Disarmed and Dangerous is an example of CSI heading in some new directions with the transition from Grisson to Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne's character). This episode provided many opportunities for the regular as well as guest cast to come across in some raw, gritty moments, and display some sudden plot shifts that left you guessing and psychologically messed-with.

    Our episode begins when a well dressed man visits a slimy gas station restroom. We're not exactly sure what's going on at first, as he looks around at the filth, reads a somewhat lewd piece of graffiti on a stall wall, writes it down on a notepad. We then see that he is simply there to relieve himself. Suddenly and without warning, he is savagely attacked by a mostly unseen but clearly overpowering assialiant. We pick up on the degree of the brutality of the attack mostly from off camera screams and blood curling flesh ripping and bone cracking sounds as he is savagely being beaten to a pulp.

    When the CSI crew comes on scene, we learn of the savagery of the attack when they find the victims arm lying across the room. "It's been disarticulated, not hacked off" Catherine comments. "That takes a lot of rage." We find out that he is one of three FBI agents who have been working undercover in the area. Was this a hit from the bad guys that they had been investigating? No one can say for sure. One of the FBI agents maintains a greater detachment from the murder of his colleague, while the female agent is on edge and short, clearly shaken by the turn of events. Answers must be found and the perp brought to justice, and it's clearly eating at her. In the course of this episode, we are taken on a journey that involves a trip to a steroid and testosterone soaked ultimate cage fighting event to apprehend a murder suspect, a very public, shocking accidental suicide, and more plot twists than knots in your grandmothers knitting circle.

    The real wowzer comes when it is revealed that the FBI agents were not agents at all, but came from a very different background. They were posing as FBI agents and, in their eyes, doing the good work that the real FBI would have been doing. Tragically, they have their downfall one by one, starting with the man in the restroom at the opening of the episode. Next, the female "agent" turns up dead; it turns out that she was a hooker, posing as an FBI agent, killed on the street while posing as a hooker. The last "agent" turned out to be a psycatriac patient living in a halfway house. Brass finds him at the halfway house, where he secretively reveals that he is an FBI agent working "undercover" posing as a psycatriac patient in a halfway house. The surprise with which the show's writers pulled this off was commendable. Not to be outdone, just when we think that everything has been a setup and the "imaginary" FBI operation that the unlikely group of castaways put together was a figment of their imagination, we are treated to a DBSA (drive by shooting attempt) outside the group home, with the "FBI" guy as the intended target. The attempt failed, the FBI guy/psycatriac patient wasn't hit, thanks to Brass's street wise, lightning quick reflexes (thank you for the "GUN!" trope, used quite well here). The bad guys were real all this time, and ironically the motely crew of pretending FBI agents helped lead to the capture of the leader of a human trafficking ring. In conclusion, this episode did a number of things differently, but did so in a way that still drew upon the hallmarks of CSI, which are misdirection, follow the evidence, surprises and reveals, and a rare look at the grittier side that the cast, and especially in this episode, the guest stars, can bring out. High marks.
  • I Miss Grissom & Sara

    I enjoy all of the CSI Series. I think a mistake has been made by losing not only Warrick, then Sara, but know GRISSOM? I have a difficult time watching this now. It was William Petersen that sparked my interest in a fledgling show about crime scene investigator so many years ago. Is there not room for all of these characters to come back .. except Warrick, of course, unless TV can raise the dead. The addition of Laurence Fishburne is wonderful. His character is well matched to the others, but I fear the parting of Grissom overshadows his arrival.
  • I don't know...

    I don't know how well I like having Dr. Langston be on the show, especially to replace Gil Grissom. I know the actor who plays Gil will be behind the camera more, but still... I mean, having Gil leave the show has its advantages and disadvantages...

    I really don't know if I like Dr. Langston or not; he seems okay in the role that he's now playing, but he's not Gil. Nothing or no one can replace Gil, only the position he was working in. I just hope that there will still be some good story lines for the show, or the show is going to go downhill fairly quickly...
  • iLove!

    I love shows like this, and CSI is exactly why! Ive always been interested in forensic type things so CSI is perfect for me, and it never disappoints me. I love all the characters, and you cant help but feel a bond for them and a truely sad when one exits the show! I love the one liners aswell like 'concentrate on what cannot lie, the evidence' which was said by Grissom in season 1! The show gets better every season and it seems hard to do with the previous seasons WOW factor but it does! An awesome show by any standards!
  • I lost the last 12 min's of the show on 1-15-09 and did not see the ending.

    I would of gave it a 10 but I didn't get the last 12 min's of it and beleave we should all get to watch the whole thing again. Everyone I have talked to about it said they lost the last 12 min's of it to. Thank You, Lisa Wiley
  • When Gil Grissom says goodbye

    I had seen the last episode today of Gil Grissom and I am happy to say it was awesome. The ending with Sara and him just made me happy. (tear...just joking) Not really into the new CSI coming but i happy Gil Grissom left well....so VERY HAPPY!!!

    Interesting case, interesting villain, and interesting crazy guy that almost actually reminded me of Hannibal which is sad but funny at the same time. I was actually expecting the DJK dude to say "Hello Clarice" just for the hell of it. He was crazier than Hannibal, as least Dr. Lector only killed the rude.

    Back to the point...this is the must watched episode and for you that have not seen you BETTER!!! Some parts of it is boring but others awesome. My mom was even interested and that is really a first.

    Me happy!!!!
  • Lady Heather rocks.

    Grissom and Lady Heather have so much chemistry. Sara is great but Lady Heather is his true soulmate. She's as complicated and damaged as him. And smart. She challenges him in ways Sara can't. This episode was not typical, which was cool. Loved Brass' lines and the S&M stuph. A little bit confusing about the serial killer thing. They should have done a better job or put a "to be continued" after it. But the epi was better than most. The music was fantastic, too. Lady Heather should have her own crime fighting show now. Or she can join the cast of SVU, if the networks would share. Cuz she should not go away just cuz Grissom is gone. Or she comes back to hang with CSI later but without Grissom it would be strange.
  • CSI is a great show, even more interesting is how they solve those crimes.

    CSI is probably one of the most interesting shows I've ever seen. CSI keeps you glued to your seat for the whole episode, but the only problem I have with it is I can't sit and watch more than one episode at a time like I can The Simpsons or Family Guy. But don't get me wrong this is an awesome show with some action and mystery to always keep you thinking. Watching this show kind of makes me want to be a forensics scientist. I can easily see why this is one of the most popular shows, but I do have one more minor knock on it, it solves crimes unrealisticaly and CSI doesn't do what cops or forensics scientists would do which can cause some animosity between CSI and real life cops and forensics scientists. All in all I highly recommend watching CSI, it is a great show and will keep you glued to your seat.
  • The Las Vegas Crime Lab counts Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Riley Adams and Captain Jim Brass. The 8th season shocked me,as Sara said departed and Warrick was murdered.

    CSI has been an okay show since season seven, then in season eight, Sara said goodbye to her team and Warrick was murdered. The show has done great episodes, but now, all they seem to be doing is routine investigations while Warrick's murderer is still on the loose, and Gil and Sara's relationship that never seems to move on. I was shocked to hear that the main character of the show, Gil Grissom (William Peterson) has left the team and given it over to Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne). It's going downhill, so unless Gil and Sara marry and Warrick's murderer is caught, I'm not going to show interest in the show anymore.
  • its ok... but

    its ok... but i have to say that its not as good as NCIS as it has many different qualities. This is original CSI and this is the best of all of the CSI, but i have to say that this one is better as this is the first CSI to come out and the other just seem like copies of the original. SO i must admit that this is all i have to say for it and that if you don't like NCIS because it seems too odd, then this is for you as this is much more into the investigating without heaps of odd and funny jokes!
  • All I can say about this episode is I was flabbergasted what an excellent epiusode.

    This surely must be one of the most scariest and creepiest Serial killers that the CSI have had to deal with this guy Is a really good actor this is the first CSI when watching The program that has made me feel sick, the things that He did in the past. I hope Grissom comes out alive From this two-parter I hate it when they start killing of the Maine people in the cast, William Peterson will be mist Sad to see him leave, but hopefully he will come back Now and again in some of the other episodes later on In guest aperients.
  • The team is working on the case of a victim. Meanwhile, Everybody is still in suspense about whether or not Grissom is definitely leaving. Guest Laurence Fishburne.

    In part one of the two-part episode that will hand off the reins of power at the Las Vegas crime lab from Gil Grissom to Raymond Langston, CSI spent as much time breaking the news about Gil's exit as it did lay the groundwork for Langston's entrance. Speaking of entrances, Laurence Fishburne was given quite the platform, appearing in shadow until the light clicked on and he was revealed. It'll be interesting to see if Petersen's last scene will replicate Frank Sinatra vanishing into distant spotlights, singing "Excuse me while I disappear." Considering the Vegas connection, I think that would be a perfect way for him to go.

    But not just yet. First there's this very complicated, very gruesome case that's still unresolved. The Dick and Jane Killer, a guy who murders couples, seems to have a copy cat on the loose because the confessed serial killer, Haskell, is already behind bars. Brass and Grissom learned that Langston was using Haskell -- via remote feed -- as part of his classwork at the University. Without telling the prof, Grissom got into the lecture hall in order to question Haskell. It seemed like an oblique way to get Langston and Grissom to work together -- they eschewed the direct approach -- but it did immediately create a schism between Brass and Langston, something to be played out when Langston takes Grissom's place at CSI.

    Because this was a two-parter, we're left on edge about creepy Haskell -- a good turn by Bill Irwin. With those engineer glasses, he kind of looked like Noah Bennett on Heroes. But if a prisoner is in keep-away, as Gil points out, why was he allowed an unsupervised phone call to Langston to taunt him and tip the authorities off about the ninth D&J kill? Still, Irwin scared me as Haskell, so he definitely did his job well.

    Interestingly, for me the best part of the show was how oblivious Grissom was to the way his abrupt news flash about leaving CSI is affecting the team. He seemed genuinely stunned by the tears in assistant M.E. David's eyes when Gil said he would miss him and not the work. Like the bugs and insects he studies, Gil is still in the cocoon emotionally. For a student of behavior, he should know that some reactions -- like Hodges being hurt that he was not personally informed by Gil -- were predictable. The coolest (as in wise and aware, not reserved and uncaring) reaction was probably Catherine's. She anticipated it, perhaps based on the conversation at the end of the last show about Grissom upping the ante. My favorite exchange was Brass and Grissom's, suggesting that they'll stay in touch and perhaps go out on the boat and celebrate July 4th together. Gil's response, "You have a boat?" was priceless. It was so obvious they never socialized before and likely never would in the future. Their relationship -- and friendship -- was all about the office. Better than Michael and Toby on The Office, but not by much.

    As for Fishburne's character, it's too soon to tell. He only met with Grissom and Brass and only on his own turf. He came off as authoritative and imposing, but also intelligent and observant. He also was pretty obvious when dealing with Haskell, like putting him on hold to conference Gil in on the phone conversation. That could have been done in a more stealth-like fashion. I suspect Part Two will have more opportunities for Nick, Catherine and the others to meet/clash with Langston.
  • And we meet Raymond Langston!.... And I love him!

    This episode kept my eyes on the TV for the whole hour. They made this serial killer feel real, he has the face of evil and when he spoke he just made you shake in fear. He had to be the wierdest person on this planet. Hearing him tell everyone how he choose his victims and what he did and how he did it. He was just plain freaky! I think that I'm going to love the newest addition to the CSI family. Dr. Raymond Langston seems interesting, and dark. We find out in this episode that Gil Grissom is going to leave and the team is so surprised that i swore the actors didn't even know that was going to happen. I love this episode and can't wait to see the second part. I was so mad that they left it like that. When I saw the blue letters "To Be Continued" I was going to get on a plane and go kill the writers. I wanted to know! I guess I'm going to need to wait!
  • very good

    Last year, Law & Order franchise operator Dick Wolf made his smartest move in ages by promoting Sam Waterston's Jack McCoy to district attorney. And now, instead of relegating him to a few token wise-papa scenes (à la such predecessors as Steven Hill and Fred Thompson), Wolf has put snappin' Jack at the center of some of the best episodes of the immortal series' 19th season.

    Riding herd over a couple of stubborn young bucks - assistant DAs Mike Cutter (sourpuss Linus Roache) and Connie Rubirosa (glamour-puss Alana De La Garza) - McCoy argues, bellows orders, and croaks with outrage when his charges disobey his legal advice. In the season premiere, a macho snit erupted when McCoy overrode Cutter to use a Bush-era terrorism law to go after a bunch of 
 amateur street fighters for murder. A week later, scorning one of Cutter's prosecution arguments, McCoy growled, ''You're screwed,'' with tart, barely disguised pleasure. And 
in the Nov. 19 episode, Rubirosa pointed out to Cutter that in trying to save guest star Jena Malone from being returned to a group of fundamentalist Mormons who'd impregnated her character at age 16, ''you're doing exactly what Jack told you not to.'' And Cutter just nodded with grim glee.

    What's going on here is a nicely overstated case of oedipal conflict. McCoy sees in Cutter his younger, more impetuous self, while
 Cutter sees an aging father figure he wants to vanquish by proving he's smarter and more daring than the old coot. It makes for some superfine debates over points of law that also carry personal, emotional weight for the protagonists, an approach the Law & Order mothership has rarely taken over the years.

    As for Order's current lawmen, Anthony Anderson's Det. Kevin Bernard and Jeremy Sisto's Det. Cyrus Lupo sport identical beards and similarly dour, dogged approaches to criminal apprehension. Both are good actors, but their characters are kinda dull. Oh, for the days of Chris Noth's hothead Mike Logan and Jerry Orbach's dry wit Lennie Briscoe!

    By contrast, Roache thumbs through law books as though Cutter were searching for a precedent-setting breakthrough every time out. De La Garza is, per the show's distaff tradition, obliged to have Rubirosa scissor her legs around the DA's office. But unlike past office trinkets like Angie Harmon (1998–2001) or Elisabeth Röhm (2001–2005), De La Garza also draws your attention to her sarcastically raised eyebrow when she looks at the clashing McCoy and Cutter as if to say, ''Boys, boys - is that a legal brief in your briefs, or are you just glad to see each other?'' B+
  • CSI is a cutting edge show which uses modern technology to solve crimes.

    I absolutely love this show. It has always been my personal favorite. I love the stories, the lines and most of all the cast. It is hard for me to choose my favorite CSI because I love them all! I've been watching this show since the beginning and it has evolved so much since then into an even greater show. It's going to be so hard for me to find another show to watch after CSI goes off the air. Unfortunately, this show added a new character Riley Adams who I don't like too much. I think they should've kept the team the same and just added Laurence Fishburne. It's going to be so sad when Grissom leaves. I cried when they killed Warrick off and now we're losing Grissom too. Hopefully, William Petersen will make regular guest appearances because it's going to be hard to watch this without him. Anyway, I've always loved this show and I think it will do well in the coming years.
  • A show that substitutes flash for intelligence.

    This show is provides very slick effects and has a beautiful presentation, but the stories are often insultingly ridiculous. The X-Files was more believable. I watched the show about 10 times to give it a fair chance. Here were a few of the story lines:
    - A bounty hunter doesn't want to be viewed as a sissy for killing himself, so he ties balloons to his gun, shoots himself, and the gun floats away.
    - One street drag racer wants another dead, and so while they are racing at 100+ mph speeds, he shoots the other - with a handgun - in the head.
    - Teenagers play a game in which they put an automatic machine gun on a bamboo rod and spin the gun around shooting the entire time while they all stand in the room. This was my favorite because the CSI team can find evidence anywhere, but they can't find fingerprints on a bamboo pole.

    My final opinion is because it was a really good idea, but they try to have three story lines in every show, and each one has to be convoluted, so there's no way to make that work for long. Let alone spawn mutliple spin-offs.
  • I love shows that keep you intrigued the whole time. CSI has done that since 2001. I classify this as a guilty pleasure because CSI not only has great storylines but also the hottest actors such as Eric Szmanda and George Eads.

    I have been a fan of CSI since 2001. It was been and still is the best show. Great graphics, amazing beautiful actors ( Eric Szmanda and George Eads). Just great !!. The only time I was ever disappointed was in season 9 when Warrick was killed off. He was a great attribute to the show. I will miss him. Every show has had a great story along with a great ending leaving me shocked and sometimes breathless. I hope that CSI continues on as being one of the greatest shows of all time. Many credits to all the actors in the show and to the people who created it!!.
  • This show has everything I want in it. Drama, suspense, some casual interoffice politics, and great detective work. I think that everyone should watch this one. I'd love to meet everyone!

    This show has everything I want in it. Drama, suspense, some casual interoffice politics, and great detective work. I think that everyone should watch this one. I'd love to meet everyone! The fact that they have such a diverse and talented cast is just amazing for a TV show. Their seasons just keep getting better and better. For my birthday, all the girls from Novel Adventures took me to the set of CSI and I got to have a little party on one of the sets it was so cool! Anyway, this show is the greatest and everyone should check it out.
  • Awesome!

    When talking bout csi ad especially this las vegas one, words tend to fail me coz this is the utter definition of full optical satisfaction from the leisure of viewing TV. This show has never dissapointed me whatsoever be it a season finale be it a middle of the show episode or just some nondescript episode showing. It is always a blast and fully satisfying.Courtesy of Grissom and his crew, I tend to be cautious of things that I would otherwise brush aside and coz of that I tend to learn things that I would otherwise not know. At the end of the day, this is one of my top shows probably within the first three.
  • My favourite show of all time

    CSI follows Gil Grissom and his fellow CSIs Catherine, Nick, Greg and the new girl Riley as they solve crimes in Las Vegas. The funny Captain Brass and Dr. Robbins and Hodges fill out the rest of the team. CSI has been on for nine seasons and is still going strong. It has cool technology but it also shows that you need to think every little detail through. The charactors are smart and cool. And the show is not all about their personal relationships. The show is always throwing out suprises. The cast seem to work well together and you can see the chemistry between them all. One of the best things about it is that you can always learn something new from it.
  • A double murder and a child gone missing makes for a great episode of CSI.

    In this episode of CSI we can really see Grissom's emotional side as the whole team tries to find Park Band, the boy who went missing after a double murder took place.

    Nick and Hodges scene was just fantastic, you can really tell that even though Hodges doesn't like being out in the field he's damn good at it.

    After the boy is found, there's a startling revalation that I won't ruin for potential people who have yet to see this episode, and Grissom is at the boy's side personally. He does everything to protect the boy and after he makes the ``evil doctor`` go away, there's yet another revalation that is very unexpected.

    This episode is very emotional and very powerful. I recommend CSI fans old or new to watch it.
  • Why spend over 8 years creating one of the best television ship, GSR, to have it torn away from us?

    How did we come to all this? I'm appalled. Not so much at the Lady Heather arc, after all if there hadn't been GSR... In any case GSR exists, am I the only one who heard Grissom propose to Sara, or who saw him so clearly in love with her in that beautiful helicopter scene when Sara was hurt. It feels as if GSR fans have been taken for a ride and not in a right way. I've recently read an article in which the actress who plays Lady Heather was saying that she thought this episode was very moving,... I guess it must be... in an alternative lifestyle world in which crushing devoted fans is the norm. (sorry about the rant, GSRS tonight seriously vent...)
  • CSI : best show out there.

    I started to watch CSI about 2 months ago. All i want for my birthday is all 8 seasons of it :). This show is incredible. It's realistic in its own, creative way, and is a guilty pleasure of mine. If I'm hanging out with my friends, and CSI is gone, I might fib and say I'm tired, I want to go to bed. So I head home, and run to the television as fast as possible. At sometimes, I feel stupid doing it, but then i realize that it's worth the running. Suspense, mystery, and intelligence, packed into a t.v. show. The American Dream, as I think. I can't help to wonder, though, if the t.v. is anything like the real thing? Whatever the matter, CSI is number one on my list, and nothing is bringing it down.
  • WHY???

    Why did they move warrick out of the show, he was a very nice CSI, they way they pulled him out of the show was classic and showing his name in the starring list at the start of the first episode was a HUH.. and on the next episodes they just pull him out of the starring list :S

    Any one saw that coming or know why did they pull him out of the show??

    Anyway the show still rocks for me and i'll not stop watching it anyway. Just hope the crew get over his loss and start to give us more interesting episodes
  • Follows the lives of forensic team in Las Vegas doing the Grave yard shift solving murders among other crimes.

    Set in Las Vegas Were Gil Grissom and his forensic team (Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle and Greg) Work the grave yard shift solving murders in Las Vegas from Casino's to the vast Nevada desert and they learn the only thing you can believe is the evidence. They also work alongside Jim Brass a poilce officer who used to be the boss of the forensic team. Among Solving the cases you will see the forensic team working along side various members of differant police forces such as the FBI and proving Grave Yard shift are better than Day Shift.
  • back on track with fresh blood

    Well, I did like the story with artist serial killer. Very good idea and it seems that storywirters have got some fresh concept for 9th season. I liked the dialogues in this episode, especially between Cath and Riley and Riley with Doc Robbins. This sense of humour brings back memories of first seasons of CSI. I love Cath's brilliant and sharp rapier-thrust.
    As for new characters... well. The shrink - interesting idea, I'm very curious about her storyline. And with her british accent, lovely.But Riley Adams, I'm confused, I was alredy flabbergasted seeing her in credits.The new one between the old crew!? oh c'mon... i rememberd Greg's character how long it took to see him with "the gang"-2 or 3 seasons i think. So, with Riley, it's ok for bringing the new one for Warrick's replacment but U have to deserve the respect of the crew to become one of them.Although i already liked her intelligence and sense of humour.
  • My compliments to the writers. I think writing is key to be #1 show in television. There is a new kid on the block, actually there are two kids on the block. And there is another preparing a departure.

    Keeping my toughs on writing, it's amazing how we are hooked to this show week after week, season after season. Despite how we get attached to the characters, the plots are so well written that it doesn't matter who play them. I'm not quite sure if i will keep saying this when Grissom leaves!
    We have a serial killer, who kills and dumps the bodies in very unique way. As Gil said "It's so weird even for Vegas". The bodies are found in an active positions. It was so hilarious to see Gil giving David hard time because he didn't see the bodies when he first got to the crime scene.
    We are introduced to Riley Adams, Warrick's stand in guy. I have to tell you, she is a very interesting and fun character. She comes with this self confidence, even it's her first day at work, and she is aware of the terms of her position. The cool thing is she did interact, individually, with the whole team. And i did love her scenes with Catherine.
    I did miss Greg a little, he had so little time in this episode. Or at least seemed to me.
    On the other way, we have Dr. Patricia Alwick (played stunningly by Alex Kingston), an expert in grieve. The scene where she handed Greg a kleenex was so heartwarming.
    The way the show is portraying Gil Grissom struggle is the way to tell us, the end of the greatest character on television is so close.
  • CSI finally finds its old self back! 3 cases bring out different emotions from the team.

    So glad to see the comeback of the CSI. The case with Catherine and Nick, I believe, reveals the fact that Catherine and Nick are sort of like being hypnotized by the job, trying to ignore the grief and pain of losing someone close. Grissom's case blows my mind... the victim and the killer's relationship is just a duplicate of him and Sara's. It makes him realizing the consequence of their unhealthy romantic relationship. And the case with Sara of course let her to understand the current status of her relationship with Grissom. All 3 cases carry different messages and in certain level reflect the emotions of the corresponding CSI's. That's what I expect after Warrick's death... That's classic!
  • crime scene crime scene ooh la la

    i have been watching this show with my mom since the dawn of time and i love it..
    even though gersham sometimes gets on my nerve with his broodyness.. and his weird antics i love this show and the way its formulated..
    what i really love is how all of the characters have their own little stories that play out during the course of the show.. i think thats what really makes this show unique.. because its not just a bunch of characters running around solving crimes.. you actually get to really know the characters and all of their struggles they face .. not only at the crime scene but in their personal lives as well.
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