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  • Crime Scene Investigation -- has to be one of the best Crime shows out there. It went through some changes but it's still great and at the top. And I still enjoy it.

    Even though this show lost three of their main characters (and they happened to be my favorites) this show is still great. They still focus on the evidence and the forensics. And now they're starting to show more of the characters lives, which I love. I loved this show when I first started watching it 5 years ago and I still do. The way they explain the stories, the evidence, the forensics -- just everything about this show is still great and it just keeps getting better and better. I'll always be a fan, no matter if more characters leave or what. CSI is just a great, amazing show.
  • Sara Sidle is back

    Actress Jorja Fox's revolving-door relationship with CSI continues to spin, as CBS today announced the news that she'll be back to play the popular character Sara Sidle when the forensics drama returns in the fall. Fox left the show as a regular in 2007, but made a short return (and was last seen) during William Petersen's final episode of the show last season. The viewers and longtime CSI fans will be excited to discover where life has taken Sara Sidle and what brings her back to the CSI team in Las Vegas in the premiere episode.

    Sara will be back for multiple episodes, but Reuters news service gets a little more specific and claims the episode count will be five.
  • Great

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a crime drama TV seires about cases that a group of forensic agents investigate in Las Vegas.

    This show is one hell of a scientific and police series. Is amazing. So cool. I've watched this show for years, and I gotta say that its awesome. The drama in it, all the action you can see, all is great. This series shows all the crime drama that you see in other series, but here you can see the combination of crime and science. Rlly cool series. If you like shows like this, cops looking for crriminals, you'll certainly like this.
  • I love this show because the characters and plot brings excitement and depth to the show.

    I love this show. I have watched it for 7 years now and I have become really attached to the characters. I was really sad when Grissom left but in my opinion Langston gives a more medical depth to the show that is unique to his character. I like him. What I think is the most interesting thing about this show is the many different concepts or situations in a crime scene that they come up with. They always find a way to put more twists in the plot with every episode. I like a show that you can't predict the endings because it is always exciting.
  • such a great show!!!

    i love this show, i have been wathcing it with my mom since i was a baby and rite now im thirteen so i guess i'v wached it my hole life. the charecters rock i think that they did a great job in picking the actors and actresses. greg is reallly hot ! ! ! i love how this show combines charecter love and crime at the same time and i also cant believe were on to seson 10 wow its been sooo long and ther sill going strong!! i hope grissiom and sara come back and get married! !
  • Gil and the rest of the CSI team solve crimes.

    Ever since Sarah and Grissom left, and Warrick died, this show has not been good. I am sorry but Langston is not a good character. Yes he may be a level one and it may be good entertainment to watch him grow, but I am sorry I do not like him. I mean the season finale for this show this season was not good, so what Ray shot someone, it's not like they haven't done that before. I am not even sure if I am going to start watching again, all because they screwed up a good show. After Grissom left I had no reason to really pay attention, and I wouldn't be surprised if the original CSI was coming to an end.
  • The orginial CSI is still good, but slowing going down hill for many reasons; according to many of my friends. All the caractors do is work together, hardly ever do anything else-like sleep. We miss the interaction between Sara and Grisom.

    The new staffer, I guess is good, but we are still missing Sara and Grisom combo/drama. Warkin is missed greatly, but the situation is understandable. Also, I know the new guy is a doctor, but isnt he being left alone way to soon? Can they visit or something? Call and check it, flashbacks or something? The show is supported by the others, but they need the inter drama which they are lacking and the other CSIs are pickup up. New York just had a marriage and a new baby, and Miami has a long awaited friendship turning into more. Is the original saying that all they do is work? They work in daytime, at night; but talk about shifts but they are the ones working day and night.
  • Sad, very sad :(

    I don't like what the show's become at all, it's very different and it misses that little flinch that would keep my interest, let's face it i NEVER fell asleep in front of CSI before, now it seems to have become a pattern... The characters have also changed a lot, before you had to follow the ep one after another because there was history to them, now you could pick one and the last of the season and basically not see a difference... Can't stand Riley and i'm sick of mostly every ep being around Ray... Where are the good ol' eps huh? Like that 200th ep, what the heck seriously?
  • I love CSI, it's always intersting. it's not just the story lines that make it good. it's also the charaters presnnalies.

    CSI shows the inside world of crime sovling. CSI takes place in Las Vegas, I was sad when Sara left, but i'm gald the she dose appaere is so epasdioes. when gil left it did feel the same. gald that he went to sara. i'm also super happy. becasie in a interview with whillam petertsen, he said ther was going to be a CSI Moive. and even before i heard that i have been saying there shouild be a csi moive.

    Sara is one of my favorte charaters, she tough and dosen't let people push her around. it's said what happened to sara as a kid. Sara can be very funny.

    i love how they work as a team. and can't belived they killed warick. after csi maima killed someone i always hoped they didn't kill anyone. i'm gald it wasn't sara.
  • Crime scene investigators have lives too.

    I have watched every single episode since it began, got the first 3 seasons on DVD, just in case I feel like reminicing, I was very dissapointed with Sarah (Jorja Fox)leaving the show, horrified with Warrick (Gary Dourdan)being killed, but, devastated when Grissom (William Petersen)left, a lot of the soul of the show was gone with him, and they knew it would be a hard hit, that's why they got Langston (Laurence Fishburne), but even with someone of his caliber, and all of his following, I don't think they'll be able to overcome it, I have a feeling that they're now nearing the end, I still watch it, but, I don't have the need to clear my schedule every Thrusday.
  • I'm sure we've all been guilty in dulging ourselves in a good episode - but now, it is going a bit down hill...

    CSI is a really good, legitimate show, and highly likeable for almost any TV-viewer.

    Not only are the characters likeable (and unlike, I believe, CSI:Miami & CSI:New York in every aspect of this case), CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas/LV) has a very good plot, intricate cases and is very fun to watch - a really good time-waster when you have enough time on your hands, I'm pretty sure we'll all guilty of having that once and a while - am I right?
    CSI is very enjoyable for almost every TV-viewer, with a hint of mystery, drama & crime in every corner of our favourite characters, plots & episodes.

    CSI:Las Vegas has hosted a good process of things so far, but I do now believe that it is going down hill - now with only two of the original main characters left (Nick Stokes & Catherine Willows - Greg Sanders is not included, as he was added to the main roles later on), and I'm sure we can all agree on that now.
  • when they decide to let grissom go permently i know nobody is going to watch it anymore.

    This is the show I wait for all week. It always keeps me coming back, even after losing some of my favorite cast members, I still gotta tune in when I can. I am still pretty sad about the loss of Warrick and Grissom. But, maybe an occasional visit from Grissom will be enough for now yeah right). Laurence Fishburn has really suprised me with how quickly he fit into the show. I hope Warrick's identical cousin shows up every now and then, we need a bad boy/ very hot guy character and Nick Stokes is a too hope they dont replace all the characters for rubbish ones, but way to straight laced to make the bad boy transition.
  • I loved how the last episode hooked everyone together. Usually I can guess the who did what to who's pretty quick, but I was clueless on this one.

    This is the show I wait for all week. It always keeps me coming back, even after losing some of my favorite cast members, I still gotta tune in when I can. I am still pretty sad about the loss of Warrick and Grissom. But, maybe an occasional visit from Grissom will be enough for now. Laurence Fishburn has really suprised me with how quickly he fit into the show. I hope Warrick's identical cousin shows up every now and then, we need a bad boy/hot guy character and Nick Stokes is a cutie, but way to straight laced to make the bad boy transition.
  • I am giving it a chance...

    When Grissom left,(my son can testify to it) I was SURE I would never watch again, especially since Laurence Fishburne would be joining (so not a fan since his "Ike Turner" role.) I find myself completely surprised at how much I am enjoying it. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching Catherine, Nick and Greg. I was expecting them to put Dr Langston (Fishburne)in Grissoms place, and was delighted that Catherine got the job. Dr Langston is starting out at the bottom, and he is gaining my fandom with each episode. This weeks episode with Taylor Swift was very well put together, and showed Nicks softer side (which I already knew was there.) Plus, it brought back Warrick for a moment when David asked Nick about the fund he was starting for Warricks son. The missing characters are felt, but the new ones are definitely getting my attention.
  • I haven't watched CSI in a while. I got into other stuff. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the episode immensely.

    I haven't watched CSI in a while. I've been watching Supernatural in the same time slot, and I've been leaning away from CSI for a while now despite the fact I used to watch it religiously. I got into other stuff. I saw a note here on TV.com about the new episode, saw the promo for the episode, and figured I'd tune in, no Supernatural this week. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the episode immensely.
    I always liked Nick as and character, and even though I hadn't been watching in a while I felt this episode warranted watching. This episode reminded me of why I used to like CSI so much. I had heard about how Grissom has left, and even I thought it couldn't last. Fishborne is a curious character, different from Grissom yet similar, especially with how he deals with things in curious ways as expressed at the end of the episode.
    This episode had an interesting time lapse basis, and I found the effect was excellent for this episode with the passage of time leading up to the culmination of the episode. I was also surprised with Taylor Swift in this episode, she wasn't bad, could have been, worse, and I guess she got her wish to die on an episode of one of her favorite crime dramas. :) That was on another clip with an interview with Swift about the episode.
    I'll have to tune in to CSI more often now, see where the series if going to go from here.
  • We may all miss Gill but he and Sarah need time...(lol), so hush complaining and enjoy the new character... He is getting the hang of it and has contributed to the show and the team! Nothing stays exactly the same. As Fans we need to let it grow.

    We may all miss Gill but he and Sarah need time...(lol), so hush complaining and enjoy the new character... He is getting the hang of it and has contributed to the show and the team! Nothing stays exactly the same. The concept of the show is still there. Maybe someday they can come back for 1 or 2 shows as guest... on special assignment on a really difficult case. Now we have someone new to speculate about.. to get to know. He brings a new type of team member, with his history and credintials, his intelligence.... how can he miss ???? We also still have all the other team members we like and want to see more of their life and relationships. They each do a great job of holding my interest in the show. Thanks to all for making the series so great!!
  • Show was better when it first started.

    I watched this show from the beginning and still watch it. I miss Gil, Sara, and Brown. They will be sorely missed. My favorite character is Greg, he kind of reminds me of my friend's little brother. Kind of goofy but very smart. I watch it every Thursday Night, and if I miss an episode I tape it. I like Gil's replacement, he seems nice. Least Catherine, Nick, and Greg is still there. I also read the books, but they are not the same as watching the show. I also watch CSI New York and CSI Miami. But those shows are not as good as original.
  • It's never a good sign when 3 key players jump ship.

    I use to count this as one of my favorite shows and it was good enough to produce several (not as good) spin-offs but it's no longer the edgy show it once was. The cases border on ridiculous and it's enough with the gratuitous gore. Of course, we need to see the body but not for shock value. While I wouldn't expect the show to be 100% realistic, the science should be remotely true to life. DNA takes time no matter how much you want it rushed and do they not have other cases that are just as important. That goes for the technology as well. Fingerprint data base does exists but it does not spit out the result instantaneously. Perhaps I'm being too nit-picky but the glaring inaccuracies weren't so apparent even three seasons back. Lawrence Fishburn is an exellent addition to the show and if only Gil had left recently instead of being one of three departures it would be working. Overall, I think the show is watchable but it's lost it's heart. I'm curious to see if it will last one more season.
  • A team of Csi's in Las Vegas prove to be the best at solving crimes every season.

    Csi started as the most innovotive shows on TV but by creating a rivalry in its own franchise has started to go sour. With Sara going then Warrick following her out the door it just seems as though the foundations are being ripped out.

    Gil leaving also would prove to be the final nail in the coffin but hopefully Fishburne can rescue the show as it seems the new CSI's cant take the places of the old ones, one thing is for sure is that this series does not repeat it self, unlike the others. it keeps original which is always a good thing for the writers
  • An Instant classic

    I must say I was deeply intrigued by the opening sequence of the girl running screaming for help from the house with blood all over her nightgown. The showing of each body has been shown wonderfully. The distress of Grissome was very good on seeing the dead bodies of the teenage boys. The events that led to the murders are not fully digestible but I must say anybody in the situation of the teenage daughter will contemplate murder though it is not the actual solution. Dakota Fanning as usual is wonderful and your heart goes out to her. All the regular cast members has done their work wonderfully. Full hats to the team for bringing together a wonderful episode.
  • A someone pretending to be something pretending to be someone. Nothing is as it seems, and things unwind in all sorts of interesting twists.

    Disarmed and Dangerous is an example of CSI heading in some new directions with the transition from Grisson to Dr. Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne's character). This episode provided many opportunities for the regular as well as guest cast to come across in some raw, gritty moments, and display some sudden plot shifts that left you guessing and psychologically messed-with.

    Our episode begins when a well dressed man visits a slimy gas station restroom. We're not exactly sure what's going on at first, as he looks around at the filth, reads a somewhat lewd piece of graffiti on a stall wall, writes it down on a notepad. We then see that he is simply there to relieve himself. Suddenly and without warning, he is savagely attacked by a mostly unseen but clearly overpowering assialiant. We pick up on the degree of the brutality of the attack mostly from off camera screams and blood curling flesh ripping and bone cracking sounds as he is savagely being beaten to a pulp.

    When the CSI crew comes on scene, we learn of the savagery of the attack when they find the victims arm lying across the room. "It's been disarticulated, not hacked off" Catherine comments. "That takes a lot of rage." We find out that he is one of three FBI agents who have been working undercover in the area. Was this a hit from the bad guys that they had been investigating? No one can say for sure. One of the FBI agents maintains a greater detachment from the murder of his colleague, while the female agent is on edge and short, clearly shaken by the turn of events. Answers must be found and the perp brought to justice, and it's clearly eating at her. In the course of this episode, we are taken on a journey that involves a trip to a steroid and testosterone soaked ultimate cage fighting event to apprehend a murder suspect, a very public, shocking accidental suicide, and more plot twists than knots in your grandmothers knitting circle.

    The real wowzer comes when it is revealed that the FBI agents were not agents at all, but came from a very different background. They were posing as FBI agents and, in their eyes, doing the good work that the real FBI would have been doing. Tragically, they have their downfall one by one, starting with the man in the restroom at the opening of the episode. Next, the female "agent" turns up dead; it turns out that she was a hooker, posing as an FBI agent, killed on the street while posing as a hooker. The last "agent" turned out to be a psycatriac patient living in a halfway house. Brass finds him at the halfway house, where he secretively reveals that he is an FBI agent working "undercover" posing as a psycatriac patient in a halfway house. The surprise with which the show's writers pulled this off was commendable. Not to be outdone, just when we think that everything has been a setup and the "imaginary" FBI operation that the unlikely group of castaways put together was a figment of their imagination, we are treated to a DBSA (drive by shooting attempt) outside the group home, with the "FBI" guy as the intended target. The attempt failed, the FBI guy/psycatriac patient wasn't hit, thanks to Brass's street wise, lightning quick reflexes (thank you for the "GUN!" trope, used quite well here). The bad guys were real all this time, and ironically the motely crew of pretending FBI agents helped lead to the capture of the leader of a human trafficking ring. In conclusion, this episode did a number of things differently, but did so in a way that still drew upon the hallmarks of CSI, which are misdirection, follow the evidence, surprises and reveals, and a rare look at the grittier side that the cast, and especially in this episode, the guest stars, can bring out. High marks.
  • I Miss Grissom & Sara

    I enjoy all of the CSI Series. I think a mistake has been made by losing not only Warrick, then Sara, but know GRISSOM? I have a difficult time watching this now. It was William Petersen that sparked my interest in a fledgling show about crime scene investigator so many years ago. Is there not room for all of these characters to come back .. except Warrick, of course, unless TV can raise the dead. The addition of Laurence Fishburne is wonderful. His character is well matched to the others, but I fear the parting of Grissom overshadows his arrival.
  • I don't know...

    I don't know how well I like having Dr. Langston be on the show, especially to replace Gil Grissom. I know the actor who plays Gil will be behind the camera more, but still... I mean, having Gil leave the show has its advantages and disadvantages...

    I really don't know if I like Dr. Langston or not; he seems okay in the role that he's now playing, but he's not Gil. Nothing or no one can replace Gil, only the position he was working in. I just hope that there will still be some good story lines for the show, or the show is going to go downhill fairly quickly...
  • iLove!

    I love shows like this, and CSI is exactly why! Ive always been interested in forensic type things so CSI is perfect for me, and it never disappoints me. I love all the characters, and you cant help but feel a bond for them and a truely sad when one exits the show! I love the one liners aswell like 'concentrate on what cannot lie, the evidence' which was said by Grissom in season 1! The show gets better every season and it seems hard to do with the previous seasons WOW factor but it does! An awesome show by any standards!
  • I lost the last 12 min's of the show on 1-15-09 and did not see the ending.

    I would of gave it a 10 but I didn't get the last 12 min's of it and beleave we should all get to watch the whole thing again. Everyone I have talked to about it said they lost the last 12 min's of it to. Thank You, Lisa Wiley
  • When Gil Grissom says goodbye

    I had seen the last episode today of Gil Grissom and I am happy to say it was awesome. The ending with Sara and him just made me happy. (tear...just joking) Not really into the new CSI coming but i happy Gil Grissom left well....so VERY HAPPY!!!

    Interesting case, interesting villain, and interesting crazy guy that almost actually reminded me of Hannibal which is sad but funny at the same time. I was actually expecting the DJK dude to say "Hello Clarice" just for the hell of it. He was crazier than Hannibal, as least Dr. Lector only killed the rude.

    Back to the point...this is the must watched episode and for you that have not seen you BETTER!!! Some parts of it is boring but others awesome. My mom was even interested and that is really a first.

    Me happy!!!!
  • Lady Heather rocks.

    Grissom and Lady Heather have so much chemistry. Sara is great but Lady Heather is his true soulmate. She's as complicated and damaged as him. And smart. She challenges him in ways Sara can't. This episode was not typical, which was cool. Loved Brass' lines and the S&M stuph. A little bit confusing about the serial killer thing. They should have done a better job or put a "to be continued" after it. But the epi was better than most. The music was fantastic, too. Lady Heather should have her own crime fighting show now. Or she can join the cast of SVU, if the networks would share. Cuz she should not go away just cuz Grissom is gone. Or she comes back to hang with CSI later but without Grissom it would be strange.
  • CSI is a great show, even more interesting is how they solve those crimes.

    CSI is probably one of the most interesting shows I've ever seen. CSI keeps you glued to your seat for the whole episode, but the only problem I have with it is I can't sit and watch more than one episode at a time like I can The Simpsons or Family Guy. But don't get me wrong this is an awesome show with some action and mystery to always keep you thinking. Watching this show kind of makes me want to be a forensics scientist. I can easily see why this is one of the most popular shows, but I do have one more minor knock on it, it solves crimes unrealisticaly and CSI doesn't do what cops or forensics scientists would do which can cause some animosity between CSI and real life cops and forensics scientists. All in all I highly recommend watching CSI, it is a great show and will keep you glued to your seat.
  • The Las Vegas Crime Lab counts Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, Riley Adams and Captain Jim Brass. The 8th season shocked me,as Sara said departed and Warrick was murdered.

    CSI has been an okay show since season seven, then in season eight, Sara said goodbye to her team and Warrick was murdered. The show has done great episodes, but now, all they seem to be doing is routine investigations while Warrick's murderer is still on the loose, and Gil and Sara's relationship that never seems to move on. I was shocked to hear that the main character of the show, Gil Grissom (William Peterson) has left the team and given it over to Raymond Langston (Laurence Fishburne). It's going downhill, so unless Gil and Sara marry and Warrick's murderer is caught, I'm not going to show interest in the show anymore.
  • its ok... but

    its ok... but i have to say that its not as good as NCIS as it has many different qualities. This is original CSI and this is the best of all of the CSI, but i have to say that this one is better as this is the first CSI to come out and the other just seem like copies of the original. SO i must admit that this is all i have to say for it and that if you don't like NCIS because it seems too odd, then this is for you as this is much more into the investigating without heaps of odd and funny jokes!
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