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  • Why spend over 8 years creating one of the best television ship, GSR, to have it torn away from us?

    How did we come to all this? I'm appalled. Not so much at the Lady Heather arc, after all if there hadn't been GSR... In any case GSR exists, am I the only one who heard Grissom propose to Sara, or who saw him so clearly in love with her in that beautiful helicopter scene when Sara was hurt. It feels as if GSR fans have been taken for a ride and not in a right way. I've recently read an article in which the actress who plays Lady Heather was saying that she thought this episode was very moving,... I guess it must be... in an alternative lifestyle world in which crushing devoted fans is the norm. (sorry about the rant, GSRS tonight seriously vent...)
  • CSI : best show out there.

    I started to watch CSI about 2 months ago. All i want for my birthday is all 8 seasons of it :). This show is incredible. It's realistic in its own, creative way, and is a guilty pleasure of mine. If I'm hanging out with my friends, and CSI is gone, I might fib and say I'm tired, I want to go to bed. So I head home, and run to the television as fast as possible. At sometimes, I feel stupid doing it, but then i realize that it's worth the running. Suspense, mystery, and intelligence, packed into a t.v. show. The American Dream, as I think. I can't help to wonder, though, if the t.v. is anything like the real thing? Whatever the matter, CSI is number one on my list, and nothing is bringing it down.
  • WHY???

    Why did they move warrick out of the show, he was a very nice CSI, they way they pulled him out of the show was classic and showing his name in the starring list at the start of the first episode was a HUH.. and on the next episodes they just pull him out of the starring list :S

    Any one saw that coming or know why did they pull him out of the show??

    Anyway the show still rocks for me and i'll not stop watching it anyway. Just hope the crew get over his loss and start to give us more interesting episodes
  • Follows the lives of forensic team in Las Vegas doing the Grave yard shift solving murders among other crimes.

    Set in Las Vegas Were Gil Grissom and his forensic team (Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle and Greg) Work the grave yard shift solving murders in Las Vegas from Casino's to the vast Nevada desert and they learn the only thing you can believe is the evidence. They also work alongside Jim Brass a poilce officer who used to be the boss of the forensic team. Among Solving the cases you will see the forensic team working along side various members of differant police forces such as the FBI and proving Grave Yard shift are better than Day Shift.
  • back on track with fresh blood

    Well, I did like the story with artist serial killer. Very good idea and it seems that storywirters have got some fresh concept for 9th season. I liked the dialogues in this episode, especially between Cath and Riley and Riley with Doc Robbins. This sense of humour brings back memories of first seasons of CSI. I love Cath's brilliant and sharp rapier-thrust.
    As for new characters... well. The shrink - interesting idea, I'm very curious about her storyline. And with her british accent, lovely.But Riley Adams, I'm confused, I was alredy flabbergasted seeing her in credits.The new one between the old crew!? oh c'mon... i rememberd Greg's character how long it took to see him with "the gang"-2 or 3 seasons i think. So, with Riley, it's ok for bringing the new one for Warrick's replacment but U have to deserve the respect of the crew to become one of them.Although i already liked her intelligence and sense of humour.
  • My compliments to the writers. I think writing is key to be #1 show in television. There is a new kid on the block, actually there are two kids on the block. And there is another preparing a departure.

    Keeping my toughs on writing, it's amazing how we are hooked to this show week after week, season after season. Despite how we get attached to the characters, the plots are so well written that it doesn't matter who play them. I'm not quite sure if i will keep saying this when Grissom leaves!
    We have a serial killer, who kills and dumps the bodies in very unique way. As Gil said "It's so weird even for Vegas". The bodies are found in an active positions. It was so hilarious to see Gil giving David hard time because he didn't see the bodies when he first got to the crime scene.
    We are introduced to Riley Adams, Warrick's stand in guy. I have to tell you, she is a very interesting and fun character. She comes with this self confidence, even it's her first day at work, and she is aware of the terms of her position. The cool thing is she did interact, individually, with the whole team. And i did love her scenes with Catherine.
    I did miss Greg a little, he had so little time in this episode. Or at least seemed to me.
    On the other way, we have Dr. Patricia Alwick (played stunningly by Alex Kingston), an expert in grieve. The scene where she handed Greg a kleenex was so heartwarming.
    The way the show is portraying Gil Grissom struggle is the way to tell us, the end of the greatest character on television is so close.
  • CSI finally finds its old self back! 3 cases bring out different emotions from the team.

    So glad to see the comeback of the CSI. The case with Catherine and Nick, I believe, reveals the fact that Catherine and Nick are sort of like being hypnotized by the job, trying to ignore the grief and pain of losing someone close. Grissom's case blows my mind... the victim and the killer's relationship is just a duplicate of him and Sara's. It makes him realizing the consequence of their unhealthy romantic relationship. And the case with Sara of course let her to understand the current status of her relationship with Grissom. All 3 cases carry different messages and in certain level reflect the emotions of the corresponding CSI's. That's what I expect after Warrick's death... That's classic!
  • crime scene crime scene ooh la la

    i have been watching this show with my mom since the dawn of time and i love it..
    even though gersham sometimes gets on my nerve with his broodyness.. and his weird antics i love this show and the way its formulated..
    what i really love is how all of the characters have their own little stories that play out during the course of the show.. i think thats what really makes this show unique.. because its not just a bunch of characters running around solving crimes.. you actually get to really know the characters and all of their struggles they face .. not only at the crime scene but in their personal lives as well.
  • heart wrenching episode.

    normally i watch Greys Anatomy and TIVO CSI, but because Warrick was leaving, i had to tune in. What a GREAT episode, great acting. i'm not a fan of Sara, but was glad to see her come back, she's definitely in love with Grisson :) Cant wait to see what Laurence Fishburne adds to the show. i hope they follow thru with the trial phase of this storyline. The acting was phenomenal, especially Marg helgenberger and William Peterson. I wish Gary Dourdan the very best in the future, as he is a terrific actor. and i might add... William Peterson PLEASE DONT LEAVE!
  • Cult, Murder, Suicide.

    I agree with most of the posts on this episode, from the Wife of Warrick, and Nick's hesitation being underground....but the best line of that show, which noone mentioned, was Grissom's line at the end.......gave me chills...so true....

    Abigail: You don't believe we're alone in the universe?
    Grissom: Abigail, I'm sure if there is something out there looking down on us from somewhere else in the universe...they're wise enough to stay away from us.

    Wow....nice ending. Why cant these be under 100 words?? Don't we all love the short and sweet reviews that get right to the point? I most definitely do.
  • Heartbreaking!

    Well worth the wait! I was surprised how quickly Warrick was out of the show - I thought his character would be fighting for his life in hospital. Short and sweet was his ending. I thought the grief of the team could have been expressed more but not enough time to fit everything in one episode. I'm sure we'll see more of this in the next few weeks. This episode really explored the depth of feeling Grissom had for Warrick and also for the rest of his team - his "family". Nice to see Sara back -the Sara/Grissom dynamic was always exciting and unpredictable. All in all a very tender, sad, painful and emotional episode that will certainly rate as one of my favourites. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • A show that is interesting. It keeps you wondering and trying to figure out what happened and why the whole way through, plus character interaction and back stories get more envolved each season.

    Always been a favorite. Anxious to see hat Season 9 holds in store. Bringing Sara Sidle back can only be a good thing, but at the expense of Warrick Brown? I'm wondering how the team will be without him, being an important character. Then again I said that last year when we lost Sara. It turned out to be a great season and I really enjoyed it. I think the cast, the team, will pull together and it will be the best season ever. I am sorry and sad to see Gary Dourdin go. I am, however, very excited to the coveted Season Premier.
  • This used to be my all time favorite show. GSR changed all that.

    I am seriously considering not watching this show anymore. The whole GSR stuff ruined the show for me. I was very happy when Sara left, but then to end the season in such a way left a very bad taste in my mouth. Why mess with such a perfect show? My advice, for what it's worth, forget the soap opera moments and get back to solving crimes and all will be wonderful again. I loved the camaraderie but I hate the mushy stuff. I'm no prude by any means, hey Lady Heather was a favorite character of mine. I found it difficult to believe Grissom would put his career in jeopardy like that. He would have, should have had Sara transfered to another team so that he would not be her boss as well as lover. I could never understand what he saw in her anyway. She never seemed like his type. I think TPTB bowed to pressure from a minority of fans who wanted GSR. The 2 never had any real chemistry on screen, not like he did with Lady Heather or Teri Miller. It's only my opinion, but I think CSI jumped the shark with the whole GSR stuff. Also it now looks like William Petersen may be leaving the show, so for me there is little reason to continue watching. I will give it a chance, it has been a top 10 show for me since it's first season and I would miss it, but only time will tell if I will stay the whole season.
  • i love it period.

    i love csi.each season is great.its kind of sad though how some episodes are based on real events.jorja fox plays her role extremelly well.so do others but i love her.hurray for season 9.i dont care if "sara sidle" is there for one episode atleast she came back.
    if you go on youtube and search interviews for some of the cast members you'll understand better why in time "sara" had to leave at one point or another.
    i also saw some season 9 promos they seem pretty good.totally ca't wait till thursday,october 9th.8 full seasons of csi plus other versions says alot bout the creators of csi.they are truelly appreciated.
  • I can never get enough of this show! The cast is perfect together and Grissom could never be replaced!

    This show is in the hearts of the world. There is not a person who can say they do not know what CSI is and what it is all about. We use CSI in our daily lives.....like parenting! :) Tell your kids you are CSI and know what they are doing or will find out! I am very impressed with the cast members of this show over the other CSI's. The others have great attributes but this "one and only" comes in a whole package. I paricularly like the episode that combines Las Vegas and Miami. It was very interesting! I believe if they replace Grissom, like they keep talking about, the number of viewers will stop watching. I have seen every episode and absolutely love this show.
  • This will be so wrong if you take the grissom away

    I have watched csi since the start and with all the changes i don't feel the show will last. After sarah and then worrick and now you want to take away grissom this show is sure to bomb. Why would you want to change a good thing this show was great as it was. Now you are making it like the rest and it sucks. Why can't anyone leave good things alone.I will watch till grissom is gone and worricks killer is caught then i will nolonger watch. You took my best show away and it won't be the same. i'm sorry it came to this
  • a good show to watch.

    i dont watch a lot of csi because there are a lot of spin offs and to much to keep up with- every now and again i watch an episode though and it is good to see how they track down the killer. i remember one where the crew found a body in the sewers of a nice neighbourhood and the raided another house to find loads of guns and bombs. the actors do a good job and the murderers arent always the obvious ones- which is what i like. i must admit though im not a die hard fan and can take or leave it
  • Brillant

    oh my god i think i may actually cry what are we going to do without warrick? And with sara gone the team is getting smaller and smaller will the show actually be any good ??? this program would defiantely not be the same without grissom so if he leaves then i may not be able to watch it anymore. csi is not csi without this team. Is warrick definately dead?? and are sara and grissom actually going to get married or not? i really cant wait no longer for the next season my heart broke seeing warrick get shot at the end of the last season :(
  • a great story!

    The show follows the cases of the Crime Scene Investigation division of the Las Vegas Police Department, usually referred to by officers as the "Las Vegas Crime Lab". Anthony E. Zuiker chose to set the series in Las Vegas because-as mentioned in the pilot -that city's crime lab is the second most active in the United States, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation lab in Quantico, Virginia.[12] The division solves crimes almost entirely through forensics evidence, which may or may not come to conclusion of a murder or accidental death. The bizarre conclusions of these cases often force one to question morals, beliefs and human nature in general.
  • One of the greatest investigator shows

    CSI is one of the best investigator shows and it's alot of superior from the spin-offs.It's especially better because of the relationship between Sidle and Grissom,but i think the ratings are going to go down a little because almost all the original regulars are departuringbut it will alllways be popular with or without all the regulars.And Catherine,Nick and Brass are regulars and they'r still on CSI,at least they'r still here.And now a new superior who is still unknown will take over after Grissom and Lauren Lee Smith,Liz Vassey and David Berman are also joining the regulars. So i hope you enjoy CSI.
  • CSI? hmmm

    well me growing up i always wanted to watch disney channel and Nick but as i grew up and watched it more and a s i grew and matured i started to understabd and get it and liked it more but as a kid i thought it was just blah blah blah! lmao but i like it now im not crazy about it but i like it more than Law and Order or any other drama show on television im not a big drama television fan put it that way but yea over the years it has grown on me thats all i have to say for now
  • I love this show! I have the first 6 seasons on DVD and going to get all of them!!

    I wish they would keep all the charaters. Like Sara and warrick. What are they thinking taking Warrick off???? I love my CSI guys! LOL. I have watched this show since the begining and will continue as long as its on and i am able. I have missed a few episodes but i find them on the net and watch them! I dont know what i would do on thursday nights if it ends! I got my ex boyfriend, his 2 kids, and almost all his friends hooked on this show! I think if i had to pick a new profession i would choose this field!
  • The first of the three CSI's, and for a long time my favorite CSI series.

    I've watched this show from the beginning, and fell in love with it right away. I still haven't lost that feeling. This series is in one word just FABULOUS. All the characters are great and I love how they are all so well written and so well played by the actors. They do an amazing job. The storyline of this show episodes' always manage to catch my attention, because I find them all interesting. It is a big part of why I want to watch each episode, and most episodes multiple times. I think that almost all the cases are well written, so great job to the writers of this show. This used to be my favorite CSI out of the three of them, but for some reason not anymore. Now it CSI NY for me, why I don't know. What I do know is that I still love this show and want to watch each episode. Here's to many more seasons!
  • CSI, The Thursday Night Shark Jump

    I am sorry to say that my love affair with CSI has ended. With Sara, Warrick, and now Gil, leaving the show, it has lost its appeal to me. It began with the cockamamie storyline concerning Sara and Gil, but then both parties leaving the show, leaving their fans hanging. *sigh*

    They had a good run, but the end is in sight.

    I like Nick and Catherine, but I don't think that they will be enough to keep the show going. It just won't be the same without Grissom pulling the strings and tying it all together in the end.

    Goodbye, CSI, I shall miss you. But at least I have the DVD's!!
  • A truly catching program.

    I say this with every ounce of respect, this is the greatest investigation program on the air! This is actually my favorite show, and William Peterson, or Grissom, is my favorite actor. This show captures you and it keeps you interested in it throughout all of the episodes. I would say that if you get the opportunity to watch it, you should, and you would probably find yourself slowly being pulled in and becoming addicted to it.

    The episodes also portray very great knowledge when it comes to science and forensics, I have written many stories where I have been able to make believable murder mysteries because of what I learned by watching this.

    Of course I don't say this is a good substitute for education, I just believe it's a great show to watch and you can learn from it. It is also fun and intriguing, don't pass up the chance to see this!
  • CSI is a great show that can teach you alot of things that you can learn.

    I love CSI. I can't wait till Jorja Fox comes back.It has great music. The characters all get along and work together to solve a case. Man I get freaked out when I see someones body cut open. Its nasty. I can't wait till season 9 premires. That will be great cause you will find out what happens. I will miss Warrick. The under sheriff is so stupid. I hope they catch him and put him away forever. I heard Sara will be there when she hears the news. I can't wait to see her.Everyone will be happy to see her too.
  • You will love following the investigation for every episode.

    this show is amazing. i recommend everyone to watch it. Every episode is so real and you sit there asking yourself do people really die this way or do these crazy things? The show keeps you until the end to see the truth about how the person really died. The main characters have such chemistery together that they are like really close friends. But one thing im embarrassed to say is that i cant watch this in the dark because its too creepy sometime, i have to have the lights on. This show is amazing and has the coolest adventure that it takes you on to solve the investigation.
  • TV with style.

    CSI is not only a great show, it's storyline about a world of murder, adultery, assault and other crimes really grab you. overtime you experience crime scenes and learn medical facts from killers or victim's deaths that are really fascinating, some of them I've never even heard of before:

    for instance, in one of the episodes a girl who was raped helped the CSI people track down the man who assaulted her, but surprisingly when they did a test for evidence, he was proved innocent. However the girl was then murdered later on and they found evidence that it was the same man that the girl accused of raping her, and they found out that he was also the same person that raped her and couldn't have found that out before because he had a rare condition called Kimera, a disease from birth that caused the man to have two sets of DNA.

    Or another disease thats genetic, that causes people to grow more body hair than a normal person so they look almost like werewolves or other furry animals; if you look at them, it's rather creepy and almost makes you cringe, and yet its really sad at the same time (at least for the people who have such a disease), especially if you've never heard of the condition before. You just become drawn to the whole concept and story of the show, the theme, just everything that's to do with CSI. it may be a show about crime, but the show is not a story of black and white, goods guys winning against bad guys, the characters in the show are imperfect like normal human beings, and sometimes they don't end up capturing victims without making their own mistakes with the crime scene, or worse, they don't even succeed in solving the case; and sometimes even the killers or assaulter's are complex people. which is sad, but realistic at the same time!

    these eight major characters; six CSI investigators a cop and a doctor solve murder mysteries, and are hunting down criminals every day; but these people also have personalities and backgrounds of their own, and overtime you just become attached to them, no matter what character they are. However, (or at least according to all the episodes I've seen,) they don't really develop, as characters, nothing really changes in them (or at least so far), for instance: Grissom has always been a rather reserved isolated man who's almost never good with people, (except maybe once in awhile he socializes, or at least tries to) throughout the series, his only life is CSI, and even now, he's still somewhat the same distant unsocial person. and yet; at times, it is strongly hinted in the series that he has feelings for Sara; who is somewhat a lot like him.

    friendships are once in awhile hinted in the show but hardly relationships, except maybe for Warrick who is married, and Katherine, who did go out with a guy, who is hardly well known, for some time in the show, until he cheats on her. But other than that, both are almost never apart of the show.

    Overall though, I don't think there's any other crime show that I could like better!

    If you are in to crime and mystery, than you will probably like CSI!
  • CSI is getting old. It's losing it's edge.

    Thank goodness Sara is finally gone! The producers (or whoever is in charge) should be ashamed of themselves for "uglying" her up as bad as they did the last few seasons she was on. Sara started to get moody, surly and obnoxious. It was time for her to go. And I'm sorry, but "ICK" for putting her together with Grissom. He should have been with Lady Heather! She's more his type. This past season on CSI the writing wasn't as good as it has been. Although the "Miniature Killer" shows were pretty good. I feel that CSI is trying too hard to regain their edge from the first couple of seasons by bringing in younger/prettier cast members. I'll watch one more season before calling it quits. I hope they don't "jump the shark".
  • Has style *and* substance.

    Balancing technical jargon, multiple cases, and eight leads effortlessly is makes CSI one of the slickest shows on TV. Perhaps the greatest strength of the show is it's ability to give character information on the fly. Actions define who a person is and we learn about the characters as they work cases. So, there are no special dramatic episodes of CSI where the cases take a back seat to the character's issue of the week. Through it all, the victims are never forgotten, the deceased or injured are shown in flashbacks or in subdued interviews. This is not true of all cop or investigation shows where the villain is more important than the victim. The show's shadowing and glitzy mix of color distinguish it from other shows and the editing keeps the shows exciting even when something is being dusted. William L. Petersen and Marg Helgenberger head the strong cast with Petersen the scientist with a heart and Helgenberger the heart with science. The two compliment each other very well and both exude a sex appeal that adds dimension. Who doesn't like the boyish, but determined George Eads, the geektastic Overall this is a technically superior show with an underrated blitz of humanity.

    P.S. I don't believe that there is a better opening credit sequence for a current show. Images of the tools and methods to the CSI's madness with The Who's "Who Are You?" in the foreground. Classic.
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