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  • Has style *and* substance.

    Balancing technical jargon, multiple cases, and eight leads effortlessly is makes CSI one of the slickest shows on TV. Perhaps the greatest strength of the show is it's ability to give character information on the fly. Actions define who a person is and we learn about the characters as they work cases. So, there are no special dramatic episodes of CSI where the cases take a back seat to the character's issue of the week. Through it all, the victims are never forgotten, the deceased or injured are shown in flashbacks or in subdued interviews. This is not true of all cop or investigation shows where the villain is more important than the victim. The show's shadowing and glitzy mix of color distinguish it from other shows and the editing keeps the shows exciting even when something is being dusted. William L. Petersen and Marg Helgenberger head the strong cast with Petersen the scientist with a heart and Helgenberger the heart with science. The two compliment each other very well and both exude a sex appeal that adds dimension. Who doesn't like the boyish, but determined George Eads, the geektastic Overall this is a technically superior show with an underrated blitz of humanity.

    P.S. I don't believe that there is a better opening credit sequence for a current show. Images of the tools and methods to the CSI's madness with The Who's "Who Are You?" in the foreground. Classic.
  • It was very good for a long time until they started cutting off people. Hopefully without some it will improve.

    It is a good thought-provoking show and will keep you guessing until the end of the episode. Gil Grissom is definitely the most interestting character on this show. without me, no show. But the other characters certainly add to the show. When they dig into a character's life though the show goes downhill fast. They should stay on track and think of new crimes instead of the charater's life. If you are lazy and don't think about shows, well you can be entertained by the lights of the T.V because this is a good thought-proking show that you can think about. As for me the best parts of the show are when there are serial killers.
  • Sadly, I've already had a funeral for my once-favorite show...

    A very dedicated GSR fan, I quit the show the moment that Sara left. Since then, I've only caught snippets and summaries of the show - just in case Sara might return - and have decided that after the close save last year after the deteriorating episodes the year before that, CSI has defininately taken a very sharp turn for the worse. I understand that real life intrudes upon fantasy - I am, of course, referring to Warick's departure - but it truely seems that after Jorja Fox left, a string was cut loose and now everything is falling apart. This is very depressing for me because I loved the show but...we'll always have the reruns!
  • Too many spin-offs? Respect the original

    I actually started out with CSI:Miami and only really got into CSI begrudgingly as it is often shown before Miami on British TV (CSI Sundays on Five:US – god how I miss university!). But after watching a few shows, I soon discovered it was a great show. I've since gone off Miami (too cheesy and not enough about the crimes) but have become a huge fan of the Vegas show.

    One of the many things I love about the show is how you can dip in and out of it; I find shows which blatantly attempt to hook me every week tiresome sometimes so it's great to have a show you can trust to just do its job of entertaining you for 40-odd minutes. Its formula is, yes highly unoriginal, but it never feels too generic or stale. That being said, I don't watch the two spin-offs so perhaps if I watched them all I might feel a little differently. It's great when they add those little cliffhangers every now and then because, as I said before they don't do it very often so it means they never overdo it. The Grave Danger two-parter, for example, was absolutely fantastic and really had me on the edge of my seat wondering if Nick would survive. And I actually had to not watch "Living Doll" when it first aired because I couldn't bear to see Sara maybe-dead-maybe-not until I could watch "Dead Doll" right afterwards and know for sure! For a show I watch mainly for the "who-dun-it" storylines it has done a great job of also making me care hugely for the characters. I also think it's a great credit to the show how they've been able to keep the same characters for so long; ok so we've recently lost Sara and now Warrick – I think after 8 seasons that's pretty acceptable. I think as long as the show doesn't lose Grissom it will continue to stay strong; because he is of course an absolute legend.

    I really do hope it continues to stay fresh; as long as the writers can continue to create great new storylines this shouldn't be too hard. My only hope is that when it does finally end it will go out on top and in style – so perhaps two more seasons if that, more would be pushing it. Finally, CSI is a great, well-written show; it's fast-paced and formulaic (which isn't a bad thing). It never tries to waver too far from its roots as just a "who-dun-it" based show – as long as it stays that way I will be happy. I love the stories, I love the characters - I've said it before but I'll say it again - Grissom is a legend and finally….finally….the theme tune is AWESOME! (Respect The Who)
  • CSI is my favorite TV-show. Best Crime-Drama show.

    CSI is for sure one of my favorite TV shows. It has everything and it truly does get better every season. The cast has amazing chemistry and they play the characters so well. Every episode is writen very well and have amazing plots and twists. And if you like Science, then you learn new stuff about Science and it's really interesting, too. CSI is for sure a TV show that could last a while and plus, it's a show that I won't stop watching. If you haven't seen CSI; then you should. You will get hooked and it's just that's good. Long live CSI.
  • Crime Scene Investigation... another show like many, but definitely more interesting.

    Crime Scene Investigations, whose ninth season, yes... NINTH SEASON will start in late 2008 is basically a show about a few forensic scientists in Las Vegas. The basic premise is pretty much the same for CSI:NY and CSI:MIAMI. The scientists uncover evidence in all manner of cool and techy ways and solve the crime and save the day. And before you start judging the show without watching it first, I'll have you know that it doesn't get repetitive in the least... all episodes are unique and engaging to the end, and seriously, you can't hope for anything better than this. . .
  • Greg Sanders and his new BOOK!?

    Its so cool he is writing a book!But you know if it is mentiond quite a few times........then I have learned that maybe there will be a story behind it??Idk...but also havent we learned that if you deal with the mob you might get a little something in return.?I hope he doesnt DIE OF COURSE!!!!!!WOW how terrible that would be!Anyways! ummmm but you think we might see some hot "Greggo" action?Warricks death might entise him to make a move....(hopefully no fireing action will occur)...but you never know with CSI: I mean was any body predicting Warricks death?I think NOT!Well maybe you were but you just must be phycic or something?Anyways I hope some action happens with our very own little "Greggo"
  • This show provides a look into the lives of a group of Crime Scene Investigators working for the LV PD. We see them investigate a range of different crimes ranging from robbery to murder. We also get to see the effects the case has on the team members.

    In my opinion this is the best show out of the 3 CSIs. I enjoy ost aspects of this show. The characters are really interesting and I love the story lines and the special effects. Another one of my favourite aspects is that that they show you a little bit of the science that goes on at the lab and a little bit of the field work as well as a bit of the police work.
    This show has changed a lot since it's first season. The first season was a lot less high tech. In the currect seasont their equipement and labs are really high tech. Although these conditions are probably not realistic in a real crime lab it makes the show more interesting in the end.
    Another reason why I like this show is that I like trying to figure out the crime as the characters do. As they find more information it is fun to try and piece it together at home and see if you are right!
  • Great, but beaten by its siblings.

    I love CSI, but I've completely gone off it since the start of this season and CSI:MIAMI and CSI:NY have upstaged it by far. For example, CSI:NY has built up two fantastic and on-the-edge-of-your-seat storylines in a single season - all the while CSI has just been relatively boring! It's a disappointment to a fan, but I rated it as "Mildly Interesting" because it used to be brilliant. I very nearly stopped watching it when all that love stuff was going on between Grissom and Sarah as it was very boring and it got rid of all of the action that CSI once had. Don't stop watching the show, and I'm not one of those people who think that it should have ended seasons ago, but it's become worse during the course of this season.
  • I got shot by the Undersheriff...

    Man this is why CSI is such a GREAT show!

    So we knew Warrick was leaving... we knew that Undersheriff McKeen was a son of a gun... But we did NOT know he was crooked... Did we?

    I have really like the Lou Gedda story arc... the writers took their time and developed a story that we cared about... they made us hate him... In the end they made us almost want Warrick to be guilty so we could congratulate him... That is GREAT story telling!

    So Gil and the team uncover the truth, that Warrick was framed, and they all go for breakfast and as everyone is leaving I am having that sinking feeling I had during the final episode of the Sopranos...

    Warrick gets in his car and I'm sure it's going to explode... Then the Undersheriff shows up and I'm like Oh, My, God...

    Can't wait to see him get what's coming next season!
  • Loving it

    CSI well what can I say, Along with it's sister shows *CSI NY & MIAMI* they are all great. Love the story lines and all the work that goes into these shows is just fab. Season 3 was my all time good to go. Gil and the gang have such a way with words its almost funny. Could watch it over and over again. The only downfall i have about any of these shows are the story lines in which they involve children *may not be real* but still a tender subject, After watching the episode when they find the baby in the garden killed by his brother was rather upsetting. But other than that THUMBS UP FROM ME
  • CSI is a show about solving murders, sometimes coldcases.

    This is a great show. It can be a little gory sometimes but for the most it is real good. It focuses in a team of forensic investagators there careers along with there personal lives. In every episode they are solving either a murder or opening up a coldcase. There are also episodes that focus on a Charaters personal problem which I thinh adds to the show. My favorite Charater is Catherine and Sarah. Although last season the actress who played Sarah left the show which was sad, but at least Catherine is still on it. This a a good show for the most.
  • The original CSI, this is a great show that sticks to the science more than the spin-offs.

    CSI: Las Vegas is a great original show that started the new surge in Forensic Science courses. As the original, it tends to focus on the science aspect of the show. Showing you not just the typical 'whodunnit' aproach, it also explains the how and why, making it stand out from other such 'cops and robber' shows. With a good but sadly diminishing cast, they insert just enough inter-character relationships to keep your interest in the character side of the show. However, with Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) gone, and Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) about to go, they will struggle to find replacements that will keep up the standard previously shown.
  • I personally prefer LV over the other franchised versions. This show is absolutely brilliant. Each character adds their own touch to the show, by having different interests and personalities. I hope it never ends! PS. George Eads is delicio

    I love the suspense in each episode! This show is a genius! For someone that barely watches TV, I make time for this show. They have wonderful stories for each episode, some stories may even linger on to more than one episode(those are def. my favs). The characters are fabulous, amd they make the show more enjoyable. Grissom the stone genuis, rarely shares his feelings but always finishes his job. Catherine the independant mom, reaches for help when necessary and cares alot for her daughter. Warrick the smart badboy, Very careful about details who has alot of knowledge and may get into trouble here and there. Nick the soft solver, I personally think he takes in a case with his heart and solves things with all his feelings put into it. I really don't know if I should start with Sara, since she's no longer with the show. Although, she's really missed by me =) I hope this review kind of gives you my view of this wonderful show!
  • best programme ever!!!!

    CSI has got to be one of the best progs!!!! it is definatly my favourite. the way it shows you what happened, how, why, where, using forensics is great and interesting. this is why it is much better than other crime shows like it. The characters are also really great. my favourite has to be gill grissom. william petersen plays him very well. the character of grissom is excellent, he is a quiet, educated, very clever character, and also very sexy!!!!lol without him the show would not be as good. the stories and plots are also great, stories involving various members of the team are good now and again. Some episodes have very strange stories but are good and make it more interesting to watch, like the man who was found dead on a railway line who wore corsets, the one about transgenders and performing illegal operations, and also the one about the man who raped women but could not be caught at first because he had two differnt types of dna in his body. CSI is the best prog around and better than the other spin offs too.
  • A show that takes a different angle to the crime genre-- right up front with the technicians.

    This show is similar to its precedents, 'Law and Order' and other crime series, in that it profiles the efforts of law enforcement to solve puzzling homicides. However, it added to the mixture a detailed look at the way forensic technicians gather and review evidence. Other shows may dwell on the aspects of the criminals' personalities which led them to their choices in life. 'CSI' lets us know about the nuts and bolts of the mystery-- the real dirt behind the actions involved. The characters are a variety from the serious to the dry. There are a few spin-offs, but the original series is still the one to watch.
  • Csi: Crime Scene Investigation, is the original of the three Csi's and by far the best.

    Csi: Crime Scene Investigation, is set in Las Vegas Nevada. It follows the work lives of the night team of CSI's, and their Team leader Gil Grissom.

    Since the original began there have been two spin-offs, but neither of these have come close to the original. The spin-offs are Csi: Miami and Csi: New York (NY). I think that this may be as the character do not seem to be as much developed, and the story lines first seem to happen in Las Vegas, and then in the two spin-offs. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy watching both of the spin offs, but they don't hold a candle to the original.

    Perhaps why the original works for me is the cast. I love all of them. The personalities really seem to shine through and although the show is not based upon their lives entirely, I like how the show, shows part of their personal lives through their work.

    Csi Opened with a bang! With one of the new members of the team, Holly Gribs, being shot and later dying. This really seemed to give the show something different, an edge. Through the past seven years and seven seasons, the show has gone from strength to strength. It has become world known and is always a cause for talk. It simply gives you an insight into forensics.

    To summarize I find Csi: Crime Scene Investigation, to be one of the best shows, airing on TV today. It has everything you want in a TV show, action, great character and actors, brilliant and original story lines.

    5 star!
  • I haven't watched any of the new ones, but i watch the older ones on Spike every night. I can't believe Sara (Jorja Fox) left the show. She was really my favorite character, her and Grissom.

    I really love watching CSI. I always watch the old episodes. But I never get tired of watching them. I always forget to watch the new ones. Well, truly i don't know when or what channel they come on. But i'm not sure if I'd want to anyway. I would be too far behind on the characters, plus Sara Sidle wouldn't be there. I loved watching her and Grissom together. I don't see how anyone could think CSI could be "boring" or "pointless" I think it's very interesting and sometimes I can even learn stuff. Even my husband can't stand when I watch it for three hours every night on Spike. I even watched it when it fist came out and i was 11 or 12.
  • This is one of the best of the CSI shows. Grission don't play god like the others does. the only problem is that there seems to be Tension between the workers at time. They all want to be the top dog. When it come to women Grission need a lot of help

    The shows at times leave a lot to be desired in police work. Like the case where the wife was having an affair and was killed falling out of a boat by accident, but the ex blond stripper told her husband and he killed her boyfriend and nothing happened to her. Her boss told her to not tell him, but she don't listen two well. Tonight the case was about a little girl that was found dead and they completely ruined the life of this guy who was registered sex offender just because she got on her high horse and let her feeling get in her way and cloud her judgment. They also got the mother of the little girled killed when she tripped over a lamp and it sounded like a gun shot and the police opened fire and shot her, she had done nothing wrong along with her husband, but the ex blond stripper didn't even get a talking too. I loved it when the first guy came up to her in the parking garage and she pulled her gun on him and was going to shoot him. I hope he does kill him self on her front lawn and then I want to see what happens then
  • One of the very few shows that I can get my family to watch with me ... that means it's really, really good.

    When I started this review I didn't know what classification to chose, the show is a personal favorite, it's cutting edge, informative and absolutely fabulous ... but I personally think it was the beginning of the "more sophisticated" shows on TV. People now are attracted to the more scientific or complicated Sci-Fi approach than the average "cop show". In the 80's and early 90's it was all about private investigators, with shows like Magnum P.I, Remington Steele and Moonlighting, then cop shows prevailed for a while with the likes of Nash Bridges and the original Law & Order. Now it's time for more complex story lines and dialogues, even a romantic comedy like Grey's Anatomy is integrated into an intricate medical setting. So you see my point.

    Anyhow, about the show itself, I think it's amazing. Great characters, a fine cast, good acting (except when it comes to Marg Helgenberger) and brilliant stories. The interaction between the characters looks a lot more professional than the other CSIs, which is why I appreciate the personal touches the writers add to CSI:NY.

    Definatley one of my favorite shows, I love it. Hope it keeps going strong even after 8 seasons.
  • I have been watching CSI for a good 7 years now, and that show went from "what I'm watching when I'm bored" to "Must not miss any episode"...

    It's difficult to summarize why it keeps my attention, but I think it's because it's never boring. What's awesome is that it gives people the choice to see what they want to see. By focusing on the fact, the evidence, the reconstitution of the events, the series skips the oh so common romances that eventually appear in every show. There are clues, some given since the beginning, about the characters life, but not that much, and it's never the central point of an episode. I think that is how CSI stands out, and I think it's a good receipe for many years to come.
  • Avoid this series if you want something realistic.

    CSI has raised the bar for a crime series in the sense of using modern methods of television but unfortunately it is let down by the endings which are always exactly the same.
    After a few loops and twists they find their man / woman, who in the end always, always admits their guilt - in the same kind of fantasy fashion that the evil scooby doo characters do when they are caught. If you can stand knowing that not only will CSI cops always get their man, that they will always own up too, then you will enjoy CSI.

    If you want something more realistic look elsewhere.
  • In the huge world of TV, there is not ONE better show than CSI (the original, I disapprove of the spinoffs): Crime Scene Investigation! It teaches you a lot, and features loads of really talented and amazing actors and actresses (especially Jorja Fox!)

    CSI is the BEST TV show EVER. You should watch it if you don't already. It teaches you a lot about forensic science, even though a lot of people say things like: "You can't get DNA results in an hour!" I mean, CSI isn't a documentary, it doesn't have to absolutely stick to the facts, the writers or whatever can make it as far-fetched as they want to! Not that I'm saying CSI is fake. Again, it teaches you a lot about stuff like: Don't keep a secret basement full of marijuana or your whole family will get killed, and to get the best results out of a murder suspect, drip bleach on them (nah just kidding they didn't really try that, though it was suggested)! Also CSI has boatloads of great actors and actresses, just to name a few: Jorja Fox, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Eric Szmanda, George Eads, Gary Dourdan, Paul Guilfoyle, Robert David Hall, Louise Lombard, Liz Vassey, Wallace Langham, Sheeri Rappaport... (Okay that wasn't a FEW but I couldn't help myself, therer are so many of the fantastic people) Even though Jorja left, she said she'd be back, and meanwhile CSI should still be whipplescrumptiously extraordinary!
  • The show sucks without Sara.

    Alright, I had a lot of respect for this show. I loved the story lines and the characters. My favorite character just happens to be Sara. I remember watching the episode after she left and it just didn't feel right. Just like when Sofia or Louise Lombard left. Except she wasn't a main character for as long as Jorja Fox. Whenever I say I don't like a show, I watch it first. I will not "diss" on something I haven't even seen. But I did watch and I don't like. I do however watch the it on Spike. Last words... Bring Back JORJA FOX, even if Sara has to be with Grissom.(disgusting!)
  • Love Love Love this show!!

    I first started watching CSI when I was like in the seventh grade with my mom. Thursday night was our night. I would climb up on the bed next to her or make me a little pallet on the floor with some pop corn and it was on. When I was younger I was so fascinated with how the real CSI's pieced together the puzzles and solved the crimes. I have been addicted ever since. It wasn't all about solving crimes but the main characters had storylines which made it so addictive. The different relationships between the character and there personal backgrounds made it intriguing to watch. I have all the season.
  • I absolutely LOVE this show!!! I watch it every Thursday and everyday on the Spike network! I can't wait until they get back in production since the strike is over!

    This show is postively amazing. It focuses on the Las Vegas Police Department - specifically their crime lab. The stars of the show are Gil Grissom (William Peterson), Katherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), Nick Stokes (George Eads), and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda). Every week there is a murder for the team to solve and most every week they solve the crime. The only exception is when they have a serial killer, but the crime is solved before the end of the season. The most recent case of a serial killer was the miniature killer. Viewers learn how to hone in on their skills of detective work and they also learn that no matter what, you will never get away with murder. While there are some discrepancies between the show and the reality of crime scene investigators, overall this show does a great job at depicting the job! Rock on CSI!!
  • One of my favorite shows!

    I got to say that C.S.I is a fantastic show with lot of suspense and action. This show gets me ticking. It has so many great actors I dont know what to say. Out of all the characters on the show Grissom is my favorite. Hes so wise and finds many clues that no one else can find. Warrick has a very similar personalty to Grissom. This makes him another favorite character of mine. Ive seen many episodes but im not sure which one is my favorite. Like right now I am watching C.S.I on television. Really I do not know what is so great about this show but every time I watch it I just want to watch it more of it. For a second I thought that C.S.I was finished. Luckily it wasn't. In conclusion C.S.I is a great show and I recommend it to anyone who likes detective shows.
  • I agree this show has suxed since Sara left

    Ever since Sara left, I've been watching this show less and less. I've been trying to watch all of the reruns, just so I can see all of the episodes that include Sara. Ever since Sara has left Grissom is no longer in the lime light, it's been said in an interview by W. Peterson that his character will soon be leaving as well, yeah this show will sux even more, but i think this is starting to become like Law and Order, all of the spin offs, where characters have left and have other replace them and the show still being a hit. I'm waiting as well all are for the episode where Sara comes back, Jorja did said in an interview that she might sign on for season 9. Because Sara is suppose to come back with a new attitude. The producers have said that Jorja just needed a few months off. So to mean that means Sara isn't gone forever. But with the news that Peterson might be leaving the show. What would be the big point of bringing Sara back for good, just to have Grissom leave, unless Peterson will be on as guest star playing the role as the retired Grissom, or the Grissom who went back to teaching, and Sara being a CSI again on the graveshift crew. With all of the news that Jorja will be back, and with Peterson talking about eventually leaving there are so many ideas out there of how the writers will play it out. Have Grissom quit or retire and go back to teaching, with him and Sara finally getting married since they are engaged. To me, they knew Jorja was going to leave before Season 8 started, so to me the engagement between Sara and Grissom is an indicator that Sara would be back, and that her and grissom did have a future together. I understand that some people may disagree with my review on the show, but you got think about this, we all have our opinions and our favorite characters on this show, and we all have a different approach to why a certain character is our favorite.
  • Outstanding

    C.S.I. is the best new show of the 2000 season! William L. Petersen is the coolest of the cool as Gil Grissom. I've followed his career since I first saw him in To Live and Die in L.A. He's an amazing actor and he heads up a cast of amazing actors as well. This show really keeps you on the edge of your seat as the investigators literally take a crime scene that appears to leave them with nothing to go on. The investigators take nothing and turn it into something amazing as each crime is solved right in front of you and you as the viewer, never see it coming! Wow! I hope this is one show CBS will pick up year after year!
  • Without Sara, this show sux.

    This show has been very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad since Sara left.
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