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  • I have been watching CSI for a good 7 years now, and that show went from "what I'm watching when I'm bored" to "Must not miss any episode"...

    It's difficult to summarize why it keeps my attention, but I think it's because it's never boring. What's awesome is that it gives people the choice to see what they want to see. By focusing on the fact, the evidence, the reconstitution of the events, the series skips the oh so common romances that eventually appear in every show. There are clues, some given since the beginning, about the characters life, but not that much, and it's never the central point of an episode. I think that is how CSI stands out, and I think it's a good receipe for many years to come.
  • Avoid this series if you want something realistic.

    CSI has raised the bar for a crime series in the sense of using modern methods of television but unfortunately it is let down by the endings which are always exactly the same.
    After a few loops and twists they find their man / woman, who in the end always, always admits their guilt - in the same kind of fantasy fashion that the evil scooby doo characters do when they are caught. If you can stand knowing that not only will CSI cops always get their man, that they will always own up too, then you will enjoy CSI.

    If you want something more realistic look elsewhere.
  • In the huge world of TV, there is not ONE better show than CSI (the original, I disapprove of the spinoffs): Crime Scene Investigation! It teaches you a lot, and features loads of really talented and amazing actors and actresses (especially Jorja Fox!)

    CSI is the BEST TV show EVER. You should watch it if you don't already. It teaches you a lot about forensic science, even though a lot of people say things like: "You can't get DNA results in an hour!" I mean, CSI isn't a documentary, it doesn't have to absolutely stick to the facts, the writers or whatever can make it as far-fetched as they want to! Not that I'm saying CSI is fake. Again, it teaches you a lot about stuff like: Don't keep a secret basement full of marijuana or your whole family will get killed, and to get the best results out of a murder suspect, drip bleach on them (nah just kidding they didn't really try that, though it was suggested)! Also CSI has boatloads of great actors and actresses, just to name a few: Jorja Fox, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Eric Szmanda, George Eads, Gary Dourdan, Paul Guilfoyle, Robert David Hall, Louise Lombard, Liz Vassey, Wallace Langham, Sheeri Rappaport... (Okay that wasn't a FEW but I couldn't help myself, therer are so many of the fantastic people) Even though Jorja left, she said she'd be back, and meanwhile CSI should still be whipplescrumptiously extraordinary!
  • The show sucks without Sara.

    Alright, I had a lot of respect for this show. I loved the story lines and the characters. My favorite character just happens to be Sara. I remember watching the episode after she left and it just didn't feel right. Just like when Sofia or Louise Lombard left. Except she wasn't a main character for as long as Jorja Fox. Whenever I say I don't like a show, I watch it first. I will not "diss" on something I haven't even seen. But I did watch and I don't like. I do however watch the it on Spike. Last words... Bring Back JORJA FOX, even if Sara has to be with Grissom.(disgusting!)
  • Love Love Love this show!!

    I first started watching CSI when I was like in the seventh grade with my mom. Thursday night was our night. I would climb up on the bed next to her or make me a little pallet on the floor with some pop corn and it was on. When I was younger I was so fascinated with how the real CSI's pieced together the puzzles and solved the crimes. I have been addicted ever since. It wasn't all about solving crimes but the main characters had storylines which made it so addictive. The different relationships between the character and there personal backgrounds made it intriguing to watch. I have all the season.
  • I absolutely LOVE this show!!! I watch it every Thursday and everyday on the Spike network! I can't wait until they get back in production since the strike is over!

    This show is postively amazing. It focuses on the Las Vegas Police Department - specifically their crime lab. The stars of the show are Gil Grissom (William Peterson), Katherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger), Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan), Nick Stokes (George Eads), and Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda). Every week there is a murder for the team to solve and most every week they solve the crime. The only exception is when they have a serial killer, but the crime is solved before the end of the season. The most recent case of a serial killer was the miniature killer. Viewers learn how to hone in on their skills of detective work and they also learn that no matter what, you will never get away with murder. While there are some discrepancies between the show and the reality of crime scene investigators, overall this show does a great job at depicting the job! Rock on CSI!!
  • One of my favorite shows!

    I got to say that C.S.I is a fantastic show with lot of suspense and action. This show gets me ticking. It has so many great actors I dont know what to say. Out of all the characters on the show Grissom is my favorite. Hes so wise and finds many clues that no one else can find. Warrick has a very similar personalty to Grissom. This makes him another favorite character of mine. Ive seen many episodes but im not sure which one is my favorite. Like right now I am watching C.S.I on television. Really I do not know what is so great about this show but every time I watch it I just want to watch it more of it. For a second I thought that C.S.I was finished. Luckily it wasn't. In conclusion C.S.I is a great show and I recommend it to anyone who likes detective shows.
  • I agree this show has suxed since Sara left

    Ever since Sara left, I've been watching this show less and less. I've been trying to watch all of the reruns, just so I can see all of the episodes that include Sara. Ever since Sara has left Grissom is no longer in the lime light, it's been said in an interview by W. Peterson that his character will soon be leaving as well, yeah this show will sux even more, but i think this is starting to become like Law and Order, all of the spin offs, where characters have left and have other replace them and the show still being a hit. I'm waiting as well all are for the episode where Sara comes back, Jorja did said in an interview that she might sign on for season 9. Because Sara is suppose to come back with a new attitude. The producers have said that Jorja just needed a few months off. So to mean that means Sara isn't gone forever. But with the news that Peterson might be leaving the show. What would be the big point of bringing Sara back for good, just to have Grissom leave, unless Peterson will be on as guest star playing the role as the retired Grissom, or the Grissom who went back to teaching, and Sara being a CSI again on the graveshift crew. With all of the news that Jorja will be back, and with Peterson talking about eventually leaving there are so many ideas out there of how the writers will play it out. Have Grissom quit or retire and go back to teaching, with him and Sara finally getting married since they are engaged. To me, they knew Jorja was going to leave before Season 8 started, so to me the engagement between Sara and Grissom is an indicator that Sara would be back, and that her and grissom did have a future together. I understand that some people may disagree with my review on the show, but you got think about this, we all have our opinions and our favorite characters on this show, and we all have a different approach to why a certain character is our favorite.
  • Outstanding

    C.S.I. is the best new show of the 2000 season! William L. Petersen is the coolest of the cool as Gil Grissom. I've followed his career since I first saw him in To Live and Die in L.A. He's an amazing actor and he heads up a cast of amazing actors as well. This show really keeps you on the edge of your seat as the investigators literally take a crime scene that appears to leave them with nothing to go on. The investigators take nothing and turn it into something amazing as each crime is solved right in front of you and you as the viewer, never see it coming! Wow! I hope this is one show CBS will pick up year after year!
  • Without Sara, this show sux.

    This show has been very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very bad since Sara left.
  • A look into the lives of a group of Crime Scene Investigators working for the Las Vegas Police Department. We see them investigate a range of crimes from robberies to murders and see the effects each case has on the individual team members.

    Everything about this show is amazing - the acting, the characters, the storylines and the special effects. Each episode is different but is still original to the show I can't think of one episode which I have been left dissapointed after watching. The range of characters is fantastic (all played by great actors). Everyone has a favourite character and an opinion of all the others but there is bound to be someone that everyone likes. Although the show has changed dramatically from the pilot and the first season where it was noticably less hi-tech and didn't have access to all the gizmos and gadgets we see nowadays, the show is still as watchable and enjoyable as ever and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat!

    I would recommend this to everyone!
  • CSI shows the technology and science of crime solving in an interesting and unique manner.

    CSI is one of the best shows on the air. It often shows cutting edge technology and science, while solving crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada - sin city.

    The characters are an absolute blast to watch, and it's been fun 'getting to know them' over the past eight seasons.

    Each character has strengths and weaknesses that sometimes aide, and sometimes hinder cases, but in the end, each person on the graveyard CSI team is an integral and necessary part of the success of case solving.

    While (particularly in season 8) drama has been part of the show, the episodes are generally not overwhelmed with it, but focus on the cases involved.

    However, the drama does exist, so not only does this show appeal to those interested in seeing the cases, it also appeals to someone looking for romance (example: Grissom and Sara) or friendship (example: Nick and Warrick).

    I consider this the best show on television, even after over 7 seasons.

    characters use cutting-edge forensic tools to examine the evidence to solve the case.This show is a thrilling and suspenseful joy ride. They always find a way to twist things so when you think you know who did what, you find out it was completely opposite than what you thought.Not to mention the lab technicians as well in their daily search for evidence and answers to help the detectives catch the bad guy. Now, after many seasons its still one of the best
    this ashow was so go they spined it of to two other hit shows CSI miami and CSI new york
  • Generally just an amazing show, first crime show I ever liked, turned me on to many others.

    Wow. That is the least I can say for this great show. Wow. The first time I ever watched CSI is when the remote got stuck under the bed and I had to watch SPIKE's CSI Sunday. Funny how fate works that way, huh? Because now I'm a huge fan. The most appealing aspect when I was first watching it was that it was better than Law and Order. I was into law at that time, after having just beat Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, so I was watching L&O to see how real law worked. SPOILER: it's boring. So I found myself flipping through the channels after a short while, when my dad decided to run in and play his guitar really loud, causing the remote to get stuck between a mattress and my PS2, and as I already said, that's how it came to be. The first thing I noticed about the show was, believe it or nor, the clever use of lighting. Like, how in the day it's uber bright, but at night, it's like... well, night, I guess, unlike other shows that keep some light on the actors. Another appealing aspect was the parts where you would put yourself in the shoes of the victim, or how they would zoom in on a specific wound or body part to show you what happened. While it is a bit confusing, I not being a CSI myself, I loved guessing who did it, especially when I'm right, which I am every so often. Like on episodes I've already seen, ha ha. All in all, this show has everything a guy wants: Action, Blood, Jorja Fox, A Comic Relief guy, Jorja Fox again... Gil you lucky dog.
  • This show has a lot of influence for anyone who was even thinking about forensics or detective work as a career.

    This show is a thrilling and suspenseful joy ride. They always find a way to twist things so when you think you know who did what, you find out it was completely opposite than what you thought. This is a must watch show. Very influential and even somewhat educational for anyone looking into becoming a forensics detective. It's great to be able to get somewhat of an insight into how forensics detectives do their jobs and how they come to the correct conclusions. Not to mention the lab technicians as well in their daily search for evidence and answers to help the detectives catch the bad guy. Definitely a great show!
  • Who knows that procedural show can be this fun to watch?

    For someone who is highly interested (okay, bordering on obsessed) on crime solving, CSI franchise is 'the' show for me.

    If you say: "procedural show" to me a few years ago, I'd probably reply, "Sounds boring." Likewise, when everybody was buzzing about how CSI was the show to watch, I just shrugged it off and continued with my (junior high school) life. Well, pardon me, what did I know?

    Then I remembered catching one of its episode (the one about the rigged water bottle - yeah, I still remember, the impact that episode had on my memory is that strong) and I was hooked. Mesmerized. Awed.

    Simply put, I found what I never knew I was missing.

    I like CSI so much, partly because of its science. Every episode I learn something new. But mostly I always tune in because of the characters. I find CSI characters to be original and lovable with each of their own quirks. (Grissom who can deliver wise one-liner without a sweat, the highly eccentric Greg, Catherine with her street-smart, etc etc)

    Now, after seven seasons, I'm not tired of it yet. Far from that. It's the opposite.

    And compared with its two spin-offs? Well, sorry Miami and New York, but Vegas is still the one to beat.
  • CSI is a very informative television show that helps teach a little about forensics.

    CSI is a great show all the characters are very well rounded and have a great background.I think the writers do an absoultly wonderful job on the writing im glad that they have started doing romance i mean i like alittle as long as they dont over do it. The writers do a pretty good job of explaning what the people are doing and they do a good job of just slipping it in there instead of like a boreing lecture or class. It is the first of all of those kinds o shows so i think its the best. It is just a top notch show all around.
  • From day 1.

    Kind of out of boredom and being home alone I started to watch CSI. From that moment on I have been hooked on this show. From the very first episode CSI has been to me an interesting and captivating show. A show unlike any others that are brave enough to bring up subjects on tv that most shows try to avoid as much as possible.

    Personally I feel that the story has gotten better of the years. Where the first season was a bit "slow" when it came to the storyline, the other seasons really made things up. I hope that this show will be around as strong as it is now for many years to come.
  • TV Revolution.

    This CSI (Vegas) is by far the best out of the lot. The story lines are better the acting is better. Gill Grissom is the main reason why this show is good, but even the other characters are well developed and it seems as if their characters are smarter than the other characters on CSI: NY & Miami. If you have not seen CSI before. It about the crime scene investigators solving, more often than not, murder cases. By examining evidence and following clues, they always get their man, or woman ... sometimes animal? i would suggest that if you want to start watching CSI, begin with Vegas then New York and then Miami. This is indeed a very good show.
  • You can't beat the original. This is the gold standard. It is an amazing show that has evolved in unimaginable ways over its run. Spawning two spin-off series, this is the original that started the sensation.

    Where to start. Firstly, the episode "Grave Danger" is a two-part episode at the end of season 5 that is better then most high-budget movies. The series encompasses a wide array of characters that play off each other wonderfully. One of the best things about this type of series is that you can jump in during anytime and not feel out of place. There are no interpersonal storylines that are key to enjoying the series. Once you know the characters, you're in. I hold this series in the same regard as ER and SVU. While I can't say I need to watch this show every week, It is often a treat to find a marathon of episodes I've never seen.
  • Sara Sidel left the show because she was tired of dealing with death.Warrick Brown is going through divorce with pregnant wife Tina and doing drugs.What will happen to Nick Stokes,Gil Grissom,Catherine Willows,Greg Sanders,and the rest of the cast next?

    Breath taking show. Must watch! From the first time i watched this show, i couldn't take my eyes off of it. This show has had some very good twists, like when Nick Stokes (George Eads) was buried alive. Even though the show lost Sara Sidel (Jorja Fox), the show is still strong and getting better. Waarrick Brown may be a druggie at the moment, but it only adds to the suspence of what is going to happen to him and every one else in the show. As i said i highly reccomend this show to anyone who likes suspenceful and gripping drama shows.8)
  • A team of crime scene investigators from a multitude of different backgrounds take on cases and speak for those who can't speak for themselves.

    This is a great show. It's an intelligent piece, not relying on stupid humor to carry it. It does however have humor in it, the subtleties of which I love. It's also got action and drama, so the viewer isn't dulled by dry facts. Another great thing about this show is its unique cinematography. Just flipping through the channels I can always tell when the show is CSI even before I see any of the returning characters. In my opinion it was this show that started the crime scene craze that's led to the dozens of copy cat shows out there.
  • CSI:Crime Scene Investigation is one of tv's biggest hits. It is truly phenomial. It is a show that is full of suspense, mystery, drama, romance, and even humour. This show will truly leave it mark in telivision.

    Every since Friday October 6th 2000, CSI:Crime Scene Investigation has wowed audience with its mysterious cases and unique charectors. CSI is a show that is packed with mystery, drama, action,humour,and even romance. CSI has started a trend that other shows have already began to follow, mixing science with action, making the perfect combination for good telivision. It continues to amaze viewers ofter eight years of being on air. The csi fandom is expressed by it viewers eveywhere, including on countless websites and magazines. There are several CSI books, magazines, toys, board games, video games,nolvety items, and clothes with the csi or something csi related logo on the front. CSI is a show that will go down in history as tv's biggest hits.
  • The original C.S.I.

    C.S.I. is good new show from the 2000 season! William L. Petersen is the coolest of the cool as Gil Grissom!!! This show really keeps you on the edge of your seat as the investigators literally take a crime scene that appears to leave them with nothing to go on. The investigators take nothing and turn it into something amazing as each crime is solved right in front of you and you as the viewer, never see it coming! Wow! I hope this is one show CBS will pick up year after year! Thi is how the csi mania begin!
  • I'm terribly disappointed.

    I have always preferred CSI as the best of the franchise, the writing is tight, the actors are real, the stories are well thought-out, and the continuity is clean.

    This time we get a "dump" of Warrick's problems. Sara freaked out over several episodes, several weeks, and all of sudden, Warrick has an addiction, he's getting in his superior's face, freaking out Nick, and telling Grissom he misses Sara, pretty much glossing over the fact that Grissom lost a lot more - this is not Warrick. This is someone trying to cram a season of information into one show.

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with anyone's performace - the writing was much too fast, much too choppy, much too quick to create the problem. I felt like I'd had cliff notes of a pulp fiction comic read to me by a graduate of Evelyn Wood's speed reading training.

    And of course, Gary Dourdan shirtless - oh, yeah, THAT gets a couple of points just for that one... but honestly, folks, what a mess!
  • This show is about a team of crime scean investigators that solve murders.

    This is one of my favorite shows ever. Some of the carators are very funny and they are definitely interesting. Grissom and his love of bugs can get very funny sometimes like when he is doing experiments and it is annoying everyone else. The way they solve the crimes is very interesting. It is cool when they cut open the bodies and show all the persons oregans. I think it is fun when they are telling you the clues and you try to guess who did it based on what they are telling you. This show is friggen sweet. Hell Yah.
  • ! A W E S O M E !

    a fabulous programme with astonishing crime solving techniques, keep us puzzling in every episodes. really a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e a w e s o m e
  • This show is amazing! the miniature killer and sarah being kidnapped this show is amazing! i love the way csi is beginning to conduct a full view of grishom ands sarah's love relationship! this show deserves a great rating!

    csi and its competitors are all amazing a great shows but... csi has stepped above the line and wowed the fans and really showed its true colors! grishom and sarahs relationship and taken a toll and sent sarah packing catherine and warrick and nick are are always on the case and surprising us with evidence every episode each and every season!i have benn really surprised and shocked at the progress that has occured! csi deserves a great rating and the people who make it possible need a grand award! producers, directors, cast, crew all stepped up and made csi: crime scence investigation an awesome and breathtaking show! kudos!
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  • Sara should stay. It was just getting interesting. This is a great show and I hope it stays on for a long time. But we need Sara and Gil to be together.

    The show tonight was sad. I don't want Sara off the show. Yall just need to let her go away for awhile to think. She just needs a little time. Then let her come back and be with Grissiom. Please don't take her off the show. It will take something away from the show. When we found out about Sara and Gil it became more interesting. I feel like there want be as many people watching if you take her off. This is my favorite show and I look forward every Thurdsay night to watch it. Please let her come back.
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